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Mindy & Danny Need to Get Back Together, Even Though Nothing Has Changed


For a season of The Mindy Project that started with a happily engaged Mindy and Danny, we sure have been on an emotional romantic rollercoaster, haven’t we? At one point in season four, Danny’s anti-feminist ways became so intolerable that I was begging the pair to break up. My wish came true, and we were thrust back into the world of Mindy’s pre-Empire State Building dating life.

Don’t get me wrong—I really enjoyed watching Mindy date again. I love that she allowed herself to become the strong, independent, career-oriented mother that Danny was trying so desperately to keep her from being. What I didn’t bank on was Danny kind of disappearing from the picture entirely and a coworker that seemed all too familiar falling for Mindy.

I must admit: When Jody’s womanizing Southern doctor arrived at Schulman and Associates, I loathed him. In a world that makes an at times totally out of touch Dr. Lahiri consistently endearing, I thought Dr. Kimball-Kinney missed the mark completely. This is a guy who not only slept with his brother’s wife but also very recently lied to Mindy about the fact that he had chlamydia—not your standard “good guy,” to say the least.

As Danny’s time on screen dwindled and sparks flew between Jody and Mindy, I couldn’t help but feel little butterflies during Mindy’s interactions with the new doc. But just as I was beginning to accept this duo, Danny reappeared and reminded me of what had been missing.

Now I certainly don’t believe that this show cannot survive without Danny Castellano. Mindy—both Lahiri and Kaling—has proved throughout this season that she can anchor this show all by herself and it continues to be the exact same show viewers fell in love with four seasons ago. But the energy that Danny brought to the season’s penultimate episode was evident. Even when the former fiancés weren’t sharing screen time (a treat that was obviously being saved up for the downright electric season finale), it was abundantly clear just how much we should miss having Danny around.

Leading into the finale, at most I was hoping to see Danny and Mindy interact a bit while she explored her romantic interest in Jody. Dr. K. seemed like the safe option in comparison to Danny, who was not only still railing Mindy for her commitment to work but also engaged to another woman. All it took to change my mind was Mindy and Danny, stranded in an elevator—which of course prompted a romp that proved the chemistry between them is not going anywhere.

I had all the same feels I’m guessing you did: But Danny is engaged. Making this quite possibly the worst thing he has ever done to Mindy, since she is clueless about the fact that he is even in a relationship much less that an invitation to his wedding is waiting for her at home.

Also awaiting Mindy’s return to her apartment? Jody—the guy who, despite his few positive attributes, now appears to be nothing more than a knockoff of the one-and-only Dr. Castellano. Mindy even points out the similarities between Jody and Danny throughout the finale episode.

Let’s be clear: I do not want to dismiss the way that Danny continues to treat Mindy. She deserves a lot better. It is more than apparent that Danny has some major changes to make. But if Mindy is going to enter into a relationship with a flawed, older man, shouldn’t it be Danny?

That look of pure love in her eyes as she told Danny she still loves him and he returned the sentiment says everything. Although Jody might be more supportive of Mindy’s career or falling for her in a way that he has never experienced before, what Danny and Mindy have is undeniable. He is her lobster, and I don’t think any new love interest or bout of anti-feminism is going to change that.

Should Mindy put up with Danny constantly throwing shade at her about her career? Absolutely not. Ideally, I would love for Danny’s character to grow to be unequivocally accepting of Mindy and her approach to motherhood.

Of course, with that gasp-worthy cliffhanger, we won’t know where Mindy stands with Danny or Jody until the show returns in October. We definitely need a few more pieces of the puzzle to fall into place before Mindy’s twisted web of relationships can be properly settled. But from where I stand right now, Mindy and Danny are endgame, and I am shipping them all over again. 

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