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15 Things Only Chronically Early People Will Understand


We collegiettes that are chronically early are a rare breed of human. We didn't ask to be this way, and we definitely didn't ask for all the struggle and awkward moments that come along with this habit. These 15 struggles are something we can all relate to. 

1. No matter how hard you try, you always wake up before your alarm. 

Because your brain knows it's coming and just can't let the alarm be earlier than you. 

2. You have an excess of downtime to sit around on your phone before work, school, etc. 

Needless to say you've become a pro at Candy Crush. 

3. You're always the first to show up when hanging out with friends. 

And you try hard not to foam at the mouth when they're late.

4.  You've gone to extreme lengths before an event to make it look like you weren't there super early. 

Nobody can know how embarrassingly early you are. 

5. Like hiding in a bathroom...

And redoing your makeup. ​

6. Ducking down in your car so no one will see you...

While wearing sunglasses and a hat. 

7. And casually walking around the block five times so it always looks like you're just approaching. 

Because you have to make the perfect entrance! 

8. If you ever show up to something late, you behave like a maniac the rest of the day. 

Your eye ~literally~ will not stop twitching. 

9. Having an SO who's chronically late is one of your worst nightmares. 

Even if he's freaking Ryan Gosling, the relationship probably isn't worth the stress. 

10. When you arrive at the movies, the theater is so empty that the trivia questions haven't even started. 

It also means you finish your popcorn long before the film even starts.

11. Your classroom is usually empty too, which means you always get first pick of the seats. 

And some free time to dance around the classroom. 

12. You have a weird spidey sense for potential traffic and subway delays. 

As well as a mental list of every possible alternate route. 

13. You're friends hate when you show up early to things.


14. So you end up sitting on their couch and petting their dog for an hour until they finally finish getting ready. 

It's routine at this point.

15. You can't help but roll your eyes when people congratulate you for being punctual. 

It's not a lifestyle choice people, it's a habit deeply rooted in anxiety *begins uncomfortable laughter*. 

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