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What To Do When Your New Love Interest Reveals They Have An STD


So, you’re into this new guy or girl. You get along great, you’re attracted to him/her and you’re ready to put a label on it. But then, this new love interest reveals that he or she has an STD. First, just relax. This doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be the end of things and a lot of the negative stereotypes about STDs (thanks to our nation’s lack of sex education programs in schools) are complete BS. However, this is understandably something you will need to think about and talk to your partner about before moving forward. Here’s some advice if you find yourself in this sticky situation. And rest assured, you’re not alone; 1 in 4 college students has an STD.

1. Don’t freak out  

Hearing this information can be very shocking at first. Those overwhelming feelings are completely valid, but it’s best to try not to completely freak out when you hear your partner has an STD. Contracting an STD is no one’s “fault,” so you don’t want to belittle or humiliate your partner. The more calmly and maturely you approach this situation, the better the outcome will be. “My boyfriend told me he had an STD when we first started seriously talking and getting closer, and I reacted harshly and got really upset, which hurt him a lot,” says Colleen*, a third-year in college. “I think the better thing to do would have been to take some time to myself after hearing this and calm down and then talk to him.”

2. Get informed

It is absolutely essential for you and your partner to research and discuss having safe sex, regardless of having an STD. You need to know about the necessary preventative measures you need to take, and how your partner can/is treating his/her STD, or if the STD is contagious despite treatment. “If your partner shares with you that he or she has an STD, I would recommend making an appointment with Planned Parenthood, another women’s clinic or trusted doctor to discuss how and if you can still have safe sex. Online can be a great place to find out information on this, but there’s also a lot of false information online,” Sara*, a fourth-year in college whose significant other has an STD, recommends. Those are the steps she took after to protect herself after finding out.

3. Consider when and how you found out

Your partner should be honest with you about his or her sexual health status before you commit to a relationship or have sex. If he or she is honest with you before any of this, he or she did the right thing in a really tough situation, and you should be honest about your feelings. However, if your partner admits this to you after you commit to a relationship or sex, that’s not having your best interests in mind, because that is behavior that possibly puts you at risk and did not give you the opportunity to consent knowing he/she had an STD. “If my boyfriend and I had sex before he told me about his STD, I would have been really mad and probably ended things,” Colleen says. “If someone does that, that means they don’t respect you, because you deserve to make an informed decision with this information.”

4. Don’t let negative stereotypes affect your decisions

So much negative stigma is attached to STDs, and most of the stigma is unfortunately based on myths, not facts. Try not to let negative stereotypes about STDs play into your decision about how to handle this situation and proceed in your relationship. Additionally, if friends or family try to push these stereotypes on you to sway you against staying with this person, stick to your own gut feeling. “Listen to what other people have to say and make up your own mind. Make your own conclusion. You can learn a lot from listening to other people or you can be negatively influenced, so if you start to hear people speaking from emotion and not logic, then you close the door on that conversation,” advises Dr. Patrick Wannis, a human behavior and relationship expert and celebrity life coach. He also explained that the term sexually transmitted diseases is changing to sexually transmitted infections to discourage negative stereotypes and language around the infections.  

5. You have a right to end or stay in the relationship

No matter what the circumstances, you always have a right to end or stay in a relationship. You also always have the right to consent or not consent to having sex with another willing person. You are not a bad person if you choose to end the relationship over a partner having an STD – as long as you communicate with your partner about it in a mature and respectful way. “I think everyone has the choice and right to say I don’t want to date this person for whatever the reason is. I think everyone has a right to say I don’t want to go out with this person based on my own values and morality,” says Dr. Wannis.

6. Always practice safe sex despite the circumstances

Practicing safe sex is always important whether or not your partner(s) has an STD, especially during college. If you do decide to stay in a relationship with someone who has an STD, practicing safe sex is essential. Safe sex also helps prevent pregnancy. However, it’s important to understand that any form of contraception besides condoms, including birth control pills and IUDs, do not prevent against STDs. Make sure to use condoms even if you use another form of birth control. It’s also always okay to ask someone about their sexual health status before engaging in any type of sexual activity, even if it’s just a hook-up.

Planned Parenthood and the Center For Young Women’s Health are informative websites where you can learn more about STDs and safe sex methods.

*Names have been changed to protect anonymity 

3 Texture Products Your Hair Needs This Semester


With midterms and social events, it’s no secret that the college life leaves little time for styling. With schedules like this, you need a holy grail hair product to give you an effortlessly cool look without the fuss! That’s where texture products come in. What is textured hair anyway? Well, it’s a little bit piecey and lived-in, packed with undone volume and cool-girl vibes.

Thankfully Redken has just launched its Dry Texture collection – from dry shampoo to must-have stylers, this collection has everything you locks need to look amazing this semester.

Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray

Perfect for: A fabulous girl's night out

This spray is an ultra-fine dry texture spray, meaning it provides an airy texture and lift with a barely-there dry finish. With an ultra-fine texturizing formula and an innovative spray design that allows for even distribution, Redken's Triple Dry 15 is essential for creating bombshell or cool-girl waves without a sticky, wet feel!

Hold 6-12 inches away and spray on dry, styled hair – then ta da! An airy lift and a medium hold without the crunch or residue you can get from other sprays. Use this on date nights with the S.O or a girl’s night out to create fuller, more tousled waves or ponytails with just one product!

Dry Shampoo Paste 05

Perfect for: Sorority recruitment and game day

This little wonder is half dry shampoo, half styling paste, so it has all the benefits of normal dry shampoo with added styling benefits (i.e. lift, separation and grip for creating braids and twists). It’s extra capable of absorbing oils and impurities, and it’s best to use when you need effortless texture and root lift for a whole day.

Dry Shampoo Powder 02

Perfect for: Midterms and finals week

This loose powder is formulated with charcoal as a key ingredient to refresh styles. It does the typical dry shampoo work of absorbing oil and impurities, but also extends and refreshes your style to the max. It’s non-dulling and non-staining, which means the powder is suitable for all hair colors.

Trust me, once you trade in your aerosol dry shampoo for this, you’re never going back. While traditional stylers might leave hair feeling stuff or sticky, this powder just leaves hair silky soft and clean. Shake or massage the powder into root area, and then brush through to remove any excess. Brushing through can help refresh mid-lengths and the ends of hair as well!

Styling tip: for frothy volume in the morning, apply the powder at night and sleep on it. That way, you can wake up with fresh, full of life hair! You may show up to the final exam wanting nothing more than to crawl back into bed, but at least you’ll have cool-girl hair worthy of the NYC streets.

Ready to get your hands on all three of these amazing dry-texture must-haves from Redken? Enter below to win a giveaway complete with the Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray, Dry Shampoo Powder 02, and Dry Shampoo Paste 05!




The Insta-Worthy Sunglasses We Have Our Eyes On This Season


Sunglasses are a staple in your spring and summer wardrobe, but any trendy dresser knows that Insta-worthy sunnies are forever. This season, feeds are blowing up with edgy, modern designs – and there’s one collection we’ve been keeping an eye on that we think you’ll love too.

Introducing Kat Graham x Foster Grant, the exact thing you’ve been looking for to complement your fall 'fit.

Kat Graham x Foster Grant is a capsule collection of designer sunglasses from your fave global eyewear brand, Foster Grant, and actress, musician and humanitarian, Kat Graham. It’s basically the fashionable love child you’ve been waiting your whole life for.

The collection features nine sunglasses that are stylish magic, pulled from worldwide trends and personally curated by Kat. From skinny vintage frames to metal geometric shapes, everything about the designs are ultramodern and super chic. This also marks Kat’s first foray into fashion design, and it’s the first in a series of styles to be released.

FYI that this collection is ~limited-edition~ which means you should grab ‘em while they’re hot. (Like, right now from Foster Grant.) Each pair runs at $35, so it’s totally friendly to a college budget. We’re also offering an exclusive offer for 20% OFF with the code HC20! Shop your daily dose of style now, because in the words of Kat Graham, “Life is too short not to accessorize.”

Want your own set of these gorgeous sunnies? Enter below to win a giveaway of all the sunglasses from Kat Graham x Foster Grant.

The Insta-Worthy Sunglasses We Have Our Eyes On This Season

What To Do If You're Struggling to Get Along With Your Roommates


In movies and television, we see complete strangers thrown together in a dorm room and become best friends seemingly overnight. Unfortunately, real life is often much less idyllic, and we don’t always get along with our roommates as easily as we’d like. Disagreements among roommates is an issue that so many college students deal with every year, and it’s not often easily resolved – but that doesn’t mean you should just give up and live in misery. There are several different tactics you can try, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best approaches to finding solutions for issues with your roommate.

