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10 Easy No-Bake Snacks


Basically, turning on your oven is the worst. But snacking is the best. So what do you do when you want a yummy snack, but you're too lazy to turn on the oven? You find some delicious no-bake snack recipes on Her Campus, and then all your wildest snacking dreams come true. Save your time and some money on your energy bill, and fill your belly with easy, no-bake goodness. 

1. Cinnamon Vanilla No-Bake Protein Bites

These no-bake bites of goodness are like a churro, except with less deep-frying and way more protein. You can't go wrong. 

2. Fruity Froyo Snacks

These froyo bites could not be easier to make or more delicious. All you have to do is freeze your favorite yogurt, and you're good to go. 

3. Birthday Cake Popcorn

Pretty in pink with this popcorn, amirite? If you're a true lazy queen, you'll know better than to actually make popcorn—you'll just open a bag of Skinny Pop and amp up the deliciousness. If birthday cake isn't your thing, use white chocolate chips and crushed Oreos. *That annoying girl from Awkward voice*: You're welcome. 

4. Sweet and Salty Trail Mix Granola Bars

Gluten free, vegan, and nut free (Somehow by magic? These bars look v. nutty.), these bars are basically the best of everything. Also, we all know that the only reason trail mix is good is because of the M&M's. These bars have some chocolate snuck into them, so don't fret. 

5. Chocolate Fruit Pizza

Chocolate, fruit and pizza are a few of our favorite words in the English language. So a wonderful chef/magician created this pizza to fill bellies and hearts with happiness and smiles. 

6. Chocolate Chip Energy Bites

If you're someone who enjoys eating raw cookie dough (it's okay, we've all had our raw cookie dough and Netflix nights), then this is the snack for you. Here's a nice thing about them—they're healthy. But feel free to "spill" the bag of chocolate chips into the bowl. 

7. Veggie Pizza Bites

Naan bread, cream cheese, your favorite veggies and cheese (obviously, we know what we're about) make this a delicious, no-bake snack. When you're too lazy to even order pizza, these veggie bites are your dream. 

8. Almond Butter and Jelly Cups

PB&J is a gift sent to us mere mortals from the heavens. Add chocolate to that delicious mix, and you have your perfect snack. These tasty niblets are Paleo, vegan and gluten free—so everyone can enjoy. 

9. Potato Chip and Pretzel Fudge

Can't decide which bag to snack from—pretzels or potato chips or chocolate? Good news: you truly can have it all. A little bit of all the best snacks will have you reaching for more. 

10. Peanut Butter Banana Bites

These bites are so easy that you could make them on your desk in your dorm room and freeze them in the mini-fridge. Basically, the simplest snack ever. 

What's your go-to snack, collegiettes? 

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