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A Collegiette's Guide to Life

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    My grandpa has always said that “a good student knows the subject, but a great student knows the teacher.” Whether or not you subscribe to his philosophy, you have to admit that being friendly with your professor can make a course seem easier. This doesn’t mean you should join their bridge club or offer to walk their dogs, but being nice to them can go a long way. But what if you’re certain that they just have it out for you? You notice that they treat you differently than other students or just avoid talking to you in general. Maybe your professor even writes passive-aggressive notes on the work you turn in.

    But don't worry. Whatever they’re doing that makes you feel they might not like you, there’s almost always a way to improve the relationship - even just a little bit.

    Stop, and get self-reflective about your behavior.

    One of the first steps you should take before you do anything else is acknowledge that there are different emotions and varying personalities involved, and sometimes they don’t always mesh. Haylee E., a senior at CSU Stanislaus, believes that “professors don’t just hate their students randomly. There’s almost always something that’s caused it. Whether it’s something going on in their life, or something in yours, there’s almost always a cause.” T

    here could be something going on in their life that's out of your control, so take a second to think about your behavior in class. Do you talk while they’re talking? Are you constantly on your phone? Are you not meeting their academic standards? Even if it’s something that you don’t think is a problem, your professor might find it offensive, which could be the source of their animosity. Forming a better relationship with them may be as simple as putting your phone in your bag and engaging in the lecture.

    Gauge how other students are feeling.

    You might feel like you’re being singled out - and that very well could be the case - but before you call out your professor, try talking to some of your classmates. Chances are, your professor doesn’t actually hate just you, it could just be their personality. Ask around and see if you’re receiving special treatment or if they’re like this with everybody. This is a sensitive subject for some people, so I recommend leading with a non-accusatory question such as, “I’ve noticed Professor Jones has been giving me the cold shoulder all semester, is he usually like this?” This way, you can avoid the petty gossip and get the answers you’re actually looking for.

    Related: Picking Professors: What to Keep in Mind

    Talk with an advisor, counselor or a different professor.

    While your peers can offer a unique insight into the problem, you should note that they’ve probably only known your professor for a few years. Sometimes talking to a trusted advisor or another professor is a great way to get advice from an Adult™ who has a bit more experience with your professor. One academic advisor at Carthage College notes that advisors “are here to do just that – advise. We're here to help. We also want to make sure you’re getting the best education possible, so we don't want a bad professor to upset your progress. If you feel as though a professor ‘has it out for you’ then bring it up! We’ll do everything we can to figure out what exactly is causing the problem, and see if a ‘higher power’ needs to intervene.”

     Come prepared for the class.

    It’s so easy to skip the reading assignment for the day and to just let other students contribute to the class discussion, especially if you had something major due the previous night for a different class. But not coming to class ready to discuss could be an issue, too. “Even if you simply crack the book open to the assignment and read just a page or two, you can contribute something,” says Laurel H., a junior at CSU Monterey Bay. It will show your professor that you do take their class seriously, which could be the major issue in your relationship.

    Something that I’ve always found helpful is going to my professor’s office hours. Even if I’m just going to ask for clarification about something that was said in the lecture, it shows that I’m trying. And if they see that you’re trying, they’ll usually appreciate your effort. If you improve as a student, your relationship with your professor might improve too.

    Related: Ask a Collegiette: How to Impress Your Professors

    Talk to your professor.

    While putting in effort can go a long way, what if you’re convinced they still just don’t like you? If you’ve tried everything possible, just short of making them a cake with homemade buttercream frosting, maybe it’s time to have a chat. Schedule a meeting and see if you can get to the bottom of things. I recommend doing this face-to-face because it allows you to use tone and facial expressions, both of which don't go over too well over text. Try not to walk in with a hostile attitude but be ready to firmly and succinctly state your feelings.

    Haylee E. reflects on a time when she once had to have this conversation with a professor, noting that "I was so nervous. I had to map out what I wanted to say the night before and rehearse it with my mom. I made sure to use phrases like 'I feel as though...' and 'I've noticed that...' so I didn't sound like I was attacking him, but it sounded like I wanted to work with him. At the end of the meeting, I realized that had my attitude going in been aggressive, we wouldn't have been able to fix [our problem]."

    If you avoid pointing fingers and making accusations (saying things like "you're always doing X" or "you always treat me like..."), you can still get your point across without being combative. This way, if there wasn't a problem in the first place and it was a misunderstanding, they won't take your statements as a personal affront. And if you feel uncomfortable going into this meeting alone, ask an advisor, professor or friend to moderate the discussion. There's nothing wrong with asking for help, especially when it comes to matters as important as these.

    Just ignore it.

    Kelci Lynn Lucier, author of College Stress Solutions says that “if you can’t change your professor’s opinion of you, you at least owe it to yourself to make sure you still get the most that you can out of your courses this semester.” Although this piece of advice may sound cliche, it’s a cliche for a reason. If you’re absolutely set on making it through the class, just keep your head down and work hard. It won’t be easy, but your education is important, and you shouldn’t let a crabby professor stand in your way.

    Drop the class.

    You need to value yourself above all else. Unless this is a class that’s only offered once a year, and you’ve tried literally every other approach to ease the situation, sometimes dropping the class is your best option. It’s not ideal, but if you’ve hit the point where you absolutely 100 percent feel that you cannot continue or that you’ve not being given a fair chance, this might be your next course of action. Sit down with your academic advisor (or your parents) and thoroughly talk through this decision just to make sure that you, your GPA, and your finances are able to face the consequences.

    This list isn’t a cure-all for every situation - sometimes emotions run deep and there’s not always a simple way to fix them (especially if they’re the emotions of somebody else) but this is definitely a start. In the end, just do your best to hold on. After all, it’s just one semester.

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    If there’s one fashion staple that will continue to live on throughout the ages, it would the humble band tee. Since its conception, band tees have served as a way to visually proclaim support for your favorite bands and proudly show off that you went to their concerts, but they’ve turned a new corner in the fashion world during recent years.

    Now, band tees are being dressed up and down to give any outfit a bit of an edge, thanks in part to the appeal of the unique artwork and graphics on each tee. Luckily, band tees are not in short supply, making this trend easy to replicate. If you’re new to this trend or need some inspo putting those old tees you have stuffed in the back of your closet to good use, you’ve come to the right place.

    Where to shop



    A post shared by Her Campus Style (@hercampusstyle) on

    Admittedly, I have more than my fair share of band tees that I’ve collected from various concerts throughout the years. In an effort to tidy up my closet, I’ve sent many shirts to local thrift stores and resellers. There are undoubtedly more people like me who choose to donate or sell part of their collection of band tees, making thrift and resale stores the hot spot for picking up this trend.



    did you even go to a concert if you didn’t buy a band tee?

    A post shared by ℕ 𝔸 𝕋 𝔸 𝕃 𝕀 𝔼 (@nataliemirchuk) on


    Online resale apps like Poshmark and Depop have a huge variety and allow you to search for the perfect tee virtually anywhere. Being able to shop this trend from home, at work, or in class makes it incredibly efficient and cheap. Another alternative would be to actually go to a concert, have a great time, and purchase a band tee for yourself. But let's be real: not everyone has the funds or lives near a concert venue, so thrift shops and online resale apps are your BFF for keeping up with this trend.

    How to style



    A post shared by Caroline Taylor (@currentlycaro) on

    Band tees can be incorporated in your wardrobe year round, making them truly versatile. My favorite way to style them for the fall and winter season is simple: toss it on over your favorite pair of jeans and dress the rest of your outfit up with a fun jacket or cardigan. You can tuck it in or leave it loose, add a belt if you want, pair it with moto boots or your fav sneakers, the decision is yours.



    A post shared by ⋆Amanda Mae⋆ (@amandamaebee) on

    Spring and summer definitely have more leeway when it comes to mixing it up. My favorites outfit inspo that I’ve seen so far are tucking it into a mini skirt for a structured yet casual vibe, pairing it with some patterned pants or shorts for a more eclectic feel, and the tried and true method of knotting it in the front with a pair of denim shorts for a cropped look.