Consider your role in the controversy. 

Introspection is never easy, but if you’re going to have a positive relationship with your roommates, you need to recognize both your strengths and shortcomings as a roommate. Ask yourself: Is there anything you are doing to upset your roommates, such as not completing daily chores assigned to you, or not being respectful in your interactions with them? Have you actually spoken directly with your roommates about your concerns regarding the relationship, or have you just been sending them passive aggressive messages that only add to the problem?

If you’re able to recognize and implement changes you can make to become a better roommate, you will be able to improve your relationship with everyone you live with. “You can't control how other people live, but you can control your own actions and how you react to people who live differently than you,” says Kelsey Drain, a UC Davis alumni. Recognizing how your reactions influence your interactions with your roommates will help you become more aware of your role in the relationship and your ability to make changes.

Try to address the problem directly.

It can be difficult and uncomfortable to confront someone outright when you have a problem, but it’s the most direct way to a solution. Hashing things out with your roommates in an open, honest conversation will help you get to the bottom of the issue and find a solution that you can all agree on.

One of the best ways to start this conversation is by using “I” statements: “ I feel ___ when you ___ because ___.” These are simple statements that allow you to express your feelings and directly state the issue without attacking or blaming anyone. You might consider practicing these statements with a friend or RA who can help you learn to deliver these statements respectfully and firmly. Always finish these statements with, “I would like ___,” and offer a potential solution to the problem.

There is no guarantee that your roommate will like what you have to say, or the solution you’ve offered, but this attempt is often more successful than leaving passive aggressive notes on their door.

Related: How To Deal With A Roommate Fight

Set boundaries early.

Often, one of the biggest challenges we face with roommates is lack of respect for boundaries. Outlining boundaries can seem like an intimidating challenge, especially with new roommates, but it will help you avoid fights later on. Setting down rules can help all of you understand and value each other’s needs and limits, and if you outline and agree on rules early on, it will be much easier to settle disagreements later on, especially if you have them written out in some kind of document.

You aren’t going to like all of the boundaries that everyone suggests, and may find it hard to express these feelings, but in the long run it is best for you are open about your concerns. “If everyone just communicates with one another, compromise can begin,” says Emma Garza, a second year at Texas A&M. Being open with each other about your individual needs for space and respect in your home will help you better navigate your relationships with each other and make your home a more welcoming space for everyone.

Seek outside help if necessary.

One of the best things you can do is ask for help when the situation becomes out of control. An RA can help mediate a discussion between you and your roommates if you aren’t able to resolve the issue on your own. Before taking on their position, most RA’s are trained to respond to these situations and learn how to act as an objective, neutral intermediary who can help everyone see the other side of the issue and meet in the middle.

If you do not feel like your RA is the best option, consider asking a friend, counselor, or other college faculty or staff member to help intercede instead. When choosing a mediator for the situation, make sure that it is someone both you and your roommates trust and with whom you can have an open, honest conversation about your concerns. This person can act as a sounding board for each party and help you find ways to respectfully express your feelings towards each other so that you can begin working towards a solution. If you and your roommates are finding it truly difficult to have conversations without them quickly escalating into heated arguments, consider bringing in a third party to help negotiate peace between everyone.

Accept that you just need to coexist.

Celeste Roberts, a third year student and RA at Cal Poly SLO, shared, “I recommended to some of my residents that they don’t need to be best friends. They can remain civil and live in peace.” It is always great to have roommates who become friends - they can become part of your support system, help make your home seem more warm and hospitable, and make you feel more connected to your campus community. However, there are some people who are simply not interested in forming friendships with their roommates. This can hurt, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to get along well enough to make it through the year without any major blow ups.

If you’re looking to connect with people in your living space, consider making friends with students who live in your hall, or ask your RA about social events being hosted on campus. This is a great way to meet other students who live on campus, and may even help you find your future roommates!

Fights between roommates are never easy to resolve, but if you invest yourself in developing a healthy relationship you’re almost guaranteed to see improvements in your home. It’s great to be friends with your roommate, but they may not have any interest in having anything beyond a basic relationship with the people they live with. It can be hard to accept this, but sometimes the best thing to do is give them space. In time, they may come to appreciate your respect for their boundaries and warm up to you. Even if they don’t, it will be a great learning experience for everyone involved - chances are this isn’t the last time you will have to share a living space with other people, so learning to compromise and peacefully coexist now will help you be a better roommate later on in life!

The Internet is Obsessed With Gabrielle Union's Reaction to Ellen Pompeo's Call for Diversity


It’s no secret that there is still a lack of diversity in Hollywood, with women and individuals of color not being appropriately paid for their work or treated with the respect they deserve. So when Ellen Pompeo called out the lack of diversity and discrimination in a recent interview, Gabrielle Union’s reaction showed that she was totally here for Pompeo’s remarks, and the internet is totally obsessed with Union’s reaction.

Over the course of a 24-minute panel discussion for NET-A-PORTER's“The Big Television Debate,” Pompeo and Union, along with Gina Rodriguez and Emma Roberts, spoke frankly about pay equity, diversity and inclusion in the industry, and beyond.

In a powerful moment during the interview, Pompeo gave the room a dose of reality and said it was white people’s responsibility to advocate for more diversity, and it really struck a chord with everyone, especially Union.

Pompeo remarked how she “didn’t see enough color” when walking onto the set that day, and recalled a time when she approached a director of an endorsement project about hiring more individuals of color, E! News reports.

“This day has been incredible and there's a ton of women in the room, but I don't see enough color and I didn't see enough color when I walked in the room today and I had a meeting with a director of another endorsement project that I'm doing. I said, you know when I show up on set I would like to see the crew look like the world that I walk around in every day and I think it's up to all productions to make sure that your crew looks like the world we see,” Pompeo told everyone in the room. “As Caucasian people, it’s our job, it’s our task, it’s our responsibility to make sure that we speak up in every single room we walk into, that this is not ok and that we can all do better. It's our job because we created the problem.”

Pompeo’s remarks definitely resonated with Union, as her facial reaction was shared all across social media.

“@itsgabrielleu‘s smirk is giving us, ‘Black women been telling y’all this but I know y’all will listen to my white colleague over here,’” one Twitter user commented.

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, which Pompeo stars in, wrote on Twitter, “Go, Ellen, GO. @EllenPompeo”

But social media was definitely in agreement that Union’s reaction was a total mood.

On the topic of diversity, Union added that we can’t properly amplify the voices of those in marginalized groups if we don’t have people from those groups in our lives, Hello Giggles reports.

“It is a very hard thing to amplify voices that don’t really exist in your life,” Union said. “And if I wasn’t interacting daily with and have deep friendships with every marginalized group, I would have a really hard time passing the mic.”

“It’s the right thing to do. It's been too long and the right thing is never done,” Pompeo commented at the end of the interview, tears in her eyes. “Live your life in the correct way and if you give a sh-t, if you care, you will change the people in your life.”

Watch the entire interview below:

Fighting for diversity and equality is so important, and we are glad that Pompeo and Union, along with Rodriguez and Roberts, are lending their voices to the cause.

Ariana Grande's 'Thank U, Next' Music Video Will Be a Mashup of Iconic Chick Flicks & We're So Here for It


Dust off your bend and snap, because Ariana Grande’s next music video is going to be so fetch. That’s right — Grande has teased a Mean Girls and Legally Blonde-inspired video for her song Thank U, Next and it’s going to be the chick flick mashup of our dreams.

Following her The First Wives Club-inspired performance of Thank U, Next on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Grande began dropping hints that her new video would pay homage to some of the most iconic female-centric movies. According to Hello Giggles, Arianators began speculating about the music video’s theme when they noticed some similarities between the pop singer’s cover art for her latest No. 1 single and the infamous Burn Book from Mean Girls.

On November 19th, Grande posted a picture of Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert), Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried) and Regina George (Rachel McAdams) walking down the school hallway, as well as several close up shots of the Plastics’ queen bee.

Perhaps the funniest post was when Grande shared a picture of her kissing her cousin, Courtney. “‘Yeah but she’s my FIRST cousin’,” Grande captioned the photo, referencing when Karen justified making out with her cousin in the movie because he was her second cousin.



