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'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Who Proposed? And Whose Ex Might Still Be Alive?


Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars was touted as the #PLLProposal episode. But if you thought said proposal would happen early in the hour, you obviously don’t know PLL.

Yes, there is plenty of other plot to sift through before we get to the question-popping.

First of all, Alison is released from Welby…with Mary Drake in tow. Not only is Mary keeping an eye on Ali for the hospital, but Ali also plans to keep a very close watch on her aunt.

Mary briefly recounts her interactions with Rollins, all the while painting herself as the victim and him as an evil mastermind I can’t quite see him being.

Ezra returns from the trip I didn’t realize he was on. He confesses to Aria that he went to visit his presumed dead GF Nicole’s parents to tell them about his resurrected relationship with Aria. And I know his mentioning this can’t be a coincidence.

Mona investigates—off screen, unfortunately—and recovers a text from Elliott’s burner phone that reveals he knew Ali wasn’t Charlotte’s killer. Hmm…but who was he sending the text to?

In addition to the burner phone, Mona also locates his burner apartment, which Aria and Emily decide to visit. Because if these girls have an address, you better believe they’re going there.

Meanwhile, Alison discovers that Elliott stole ALL her money. Everything. I don’t care what other cruel shenanigans Rollins was a part of; there is no crime more sinister than messing with a girl’s bank account.

At Ezra’s apartment, Aria gets a call from Nicole (uh huh, *THAT* Nicole.) Suddenly, both Aria and I are wracking our brains for answers to this unsolvable mystery. Is there a chance that Nicole is still alive? This is PLL, so I’m going to say yes.

Emily, who is apparently back in college, has a “late night” with her new gal pal from The Brew and misses a big exam. Never fever, though—A.D. to the rescue! For some reason, the faceless villain decides to assist that “ungrateful bitch” with her test grade. Seems a little out of character, but oh well.

Hanna and Spencer are acting totally weird around each other. There’s lots of melodramatic talk about Caleb, who is still missing. This drags on forever, and I really wish they would just get over it.

Spencer thinks asking the only cop she knows—who also happens to be her ex—is the best way to find Caleb. (Has anyone checked Ravenswood? Just saying.)

It’s at the police station where Spence bumps into Toby’s new boss, that hot guy she made out with in an elevator last week. Called it.

Jenna suspiciously stops by Alison’s house looking for Rollins. Her next stop? The Radley, for a flirty convo with none other than fellow shady chick, Sara Harvey.

Aria and Emily snoop around Elliott’s burner apartment and find all the ingredients necessary to impersonate dead people.

Officer Toby crashes the party and warns the ladies that the cops will be there shortly. They continue to lie to Toby’s sweet, naïve face, and it is the saddest thing.

Ali is summoned to the police station to discuss an Elliott sighting in Baltimore. That’s right—Elliott might be ALIVE. Or else someone is messing with the Liars. Not like that’s anything new. But neither is people coming back from the dead (see: Nicole).

Emily finds Jenna and Sara Harvey hanging out again, and their dynamic is just as creepy as before.

Oh wait, wasn’t there supposed to be a #PLLProposal?

Finally, Ezra asks Aria to meet him at his apartment, where he has lit enough candles to burn down Rosewood.

Ezra is the cutest…this is adorable…I don’t have any idea what he’s talking about, but I can ~feel~ the love.

On bended knee, he asks Aria to marry him, and she says…NOTHING.

But that’s not the final cliffhanger of the night. Noel Kahn meets Jenna and Sara at the Radley, and the baddie-ness of this season is officially ON.

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