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14 Reasons to Be Glad Winter is Over


It's finally here, collegiettes! We’re turned our clocks ahead, the first day of spring has arrived, and it appears that our never-ending winter is finally coming to a close. Besides getting to wear our favorite floral dresses and being able to run outside again (or, at least, lie outside), here are a few reasons we're celebrating the end of winter.

 1. You get to wear a pair of shoes other than your winter boots…

2. …as well as a jacket other than your puffy coat.

3. You won’t have to look at screenshots of the miserable weather report on social media anymore,

4. or see tweets complaining about the cold,

someecards.com - I hope my complaints about the weather have made the weather seem comparatively less annoying

 5. or have your news feed filled with wintry Instagrams every time it snows (OMG it’s #snowing!!!).

6. You don’t have to worry about your wet hair freezing when you’re too lazy to blow-dry it before going outside.

7. You can stop piling on a billion layers…

8. …only to still freeze your face off on your walk to class.

9. You can say goodbye to perpetually dry skin…

10. ...and celebrate the end of cold and flu season.

11. No longer will you have to fear embarrassing yourself by slipping on ice.

12. People will finally stop judging you for drinking your daily iced coffee...

13. …and your roommates will finally stop using the excuse that it’s too cold to go out on the weekends.

14. Best of all, you’ll never have to hear the words "polar vortex" again (until maybe next year).

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