‘yeah but she’s my FIRST cousin’ @courtneychipolone @lexie1225

A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

According to E! News, the pop star also shared other photos to her Instagram account, featuring lines from the movie as captions, including when Regina yelled at Karen for asking if they wanted to go to Taco Bell because she was on an “all-carb diet.”

And while we were totally stoked about a Mean Girls-themed video, Grande hinted at some Legally Blonde action on November 20th.

Grande uploaded a photo of herself in an orange tank top behind a computer reminiscent of Elle Wood’s laptop, captioning the photo, “whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.” She also tagged the photo at Harvard University, which we all know was the law school that Elle said “What, like it’s hard?” about getting into.



‘whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed’

A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

To confirm the Legally Blonde inspo even more, the pop star posted a photo of a dog floating on a rafter that resembled Elle Woods’ dog, Bruiser.

Finally, we got to see Grande in a fluffy, feathered, pink top, posing along our favorite nail technician Paulette, played by Jennifer Coolidge.



new best friend .... thank u, next

A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

According to E! News, there may be more iconic chick flick references in the Thank U, Next music video, including 13 Going on 30. Grande also hinted that she would reveal other rom-coms that will be featured in the video on November 21st.

All I know is that I am so stoked for Grande’s music video!

5 Pieces Under $25 That Are At the Top of Our Holiday Shopping List


When you live on a college budget, discounts and deals are everything. And as we close out the year and head into 2019, nothing feels better than a fresh, new wardrobe of garments and accessories to kick off the school year with. Whether you need to replace the hoodie you’ve been wearing since last February or just need something casual to wear to your family’s holiday party, the end of the year comes with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday sales galore – AKA the ultimate time to treat yourself without emptying your bank account.

This year, we’re hyped on holiday doorbusters from Aéropostale– because if there’s a sale, you can count on us to be first in line. Here are the five under $25 pieces we’re shopping first, so we can be merry and chic from Black Friday to New Years.

1. Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are a supersoft, low-maintenance way to make your outfit more textured and colorful. We love this one because it has old-concert-shirt vibes – just wear it over a turtleneck or pair with a denim jacket for all your winter OOTDs. This season, you can buy one and get two free at Aéropostale online or in stores!

2. Jogger

If you’re having an extended study session from the comfort of your bed, pair joggers with your coziest lounge top and fuzzy socks. But if you’re trying to channel some street style into your campus look? Wear with a white crop top, light-wash denim jacket and chunkiest dad sneakers you have for an outfit that’s athleisure AF. This pair in light heather grey will go with everything, and you can grab ‘em for as low as $12.

3. Pullover Hoodie

Fashion goal: Find a hoodie so comfy you can spend the rest of your life in it. With a grey hoodie like this one, your ‘fit will be covered for everything from finals week to winter break when you want to channel laid-back vibes and feel extra sporty. Buy it oversized if you’re interested in achieving an ~Ariana Grande in thigh-high boots aesthetic~ – but no matter what this fav comes in starting at just $12.

4. Ruffled Hoodie

A hoodie, but make it fashion. The pretty ruffled trim at the hem of this piece is game-changing, making it just elevated enough to wear with jeans, sweats, or whatever else you’ve got going on over the holidays. Grab one (or five) starting at $12 for a staple top that you’re going to be loving all-year long.

5. Puffer Vest

FYI that vests are cool, super warm, and these ones come in a variety of colors making them super easy to match your fashion aesthetic. We’re personally feeling the “Lavender Sunset” shade and just dying to wear it with some distressed jeans. Bonus: It has pockets for storing your snacks, lip gloss, or whatever other class essentials you need with you at all times. You can shop for just under $16 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

So, which of these picks are on your wish list? Nothing feels better than treating yourself to new clothes, and we hope you head into 2019 feelings fashionable AF from all the incredible holiday sales!

HC Wake-Up Call: Democrats to Investigate Ivanka Trump, House to Lift Ban on Religious Headwear & Women’s March Founder Calls for Co-Chairs to Resign


Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

Democrats to Investigate Ivanka Trump’s Private Email Use

A Congressional committee will investigate Ivanka Trump’s use of a private email, following reports that the president’s eldest daughter and White House adviser repeatedly used a personal email account for government work, according to a House Democrat.

U.S. Representative Elijah Cumming, the top Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee who is expected to be chairman in January, said the committee plans to get to the bottom of the Trump’s use of a personal email account, which would likely be a violation of the Presidential and Federal Records Act, which ensures that all official White House communications are preserved in the record, The Huffington Post reports.

“We plan to continue our investigation of the presidential records act and federal records act, and we want to know if Ivanka complied with the law,” Cumming’s office said in a statement.

via Michael Vadon - Flickr

Cummings said the committee had attempted a bipartisan investigation into several White House officials’ use of private emails for official government work. The White House, according to Cummings, never handed over information that the committee requested.

“We need those documents to ensure that Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and other officials are complying with federal records laws and there is a complete record of the activities of this Administration,” Cummings said.

According to Reuters, current House Oversight Committee Chairman, Republican Trey Gowdy, asked the White House in a letter Tuesday for information related to Trump’s use of a personal email. Republican Senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee, asked for a briefing on the matter.

Cummings said he wants to “prevent this from happening again ― not to turn this into a spectacle the way Republicans went after Hillary Clinton.”

“My main priority as Chairman will be to focus on the issues that impact Americans in their everyday lives,” he added.

President Donald Trump has said his daughter’s use of her personal email account was different from Clinton’s.

“For a little period of time, Ivanka did some emails. They weren’t classified like Hillary Clinton. They weren’t deleted like Hillary Clinton ... She wasn’t doing anything to hide her emails,” Trump told reporters.

Democrats Want to Lift Ban on Religious Headwear in Congress

As Democrats prepare to take control of the House of Representatives in January, and welcome the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, Democrats have proposed a clarification to an old House rule to allow representatives to wear religious headwear while in Congress.

Congress, according to Time, banned hats on the House floor back in 1837, when only white men were serving in Congress. The rule states that “every member shall remain uncovered during the sessions of the House,” and could possibly be interpreted to prohibit members of Congress from wearing religious headwear, like hijabs and kippahs.

Representative-elect Ilhan Omar (D-MN), one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress, wears a headscarf for religious reasons. She was born in Somalia and came to the United States as a refugee.

But now House Democrats are working to clarify the hat ban to allow for religious headwear to be worn on the floor. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, ranking Democrat on the Rules Committee Rep. Jim McGovern and Omar have co-authored a rule to lift the ban, Hello Giggles reports. The proposed rule promises to “ensure religious expression” by “clarify[ing] in the rules that religious headwear is permitted to be worn in the House chamber.”

The rule would take effect in January if passed.

On November 19th, Omar shared a picture of the Time article about the proposed rule, adding a powerful message about religious freedom in the caption.

“No one puts a scarf on my head but me,” Omar wrote. “It’s my choice—one protected by the first amendment. And this is not the last ban I'm going to work to lift.”

The rule change is a part of Democrat’s broader promise to “restore inclusion and diversity” in the House. According to Time, Democrats have also proposed changes to House rules to explicitly ban LGBTQ+ discrimination and to create an independent office to promote diversity among staff hired in the House.

Women’s March Founder Calls for Co-Chairs to Resign

The founder of the Women’s March, Teresa Shook, is calling for the movement’s four co-chairs ― Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, Tamika Mallory and Bob Bland ― to resign for allowing “anti-Semitism, anti-LBGTQIA sentiment and hateful, racist rhetoric” to become a part of the platform.

In a Facebook post Monday, Shook wrote that the four co-chairs should step down because they have tarnished the organization’s goals, CNN reports.

“I have waited, hoping they would right the ship. But they have not,” Shook wrote. “In opposition to our Unity Principles, they have allowed anti-Semitism, anti-LBGTQIA sentiment and hateful, racist rhetoric to become a part of the platform by their refusal to separate themselves from groups that espouse these racist, hateful beliefs.”

“I call for the current Co-Chairs to step down and to let others lead who can restore faith in the Movement and its original intent,” Shook added. “I stand in Solidarity with all the Sister March Organizations, to bring the Movement back to its authentic purpose.”

via Richard Ha - Flickr

According to The Huffington Post, the organization came under fire this year when Mallory attended an event hosted by Louis Farrakhan, who is the leader of the religious group the Nation of Islam and has been known for making anti-Semitic and anti-gay comments. Farrakhan reportedly said in his speech at that event that “the powerful Jews” are his “enemy.” Mallory had posted a photo and video of herself at the event to Instagram, and praised Farrakhan.