    Layering is cool. 👍🏻

    A post shared by Sarah Maberry (@sarahmaberry) on

    Whatever your particular style may look like, band tees are a fun, easy, and inexpensive addition to help shake things up. Whether you have some already or need to peruse the resale scene to find the perfect match, styling them according to your taste is an exciting way to challenge yourself and try something new.

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    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made history on Thursday when she became the youngest-ever member of Congress. But trolls on the internet have tried to take the honor away from her.

    As she was being sworn in on Thursday, a video of the representative dancing Breakfast Club style on a rooftop with friends in college leaked on a bunch of conservative Twitter accounts. While the video attempts to shame and bash Ocasio-Cortez's character, it instead backfired and went viral. 

    According to the Huffington Post, the video was made when Ocasio-Cortez was a student at Boston University in 2010. It depicts her and several other Boston University students recreating the iconic dance scene from The Breakfast Club. According to Bustle, the dance was a popular internet meme at the time and other people created similar videos. The tweets attached to the video read, “Here is America’s favorite commie know-it-all

    Here is America’s favorite commie know-it-all acting like the clueless nitwit she is...
    ...High School video of “Sandy” Ocasio-Cortez

    — AnonymousQ (@AnonymousQ1776) January 2, 2019">acting like the clueless nitwit she is,” “High School video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—Congratulations New York!” and other slut-shaming, critical comments. 

    Many on social media found the video to be charming, endearing, and relatable, rather than controversial. Because let us be real here, there’s nothing wrong with gleefully dancing with friends. 

    Even Ally Sheedy, who starred in the film, loved it!

    This is definitely not the first time that Ocasio-Cortez has had to deal with hate from the haters. Critics of the representative have criticized everything from her wearing a jacket, to her going by the name “Sandy,” to her living in a house as a child. 

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    Former Bachelorette contestant Kenny King didn’t find love in Paradise, but it looks like Kenny has a new girlfriend. Based on the photos posted on Instagram, the two look incredibly happy together. 

    The Bachelor-nation fan favorite is dating hairstylist, makeup artist, and Air Force veteran London Ferris. It looks like the relationship has been hiding right under Bachelor Nation fans’ noses. According to E! News, Ferris has been sharing photos of the two of them for months now. The couple rang in the new year with a kiss, and the two even spent Christmas together with their kids. 

    It looks like Kenny and his girlfriend are pretty serious. Ferris shared a photo of them and their kids together, using the hashtags #1stChristmas and #blended.



    Merry Xmas #family #blended #1stchristmas @kennykingpb2 @leelawlor4604 @kenzziwithak 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    A post shared by London (@londonferris) on Kenny later confirmed the relationship on Twitter. He tweeted the eye emoji and a smiling-face emoji along with a retweet of a report from The Blast. The publication declared the Bachelor-Nation alum to be “off the market” and that his heart was officially taken. In an Instagram post, Kenny further confirmed the relationship a photo and caption that read “Christmas really got it right this year.”  


    Kenny later confirmed the relationship on Twitter. He tweeted the


    — Kenny King (@KennyKingPb2) January 3, 2019">eye emoji and a smiling-face emoji along with a retweet of a report from The Blast. The publication declared the Bachelor-Nation alum to be “off the market” and that his heart was officially taken. In an Instagram post, Kenny further confirmed the relationship a photo and caption that read “Christmas really got it right this year.”  

    The two have had some pretty adorable picks over the last few months, including a cute photo in the middle of Time Square. 



    🤔I think I like NY #nyc#timessquare #roh#withmyhoney❤️ #K&L #blacklovedoc #blacklovepage

    A post shared by London (@londonferris) on

    And they even celebrated Halloween in a coordinated ensemble as Dexter characters. 

    Ferris reportedly met Kenny before he went on Bachelor in Paradise, according to The Blast. And it seems like the relationship didn’t take off until he returned home from the show. While he didn't find love through the Bachelor franchise, it looks like this couple are totally enamored with each other. Here's to the happy couple! 


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    Good morning Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds — we’re all only human, after all. 

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.) 

    New Members Of Congress Were Officially Sworn In & It Was Historic 

    It’s not everyday that history is made. Members of the 116th Congress were officially sworn in on Thursday afternoon, with many new member breaking some historic barriers for representation. This is definitely the most diverse group of lawmakers in the United States history.

    The new Congress now has the largest number of women —as well as women of color—ever. More than 100 women are serving in the House and 25 women are serving in the Senate, according to the Pew Research Center

    There were also a number of personal historic firsts for women. 

    Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) became the first Muslim women in Congress. Omar is the first Somali-American representative elected into Congress, and wore a hijab at her swearing-in. A hijab was previously banned from being wore on the House floor, The New York Post reports. Tlaib is the first Palestinian-American woman in Congress, and she wore a thobe, a traditional Palestinian dress, at the swearing-in. She also used the Quran in an individual ceremony, according to The Huffington Post.

    A record number of LGBTQ+ candidates ran in the 2018 midterms with multiple candidates winning in November. This includes former Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who made history on Thursday as the first openly bisexual person to be sworn into the Senate. 

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is the youngest woman ever to be elected into Congress. For the swearing-in ceremony, she wore white in honor of the suffragists who fought for women’s right to vote, according to the Huffington Post. Lauren Underwood also made history as the youngest black woman to be sworn into Congress.  

    And Reps. Sharice Davids (D-Kan.) and Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) became the country’s first Native American women in Congress.

    Nancy Pelosi was also elected again as the House Speaker, CNN reported. Pelosi previously served as the first and as of right now the only female House speaker from 2007 to 2011.  “The country knows Nancy Pelosi as an experienced leader with three decades of service in Congress, a fighter for her causes and a true trailblazer,” said Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, CNN reported. “Even when we disagree with one another completely, it is important to remember that we are bounded together in a common cause, our love for American.” 



    “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” - @michelleobama . 📷: @martinschoeller, @vanityfair

    A post shared by Ayanna Pressley (@ayannapressley) on

    It was certainly a tremendous day for Congress. While more steps can be taken in terms of diversity, Capitol Hill is already starting to look more like the people they represent. 

    The House Passed A Package Of Bills That Could Reopen The Government Without Funding Trump’s Border Wall

    The new Democratic House passed a package of bills that would potentially reopen the government without paying for Trump’s border wall on Thursday night, according to the Washington Post. But without the Senate’s or POTUS’s support, there is very little chance it will go further. 

    One part of the legislation would fund the Department of Homeland Security for one month. The other part includes is a package of bills that would reopen other closed federal agencies such as Interior, Justice, State, and Agriculture. Each agency would be funded through the 2019 fiscal year. Both bills do not include funding for the $5 billion border wall President Trump is stuck on.

    As Vox reports, the House separated Homeland Security, which includes border security, from the other bill so it can be handled separately. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Thursday that neither part of the solution would be advanced, according to the New York Times.

    “I’ve made it clear on several occasions, and let me say it again,” said McConnell, The Times reported. “The Senate will not take up any proposal that does not have a real chance of passing this chamber and getting a presidential signature. Let’s not waste the time.” 

    As of right now, the bill is unlikely to pass in the Senate. 

    It Looks Like Barack Obama Debuted On The Billboard Hot R&B Chart

    Former president Barack Obama made his debut on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart at No. 22 with “One Last Time (44 Remix).”  And this is certainly a new one. 

    Obama featured on the Lin-Manuel Miranda track, which reimagined the Hamilton song about George Washington leaving his position as president. The gospel-inspired remix is part of a series of “Hamildrops,” which helps raise money for multiple nonprofits, The Hollywood Reporter reports. It features not only the 44th president, but the track includes Christopher Jackson, who played George Washington in the stage show, and gospel singer Bebe Winans. 

    While Obama doesn’t actually sing on the sing, he does deliver George Washington’s farewell address. The song currently has 307,000 streams and 9,000 downloads, according to Billboard

    You might be surprised to find out that the former president has been on two other Billboard charts before — that now no longer exist. According to Billboard, A Moment in History: The Inauguration of Barack Obama reached No. 6 on the TV DVD Sales chart in March of 2009. Song “Pop Off” by JX Cannon featuring Obama rose to No. 10 on the Billboard + Twitter Emerging Artists in December of 2015.

