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8 Gorgeous & Cozy Bedding Items Your Dorm Needs


Your bed is one of the easiest places to show a little personality in your dorm room. With the help of stylish duvets, colorful pillows and cozy blankets, you can create the perfect refuge after long days of class and activities. We got a little help from IKEA on how to take your standard twin XL to the next level. 


1. For the girl who likes simplicity 

For the girl whose entire wardrobe is black, black and black, a simple black and white color scheme is the way to go. We love this Scandinavian chic TUVBRÄCKA duvet cover and pillowcase set from IKEA. 

2. For the prepster 

This light beige gingham EMMIE RUTA duvet cover and pillowcase from IKEA is perfect for the preppies among us. The soft neutral creates a cozy, inviting feel.

3. For the girl with a lot of energy

We’re utterly obsessed with this MOSSFLOX duvet cover and pillowcase set from IKEA. This bright, fun color scheme is sure to make your morning bright. 

5. For the girl that misses summer 

Dreading go back to school? Then you’ll appreciate this IKEARINGKRAGE duvet cover and pillowcase that was designed with the sea in mind. We love the subtle color palette of neutrals and blues. 


1. For girl who loves to nest

If your middle name is “cozy,” then the IKEA OFELIA throw is a must-have. The gray neutral is sure to go with almost any room, and it’s perfect to snuggle in on a cold, rainy day. 

2. For the girl who loves minimalism 

If you’re looking for a blanket that looks chic but is still super-affordable, this one is it. The IKEA sophisticated black and white EIVOR will look good in college and beyond! 


1. For the lovable cat lady 

This quirky-cool cat print cusion is the ideal accent to the cat (or animal) lover’s pad. The IKEAMATTRAM will be the perfect support during those long study sessions. 

2. For the girl who can’t have enough color 

Just like you, the IKEAHÖSTFIBBLA is bright and peppy. Just looking at this color scheme makes us happy!


No matter your design personality, head over to IKEA to for more cozy and chic finds! 




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