News outlets had also reported that Sarsour and Perez had ties to Farrakhan.

In a response to Shook, the Women’s March leaders wrote in a post on the organization’s Facebook page, “Today, Teresa Shook weighed in, irresponsibly, as have other organizations attempting in this moment to take advantage of our growing pains to try and fracture our network. Groups that have benefited from our work but refuse to organize in accordance with our Unity Principles clearly have no interest in building the world our principles envision. They have not done the work to mobilize women from diverse backgrounds across the nation.”

“We are imperfect. We don’t know everything and we have caused harm. At times we have responded with hurt. But we are committed to learning,” the post continued. “... We are grateful for people who HAVE been with us for the past two years, wrestling with the challenges and opportunities of what we are trying to build. Our ongoing work speaks for itself. That’s our focus, not armchair critiques from those who want to take credit for our labor.”

According to CNN, the Women’s March released a statement emphasizing that Farrakhan’s comments are “not aligned with the Women's March Unity Principles” and that “our external silence has been because we are holding these conversations and are trying to intentionally break the cycles that pit our communities against each other.”

In a separate essay published Monday, Sarsour wrote that Shook called for the Women’s March to denounce Farrakhan because of the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh last month, HuffPost reports.

“The horrific tree of life shooting happened that took the life of 11 innocent Jewish Americans and all of a sudden Women’s March was being asked to condemn the Minister Farrakhan,” Sarsour wrote in her essay. “There was nothing new that happened between Women’s March and the Minister. Folks decided to rehash 8 months ago.”

Sarsour reiterated that the Women’s March rejects anti-Semitism and racism, writing, “We have been CLEAR that Minister Farrakhan has said hateful and hurtful things and that he does not align with our Unity Principles of the Women’s March that were created by Women of Color.”

What to look out for…

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and people are pranking their moms by texting them and asking how to microwave a turkey. The texts are going viral, and they are beyond hilarious.

How to Slow Things Down If You Think Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast


Relationships can be kind of frightening. They’re like machines — you need to regularly assess and take care of them. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, both people need to be happy and aware of where their relationship is at.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, this may be less of an issue. However, if you met your significant other recently, it’s probably beneficial to sit down and formulate a relationship State of the Union of sorts. But what happens if you evaluate your relationship with someone and you realize that it’s going in a direction that you’re not ready for? Here’s what you should do to slow things down a bit.

1. Evaluate your relationship

First up on how to slow things down is to actually figure out if you need to. Oftentimes, people aren’t super aware of the habits they adopt when in relationships. Unless you have a blunt best friend to point things out to you, it may be good to take some time to yourself to reflect on your relationship.

Some important things to factor in when evaluating your relationship include: the amount of time you spend with your partner as compared to the amount of time you spend with friends, if you and your partner have the same end-goal in mind and how being in college may affect your relationship farther down the road.

2. Communicate with your SO

If you find that you do want to slow your relationship down, the biggest step you should take is to communicate with your partner. You can’t slow down a relationship if you’re the only person who knows that things are moving a bit too fast.

“If it's a healthy relationship, you shouldn't feel any pressure at all to do anything you don't want to do,” says Hannah Harshe, a sophomore at the University of Michigan. “You should feel comfortable having a conversation about how far you want to go, and it shouldn't be a problem with either person.”

If you feel like you and your SO are on different pages, sit them down and have a conversation with them about how you’re feeling. If they’re a good partner, they should listen to you and respect your opinion.

3. Take time to figure out why you want to slow things down

It’s totally reasonable to want to take things slowly. However, it’s also important to figure out why you feel that way! If you just prefer to take time in a relationship, then communicate with your partner. However, if that’s usually not the case, take time to figure out what may be making you hit the breaks.

“My friend dated a guy last year, and he brought her to his apartment on the first date and just got really physical. When she asked him to slow things down, he would act respectful and say that he was fine with it, but he would continue to ask "do you want to do –– ?" and "I really think you would enjoy doing –– ,” says Harshe.

If you’re in a similar predicament, it may be a problem with the actual relationship, rather than just the tempo of things. If you find that you are hesitant to tell your SO that you want to slow things down, or if they aren’t respectful of your wishes, it may be wise to find someone who understands where you’re coming from.

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4. Take some time apart

One of the best indicators of a relationship moving too fast is how much time you’ve been spending with your SO. It’s easy to get caught up in the future of a relationship and cut everyone else out if the only person you’re spending your free time with is your SO.

When Elizabeth Beanland, a senior at University of Massachusetts Amherst, went through this with her relationship, she found that taking a week apart from her partner helped re-do the pace of the relationship. “In our case, we needed to spend a good week apart to hit the ‘refresh’ button and slow things down. If couples are already finding themselves in fast-paced relationships, I advise them to just spend less time together. Three to four times a week is plenty, and definitely avoid sleeping over every night. Save it for the weekends!”

Though this was helpful for Elizabeth, some people may dislike the idea of spending an entire week apart. For people with those reservations, an easier way to go about spending less time with your significant other is to just try and plan more friend time.

“One of the most important things is to make sure that you are making time for your boyfriend/girlfriend but also balancing that time with hanging out with your friends and having you time as well” says Bailee Barnett, a senior at the University of California Santa Barbara. “I’d stress that making time for others, having that balance, and having a little separation from your partner will really help slow down your relationship if you feel it’s going too fast.”

Whether it be a week or just weekday evenings, spending time apart will allow you to step outside of the relationship bubble.

5. Monitor your progress

Once you’ve had a conversation with your SO about taking things slower, stick to your guns. If things start to pick up pace again and you aren’t cool with it, let them know. That being said, if your relationship picks up pace again and both you and your partner are into it then go for it. Be sure to regularly check in with yourself, and the person you’re in a relationship with.

Relationships are fickle, and what matters most is that the people involved are both on the same page.

How To Handle Living At Home After Graduation


We all have an idea of what our lives will be like post-grad. A great apartment in our dream city, a fabulous dream job, nights out with your friends and SO—basically your perfect life. But even the best-laid plans go awry. When you end up back at home after graduation, it can be a bit of a bummer – especially if you feel like you don’t have a next step. 

But just because your parents aren’t #roommategoals and you aren’t living your best life right now doesn’t mean that everything is hopeless. With the right attitude and some boundaries, you can make living at home after graduation a fantastic situation. 

Be grateful—and show it. 

If you’re allowed to live at home rent-free (or rent-reduced) while you are job-hunting or dipping your toes into the workforce, be grateful. Not everyone has the opportunity to come home to a situation like that. And while it’s clear that your family is helping you because they love you, don’t take that for granted and become an unwelcome guest. 

“I felt very frustrated and angry living at home when many of my friends were living on their own already,” says Caitlin Fitzgerald, a 2015 graduate of Lasell College. “My parents and I needed to adjust to the fact that they were no longer the only adults in the house and we all needed to be more respectful of each other and our schedules.”

If you aren’t working yet, spend the day tidying the house, or offer to cook dinner a couple times a week. If you are out on a job interview, stop to pick some groceries. These little tasks may not seem like much, but they will mean the world to your parents. 

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Use it as a learning experience. 

If you are stuck at home after graduation with your family, it may be frustrating but try to make the best of a bad situation. You may have left college with a degree and a deep knowledge of topics like Victorian Literature, but you may also be missing some essential knowledge needed to truly adult like how to change a tire or roast a chicken. 

If you have questions about life skills like budgeting, cooking or emergency preparedness, now is your chance to ask them. Your parents and other family members will be excited to share their knowledge with you.

And don’t limit your learning! If your local library offers classes like knitting, cake decorating or hula dancing, check out one of those! See if your local fitness center offers courses on marathon training, yoga or rock climbing. In the future, you might not have the time for fun learning opportunities, so pick up some fun new skills while you can. 

Establish boundaries. 

At college, you were used to having your own space. And while you were away at school, chances are your parents got used to having their own space too. To avoid any fights about rules and space, set up a roommate agreement with your ‘rents. Discuss issues like who gets control of the TV when, who’s responsible for cleaning up spaces around the house, what to do when one of you has company over and curfew. 

“While you may be an adult and used to living on your own on campus, it’s still your parents' place and you have to respect their rules,” says Colie Lumbreras, a 2011 graduate of the University of Iowa. 