    What To Look Out For….

    It looks like Nicholas Sparks books and romance drama movie The Notebook is becoming a Broadway musical! Songwriter Ingrid Michaelson announced it Thursday on the Today show. She is set to compose the music and lyrics along with This Is Us producer Bekah Brunstetter set to write the script. No show dates or casting news have been announced. 

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    Post-grads have enough to worry about, like starting a career, finding free time, and surviving in general.  But student debt is the biggest and most common worry among post-graduates. However, your student debt doesn't have to haunt you for decades to come. By taking the proper steps, you can pay off your student debt quicker than you’d think (without selling an organ or working four jobs).

    1. Make a budget. Then stick to it.

    Educate yourself as much as you can about your options and make a plan that works best for you. If you can afford to pay the highest payment every month, you should. The more you pay each month, the sooner your debt will be gone. If you’re still in school, you can pay off the interest first, it won’t be added to your balance and increase what you owe. You can reach out to your loan provider and check what the balance would be and how much interest has accrued. More information on interests and budgeting can be found on your loan provider’s website or at your school’s financial aid office.

    Budgeting is crucial to ensure you’re able to make your routine payments while being able to live your everyday life. So, you should set aside a portion of every paycheck to go towards your debt. This will depend on your situation, but it is important to prioritize and understand that saving as much money as you can contribute to paying off your debt sooner rather than later.

    One popular budgeting technique is the 50/20/30 method. This requires you to divide your paycheck three ways; 50 percent of it goes to essential expenses, such as food, rent, gas and bills. Twenty percent should go to your debt while the remaining 30 is spending money.

    If the 50/20/30 method isn’t right for you and you need more wiggle room with your paycheck, most banks recommend putting at least 10 percent of your paycheck towards your debt, but no more than 30 percent.

    There are plenty of resources to help figure out your budget and keep track of your progress, including student loan calculators online and apps like You Need a BudgetWally and Mint.

    2. Find ways to save money where you can.

    No, a coupon for $2 off dry shampoo will not help pay off your loans by next week, but even the smallest actions can help save money. This can include in-store coupons, Chrome extensions that find and apply online codes for you (such as Honey), having water instead of a cocktail, limiting yourself to one streaming service, cooking at home (which can save an average of $16 per meal) and more.

    “I save money by thrifting instead of shopping in the mall when I need new clothes for work,” says Rachel Smith, a recent Framingham State University graduate. “I go on 50 percent off days to save even more!” she says.

    You can also save money by getting rid of things you pay for that you don’t need. Keep logging into Netflix and haven’t turned on your TV in months? Cut the cord and you can save up to $100 a month. 

    3. Make extra payments when you can.

    Got a bonus or raise? Picked up a few extra shifts at work? Able to save more than you thought? Make an extra payment! Paying a little more every now and then means smaller or fewer payments to make later on. Extra payments are applied to the principal amount you owe, which can decrease your interest; meaning you are paying less later on. Just make sure you contact your lender so they know you are making additional payments and not paying for the next month’s bill.

    You can also make a lump-sum payment which will pay off your debt faster and help you save money from the interest. For example, say you have a $30,000 loan with 5 percent interest and make monthly payments of $300. If you make a lump-sum payment of $500, you’ll be paying off your debt 3 months early and saving over $350 dollars.

    4. Find small ways to make a little more money online.

    One way is to turn a hobby into profit. There are a variety of ways people can support artists online now. Love to craft or make art? Sell your creations on Esty to make a small profit! Submit articles to websites for a fair price. You can even turn the things you enjoy into part-time or full-time jobs (check out Wag for dog walking and for child care, but these are just two examples). Side hustles are not only enjoyable, but the money goes towards paying off the loans faster.

    Sell things you don’t need or want anymore, as well. Clean out your closet and make some extra cash by selling clothes, shoes, or jewelry (in good condition) on apps or websites such as Poshmark, eBay or thredUP. Old, expensive textbooks you’re never going to use again taking up space on the shelves? Sell them to people that do, through Amazon or BookFinder. The profits you make can go to paying off your student debt faster than you thought!

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    Prepare yourself for highlighter hues because neon is major this year. This season's brightest trend is a real head-turner. With the revival of all things '80s, neons have made a major comeback. Designers showed bright shades of neon oranges, pinks, reds, and blues throughout their collections. Designers like Prabal Gurung and Moschino used bright hues in place of boring neutrals, adding a punch of color to every look. 

    The color experts at Pantone broke down Spring/Summer 2019's most trend-worthy colors, and we're here to tell you how to incorporate them to your wardrobe. Get ready to add a dose of color to all your spring looks! 

    Fluorescent Pink

    Runway look Moschino, Wrap dress Lulu's

    Pantone dubbed this year's pink hue Pink Peacock. It's a few shades darker than a classic neon pink, making it more versatile and modern. It's head-turning, feminine and perfect for your party looks. 

    Bold Blue

    Runway look Milly, Jumpsuit Faithfull the Brand

    Not into this season's super fluorescent hues? Opt for Princess Blue, a bold spin on a classic royal blue. With its darker tone, this wearable shade is perfect for transitioning your winter wardrobe into spring. We love it for monochrome looks and spring dresses. 

    Fiery Red

    Runway look Zimmerman, Suede sherpa jacket The Fifth Label

    Pantone's red-orange color Fiesta  "radiates energy, passion and excitement."Big mood. We love it for bold outwear or an office-appropriate blazer. 

    Opulent Orange 

    Runway look Tibi, Pleated skirt Lulu's 

    Trust us when we say Turmeric isn't your average orange. Pair it with grey for an unexpected combo that works for day and night. 

    Love neon as much as we do? Be sure to show us all your brightest 'fits by tagging @hercampusstyle and using the hashtag #HCWearsWhat! 

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    New Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is not apologizing for her comment about impeaching President Donald Trump in which she cursed out the president.

    While speaking at an event Thursday for, a progressive advocacy group, Tlaib (D-MI) repeated a conversation that she had with her son to the audience.

    “And when your son looks at you and says, ‘Momma, look you won, bullies don’t win,’ and I said, ‘Baby they don’t,’  because we’re gonna go in and impeach the motherf-----,” the congresswoman said.

    The congresswoman tweeted Friday morning about her comments, saying, “I will always speak truth to power. #unapologeticallyMe”

    But Tlaib’s comments immediately drew criticism and fellow Democratic colleagues worried about the effects the congresswoman’s language would have on the party’s carefully crafted agenda to take on the president, especially since they feared Republicans would use it as an example that Democrats are trying to impeach the president for political reasons.

    “Mueller hasn’t even produced his report yet!” Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) said, referring to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. “People should cool their jets a little bit, let the prosecutors do their job and finish the investigation.”

    Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA), who had previously introduced an impeachment resolution, was shocked when a reporter read him Tlaib’s comments, Politico reports.

    “That’s not language I would use … I think the office of the presidency should be treated with respect,” Sherman said, adding that that sort of language is not helpful to the Democrat’s cause.

    Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), the new chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, called the congresswoman’s comments “inappropriate.”

    “You can’t accomplish very much of anything unless you have civility and show respect for your colleagues,” Cummings said. “Those kind of comments do not take us in the right direction.”

    New House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been hesitant to talk about impeachment and has said that she would prefer to wait until Mueller’s investigation is complete before taking any action, ABC News reports.

    “We have to wait and see what happens with the Mueller report,” Pelosi told “Today” on Thursday morning, just hours before becoming the new Speaker of the House. “We shouldn’t be impeaching for a political reason, and we shouldn’t avoid impeachment for a political reason. So we’ll just have to see how it comes.”

    Following Tlaib’s comments, Pelosi said she didn’t agree with the language, but didn’t think people “should make a big deal” of the profane comments, adding that the president has said some foul comments.

    “I’m not in the censorship business. I don't like that language, I wouldn’t use that language, but I wouldn’t establish language standards for my colleagues,” Pelosi said at an MSNBC town hall Friday morning.

