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What To Watch on Netflix When You Want To Feel Nostalgic AF


Sometimes you just want to snuggle up and relive the good ol' days via movie characters. Netflix has everything from dramas to action, but with so many movies to choose from it can be hard to pick. So we've put a list together of the best Netflix movies to watch if you want to get all the feels.

1. Sixteen Candles

This classic teenage romance will have you reminiscing on your old high school days. Starring Molly Ringwald, it's about the ups and downs that inevitably accompany the boys, parents and parties of high school.

2. Love Actually

The overlapping plots of this movie will keep you guessing until the end, and with a cast of all-star actors including Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman and Kiera Knightly, you'll love every second of this rom-com.

3. My Girl

Prepare some tissues because this bittersweet movie will have you laughing and crying. As you follow the friendship of a pair of bestfriends, you'll be sure to think of your old childhood days.

3. Shakespeare in Love

If this is a movie that you've gone past a million times on Netflix, it's time to watch it! After seeing this multi-Oscar winning romantic comedy, you'll never think of Shakespeare the same way again.

4. Holes

This is a classic, young Shia LaBeouf movie that never gets old; it will be sure to remind you of the many messes you used to get caught up in.

5. A Walk to Remember

Arguably one of the best Nicholas Sparks movie adaptations, this romance movie will have your emotions on a gut-wrenching roller coaster.

6. Clueless

We're totally buggin'. Like how could this not be on this list? It will feed all your high school makeover fantasies. 

7. Tarzan

There's nothing like a good Disney movie to make you think back on your childhood. Tarzan is a favorite for sure, plus the soundtrack never gets old!

8. The Prince & Me

Every girl wants to grow up to be a princess, and in this movie that seven-year-old fantasy becomes a reality. 

9. Legally Blonde

Elle Woods is the fashionista who will forever embody all of our life "goals." This movie will have you feeling empowered and is a classic that everyone should watch again (and again). 

10. The Cheetah Girls 2

Ok, this is one of the rare movies that might actually be better than the first one (although the first one is awesome too). Between the catchy songs and velour track-suits, all your middle school dreams will come true.

11. Charlie's Angels

This girl power movie is all you need to feel empowered AF. Plus the totally 90s style will take you back to the times where halter tops and leather pants reigned.

12. Notting Hill

Definitely an underrated romantic movie, but one of the great romances nonetheless. Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant will show you how to fall in love pre-iphone era. 

13. The Princess Bride

If you haven't already seen The Princess Bride, it's a must. This hilarious rom-com set in a much simpler time will have you rolling.

14. The Little Rascals

When you were little everything was a big deal. In this movie you get to see the world through the eyes of a trouble making group of kids, and remember what it was like to be a kid again. You'll be wishing for the days when tutus were a daily attire and a dollar was worth a fortune.

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