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8 Reasons Why Living on Your Own isn't as Great as You Expected


Everyone thinks leaving home and venturing out on their own is going to be all fun all the time. And even though it can be, we're here to tell you that it's not always as glamorous as you think it'll be. 

1. Cooking becomes a necessary part of daily life:

It's essential to learn to cook properly so that you can nourish yourself...or you can just memorize the phone number of the nearest Thai restaurant.

2. Your apartment isn't going to clean itself:

So, that thick layer of dust and random hair balls you find everywhere...apparently they don't just go away on their own.

3. Bills are a thing:

You just got your paycheck! Finally you can buy the new jeans you want. Except you need to pay rent, electric, cable...maybe next month?

4. Your roommate's boyfriend won't be the only pest in your place:


5. You'll have to deal with an unresponsive, apathetic landlord:

Your dishwasher broke? Don't worry your landlord will fix it for you in 3-4 weeks! If you're lucky.

6. Groceries don't just magically appear in your fridge like they did back home:

Being a grown up is spending $160 on groceries for the week and eating half of it in one night while watching OITNB.

7. You have to learn to deal with neurotic neighbors:

They're always there to throw a huge party when you're trying to sleep, or complain that you're making too much noise when you're just sitting around quietly watching TV.

8. Construction work is going to be your new hobby:

Absentee landlords mean you need to start learning to fix some things on your own. Cabinet door falls off? Reattach it. Or just leave it on the ground. No door makes it easier to grab snacks anyways.

Welcome to adulthood!

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