“Even though I was used to coming home at 2 a.m. on weekends, [my mom] was not used to it and would be worried about me until I got home. We worked it out so I let her know that I was staying out late and that I would wake her when I was home, so she knew I was safe.” 

And just like you did with your college roommates, practice common courtesy with your family. Don’t leave piles of your dirty dishes in the kitchen, and if you know your parents have to be up early for work, avoid making lots of noise late at night. Your parents will be grateful for the respect, and you’ll be thankful that they give you your privacy! 

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Find time for yourself. 

If you are splitting your time between working (or job-hunting) and hanging with your parents, chances are you are going to need some time to yourself. So, get out of the house! Hang out with friends in the area or find some new hobbies. 

“[Find] anything that may help you get out of the house,” Caitlin says. “I joined a gym, have dinner out with friends once or twice a week, walk my dog and go out very frequently with my boyfriend.” Caitlin also points out that if you are living at home and saving up, you may have extra money to treat yourself to fun activities like a concert, vacation or new pair of shoes. Treating yourself is definitely a silver lining to living at home. 

Enjoy it. 

It’s sad to say but you won’t be living with your family forever, and there will come a time that you have to leave the nest. And while that’s exciting, you will come to realize that a small part of you may be sad about leaving home. While you’re there, enjoy it!

When your parents ask if you want to go to the movies with them or offer to make you dinner, say yes! You’ll miss these days when you’re exhausted and coming home late from work and have to make your own dinner. 

If you are honest and take the time to talk things over with your parents, living at home after graduation isn’t as bad as it seems. 

The CDC Is Warning Us To Avoid Romaine Lettuce. Again.


Just a few months after a different romaine lettuce ban, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention warned against any consumption of romaine lettuce, according to The Washington Post. The warning tells consumers to avoid all romaine lettuce and get rid of any that is already in their fridge because of an E. coli contamination. The vague warning against romaine indicates that the CDC is unaware of the source of contamination.

CNN reported 32 cases of romaine lettuce-based illnesses in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Wisconsin. In Canada, another 13 people have come down with the same strain of E. coli, which may be linked to the romaine lettuce contamination. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is also investigating the contamination. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said that while it is frustrating that the FDA has been unable to pinpoint the specific source of the contamination, “we have confidence that it's tied to romaine lettuce.” According to CNN, the FDA warns against all types and brands of romaine lettuce as cases of E. coli linked to this outbreak can be traced back to October. 

The last romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak lasted from March until June, but the contamination could be traced back to Yuma, Arizona mostly likely in connection with contaminated canal water used by multiple farms. The Washington Post reported that that outbreak left 5 people dead and over 200 people affected. 

Detroit Federal Judge Declares America’s Female Genital Mutilation Law Unconstitutional


A federal judge in Detroit ruled America’s female genital mutilation law as unconstitutional on Tuesday, thus, dismissing charges against two Michigan doctors and six others, according to the Detroit Free Press. U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman determined that Congress didn’t have the right to criminalize the practice on a national level and argued that it had “overstepped.” 

“As laudable as the prohibition of a particular type of abuse of girls may be....federalism concerns deprive Congress of the power to enact this statute,” Friedman wrote in the decision, according to the Detroit Free Press. “Congress overstepped its bounds by legislating to prohibit FGM...FGM is a ‘local criminal activity’ which, in keeping with long-standing tradition and our federal system of government, is for the states to regulate, not Congress.”

Six out of the eight charges against two Michigan doctors and six others were dismissed; they were accused of performing female genital mutilation to at least nine underaged girls. The cases main defendant, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, will still face charges of “conspiring to travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct, as well as one charge for conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding,” CNN reports.  

This is America’s first federal case involving the 22-year-old law. It's performed for a multitude of sociological, cultural, religious, hygienic and socioeconomic reasons. The procedure is banned in about 44 countries including the U.S. Multiple international organizations have also condemned the practice of female genital mutilation, viewing it as a violation of human rights. In 2012, the United Nations officially banned and criminalized the practice. 

The defendants are part of an Indian Muslim sect known as the Dawoodi Bohra, the Detroit Free Press reports. The sect believes female circumcision is a religious rite of passage that only involves a small “nick.” All nine girls experienced FGM at their clinic in Detroit. 

“Unfortunately, this is going to embolden those who believe that this must be continued...they’ll feel that this is permission, that it’s OK to do this,” said FGM survivor and activist Mariya Taher to the Detroit Free Press

The federal government are currently reviewing the judge’s decision, and will decide whether or not to appeal the ruling. 

Grad Student Lands 3 Job Interviews With The Help Of Kim Kardashian


The job market can be super competitive these days, leaving us all to find new ways to stand out from the crowd to potential employers. For instance, Boston University grad student Chris Sumlin included a social media exchange he had with Kim Kardashian West on his resume. And apparently people really seemed to like that as he was then asked to come in on three separate job interviews. 

“Y’all I added that @KimKardashian retweeted my graduate school paper on my resume and I’ve already booked THREE job interviews in less than a week,” the avid Kim K fan tweeted on Wednesday. “This woman’s influence is helping me secure a bag.” 

He wrote in his resume that he was “retweeted by Kim Kardashian West for impressive work in graduate school.” 

It wasn’t long before the tweet went viral, which prompted Kim K to wish him luck on the job hunt. She tweeted back to Chris, “Good luck! I hope you get the jobs!”

It's obvious that he has an impressive resume, and it most likely played a role in landing the interviews. He previously worked at Turner Broadcasting Systems and was an intern at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

But of course, Chris updated his resume to include the newest tweet from Kardashian West. “Oh y’all already know I had to add that @KimKardashian wished me luck on my job search,” Chris wrote with a photo of the new resume copy. “I’m definitely gonna get hired now.” 

Maybe Twitter has more perks than I thought. 

Ariana Grande Just Slayed Piers Morgan In Five Flawless Tweets


Ariana Grande is seriously a queen and is honestly the mood worth embracing right now. After journalist Piers Morgan went on a Twitter tirade on Wednesday against U.K. girl group Little Mix and Joan Grande, Ariana had the best clap back ever. 

It all started after Morgan criticized Little Mix for posing nude in a recent photo shoot for their song “Strip.” He accused the group of copying a previous photo that was done by the Dixie Chicks. 

Joan Grande, Ariana’s mother, came to Little Mix’s defense and also criticized Morgan’s remarks about Ellen DeGeneres. “Honestly what is wrong with you @piersmorgan? Didn’t your mother ever teach you, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it! You came for @TheEllenShow yesterday which was disgraceful, she is an angel. @LittleMix today, did you ever hear of paying homage? And..well never mind.” 

According to People, Morgan previously called out DeGeneres’ video montage of male celebrity bodies for International Men’s Day, saying it was “the hypocrisy of modern feminism laid bare.” He later responded to Joan Grande, calling DeGeneres a hypocrite and bashing Little Mix and Ariana for using nudity to sell albums. 

The tweets prompted Ariana Grande to post a series of tweets herself. “Ellen is an incredible & kind human being…,” she praised. “I use my talent AND my sexuality all the time because i choose to. Women can be sexual AND talented. Naked and dignified. It’s OUR choice. 🖤 & we will keep fighting til people understand. I say this w all due respect but thank u, next.” 

Morgan responded by saying “how lovely” it was to hear from Ariana right after her mother. “Of course, women can do what they like — but if they/you use nudity to sell records to impressionable young female fans, I’ll continue to call them/you out on it,” he wrote. “All due respect, but thank YOU. Next…”

Thankfully, Ariana did not back down. She continued in a series of tweets to praise Ellen DeGeneres and Little Mix. 

She also called out Morgan for being a hypocrite for calling out Little Mix’s nude shoot. He previously shared a photo of himself semi-nude a couple days before to promote his column.

She ended the Twitter war with a perfect response, “Thank u fuckin next.” Little Mix later responded to Ariana with words of gratitude and love. 

10 Stores for Shopping Makeup That You Might Not Have Tried Yet


Walking into a Sephora store is totally dangerous—at least, for the bank account. We're all so obsessed with trying the new Tarte bronzer or Naked palette, but there are actually quite a few amazing cosmetic stores beyond Sephora. While we'll always love the staples, here are 10 other places that actually have rockstar-quality beauty products. 

1. Target

Their logo is a bulls-eye for a reason. Aside from the typical drugstore brands like Maybelline and NYX, Target also has Pacifica products and Neutrogena makeup remover wipes, which are absolute must-haves. It's a one-stop shopping place for your standard beauty brands. 

