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7 DIY Gifts for the Cancer Girl


As we transition to the era of a new zodiac sign, it is time to find the perfect gift for that Cancer girl in your life. Cancer girls are super sweet, love to share their emotions and are absolutely feminine. These easy DIY gifts will be perfect for her!

1. Homemade Card with a Meaningful Note

A Cancer loves to share her emotions and the little things, like kind words, mean the most. A handmade card with a meaningful note will mean the world to her. Keep this DIY handy for later as you can make "thank you" and "good luck" cards in the future!

2. Lavender Mint Bath Salts

A Cancer loves to pamper herself, and she specifically loves the calming smell of lavender. This bath salt will give her everything she is looking for. 

3. Roll-on Perfume with Essential Oils

Not only does a Cancer love to pamper herself, but she loves feeling feminine. These roll-on perfumes are easy to make and they use essential oils, which are light and natural. 

4. Cooking Apron 

A Cancer loves to spend her free time in the kitchen, whether that involves baking or cooking dinner for her family. A cute and creative apron that reflects her individual personality will make a great gift!

5. Scented Candles

Cancers will love the smell of these sweet DIY candles. She will appreciate the relaxation this candle brings, too. 

6. Bathrobe

There is nothing better than having a soft robe to throw on after a day of at-home pampering. She will love this soft bathrobe, and it's super easy to make.

7. Thimble Cupcakes

A Cancer is super sweet and loves to eat sweets. These tiny cupcakes are adorable, and because they are so small she will be able to eat more!

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