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What Bedding You Need Based on Your Zodiac Sign


As summer ends and many of us are heading to college or planning some fall redecorating, you may be in need of décor inspiration. Lucky for you we’ve partnered withBed Bath & Beyond to give you the down-low on the best bedding for your zodiac sign so that you can sleep somewhere stylish and perfect for your personality. 


You are enthusiastic and adventurous, and you should have only the most stylish bedding to keep up with your thrill-of-the-moment lifestyle. This Anthology™ Kylie Comforter Set is just as outgoing as you are, and shows off your pink, purple and blue power colors. After sleeping in a bed like this, how could you not wake up joyful every morning?


Luxury might as well be your middle name. You want the best of everything and need a bedding set that matches your expensive taste. We recommend opting for the kate spade new york Willow Court Comforter Set. A soft blue scheme will make you feel secure and warm, and the dainty florals are just an added bonus of coziness. 


You’re a sharp one, Gemini, and you should sleep in a bed that’s just as mindful and creative as you are. You’ll be thrilled with décor that’s intense and multi-colored, just like this Shannon Reversible Quilt Set in Pink Floral. Not only is it adaptable and versatile, but it’s perfect to recharge your brain after a long day of class.


They say pink is the color of love, and so the Anthology™ Mina Comforter Set is sure to highlight your hopeless romantic side. Whether you’re feeling artsy, sensitive or craving a cuddle, your bedding should offer intimacy and a lovely style that caters to your soft side.


Your bed should be as radiant and bright as you are! Leos are true leaders, and tend to possess cheerful, charismatic attitudes. As one of the most stylish of the signs, we recommend the Anthology™ Gold Glam Mini Comforter Setwith a powerful metallic and white color scheme that represents the true royalty you are.


You’re an earthy girl, and proud of it! As a Virgo, you’re a student who’s totally down to earth, compassionate and creative. This Intelligent Design Cinna Coverlet Set has watercolor flowers and soft sketched leaves to combine your colorful and caring sides––and makes your room super chic too.


You make sure that all aspects of your life are in constant harmony, and you’re an expert at balancing work and relaxation. After a long day of classes, you need a cool, peaceful bed to climb into. This Anthology™ Happy Indigo Reversible Comforter Set is consistent and welcoming, making it the perfect bed for any easy-going personality to rest in.


You’re bold and dramatic, and you should have bedding that makes a statement. That means bright, solid colors to communicate your inner strength and passion. This exciting yellow Chic Home Premier Comforter Set perfectly represents who you are inside and out, and is sure to impress with its outgoing style.


Your personality is one of the brightest and most optimistic of the signs, and all your friends know it. Your bedroom needs constant splashes of color to match your free spirit. Spontaneity is key for your décor, and we think the Teen Vogue® Kaleidoscope Comforter Set is the only thing colorful enough to complement your campus style.


Capricorns are known for their reliability, and you should have bedding to match. Neutrals and basic furnishings suit you well, since you don’t want anything gaudy that might mess with your conservative atmosphere. This INK+IVY Cotton Jersey Knit Duvet Cover Set complements any environment and is sure to provide the steady comfort you’re looking for.


You are nothing if not unique, and your bedding should be completely original and innovative––something that nobody else on campus can pull off. The Laural Home Fashion Sketchbook Comforter shows you off as the ultimate trendsetter. It will be obvious just how creative and intellectual you are to anybody that comes in your room


We know that you could easily spend the entire day in bed daydreaming, and you need a bed to accommodate that! You’re focused on the imaginative and other worldly, and this DKNY Urban Sanctuary Duvet Cover in Ivory can combat that buzzing in your brain with its soft comfort. You should sleep on cream or ivory colors to keep you grounded, otherwise your dreams might just carry you away.

Shop ALL of our favorite bedding at Bed Bath & Beyond—and be prepared to have the cutest bed in your dorm!

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