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15 Lessons ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Taught Us About Love


We’ve been with the “How I Met Your Mother” gang as they’ve fallen in love, gotten their hearts broken (and broken some themselves) and everything in between. As the series comes to an end on March 31, we know that these five friends may not have it all figured out, but they’ve spent the past nine seasons teaching us 15 very important lessons about love.

1. Before going on a date, always consider the crazy/hot scale: a person is only allowed to be crazy if his or her attractiveness equals his or her level of insanity.

2. When looking for love, avoid nightclubs at all costs…

3. …however, bars are totally acceptable.

4. There is no such thing as “out of your league.”

5. Just when you think you have the dating game figured out, you may realize that anything can happen.

6. Fights can be paused, un-paused and paused again until you finally have that conversation that makes everything better.

7. There’s nothing better than when your romantic partner also becomes your best friend…

8. …although he or she may have been that person all along.

9. Everyone needs a wingman.

10. When you see your ex, you have two options:

Be cordial…

…or avoid him or her at all costs.

11. Friends can’t just hook up without defining the relationship.

12. You may not always have the same interests as your partner….

…but that’s what will make your relationship interesting.

13. Never try to deal with a breakup on your own.

14. Know when it’s time to let go…

15. …but never give up on fate.

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