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22 Low Key Ridiculous Things All Book Lovers Do


Books are everywhere. Books are everything. Books are LYFE. Here are 22 borderline ridiculous things that happen to the best of us. 

1. You have more than one copy of your most loved books; one that looks nice on your bookshelf and one that travels well 

2. You bring at least one book everywhere you go, no matter what 

3. You ignore your school and work responsibilities to just chill out and read 

4. You fuel judgments about a film adaptation of a book before it even comes out 

5. You feel personally attacked when someone asks you what your favorite book is 

6. You sometimes make the mistake of starting a new book without finishing another 


7. You annoy your friends and family by spending hours upon hours in a bookstore 

8. You silently judge strangers for what they're reading on public transit 

9. You lie about having plans when you're really just staying home to read all night 

10. You don't feel the slightest bit concerned when you don't experience human contact for hours on end 

11. You stay up all night to finish a book you literally can't put down 

12. You feel a world of pain when you finish a good story 

13. You continue to add to your overwhemingly large and unread collection because you can't. stop. 

14. Gift cards are the best part of every birthday and holiday 

15. You've been known to make weird faces while reading a particularly gripping passage 

16. You love gloomy days because it makes for the perfect reading weather 

17. You love to hug your books 

18. And lovingly caress your books 

19. You sniff them like it's an addiction 

20. And kiss them and tell them that you love them 

21.  You refer to them as your friends in front of your human friends 

21. You're very particular about how you like your reading environment 


22. Or you can read absolutely anywhere at all 

Happy reading!

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