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5 Strange Things That Actually Happened During JoJo's Hometown Dates


Hometown dates are meant to be a time for JoJo to learn more about the guys' pasts and see how she'll fit in with their families. Somehow, that's never how it seems to go, though. In particular, these moments from this week's hometown dates were a little shocking to watch.

1. Chase's family problems

JoJo having to listen to Chase and his dad resolve their feelings about Chase's parents' divorce when she just met his father was a little weird. The father-son pair definitely needed to address this because it seemed to be a rough point for Chase growing up, but perhaps JoJo didn't need to be involved like this. We're sure she was happy to see Chase share his feelings with her, but it must have been a little awkward for her to sit through that.

Also, what was up with Chase's unfinished staircase? Maybe not the best way to make a good impression on a girl.

2. Jordan's high school visit

Jordan walking JoJo through his high school and having her hug his old teachers and coach was quite a trip down memory lane…for him. You could tell by all the photos in the coach's office that Jordan's high school football career was the high point of his life. 

3. JoJo's interrogation techniques

The number of times JoJo kept trying to get Jordan's family to talk about Aaron before finally declaring that she didn't care about who his brother is was just a tad excessive. No matter how many times Jordan was like, "We don't really talk about it," JoJo still tried to ask every member of his family what was up with the missing brother.

4. Robby's ex-girlfriend fiasco

Beginning of date: Don't worry, JoJo—my relationship with my ex is so far in the past that she'll never come up again or cause problems in our relationship. Five minutes later: Robby's mom brings up Robby's ex-girlfriend. Cue tons of drama between Robby and JoJo. Sorry, but if JoJo keeps trusting these sketchy guys, she's never going to find her happy ending.

5. Luke's "family"

JoJo was expecting to meet Luke's family, but then he pulled up to a park and was like, "Here's my dad, mom, sister…oh, and 50 of my closest friends." That's A LOT for JoJo to handle. Yes, Luke is very "family-oriented," but could you imagine having to meet basically an entire town when you're still trying to get to know the guy? A little overwhelming, if you ask us.

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