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15 Things Only LDR Couples Understand


Whether you and you SO live in different countries or are simply apart for the summer, there are certain things every LDR couple knows to be true. While you may get comments like, "How do you stay together?" or "Have fun with that," when you're in the right relationship, distance doesn't matter. Here are 15 things only LDR couples understand:

1. Missing your partner like crazy

2. Having to explain why you're in a LDR

3. Struggling with different time zones

4. Looking forward to FaceTime dates

5. Thinking about your SO 24/7

6. Sending each other letters like it's the 20th century all over again

7. Tagging your SO in cute photos 

8. Counting down the days until you see each other again

9. Sexting...and only getting more frustrated

10. Feeling jealous of couples who get to be together

11. Having an immense amount of trust for your SO

12. Never wanting to let go

13. Talking about your SO all the time

14. Feeling amazing when you see each other again

15. Knowing it's worth it in the end

Ignore the haters, collegiettes.

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