2. Amazon

Amazon is taking over the world—and their Beauty & Personal Care department is no exception. You can choose between fragrance, makeup, skin care and even luxury beauty. This means you can get Stila and Lorac products online and delivered to your door in two days with Amazon Prime. Another perk about buying makeup online? Amazon gives you suggested gifts, so if holiday shopping is in your future, you might want to opt to buy online versus talking to a salesperson behind the counter. 

3. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom products are known for their superior quality, as they sell high end brands like Clinique and MAC in-store. Nordstrom Rack, however, gets many of the same Nordstrom brands, but at better prices. Yes, that means hello Urban Decay lipsticks and eyeliners for half the price. It's a great spot to find everything from NYX Wonder Stick Universal to Mario Badescu Setting Spray. You might think the clearance rack only means clothes or Marc Jacobs bags, but Nordstrom Rack offers premium cosmetic brands at lower prices—just make sure the box isn't crushed and the lipstick isn't dented. 

4. Urban Outfitters

Urban sells all the trendy chokers, velvet and rompers you could want. But their makeup section isn't half bad either. Yup, they sell the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dream Highlighter Kit ($45) or the Stila Glitter + Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Gift Set ($25) if you want something as ~out there~ as your chic denim jacket from Urban Outfitters. I also highly recommend their bh cosmetics 10 Piece Sculpt + Blend 2 Brush Set ($20), which are cruelty-free vegan synthetic brushes. Urban's face masks are always a good option too, if you want to de-stress.

5. Madewell

Madewell curates its Beauty Cabinet and then photographs the products themselves to show you what they're like. One of their best sellers is the French Girl™ Lip Tint ($16). However, my favorite part about Madewell's cosmetic counter is their blog, Madewell Musings, which features a lot of fun content about beauty and hygiene. Staffers talk about their own beauty routines and some of their fave items; they're trying to keep it authentic by giving us real talk about makeup brands. It's helpful for beginners who want to try out products reviewed by their staff. 

6. Anthropologie

Walking into this store means stepping into a wonderland. Whether it's home decor, fringed apparel or quality cosmetic products, Anthropologie provides beautiful and useful goods for college women, and it's not just for real adults. Anthropologie's wellness section includes not only makeup, but also body care products, so you can be sure to find salt spray for your hair, thick shea butter for your hands or that creamy lipstick you've been wanting. Some of their top products include Henne Organics Lip Exfoliator ($24) and the Ilia Lipstick Crayon ($24). 

7. Hot Topic

I know, I know, but hear me out. This place of our middle school horror days has a few redeeming qualities. While their beauty products might not be as long-lasting or good quality as Too Faced or NARS, Hot Topic is an ideal option for one-time makeup for parties and costumes. From the Blackheart Unicorn Blood Eyeshadow Palette ($8.90) to the The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Lip Collection ($14.90), you can find a lot of vibrant colors and niche products for your Christmas party or Magic Wonderland themed formal. 

8. ipsy

ipsy offers glam bags each month with a surprise bundle of bougie products. You can subscribe and pay $10 a month to get a shipment with five beauty products tailored to your preferences and type. For example, one goodie bag came with Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Perversion, Cute Balms Lip Balm in Vanilla, Tarte Cosmetics Deluxe lights,camera, lashes 4-1 Mascara, Hey Honey Trick and Treat: Active Propolis Cream Concealer and Doucce Freematic Highlighter in Solstice. Just check out #glambag if you want to see all the options for yourself. 

9. Birchbox

Similar to ipsy, Birchbox has you pay $10 a month to get a mix of five personalized sample products. You can also buy set boxes curated by Birchbox editors to get a taste of a specific trend or beauty regime. Again, Birchbox provides one fab resource for those just starting their makeup collection, because you are able to try a variety of luxurious products from 550 different brands. 

10. Dermstore 

This online shopping site has it all – including free shipping. While Sephora and Ulta offer free shipping on purchases over $50, Dermstore has free shipping with no minimum purchase, and often has huge site-wide sales where you can save 20-30 percent on all your favorite brands, including Tarte, bareMinerals, First Aid Beauty, Herbivore Botanicals and more. Plus, when you sign up for their email newsletter, you get 20 percent off your first purchase!

HC Wake-Up Call: A Teen Loses His License 49 Minutes After Passing The Drivers Test, Donald Trump Lashes Out At Chief Justice John Roberts For Immigration Rulings, & Parkland Survivors Win International Peace Prize


Good morning Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds — we’re all only human, after all. 

But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.) 

A Teen Just Lost His Driver's License 49 Minutes After Passing The Drivers Test

Less than an hour after he passed his driving test, an 18-year-old in Germany was pulled over by police and banned from driving. According to police in Markischer Kreis, he picked up four of his friends and went on a drive. 

A police officer reportedly recorder his speed to be at 59 mph when the speed limit was only 31 mph. The teen was the fastest person of the day, police said. 

According to BuzzFeed News, the teen received a $227 fine and was banned from driving for up to four weeks. He only had his license for 49 minutes. Police said that the teen could get his license back once he complete more training.  

Donald Trump Wasn’t Happy About Chief Justice John Roberts Immigration Rulings

President Trump couldn’t hold back his anger at Chief Justice John Roberts on Wednesday, after the court shot down one of his administration's policies. The president claimed the court to be biased and that an “Obama Judge” made the final decision, according to the Huffington Post.

“Sorry Chief Justice John Roberts, but you do indeed have ‘Obama judges,’ and they have a much different point of view than the people who are charged with the safety of our country,” Trump tweeted. “We need protection and security—these rulings are making our country unsafe! Very dangerous and unwise!”

The “Obama judge” comment happened after the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stopped the administrations ban on certain refugees seeking asylum on Monday. 

Roberts told the Associated Press in his first public rebuke of the president that: “We do not have Obama judges or trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them. That independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for.” 

This is not the first time that the 9th District has stopped some of Trump’s immigration policies. Prior to the ruling on Monday, the court blocked all three versions of the travel ban, plans to defund sanctuary cities, and the end to the DACA program.

Survivors of the Parkland School Shooting Just Won An International Peace Prize For Their Gun Control Movement

The survivors of the Parkland school shooting have become major leaders in the national movement to fight gun violence. Their work was awarded the International Children’s Peace Prize on Tuesday in Cape Town, South Africa. 

“The peaceful campaign to demand safe schools and communities, and the eradication of gun violence, is reminiscent of other great peace movements in history,” said Archbishop Desmond Tutu about the March For Our Lives movement, according to USA Today. “I am in awe of these children, whose powerful message is amplified by their youthful energy and an unshakable belief that children can — no, must — improve their own futures.” 

Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Ryan Deitsch, and Jaclyn Corin were all together in South Africa. Gonzalez said that the award “serves as a major reminder that the universe is on the side of justice and that we will win because our cause is one of peace.” 

Marc Dullaert, the founder of KidsRights and the International Children’s Peace Prize, thought the Parkland student’s created a “global youth-led and peaceful protest-movement” and “utilized the skills and knowledge of young people to generate positive change.”

Previous recipients of the award include Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai. 

What to look our for...

Its Turkey Day today and that means the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be on. It starts at 9:00 am on your local CBS and NBC stations, so grab your friends, family and pets to watch! 

Federal Judge Blocks Controversial 15-Week Abortion Ban in Mississippi


U.S. District Court Judge Carlton Reeves blocked a Mississippi law banning abortions past 15 weeks. The law was in effect for just 18 hours, according to Mississippi Today, before Reeves placed a restraining order on it. The order was made permanent after Reeves declared it was unconstitutional on Tuesday. 

“The State chose to pass a law it knew was unconstitutional to endorse a decades-long campaign, fueled by national interest groups, to ask the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade,” Reeves wrote in the court opinion. Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant made it clear that he was expecting the controversy, Mississippi Today reported. After signing the controversial bill into law in March, Bryant said, “We’ll probably be sued in about half an hour. That’ll be fine with me. It’ll be worth fighting over.” 

Reproductive rights organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights hailed Reeves’ action as a victory for reproductive rights. Nancy Northup, the president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, said, “Today’s decision should be a wake-up call for state lawmakers who are continuously trying to chip away at abortion access.”

A Louisiana law banning abortion after 15 weeks based on this piece of Mississippi legislation is now on hold, according to WAFB. The law was signed by the Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards earlier this year, but the language it contains is too similar to Mississippi’s legislation to go into effect after Reeves’ condemnation.