    Tlaib has previously called for Trump to be impeached. In an op-ed for the Detroit Free Press on Thursday, Tlaib, along with John Bonifaz, co-founder of Free Speech for People who shared the byline, wrote,  “President Donald Trump is a direct and serious threat to our country. On an almost daily basis, he attacks our Constitution, our democracy, the rule of law and the people who are in this country.”

    “Each passing day brings more pain for the people most directly hurt by this president, and these are days we simply cannot get back. The time for impeachment proceedings is now,” the op-ed concludes.

    Trump seized on Tlaib’s comments and wrote on Twitter, “How do you impeach a president who has won perhaps the greatest election of all time, done nothing wrong (no Collusion with Russia, it was the Dems that Colluded), had the most successful first two years of any president, and is the most popular Republican in party history 93%?”

    But the congresswoman’s office didn’t back down on the comments, saying in a statement on Friday on Twitter, “Congresswoman Tlaib was elected to shake up Washington, not continue the status quo. Donald Trump is completely unfit to serve as president. The congresswoman absolutely believes he needs to be impeached.”

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    To celebrate the second season of grown-ish, Freeform teamed up with Scholly, a scholarship app that has helped students with scholarships and reducing student loan debt, to launch a student loan payoff of up to $125,000 for current students and graduates with student loan debt. Yep, you heard that right -- Freeform and Scholly want to pay off your student debt.

    According to Freeform’s press release, Freeform and Scholly know that student debt can prevent young individuals from attaining their goals, and hope the program will help student loan borrowers to pay off debt that is holding them back from living out their dreams.

    “College is great but student loans suck,” the promo featuring the program says. They do have a point.

    According to Marie Claire, Scholly notes that most students will be in at least $40,000 worth of debt after graduating from college.

    The program is already taking its first submissions on the Scholly app and at You can enter between January 2-31 for a chance at this “life-changing opportunity.”

    Winners will be announced at the 2019 Freeform Summit, with additional details to be announced later, ABC News reports.

    Meanwhile, season two of grown-ish returned to Freeform on Wednesday, January 2nd with two new back-to-back episodes.

    The second season will follow Zooey (played by the talented Yara Shahidi) and her friends as they take on their second year at CalU with “confidence and swagger.” Although they think they have their second year down with all the life lessons from their first year, they’ll all soon learn that they’re “not as grown as they think.”

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    As the ending on senior year approaches, so may the anxiety of trying to look like a “well-rounded” student. Yes, once senior year begins it’s just about time to send in those college applications, which means you will need present yourself as not only academically brilliant, but well involved on campus. Still, even the most involved students feel like they could use one or more extracurriculars to fine tune their resume.

    So, whether you’re itching to get involved in your last year of high school or you’re wanting to leave a mark on the place you’ve called home for almost four years, here are a few ways to make sure you more involved on campus.

    1. Volunteering clubs like “Key Club” and “Hands Across Campus”

    Volunteering clubs are a sure-fire way to get involved in the most meaningful ways when you’re in high school. Volunteering for different important causes will always be a fulfilling activity both for you and for others, so we highly recommend it. Also, most high school graduation requirements require you to do community service, so these clubs can help you fulfill those as well. And of course, any organizations which focus on volunteering are sure to boost up your college application.

    Sometimes, while we all may want to volunteer, it can be overwhelming trying to find a place to volunteer and securing a position all by yourself. The best thing about these clubs is that they basically handle all the logistics with volunteering at a variety of organizations, where the E-board is usually organizing the volunteering events and all you need to do is sign up for them. Try clubs like Key Club and Hands Across Campus to get into volunteering.

    2. Join the executive board of your favorite club

    The next step from being a club member is getting a leadership position on the executive board. If you’re already involved in one club for the majority of your high school career, then why not take that next step? Being involved in the e-board is not only a huge plus for your college apps, but it also teaches you huge, real-life responsibilities. e-board positions involve you organizing meetings, putting events together, fundraising, and lots of other tasks that require you to put in that extra effort to not only serve yourself but your club members.

    It can seem pretty intimidating to try to get an e-board position, but the beauty of high school is that this is the place where you earn the experience; most people don’t have more experience than you, so it really is about learning, helping others and growing into responsibility. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and get more involved in e-board positions.

    Related: The 6 Do’s and Don’ts of Senior Year of High School

    3. Creative clubs like “art club” or “music club”

    With all the stresses of your academics, sometimes clubs don’t have to be another mentally-tasking thing on your plate. Extracurriculars which develop your other interests can benefit you in more ways than one. Colleges don’t necessarily need you to be all into the most academically challenging clubs like Model U.N. or Math club if they aren’t things you’re especially interested in. If you’re more creative and love art, music, writing, or even acting, then try clubs that specialize in your interests!

    These clubs aren’t useless either; for pep rallies, the art club may be responsible for helping with banners, or the writing club can help connect you with writing contests that offer scholarship money as prizes. Those clubs will put you in an environment where you really thrive and when you talk about your experiences in those clubs in college essays, your joy and interest will inevitably shine through. Not to mention, a more fun club full of like-minded individuals will surely make your last year in high school more memorable.

    4. Become a teacher's assistant

    When you take an extra ten minutes to chat with your teacher after class, you can create a meaningful and beneficial relationship. Sometimes a close bond with a teacher allows you opportunities like becoming a volunteer assistant for them. This isn’t something that’s usually formally offered by every teacher you have, but you can bet that every teacher has a ton of errands to do every day, so they could always use a hand.

    If one of your science teachers has a tough time cleaning up after labs, offer to help clean up after class or by during lunch to help them staple study guides. No matter how you assist your teacher, you’ll definitely get something awesome out of it.  Getting involved in your classroom will bring you closer to your teacher, show your great work ethic and also spotlight your strengths so that if you ask for a letter of recommendation, you’ll have your academics and thoughtful nature stand out.

    Related: 15 Signs You're Infected with Senioritis 

    5. Join the student newspaper

    If you’re an avid writer, graphic design fanatic or obsessed news reader, then seriously consider joining your school’s newspaper. As a senior, you’ll know your school better than most, making you more qualified to represent it well through writing, design or photography. Writing skills are extremely well valued by colleges nowadays, so if you can rack up some writing samples from newspaper, then you could really stand out among other college applicants.

    If you love photography, then contributing your photos to the school’s official student run publication will let you practice your art and add to your portfolio, all while making important contributions to your school. If you love design, then you get the perks of working with more advanced software to design articles and also developing your portfolio. Student newspaper can be a rewarding organization to join as you literally leave some words for others to read as you head out of high school.

    6. Participate in dance teams 

    This may be an unlikely extracurricular to pick up, but it can be one of the most fun and rewarding clubs to join, especially in your senior year. When the stress of your last year gets to you, dancing it out can be just a the reliever you need. Whether you're an amateur or a pro, dance teams invite students to exercise both literally and creatively. Multicultural dance clubs can expose you to traditional dances from other countries, while street dance clubs can teach you how to be a hip-hop dance pro; there's so many different types of dance teams, you're bound to find one you like.

    Not only that, but dance teams can discipline in ways that other clubs can't, which is especially important for your senior year. For example, if you're more experienced, you can offer to help choreograph or teach other dancers, or if you're a newbie you can learn new moves and also have a social group to carry you through the process. Teaching others imparts serious leadership skills, while learning creates more team-bonding experiences. Dancing in a group puts you in an intimate yet serious setting, where you get to interact with others more closely and connect with them through music. Dancing may seem a little out there for some, but that's what can make it such a special experience for your senior year. Always encourage yourself to get out of your comfort zone once in a while, even if it is a bit scary. Some teams are there to teach, while others dance competitively, find the one that's best for you and have fun dancing your heart out as you close your school year. 

    7. End the year strong on the yearbook team

    If you’re into graphic design and illustrative storytelling, then a spot on the yearbook staff could be just for you as you end your senior year. Joining yearbook means documenting every major happening that occurs through the year, meaning you will not only get to spotlight your experience of school, but the experiences of others as well. Often times, there is a lot left to explore within your own high school; teachers you haven’t met but heard tons of awesome things about, clubs you haven’t visited, events you usually missed out on. Yearbook is also a lot more disciplined in that they don't have weekly deadlines (like newspaper usually does) and their project is more drawn out, so there is the temptation to procrastinate. Being on a yearbook staff can, therefore, make you a more disciplined creator, which is great to touch in when you apply to other positions or schools in the future. 

