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8 Reasons We're Happy to Be Home for the Summer


Although it's sad to say goodbye to college friends for a few months, sometimes living with your 'rents isn't so bad!  Here are the many freedoms of being an (almost) adult during the best season.

1.  You can get up whenever you want.

Waking up at noon is completely acceptable. 

2.  Having the whole place to yourself is awesome.

When your parents go to work, you can just build, you know, a FIRE PIT in your kitchen! (Would not suggest...)

3.  Getting the car all to yourself...  

If you don't get a car on campus, now is the time to take a joy ride.

4.  You can get snuggled up and eat cheese with no judgement.

No one needs to know your REAL Friday night plans.


Eat a whole pizza when no one's watching (or better, if everyone is watching).

6.  Seeing old friends is the best. 

*insert happy dance here*

7.  Enjoying your time alone.

You never want to leave the couch. Ever.

8.  Getting a sick internship.

This might not be a realistic setting, but hey, a girl can dream.

And this is why summer is the best season. We're so not ready for school to start again...

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