5 Ways to Deal with Your First Bad Grade in College


Let’s be honest—college is not easy. Although classes may seem a bit more lax than they were in high school in terms of scheduling (goodbye, eight-hour school days!), there are plenty of factors in the college scene that can have a negative impact on your grade.

Whether it be spreading yourself too thin with clubs, socializing a little too much on the weekends, not spending enough time studying in the library or just simply struggling with the class material, the most important thing to remember is that life happens, including a bad grade in college. But, don’t fret! We know that a bad grade isn’t fun in the slightest, so we’ve created a list of five ways to help you handle your first bad grade in college—because life goes on!

1. Don’t be too hard on yourself

We’ll start off with one of the more difficult parts. Your first reaction to receiving your bad grade may be to beat yourself up a bit, because you know you can do better! While you may be feeling a little down, it’s important to remember that no one is perfect and bad grades happen to the best of us. It doesn’t reflect who you are as a student just because a test, a project or even an entire class doesn’t go your way.

Bad grades in college happen sometimes!

Because it’s your first bad grade in college, it may come as a bit of a shock or a surprise—especially if you feel that you aren’t one to really earn bad grades in the first place. Again, it’s important to remember that college is an entirely different experience that doesn’t always go by the book, and that’s okay!

Hannah Harshe, a sophomore at the University of Michigan, stresses the same idea. “Work your hardest, and remember that in college, bad grades are part of the territory a lot more than they are in high school,” says Hannah.

Think of it this way: the less time you spend beating yourself up about a bad grade, the more time you can spend better preparing for improvement!

2. Take it as a learning experience

College isn’t just for learning about subjects like organic chemistry and art history! It’s also a place chock-full of life experiences that you’re constantly growing from, and earning your first bad grade is one of them. Perhaps the most positive way to look at the situation is to consider it as an important life lesson—it could serve as a blessing in disguise!

Reflect and take ownership to a bad grade when it's due

Maybe, just maybe, you could’ve spent a little more time studying in your class. Remember, it’s important to be honest with yourself and take responsibility when it’s due! Or maybe, your studying habits (or your habits in general) aren’t doing the trick, or the material just isn’t clicking. It’s possible that your body wasn’t prepared for the exam in terms of sleep, because as a college student, a full eight hours can be a rarity (though very essential for success in your classes).  

Jun Wang, an academic advisor and the Assistant Professor of Education at Carthage College, offers some insight into attributing your efforts to your grades.

“Some students struggle or don’t know how to attribute their effort to the exams," says Wang. "Whenever they get a bad grade they will blame the outside factors, like thinking ‘the instructor doesn’t like me’ or ‘I had bad luck.’ So, as the instructor, we need to make sure that we train [students] to make positive attributions, such as thinking ‘Ok, I did bad, maybe I didn’t study that hard,' or, 'I had questions and confusions but I didn’t ask my peers or the instructor, or maybe I need to improve my learning strategies or my preparation strategies.’” 

Use it as a way to learn more about which studying habits work best for you

Molly Crum, a recent graduate of James Madison University, took her bad grade as a sign to change her habits. “I took [my bad grade] as a sign that the way I was doing things before wasn’t working, so I studied earlier and in a different, more focused way before the next test,” says Molly. “I think meeting with the professor or other students in the class can be really helpful for people as well.”

Whatever the case may be, take a moment to reflect and use this bad grade as a learning experience. You may learn that in order to improve, you need to consider adjusting a certain aspect of your life or two, such as studying more or in a different way. Worst case scenario: the class isn’t your cup of tea, and if you’re just not doing well in the class at all, it may be best to part ways—something you can always speak to your advisor about!

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3. Consider asking for help

A bad grade is just as much a learning experience as it is a signal to consider seeking out a helping hand. No one wants you to fail in college, so there are tons of resources you can use to your advantage to learn more about why you earned the grade that you did and how to better prepare for the future. Your professor, a teaching assistant, an advisor or a tutor are just some of the many people you can consult! Plus, many professors offer office hours where they’re open to discussing your grade, and will sometimes even go as far as to let you retake things like a quiz or a test you weren’t satisfied with.

Seek out your resources, such as tutoring or some extra guidance from your professor

“I was really stubborn about speaking with my professors and accepting help from a tutor when I failed my first test in college,” says Emma*, a junior at Carthage College. “Finally, I came to terms with the fact that asking for help isn’t a sign of stupidity or failure. It only means that you care about your education and learning from your mistakes!”

There's no shame in asking your professors for help as well. Wang suggests talking to your professor as well as your peers to help clear up any confusion you may have. “I would advise students that for the future, if you have any questions relating to a study [guide], go to your professor or talk to your peers. From an instructor's perspective, if a student comes to me, then maybe next time I will do some preventive measures.” Talking to your professor about your confusion with an exam or a quiz may lead them to approach their teaching in a different way to better prepare you for future exams! 

When in doubt, consider extra credit

Extra credit is another option to consider. Say it's nearing the end of the semester and your grade is on the borderline of a C+ and a B- and so on; you can always meet with your professor to discuss the possibility of extra credit to help balance out a bad grade. It helps to become familiar with their policies of extra credit at the beginning of the semester, but if you haven't, it never hurts to ask!

Asking for help isn’t always easy, but at the end of the day, it’s a part of taking control of your life in college. Being proactive about your grades and taking corrective measures against the bad ones will only help you moving forward!

4. Use it as your motivation

Your first bad grade in college can stir up a whirlwind of emotions such as anger, guilt and sadness. Rather than succumbing to these emotions and feeling down, why not spin it the other way around and get fired up and motivated? One of the best ways to handle a bad grade is to use it as fuel for your next quiz or exam. Life is too short to get hung up on one bad grade, and since your college years may go by faster than you can blink, it’s best to make the most of your time in your classes, learn from the grade you received and get pumped up for your next opportunity to earn a better one.

“I got a 4/10 on a quiz the other day and hung it up on the fridge!” Hannah adds. “That's a reminder that no matter how badly I fail, I'm still so lucky to go to college and learn so much and get an education, and I just want to keep working to make the most of it!” 

Sometimes, failure pushes us to be the best versions of ourselves better than our successful moments do!

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5. Learn to embrace the “failure”

Speaking of failure, repeat after me: I am not a failure. Regardless of what that letter or number reads in red ink at the top of your assignment, one grade does not constitute a complete failure. Although everyone has a different definition of what counts as a “failure,” the important thing to realize is that you acknowledge the fact that you’re capable of more.

One bad grade does not equal complete failure

Embracing the failure will allow you to accept what happened and move on knowing that the life skills you’ve learned from the experience can take you way further than the questions on your quiz. Most of the time, your professors care way more about what you’ve learned from the class in experience rather than what your letter grade says you’ve learned.  

“Learning how to embrace failure and move forward is probably one of the most important lessons I'll get in college, because I'll never have to know the dates of the Haitian Revolution for my career but I have no doubts that I'll have to know how to move forward from inevitable failure,” Hannah explains.

Plus, embracing your first bad grade in college doesn’t always mean that you have to accept your bad grade, because that’s not always the case. Challenge yourself to improve your grade and don’t accept anything less than your best effort!

Sometimes, we take hard Ls in life, especially when it comes to college academics. Getting your first bad grade in college doesn’t mean you’re a total fail, however. All it means is that you’re better equipped to handle your grades in the future and take them into your own hands!

*Name has been changed

6 Skincare Treatments That Are Worth the Price Tag


It’s 2018 and skincare is officially hot. We’re in the midst of a cultural shift that prioritizes taking care of our bodies and the skin that covers it instead of keeping up with our bad skincare habits: relishing unprotected sun, chemical-filled cosmetics, and drinking benders that end *without* makeup remover. There are plenty of skincare products that cater to college students’ budgets, but sometimes we just need to shell out a little extra cash and indulge in treatments that will benefit us now and later. Enter: these six luxe skincare treatments that will have you feeling your glowiest.

1. Light Therapy Masks

If you’re a follower of what’s trending in beauty, you’ve probably seen these intergalactic masks all over Instagram – and for good reason. These masks, which use red and blue LED light technology, are said to shrink your pores, zap acne, reduce inflammation, and fight the early signs of aging. Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Mask––a cult favorite––retails for only $35, but some, like Dr. Dennis Gross’s DRx SpectraLite Faceware Pro cost more than $400. It all depends on just how serious your skincare woes are, and how many benefits of LED you want to reap.

