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15 Struggles of Looking Younger Than Your Age


Some of us were born with faces that inexplicably never seem to age. When you're in college but you could pass as someone who isn't quite old enough to drive yet, there are a few things you might struggle with. 

1. Sadly getting asked if you need a kids' menu when you're out with older people.

2. Fake ID? You know you won't even look like you can legally drink until you're well past 21.

3. People assume you're the younger sibling.

4. When family friends you just met ask you how school's going, and you know they probably mean high school.

5. Solicitors knock on your door and ask if your mother's home.

6. The stress of wondering when you'll get caught lying about your age for youth discounts.

7. When you wipe off your makeup and seeing a 15 year old in the mirror.

8. When you wear anything cartoon-themed and it makes you look even younger than you already do.

9. When you hear people say, "You'll appreciate it when you're older!" every day of your life.

10. People think you're part of the high school tour group when you're actually the tour guide.

11. Romantic prospects the same age as you think you're too young for them at first.

12. High schoolers trying to spit game at you.

13. When you get carded for things that you don't even need to be 21 for.

14. You have to put in actual effort to look your age.

15. Professors and classmates always assume you're a freshman. 

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