    Not only that, but you can also practice skills to build up a portfolio for the future. Similar to newspaper, if you're into photography, design, or writing, then you can specialize in one of those fields to build up a stellar portfolio. There is also the amazing satisfaction you get at the end of the year when you finish this big book of beautiful photos, designs and text that you get to share with the whole school. Joining yearbook definitely makes you stand out if you’re applying to any graphic design programs or if your planning to major in a similar field going into college. Get acquainted with your school better, stretch your creative muscles, and build up a stellar portfolio all from joining your yearbook team.

    Getting more involved in your school can really better you both socially and academically. Why not surround yourself with all these little communities of students and staff who are passionate about serving their school? Your college apps will thank you and your high school experience overall can feel so much richer as you get ready to say goodbye to your K-12 education and enter the real world afterward.

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    Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor hasn't even started yet, but it's already generating buzz because of a particular contestant. 

    In a promotional clip that's since gone viral, a woman named Brianna — who goes by Bri — greets Underwood while seemingly speaking with an Australian accent. 

    "You've got a nice accent. Where are you from?" Underwood asks her. 

    "The accent, it's Australian. I was hoping you're kind of a sucker for accents," Bri replies, notably avoiding his actual question — and for good reason.

    The accent is fake!

    "I'm not really Australian, but ou have to do what you can to stand out," Bri says during a confessional in the clip. 

    Underwood seemingly fell for the act, as he told Bri he loved the accent before she entered the Bachelor mansion. 

    Who knows how long Bri will last — especially if she can't maintain the act — but honestly, I'm rooting for her. 

    The Bachelor premieres Monday, Jan. 7. 

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    You've probably seen a few ads on social media before that made you take a second look. One in particular — from the makers of the app Game of Sultansrecently stood out to Demi Lovato, and not for a good reason.

    In an ad for the interactive game on Instagram, two different women are side by side, with one labeled "obese" and one "pretty." There was also a screen that allowed users to select what the two eat — which, for the "obese" woman, was a "controlled" diet of broccoli. 

    "Why is this fat shaming bullsh—t on my feed?" Lovato wrote over a screenshot of the ad in an Instagram story. "So many things wrong with this ad."

    In another story, she circled the labels for the women, writing, "This is absolutely harmful to anyone who is easily influenced by societal pressures put on us by diet culture to constantly be losing weight in a world that teaches us to equate our value and worth with the way we look and especially anyone in recovery from an eating disorder." 

    Lovato also pointed out the ad's use of the word "controlled" pertaining to eating: "Especially when eating disorders are all about 'control.'"

    She continued, specifically calling out Instagram for its complicity in running the ad. "So please Instagram, keep this bullsh—t off mine and others' feeds who could easily be affected by this disgusting advertisement. With how aware people are becoming of mental health and mental illnesses, I expect you guys to know better by allowing this advertisement to be allowed on your app. And shame on the game." 

    A representative for Instagram reportedly told TMZ that they've since removed the ad. "We're sorry. This ad was approved by mistake," the rep said. "We reviewed it again and removed it from future delivery in people's feeds." 

    Lovato has been open about her struggles with an eating disorder and body issues in the past. She recently made her return to social media after being hospitalized for an apparent overdose

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    Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg — the highly anticipated hosts — will lead the 2019 Golden Globe Awards tonight, Sunday, Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

    The show kicks off awards season in perhaps the most fun way possible: with free booze for guests. And if the nominees are any indication of who's set to attend — from Lady Gaga to Timothee Chalamet — it's guaranteed to be an entertaining night. Plus, stars like Chadwick Boseman, Kaley Cuoco, Idris Elba, and Catherine Zeta-Jones are all presenting awards. 

    Below, see the 2019 nominees. 

    Best Motion Picture - Drama

    • "Black Panther"
    • "BlacKkKlansman"
    • "Bohemian Rhapsody"
    • "If Beale Street Could Talk"
    • "A Star Is Born"

    Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama

    • Bradley Cooper, "A Star is Born"
    • Willem Dafoe, "At Eternity's Gate"
    • Lucas Hedges, "Boy Erased"
    • Rami Malek, "Bohemian Rhapsody"
    • John David Washington, "BlackKklansman"

    Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama

    • Glenn Close, "The Wife"
    • Lady Gaga, "A Star is Born"
    • Nicole Kidman, "Destroyer"
    • Melissa McCarthy, "Can You Ever Forgive Me?"
    • Rosamund Pike, "A Private War"

    Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role - Motion Picture

    • Mahershala Ali
    • Timothee Chalamet
    • Adam Driver
    • Richard E. Grant
    • Sam Rockwell

    Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role - Motion Picture

    • Amy Adams, "Vice"
    • Claire Foy, "First Man"
    • Regina King, "If Beale Street Could Talk"
    • Emma Stone, "The Favourite"
    • Rachel Weisz, "The Favourite"

    Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical

    • "Crazy Rich Asians"
    • "The Favourite"
    • "Green Book"
    • "Mary Poppins Returns"
    • "Vice"

    Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

    • Emily Blunt, "Mary Poppins Returns"
    • Olivia Coleman, "The Favourite"
    • Elsie Fisher, "Eighth Grade"
    • Charlize Theron, "Tully"
    • Constance Wu, "Crazy Rich Asians"

    Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

    • Christian Bale, "Vice"
    • Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Mary Poppins Returns"
    • Viggo Mortensen, "Green Book"
    • Robert Redford, "The Old Man in the Gun"
    • John C. Reilly, "Stand and Ollie"

    Best Director - Film

    • Bradley Cooper, "A Star Is Born"
    • Alfonso Cuaron, "Roma"
    • Peter Farrelly, "Green Book"
    • Spike Lee, "BlackKklansman"
    • Adam McKay, "Vice"

    Animated Film

    • "Incredibles 2"
    • “Isle of Dogs"
    • “Mirai"
    • “Ralph Breaks the Internet"
    • “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse"

    Foreign Language Film

    • “Capernaum”
    • “Girl”
    • “Never Look Away”
    • “Roma”
    • “Shoplifters”

    Best Original Score

    • Marco Beltrami, "A Quiet Place"
    • Alexandre Desplat, "Isle of Dogs"
    • Ludwig Goransson, "Black Panther"
    • Justin Hurwitz, "First Man"
    • Marc Shaiman, "Mary Poppins Returns"

    Best Original Song - Motion Original Song

    • "All the Stars,""Black Panther"
    • "Girl in the Movies,""Dumplin’"
    • "Requiem for a Private War,""A Private War"
    • "Revelation,""Boy Erased"
    • "Shallow,""A Star Is Born"

    Best Screenplay – Motion Picture

    • Alfonso Cuaron, "Roma"
    • Tony McNamara, Deborah Davis, "The Favourite"
    • Barry Jenkins, "If Beale Street Could Talk"
    • Adam McKay, "Vice"
    • Peter Farrelly, Nick Vallelonga, Brian Currie, "The Green Book"

    Best TV Series - Drama

    • "The Americans"
    • "Bodyguard"
    • "Homecoming"
    • "Killing Eve"
    • "Pose"

    Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama

    • Caitriona Balfe, "Outlander"
    • Elisabeth Moss, "The Handmaid’s Tale"
    • Sandra Oh, "Killing Eve"
    • Julia Roberts, "Homecoming"
    • Keri Russell, "The Americans"

    Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama

    • Jason Bateman, "Ozark"
    • Stephan James, "Homecoming"
    • Richard Madden, "Bodyguard"
    • Billy Porter, "Pose"
    • Matthew Rhys, "The Americans"

    Best TV Series - Comedy/Musical

    • "Barry"
    • "The Good Place"
    • "Kidding"
    • "The Kominsky Method"
    • "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"

    Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Series – Musical/Comedy

    • Kristen Bell, "The Good Place"
    • Candice Bergen, "Murphy Brown"
    • Alison Brie, "GLOW"
    • Rachel Brosnahan, "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"
    • Debra Messing, "Will & Grace"

    Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series – Musical/Comedy

    • Sacha Baron Cohen, "Who Is America?"
    • Jim Carrey, "Kidding"
    • Michael Douglas, "The Kominsky Method"
    • Donald Glover, "Atlanta"
    • Bill Hader, "Barry"

    Best TV Limited Series/TV Movie

    • "Alienist""Versace"
    • "Escape at Dannemora"
    • "Sharp Objects"
    • "A Very English Scandal"

    Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie

    • Amy Adams, "Sharp Objects"
    • Patricia Arquette, "Escape at Dannemora"
    • Connie Britton, "Dirty John"
    • Laura Dern, "The Tale"
    • Regina King, "Seven Seconds"

    Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie

    • Antonio Banderas, "Genius"
    • Daniel Bruhl, "The Alienist"
    • Darren Criss, "The Assassination of Gianni Versace"
    • Benedict Cumberbatch, "Patrick Melrose"
    • Hugh Grant, "A Very English Scandal"

    Best Supporting Actress - Series or Made for TV Movie

    • Alex Bronstein, "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"
    • Patricia Clarkson, "Sharp Objects"
    • Penelope Cruz, "The Assassination of Gianni Versace"
    • Thandi Newton, "Westworld"
    • Yvonne Strahovski, "The Handmaid’s Tale"

    Best Supporting Actor - Series or Made for TV Movie

    • Alan Arkin, "The Kominsky Method"
    • Kieran Culkin, "Succession"
    • Edgar Ramirez," The Assassination of Gianni Versace"
    • Ben Whishaw, "A Very English Scandal"
    • Henry Winkler, "Barry"

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    The myth of high maintenance beauty. [allure]

    Oscar the Grouch has a surprisingly amazing Twitter account. [BuzzFeed]

    Suits is desperate to have Meghan Markle back. [Cosmopolitan]

    The most anticipated music of 2019. [New York Magazine]

    Who is in and who is out of the 2020 Presidential race? [Glamour]

    Every season of The Bachelor summed up in one sentence. [Bustle]

    Traveling without a cell phone. [Elite Daily]

    The rebranding of pit bulls. [The New York Times]

    30 amazing things you can buy at Nordstrom. [USA Today]

    Hollywood stars can make a lot of money walking a red carpet. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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    Good morning Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    Trump May Declare a 'National Emergency' to Build His Proposed Border Wall

    As the partial government shutdown prepares to become the second-longest closure in recent history, President Trump is still adamant about getting funding for his border wall. On Sunday, he went as far as threatening to declare a national emergency to secure the funds. "I may declare a national emergency dependent on what's going to happen over the next few days," Trump told reporters, per CNN

    According to The New York Times, Trump first raised the possibility on Friday, right after the Department of Homeland Security requested additional support for temporary barriers between the United States and Mexico. At the time, he was questioned about his intentions regarding the statement, and whether or not he was trying to scare Democrats. "I never make threats," Trump replied. 

    A White House official expanded on the possible national emergency declaration, telling CNN that in doing so, Trump would use military funding for the wall. In the past, he's wanted Congress to produce the necessary funds, and the dispute that resulted from Democrats' refusal to do so is what prompted the partial shutdown. The Washington Post reported that Trump is prepared to continue the shutdown for "months or even years." Currently, 800,000 federal employees have been furloughed or are working without pay.

    Kevin Spacey to Plead Not Guilty to Assault Charge

    Actor Kevin Spacey is reportedly expected to plead not guilty to charges of indecent assault and battery after allegedly groping an 18-year-old busboy at a bar, CNN reported. He'll make the plea in a Nantucket court on Monday, where he'll have to be physically present despite a request from his lawyers that he be allowed to waive that right since he lives out of state. They also said his presence would "amplify the negative publicity already generated." 

    According to the criminal complaint — which you can read more about here — the busboy caught a short part of the alleged groping in a Snapchat video. The victim's mother went public with the allegations against Spacey in November 2017. The same month, actor Anthony Rapp told BuzzFeed News that Spacey made a sexual advance toward him when he was 14 years old and Spacey was 26. Spacey responded with a Twitter statement, claiming he didn't remember the incident, though he still apologized. He also came out as a gay man, which many criticized as a deflection from the serious accusation. 

    Meanwhile, Spacey is reportedly still getting acting offers, per Page Six.

    California Bowling Alley Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, 4 Injured

    An alleged brawl at a Los Angeles-area bowling alley and karaoke bar erupted into gunfire late Friday night, leaving three men dead and four people wounded. A spokesman for the Torrance Police Department didn't reveal any information about a suspect or motive, The New York Times reported.

    One witness told the Times that a fight broke out within a group of about 10 men and women, and when he and his niece went to leave after hearing someone slam into one of the arcade's machines, they heard a series of about 15 gunshots. Another witness told RMG News that the bowling alley was home to a family league, so many kids present began looking for their parents when the gunfire started.

    Just last November, a gunman opened fire at a bar in Thousand Oaks, CA, killing 12 people. Democratic Senator of California Kamala Harris tweeted that her heart breaks for the victims of the bowling alley shooting. "We must do more to address gun violence,” she wrote. "Americans should be able to go to a bowling alley and be safe."

    What to look for...

    The winners of this year's Golden Globes.

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    Name: Sarah Potempa

    Job Title & Description: Celebrity Hair Stylist and Inventor of The Beachwaver Co.

    College Name & Major: New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study, concentration in business and creativity. 

    Website(s): and 

    Twitter Handle:@sarahpotempa

    Instagram Handle:@sarahpotempa

    Bad hair days are the bane of any college women's existence. When we're bombarded with endless assignments that keep us up until the AM, it can be hard to do anything with your frizzy, knotty mess except put it in a messy bun (or on our worst days, hide it with a baseball cap). To make matters worse, we're constantly exposed to advertisements that show effortlessly shining hair with only the help of your trusty shampoo. If life were only that easy, we would all have tame manes. However, celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa was determined to find an easier path for haircare for any young woman.

    Building her way from a local hair salon, Potempa became the first person to ever invent a rotating curling iron. With a press of button the Beachwaver Pro rotates within your hair, creating beautiful hair within a matter of seconds. Not only does this save a significant amount of time, but as Potempa's website states, all of her products are designed to provide consumers with "accessibility and sustainability." Besides her innovative curling iron, Potempa's wide range of hair care products includes everything from adorable hair accessories to necessary protective sprays. Potempa's Beachwaver and hair care products already have multiple celebrity stamps of approval (including some of our favorites such as Camila Cabello, Chrissy Teigen, and Lea Michele). Check out what Potempa has to say about making her dreams come true and pursuing what she was truly passionate about below!

    Her Campus: What does your current job entail? Is there such a thing as a typical day? 

    Sarah Potempa: Every day is different, which is part of what makes my job so exciting and why I love what I do. On any given day, I could be on my way to New York or Los Angeles to style a client for a red carpet event, going on camera at QVC, or traveling around the world speaking at events! When I am not traveling, I'm in the Beachwaver Co. corporate headquarters in our hometown of Libertyville, Illinois, filming content, conducting research and development of new products, or meeting with our incredible staff. I am often doing arts and crafts or taking my kids to go snowboarding while I'm home. 

    HC: What is the best part of your job? 

    SP: I love collaborating with a team, from my celebrity clients to the makeup artists to our marketing team, to make a creative vision come to life. Hair is an art medium that you can use to create so many different styles, from basket-weaving braids to old Hollywood waves.  

    It has been so fulfilling to see the feedback from over the years since inventing the Beachwaver and how it has impacted the lives of so many women, from my celebrity clients to working moms and their daughters!



