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16 Reasons Why Every Blonde Needs a Brunette BFF


Some people believe brunettes are better...some people believe blondes are better. You know what we believe? Both are better together! Life is full of challenges (and amazing moments) and there is no one better for a blonde to have by her side than her brunette BFF. Read below for 16 reasons why!

1. You can live vicariously through them

Even the darkest blonde has wondered what it would be like to be a full-blown brunette.

2. You take the best pictures!

Duh! The color contrast is unreal –– especially with a bomb filter.

3. She's the Blair to your Serena

Gossip Girl reference absolutely necessary.

4. You can share clothes and manage to look completely different 

People probably won't even notice!

5. They say blondes have more fun...

But you have the most fun when the two of you are together.

6. You probably love saying to each other, "Every brunette needs a blonde best friend."

It just comes with the territory. 

7. You're jealous as to how they can rock the greasy look

Yet, you definitely admire them for it!

8. You don't feel like you're in competition with each other

Because you each bring something completely different to the table!

9. You always know who is leaving hair in the shower...

"That's a dark strand in the shower, so don't blame me!" 

10. ...Or in the spaghetti

"OMG, I found a blonde hair in my food. I think I'm going to be sick!"

11. She is the perfect wingman

Guys can't resist a blonde-brunette duo!

12. She's 100 percent honest about the way you look

And you're the same way with her.

13. She's the perfect plus-one at any event

Can't find a date? You already know who to turn to.

14. You probably have different taste in partners

So, there is never a fight.

15. You probably have the best Insta captions

"A brunette and a blonde with an inseperable bond" *insert emojis*

16. She is your best friend

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what either of you look like.

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