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19 Times The SVU Squad Was Actually Your Friend Group


Every friend group has its ups and downs. And if there is one squad- or should we say unit- that knows exactly what that feels like, it's Olivia Benson and the rest of the Special Victims Unit. Here at Her Campus we prefer to let the experts speak for us. So here you go, your squad as told by NYPD's finest detectives.

1. When you all hear an amazing piece of gossip.

2. When you finally find each other after being separated at a party.

3. Or when your bestie tells everyone something that was private and you look at her like.

4. The “heart to heart” with all of their future husbands will probably look a little something like:

5. Filled with loving words such as:

6. When that person that you all hate says anything.

7. When you wake up together hungover AF.

8. And you tell each other all of the embarrassing things that happened the night before.

9. A conversation full of reactions like this:

10. Or maybe even:

11. When you start the night and you know it's about to get rowdy.

12. And everyone starts texting boys they shouldn’t be texting.

13. But then eventually you give up and watch everyone make mistakes like:

14. When the group chat gets a little too heated.

15. And then they turn around and start collectively roasting you.

16. Or when you get sick of taking care of their blackouts and you lash out.

17. When you're grounded and you see pictures of everyone together.

18. When someone talks to you about how close they are with their squad.

19. And you make sure they know better.

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