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9 Times 'The Bachelorette' Was EXACTLY Like 'Mean Girls'


Although last night's episode of The Bachelorette was fairly exciting, it did seem a tad familiar. Imagine that instead of a bunch of men in a house it was a bunch of girls in high school and bam: you've got Mean Girls. We've got all the different cliques and lunch tables, the overprotective teacher (aka Chris Harrison), and a girl who wants everyone to just get along. Seriously, the resemblances are uncanny, and apparently, everyone on the internet seemed to think so as well. Here are nine times The Bachelorette was exactly like your favorite movie of the 2000s. 

1. Derek rounding up the mean boys 

Oh, Derek, we love you so much. Derek confronting the Plastics was basically like that time Ms. Norbury had to sit down with all the girls in the gym and tell them to be nicer to each other. But instead of teenagers, it's actually full grown men. Interesting…

2. Any time Alex opened his mouth

Yes, Alex, we get that Chad went home and now you have to be the bad guy, but seriously? What did Derek or Jordan ever do to you? 

3. Robby's awkward "I Love You"

Really no explanation needed for this gif. 

4. Derek getting picked on for no reason again

If anyone out there thinks that Derek was wrong to have said something, you can go shave your back now. 

5. Robby kissing JoJo in public

Swap out the tux for a bunny costume and you've got Regina George at Aaron Samuels' Halloween party. And all the other guys were like ^

6. The boys comforting JoJo

It's like that time Regina got dumped by Aaron and Karen wanted to get Taco Bell but Regina was all like, "God, Karen, you're so stupid." Ya feel? 

7. Daniel being Daniel

So you agree, you think you're really pretty? 

8. Jordan and Robby at the spa

We are sure Regina and the rest of the girls had spa sessions that rivaled Jordan and Robby's, even if they weren't shown in the movie. 


The end. 

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