    2018 was epic 🙌🏼 As a young teenager years ago, I dreamed of moving to New York to style hair. I believed in the beauty of styling hair as an art form. There are endless possibilities and it is the most creative career that never feels like work. Thank you to all these stunning women, who I love and admire for all their incredible talents, hard work, and friendship. I am so beyond thankful to all of you for being my canvas this year 🙌🏼 #2018 #celebrityhair #celebrityhairstylist #hairbysarahpotempa #igotbeachwaved #hairasart #busyphilipps #leamichele #emilyvancamp #alilarter #jamiechung #emilyblunt #brielarson #mollysims #anadearmas #kaleycuoco

    A post shared by Sarah Potempa (@sarahpotempa) on

    HC: What was your first entry-level job in your field and how did you get it? 

    SP: When my parents wanted me to get my first job, I always knew I wanted to work with hair as my career. So I looked up every hair salon in the area to get my foot in the door. I ended up getting a job at a salon 10 minutes from my house! I’ve always had a passion for the hair industry and have been styling ever since.

    HC: What words of wisdom do you find most valuable? 

    SP: My motto in life is, “Leap and the net will appear.” When I invented the Beachwaver, I took a huge risk, but as a celebrity hairstylist, I saw the need for a tool that real women could use at home to get gorgeous waves. I sketched out the idea for the Beachwaver, a curling iron that you hold upright and simply press a button to curl for you! From that point forward, my dreams of teaching every woman how to do their hair became a reality, and I never looked back!

    HC: What is one mistake you made along the way and what did you learn from it? 

    SP: A funny mistake that actually taught me a lot was one time at the salon, my boss told me an important client was coming in. Naturally, I was nervous and accidentally sprayed him with the water hose. From that point forward, I realized I just need to treat everyone the same, and I think it has helped me in my career thus far! 

    HC: What has been the most surreal moment of your career thus far? 

    SP: The Victoria's Secret fashion show was a huge accomplishment for the Beachwaver team and me! Also, walking the red carpet and being presented with The Hollywood Beauty Award's product of the year by my client, Lea Michele, was amazing!

    HC: What do you look for when considering hiring someone? 

    SP: We look for candidates with positive energy, a willingness to be a team player, and someone who can handle a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment. I also look for someone who is willing to learn and evolve.

    HC: What advice would you give to a 20-something with similar aspirations? 

    SP: Hard work truly pays off. Always be authentic to yourself and continue to set goals.

    HC: What's the one thing that's stood out to you the most in a resume?

    SP: Creativity! I love seeing something that will catch my eye and stands out from the rest. 

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    Gender-neutral style truly took 2018 by storm, and quote us now: gender-fluid fashion will be everything during 2019. Limits and rules of fashion have been shattered by the Gen Z & Millennial generations and TBH, they're not stopping any time soon. From high-end brands like Gucci to your go-to style stops like Target, the market for gender-neutral fashion has never looked so promising.

    With that in mind, it's time to give gender-fluid style a shot in 2019 if you haven't quite explored the scene yet. There are so many gender-neutral items that can easily be incorporated into your everyday looks. Here are seven of our fave gender-neutral essentials you'll need to stock up on this year for a kickass wardrobe.

    1. Boots 


    Steve Madden Bumper Platform Bootie, DSW, $99.99

    It's no secret that boots are a flattering shoe to rock in the winter, but combat boots are sure to really take your look to the next level. Doc Martens and Timberlands have a chunkier look, with Docs seeming edgier and Timbs seeming more outdoorsy. While both linger in traditionally masculine fashion, these boots both accentuate your ankles and give you some height, making you look a little taller. These types of boots can pull any outfit — however masculine, feminine or in between — all together. 

    2. Blazers



    Saturday uniform: BLAZER

    A post shared by Catarina Moreno (@catarina__moreno) on

    We're all encouraged to wear blazers for many of our professional endeavors, but this formal wear can also be the gender-neutral piece to class up any outfit. The key is picking out blazers in different colors, patterns and fittings. Tighter blazers can show off your figure, while looser blazers give a boxier look. Floral prints, tweed, or just plain black blazers, this article of clothing can achieve a whole spectrum of looks.

    3. Fanny packs

    Yes, this newly "in" retro trend is as gender-neutral as it gets. Not only are fanny packs functional for carrying your belongings hands-free, but they can add a pop to your outfit as well. Add a bright red fanny pack to a more monochrome fit for that colorful finishing touch. This accessory's quirky looks are gender-neutral and eye-catching as well. 

    4. Silver earrings

    Unisex Earrings, Amazon, $10.99

    Guys, gals, and non-binary pals are rocking more accessories these days. Silver earrings are all the rage, especially a classic hoop, stud or drop earring. Earrings are especially great for adding a little sparkle but not going too over the top. If sparkling silver is still a little too flashy for you, more rustic silver and gold earrings can be a better alternative. 

    5. Bucket hats 



    / Check Bucket Hat meribeige made - 1/2 (wed) 20:00 Online pre-order . . . #buckethat #meribeigemade

    A post shared by meri beige (@meribeige) on

    Bucket hats can top off any streetwear fit perfectly. The bucket hat's, well, bucket shape makes them an interesting focal point in any look. They're a little bulkier and draw attention toward the top of your outfit, but can contrast well with either looser or tighter fitting clothing. They were spotted on practically every runway last year, and they may be 2019's best gender-neutral accessory. 

    6. Flared pants

    Paperbag-waist Pant, One DNA, $265

    Flared pants are becoming a staple in the gender-neutral fashion scene. They can have a more flowy silhouette (similar to a flared skirt) or look boxier depending on the material. The differing silhouettes that come with flared pants, all which can be chosen according to your preference, make them a gorgeous gender-neutral item to add to your closet. 

    Gender-neutral clothing has thankfully been gaining more traction in the fashion world, with our fashion starting to depart from strict gender norms. While there may be a little ways to go to make gender-neutral shopping a full reality, there are plenty of pieces like these that are ultra-fashion forward for 2019.

    0 0

    On Monday, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam granted clemency to sex abuse and human trafficking victim Cyntoia Brown. In 2006, Brown, who was forced into prostitution as a teenager, was tried as an adult at 16-years-old and sentenced to life in prison for killing one of her abusers. CNN reports that, with her sentence commuted, Brown will now be released on parole on Aug. 7, having served 15 of the 51 years previously required for her to be eligible for parole.

    While this is undeniably good news for Cyntoia Brown and all who fought for her release, Haslam’s decision doesn’t erase the underlying injustices that handed Brown such a severe sentence in the first place. According to Derri Smith, founder of the non-profit End Slavery in Tennessee, one reason Brown’s case was mishandled was that prosecutors failed to understand the abusive nature of her circumstances, which left no room for her consent or agency.

    "If you look at Cyntoia's original transcripts, they are peppered with the phrase 'teen prostitute,'" she says "Well we know today there's no such thing as a teen prostitute ... it's pretty clear there's an adult behind that who's manipulating and exploiting her."

    Advocates have long rallied against using the terms "teen prostitute" or "child prostitute" when referring to these underaged victims of trafficking — because it wrongly implies that they have agency or the ability to consent in these situations. 

    Brown’s case has sparked widespread outcry from the public, sparking statements from celebrities such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. In the weeks leading up to Brown’s clemency hearing, there was widespread pressure for Haslam to commute Brown’s sentence. AJC spoke with some Atlanta-based protesters, including Baptist Minister Leea Allen, who succinctly articulated the goal of the demonstration: “We are demanding that our sister Cyntoia be set free” she said.  

    In a statement released after his decision, Haslam stated "Cyntoia Brown committed, by her own admission, a horrific crime at the age of 16. Yet, imposing a life sentence on a juvenile that would require her to serve at least 51 years before even being eligible for parole consideration is too harsh, especially in light of the extraordinary steps Ms. Brown has taken to rebuild her life. Transformation should be accompanied by hope."

    According to The Tennessean, Brown’s time on parole will require her to attend counseling sessions, perform 50 hours of community service and get a job.

    After the decision, Brown described the new purpose she found in life. "With God's help, I am committed to live the rest of my life helping others, especially young people” she said. “My hope is to help other young girls avoid ending up where I have been."

    0 0

    Bachelor Nation is gearing up for the premiere of The Bachelor's 23rd season, and Her Campus got the inside scoop from this season’s Bachelor, Colton Underwood.

