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9 'Bachelorette' Endings That Would've Been Better Than 'To Be Continued'


Well, last night's episode of The Bachelorette was interesting. We met some cool moms, witnessed some awkward moments (as usual), and had a dramatic rose ceremony…sort of. When the episode ended with the infamous "To Be Continued..." everyone was pretty upset, to say the least. First, JoJo was about to send Luke home, which in itself would have been the worst decision ever, and then she couldn't even decide because he told her that he loves her! Aghh!!! Here are nine things we think would have made a better ending than whatever that mess was last night. 

1. JoJo says "F this" and flies away on her private jet alone because she doesn't need a man

2. JoJo ditches the rose ceremony completely and stays in Texas with Luke forever 

And they make beautiful southern babies and ride off into the sunset together every single day. 

3. JoJo gets to the rose ceremony and dumps everyone except Jordan, and they get married right then and there

Because we all know this is what is going to happen anyway. 

4. JoJo says "peace" to Robby because he stinks

Seriously, why is he still here? 

5. JoJo says goodbye to Robby and Chase because who even are they? 

But really though. We all know it's gonna come down to Jordan and Luke. 

6. Nick Viall shows up and steals JoJo's heart

LOL, he's done it before.

7. JoJo gives the final rose to her dress because tbh, it was bomb AF.

And none for Gretchen Wieners. 

8. JoJo gives Chris Harrison all three roses and says she wants a new batch of men

It's a really valid thing to ask.

9. JoJo just gives out the roses and life goes on as usual!!! 

At this point, we are all just waiting for Paradise

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