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10 Ways to DIY Your Fourth of July Outfit


Fourth of July is a critical holiday. You have to look super cute yet also be able to play all those backyard barbecue games. But who can afford to spend tons of money on brand new red, white and blue clothing? Solution: DIY it! Here are 10 ways to DIY your clothes this July 4th.

1. Red, White and Blue Tie-Dye Shirt

Spice up your July 4th outfit with some simple red and blue dye.

2. American Flag Cutoffs

Give your old denim cutoffs an update this Independence Day.

3. Dip-Dye Denim Shorts

So simple, not to mention adorable.

4. Bandana Headband

Add a little holiday spirit to your hair to complete your perfect outfit.

5. American Flag Sneaks

You didn't think we forgot about shoes, did you?

6. American Flag Nails

When it's this easy to add some patriotism to your look, how could you say "no"?

7. Fourth of July Hat

Now you can be festive and keep the sun out of your face.

8. Red, White and Blue Bracelet

What's red, white, and blue and cute all over? This bracelet, of course!

9. American Flag Tank

Easy AND inexpensive? This is the best of both worlds!

10. Tie-Dye Beach Bag

Don't forget to show your beach bag some DIY love this Fourth of July!

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