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22 Signs You’re the Hanna Marin of Your Friend Group


No friend group would be complete without someone who is just as goofy as she is fierce. That’s where the bomb.com Hanna Marin comes in! Her wardrobe gives the clueless Cher a run for her money and her sassy one-liners let us know her smarts are highly underestimated. With a dreamy beau at her side, a killer stare that could turn anyone to stone and a kickass attitude, this pretty little liar is a force to be reckoned with.

Hanna’s head may be in the clouds more than the books (sooo she’s no Spencer Hastings) and she’s probably not getting down and dirty (okay, not an Emily Fields either). But there’s plenty to appreciate about this fashionista (shall we say, Aria Montgomery-esque). You just may be the Hanna Marin of your friends if you’re the life of the party who always has something snappy to say! These 22 signs will let you know for sure, but read carefully! There can only be one Hanna in the group and we wouldn’t want that precious title being thrown around loosely!

1. You can’t help but speak before you think

A case of word vomit, perhaps?

2. You tend to put your own spin on a classic saying

3. Hitting the books is not really your thing

4. But you’re much smarter than you let on

5. Which explains why your witty one-liners pack a mean punch!

That one will definitely sting in the morning!

6. You never underestimate the power of a good pair of heels

7. In your eyes, any occasion is an opportunity for you to look your best

8. So your every move is calculated when it comes to your fashion choices

Erm, isn't that like the point of Pinterest anyway?

9. You always speak your mind

10. You and your cellphone are attached at the hip

11. But not as attached as you are to your beau

#Halebforever #relationshipgoals

12. You do NOT play when it comes to your girls

13. And you hate to be left out

14. Your mom is most definitely your rock

15. Your sass is always written all over your face

And so is your excitement:

16. You have your not-so-bright moments

17. And you have your fair share of insecurities

18. But you’ve completely transformed yourself into a total "it girl"

19. You’re not afraid to tear it up on the dance floor

20. Caffeine practically runs through your veins

21. And there’s never a dull moment when a bombshell like you is around

Shall we say life of the party?

22. Basically, you’re the total package!

Beauty, brains, personality and all! 

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