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7 DIY Gifts for the Leo Girl


Like any other girl, Leo women love to receive gifts. The more elaborate the presentation, the better. As long as she is the center of attention, nothing else matters. These DIY gifts are sure to please.

1. Pom Pom Poncho Beach Cover Up

Leos love to relax and luxuriate in comfort. This (and a trip to the beach) should do the trick.

This gift is fit for her fiery personality, of course. A Leo loves to shine! 

3. Crystal Hair Comb

Leos value their appearance, so this comb will definitely make an impression anywhere your fave Leo goes. 

4. Glass and Gold Earrings

Bling is a Leo's best friend, and it's always a hit as long as it's gold. 

5. Leo Constellation Canvas

Leos don't do subtle, but trust us when we say she will be blown away by this personal gift. 

6. Luxe Headband

While she may love the limelight and has an air of royalty about her, this is the closest thing to a crown your Leo will probably ever get. 

7. Embellished Loafers

Any other loafers just won't do. Leos love the drama! 

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