    The 26-year-old former NFL player spoke about the response to his virginity, his past relationships and what’s coming up this season.



    1. He doesn’t think his virginity should be such a big deal

    People were surprised to find out that Colton is still holding onto his v-card (at least, as of the beginning of the season), and it eventually turned into possibly his biggest defining characteristic on the show.

    “I was very open and candid about my virginity—I think a lot of people maybe misunderstood it or still don’t understand why I am a virgin, I think those answers might come out this season,” Colton said. “I think the thing that I stressed the most, or at times I get frustrated with, it’s that it's just a small part of who I am. Instead of it being Colton Underwood Bachelor, it’s the virgin Colton Underwood, it’s always led with or followed by virgin. Do I think that’s right? No. Because that’s a small part of who I am. It’s like saying Colton Underwood football player—and I don’t believe in that either. I’m a human being, we’re all human beings, we all have parts of our lives that make us a unique individual. That just happens to be a small part of my life and something that just makes me into who I am. So I think that would probably be the one thing I would say has been the hardest part since coming into sort of being a public figure since the show, sort of just having people put a label on you.”

    We totally agree that virginity shouldn’t be as much of an issue as modern society makes it out to be, and it looks like at least some of the contestants on this season have caught on to that fact as well.

    “The topic of my virginity—obviously I knew it was going to be mentioned by some of the women and I was ready for that,” Colton admitted. “A couple of them did come out, either with their limo entrances involving it and the topic of conversation throughout the night, which I obviously somewhat expected, some more than others and some didn’t even talk about it. Just like any other aspect of my life, it’s a small part of who I am and I think they got that vibe from me as well.”

    We’ll have to wait and see which contestants he’s talking about here—perhaps standout Bri with the fake Australian accent?

    2. He’s talked to some of his exes about the show

    The other reason people are super excited to watch Colton find true love is because of his past loves: in addition to his time spent with Becca Kufrin on The Bachelorette, he dated Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman from 2016 to 2017, as well as former Bachelor contestant Tia Booth, who appeared on Arie’s season and later on Bachelor in Paradise with Colton. Colton is looking toward the future, however, and some of his exes even helped guide him as he prepared for this journey.

    “I actually talked to both Becca and Tia prior to starting The Bachelor and after The Bachelor,” he revealed. “Becca has been great to give me advice, I still consider her a friend of mine, and same with Tia. She only has the warmest of wishes for me. Obviously she’s very happy and in a relationship now and I’m very glad to see that. Obviously Becca and Garrett are doing well, too.”

    And as for Aly? “I have not spoken with Aly since we broke up,” Colton said.

    3. He’s focused on finding true love more than anything else

    It seems like Colton kept the focus on himself this season, rather than on anything in the past: “I think like, it’s just all about people’s experiences and how they go through this. You go through it in your own unique way. As far as the success goes, I don’t know the exact statistics or the exact couples that have lasted off of all of this. But like I said, everyone has their own experiences. Everybody goes through it in their own way, but as long as you stay true to yourself and really focus on what matters, that’s all that matters.”

    Colton is committed to avoiding spoilers about what specifically will go down, though. Asked whether or not he did eventually have sex, Colton kept it vague and responded, “I knew that was going to be asked at some point in this. I always said from the beginning that I’m waiting for the right heart and someone that I feel like I could spend the rest of my life with, to share that moment with and I think that’s what The Bachelor is all about, is trying to find that. And I would, by answering that question, be spoiling the season and I wouldn’t want to do that to you.”

    He was equally tight-lipped when asked if he is currently in love, simply saying, “I’m exactly where I need to be in my life right now.”

    4. This season is going to be an emotional rollercoaster

    Colton did, however, promise that this season is definitely going to be a ride. “This season wasn’t the easiest for me, there were ups and downs and at times it got really challenging, it got really hard and it really pushed me, but it allowed me to grow and I think this is going to be an unbelievable season and I can’t wait for everybody to sort of go on this journey with me,” he said. “I don’t want to give you the typical tune in and find out, but it’s one of those things…I’m really excited to share this whole entire thing with you guys because I feel like the women on this season were unbelievable and the places that we got to travel were absolutely insane. You guys are in for a really good one.”

    0 0

    It looks like everyone in Bachelor Nation is ready for the franchises’ next leading man! 

    Bachelor franchise alums took to social media on Monday to express their excitement for the new leading man, Colton Underwood, on the day of the season’s premiere. And many had some kind words for the bachelor as he embarks on this new journey to find love. 

    Before Underwood was announced as the Bachelor, Blake Horstmann and Jason Tartick were among the top picks to lead the franchise this season. Despite not being picked as the next bachelor, it seems they’re incredibly excited for the season premiere. And in support, both Horstmann and Tartick announced that they’d be going live from Michigan during the premiere.

    The two also posted their own personal messages of encouragement to Underwood. 

    Tia Booth even sent a message to her ex, and she took to Instagram to post a photo of the two at the gym. “Hey @coltonunderwood remember that time you wore a sleeveless sweatshirt at the beach and we realized we were 0% compatible and solely meant to be supportive friends?...Well here’s my support,” she captioned the image. “Now keep your damn shirt on and go find you a gal.” 

    “Hahaha! Thank you friend,” Underwood later replied, including a peace and heart emoji. 

    Underwood and Booth first dated before he competed for Becca Kufrin’s heart on season 14 of The Bachelorette. The two later continued an on-again, off-again relationship on season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise, and eventually, called it quits forever. 

    During The Bachelorette finale, Kurfin accepted a proposal from Garrett Yrigoyen. She shared a sweet throwback photo of herself and Underwood from the season 14 premiere. 

    “Colton, as you once told me ‘let’s get tonight poppin.’ So go get em tiger! Excited to meet your women and have you take us on your lurve journey (drink),” she wrote. “It’s going to be one helluva ride, but hopefully worth every second. All my love and support to you because you deserve it.”

    Former Bachelor Ben Higgins said that The Bachelor was “def upgrading their bachelor this season.”

    Higgin’s ex, Caila Quinn, couldn’t believe it had been three years since her season and admitted to still “gather[ing] girlfriends to watch the premiere.” 

    Another former Bachelor, Sean Lowe, eased Underwood’s nerves by telling him that “it’s all pretend anyway and it will in no way affect your future.” 

    Everyone’s favorite bartender Wells Adams recorded a video message, wishing the new lead good luck. “This is a message for Colton, the new, most beautiful Bachelor ever—hope Nick’s not watching this or Ben—anyways...good luck,” Adams said. 



    A message from our wise #BachelorInParadise bartender, @wellsadams!

    A post shared by Bachelor in Paradise (@bachelorinparadise) on

    Former bachelor on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, Chase McNary, promised to watch “every moment” of the premiere” to see “which direction life will turn for Colton.” 



    There I stood, like so many before me and like the 30 contestants tonight will. After stepping out of the limo, or something of the sort, into a whole new world. Most will experience reality TV. Some will feel the effects of public notoriety, and few will have their lives completely overhauled. I am grateful for the highs and the lows that I have been able to experience since my time in that driveway. And I have all of you, Bachelor Nation, to thank! Now, it’s time to witness which direction life will turn for Colton and the 30 women that will walk across that watered down driveway! I’ll be watching every moment at @revelsocial. Where will you be watching? #thebachelor @coltonunderwood #abc #bachelornation #revelsocial

    A post shared by Chase McNary (@chase_brody_mcnary) on

    And of course, Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison reassured fans that “it’s not too early to start drinking wine.” He also warned fans that, if they haven’t purchased their choice of wine for the night, they “should almost be panicking.” 

    Underwood himself also took to social media on Monday to express excitement about his journey to find love. 

    “Today is the day! The premiere of The Bachelor airs tonight and I can’t wait for you all to experience what I did,” he captioned on Instagram. “Love isn’t always pretty, clear or easy...I learned that on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise and I’m so grateful for those opportunities to grow as a person. Tonight, you will meet 30 incredible women & starting following our crazy ride. You all are in for a great that taught me many things. See you all tonight!”

    Well, buckle up everyone. Because The Bachelor season has started, and it seems like we are gearing up for a wild time. 

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