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Life According to Early Birds vs. Night Owls


There are two distinct types of people in this world: those who like mornings and those who do not. Some people love to rise and shine, and others cherish the late-night hours. Early birds and night owls are as opposite as day and night (literally), so they experience life a little differently as well.

Early birds: You wake up just to see the sunrise. What a glorious start to your day! 

Night owls: If you’re watching the sunrise, it means you pulled an all-nighter. Again.

Early birds: 7 a.m. yoga? Count us in!

Night owls: Thank goodness the gym stays open until midnight because there’s no chance you’re hitting it before 7 p.m.

Early birds: You only need one alarm to wake up in the morning, if you haven't already woken up naturally.

Night owls: You set at least seven alarms, all of which wake up your roomie, who eventually wakes you up. She's not pleased.

Early birds: You live for the smell of coffee and a good breakfast in the morning.

Night owls: You know what always tastes better at 2 a.m.? French fries. Good thing you know a place open 24/7!

Early birds: Even though you’re up early, sometimes you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day!

Night owls: So what if the day ends? That’s what ALL night is for. SO much time for activities.

Early birds: Kathie Lee and Hoda are basically your besties since you see them every morning.

Night owls: Two words: Jimmy Fallon.

Early birds: On the weekends, you'd rather go to brunch than the bars.

Night owls: Waking up before noon on a Saturday is a sin, especially when you’re out until 3 a.m. the night before.

Early birds: You know what they say: The early bird always catches the worm!

Night owls: Who cares about worms? Late night pizza > everything.


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