2. Microdermabrasion

If you suffered from acne when you were younger and have the scars to prove it, give serious consideration to microdermabrasion. This procedure, performed by your dermatologist, uses an electric abrasive applicator to remove the outer layer of your skin. By sloughing that off, it rejuvenates your skin (hello, increased collagen production), and can improve the appearance of acne scars, sun damage, wrinkles and melasma. The microdermabrasion treatment can cost from $75 to more than $200 per session, so be sure to chat with your derm so they can evaluate your skin and tell you if you really need it.

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture has long been touted as a tension-relieving, calming treatment, and its benefits run the gamut from stress reduction to headache and nausea relief. But it’s also a skincare superhero. The tiny needles that puncture the skin create “abrasions,” which stimulate our skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin. These two proteins are what keeps our skin youthful, bouncy, and glowing. Because of this collagen and elastin boost, your acupuncture treatment can reduce fine lines and wrinkles (never too early for anti-aging skincare, ladies) and create an all-around bright complexion. The procedure usually costs between $50 to $80, depending on where you go.

4. A Workout from FaceGym

Even if you’re exercise-adverse, this is a workout you should really consider. FaceGym, which hails from England and recently opened its U.S. flagship in NYC, is known for its non-invasive facial “workouts.” Their website reads: “We use high-energy kneading movements and cutting edge technology to tone and tighten the 40 forgotten muscles in the face.” Some of the workouts use the FaceGym Pro electrical device, while others are hands-on. Expect dermarollers, serums, and yes, even exercise balls, when you show up for your appointment. They range from $70 to $275 depending on just how intense of a workout your face needs. Cue us putting FaceGym on our bucket list the next time we visit the Big Apple.

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5. Vitamin C Serum

If you haven’t jumped on the serum train yet, now is the time. Vitamin C isn’t just for immune defense, but skin defense, too. Dozens of skincare companies have created bottled vitamin C elixirs that fight sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging. Look for a serum that has 15 to 30 percent vitamin C, like SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum ($166), which also comes jam packed with vitamin E and ferulic acid (a free radical fighting antioxidant). Use your serum day and night for a powerful treatment that will keep your skin healthy all year round.

6. Microneedling

Similar to acupuncture, this treatment uses microneedles (usually between 0.5 and 2.5 millimeters in diameter) to puncture the skin and rejuvenate it. Sound painful? No worries, the needles only go skin deep and feel like tiny pin pricks. Some dermatologists use a microneedling dermaroller (more cost-effective), while others use an electrical device. This procedure boosts collagen and elastin, which leads to more youthful skin and also reduced acne scars and dark spots. The cost varies depending on your needs, so talk to your derm before setting anything in stone. If it doesn’t fit your budget, you can also DIY with a microneedler (like this one for $30)––just limit your rolling sessions to once per month, at the risk of broken capillaries.

These six skincare treatments don’t belong in your everyday routine, but once in a while, it’s totally worth it to spend some extra cash for them. Not only will these treatments give you glowing skin for the long haul, but they’ll likely boost your confidence, too. And if you’re still hesitant to put your paycheck towards a derm sesh, there’s always your Christmas list!

5 Things College Tour Guides Wish They Could Tell You


One of the best ways to find out if a college is the right fit for you is actually visiting it in-person. But once you’re there, it’s easy to get lost and look around at a gorgeous campus and think, Now what?

You’ll better understand the school and the campus if you sign up for a campus tour led by an actual student. However, these tours don’t always tell the whole story. Your guide will cover the history of the school, some of their traditions, what various buildings around campus are home to and other pamphlet-worthy fun facts.

“I usually just cover a few major areas: academics, social life and opportunities,” says Margaret Meserve, a junior and a tour guide at the University of Notre Dame. “I talk for pretty much an hour and a half straight, so I cover a lot of ground. I’ll throw a few jokes and stories in there to spice things up.”

Yet a guided tour sponsored by the university might not explain the social scene or what it’s really like to endure your first finals week in college. While campus tours are a great way to get familiar with the school and its culture, even tour guides wish they could share more realistic information with prospective students.

For instance, Alexis O’Neil, a sophomore and a tour guide at Villanova University, says the tour highlights a lot of the basic academic facilities, residence halls and student hot stops. She also explains the respective colleges within Villanova.

“In each building we talk about the four respective colleges we have here at Villanova – Liberal Arts and Science, Nursing, Engineering and Business,” she says. “Between walking to buildings we talk about things that are unique to Villanova like Special Olympics, orientation and Greek life.”

But what parts of the collegiette experience do schools leave out on their tours?

1. College is fun

Villanova, like many other schools, doesn’t discuss the social aspect of college during tours unless someone specifically asks.

“It is a touchy subject that many schools tend not to talk about on campus tours because often the goal is to showcase the academic aspect of the university,” Alexis explains.

Most tour guides aren’t about to tell you which frats throw the best parties, which bars underclassmen can get into or the best way to make friends.

To find out a little bit more about the school’s campus culture, asking questions like “What does a typical Wednesday look like and what does a typical Saturday look like?” will give you some idea of what students do for fun. For example, do people tend to stay on campus for social events or do they venture into the surrounding area? Is there a lot to do off-campus? You’ll be able to get an accurate picture of what day to day life is like and what to look forward to as a student.

2.  In the end, college is still school

In addition to the social scene shift from high school to college, there is also a significant change in workload. Many high school students fail to recognize this abrupt transition. For one thing, there are fewer assignments, so tests and papers carry a lot more weight on your final grade. Making prospective students aware of the work ahead would allow them to better adjust their expectations for college and study appropriately when the time comes.

“I personally struggled with the change of workload from high school [because] you have many more grades and assignments that ultimately make up your final grade,” Alexis says. “In college it is often [just] a midterm, a final and a few papers. This gives more weight to each assignment and less opportunities to bring your grade up. I wish I knew this before my first semester so I could have studied accordingly.”

And while you may be excited at the idea of going out, making friends and tailgating on Saturdays, you have to remember you’re going to need time to study during the week, too. Going into freshman year with this balanced mindset will save you stress, sleep and studying by cramming when your first exam rolls around. Tour guides will also be able to elaborate on the specific academic culture at their school, so you can see if the college’s focus on school matches your own.

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3. Tour guides are just regular students

While they might come across as perfectly put together college students, the people leading your tours are just that–people. They’re normal college students, and there’s a chance you or someone you know might be one of them someday.

“When we introduce ourselves, we all highlight the coolest things we’ve done,” explains Margaret. “It makes it seem like we’re super cool and accomplished, but really it’s the one time a week I feel like I can brag a little.”

One of the goals of highlighting the tour guides’ accomplishments is to show you everything you can get involved with as a student at that particular school; it’s not supposed to be intimidating. If one of the students giving a tour is involved with something that sparks your interest, make sure to ask them about it! Chances are they’ll be glad you did, and they’ll be happy to talk about something they’re passionate about.

4. College isn’t perfect

Sure the brochures, gorgeous tours and social media posts from older friends might make college seem like the time of your life, but it has its challenges as well. There’s school work to be done, friends to be made and a healthy lifestyle to maintain, none of which are a walk in the park.

“I wish I could be more honest about some of the cons that I usually gloss over,” Margaret says. “Like how late I really have to stay at the library and how I haven’t seen a strawberry in three months. College is confusing. It’s one of the hardest things you’ll do academically and the transition is always a little awkward. But it’s also one of the best things you’ll ever experience.”

You’ll get homesick, you’ll get actually sick and you’ll face a lot of ups and downs, especially freshman year. College isn’t all partying and socializing, but it’s not all studying either. It’s a never-ending balancing act where you learn the simple everyday moments, like random dance parties with your roommates or actually enjoying a class you’re in, are what make your college experience worthwhile.

5. Everything will work out in the end

High school is a stressful time between standardized tests, extracurricular activities and regular schoolwork, not to mention social opportunities. Then there’s the college application process, where it seems like everyone is asking the same question: Where are you going to school next year? And you still don’t have an exact answer.

“I often tell high school students on my tours that everything works out in the end,” Alexis explains. “Junior and senior year of high school are extremely stressful times for students and parents between [the] SAT/ACT and college tours then ultimately making a decision.”

Additionally, Alexis ends her tour by telling members of her group to take the college process one step at a time and why she loves her school. Both she and Margaret end every tour with their “Why this school” story.

Every tour guide wants you to love their school just as much as they do, but they also have your best interests at heart. They want you to end up where you belong, and hopefully that happens to be their school.

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