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A Collegiette's Guide to Life

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    JQ Louise is a food and travel writer based in Boston. She has written for Teen Vogue, Style Me Pretty, Paste Magazine and several other publications. You can also occasionally find her on the Food Network Snapchat! She loves to share her travel tips and tricks on her blog and her Instagram account @jqlouise. Catch her first book called "Boston Food Crawls".

    Paris is a magical city filled with exciting places to go, delicious food to eat and amazing cultural gems to see. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your next trip to the City of Lights.

    1. Leave room in your schedule

    Paris is filled with a lifetime’s worth of sites to see. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, pick a few big key spots or activities you care about the most and stick to that list. Do 👏 not 👏 over 👏 plan. Allow plenty of time for wandering through the streets and lounging at cafes. Paris is a people-watching haven! And don't worry – you can always come back again to see all the things you missed on your first trip.

    2. Watch your budget closely

    You’ll find every luxury in Paris, for a price. But luckily, you can also enjoy many luxuries on a budget! For example, many Michelin-starred restaurants have much more affordable lunch menus. Or, if you are dreaming of staying at one of the top hotels but can’t afford a room, why not check them out for afternoon tea? You’ll get top notch service and be able to luxuriate for an afternoon. I recently enjoyed tea at the Park Hyatt Place Vendome and it was just perfect! So do your research to find ways to stay within your budget.

    3. Consider taking a day trip outside the city

    One of my favorite things to do when I am in Paris, is to actually head outside of the city to Versailles. Versailles is a 17th century palace about 30 minutes outside of Paris. You can just hop on the train to enjoy the acres and acres of manicured gardens, plus the gigantic palace itself. Oh, and you are guaranteed some epic pics!  

    4. Know when to splurge

    Setting a specific budget for a trip helps you keep track of where you can splurge and where you should be more frugal. And for a trip to Europe all that starts from the moment you step on the plane to your destination. Paris is at least an overnight flight from the United States, so you are in for 6+ hours onboard. And luckily for all us millennial travelers there are so many more airline options available these days. Budget airlines are offering amazing services at a fraction of the cost of many traditional carriers. On a recent trip to Paris we flew in the Norwegian premium cabin and were able to enjoy a ton a leg room, in flight dining and a first class level of service and not to mention complimentary drinks throughout the flight. Sometimes it is worth it to start off your big trip with some self-love!

    5. Don’t shop till you drop

    Paris is home to every designer you can think of, but if you wish to shop or even visit their flagship store, be ready to wait in line – a long line. If you want to visit the flagships of any of the big boys, i.e Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Goyard, etc., get there at least 10-15 minutes before they open to make sure you can get in right away. Otherwise, the wait times just to enter could be an hour or more if you arrive later in the day. So if a new bag is your treat-yourself-moment on your next trip to Paris, get there early so you can come home happy.

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    On Tuesday night, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest congresswoman in history at 29-years-old, but even that amazing achieving does not exempt her from typical millennial problems like trying to afford an apartment in a super-expensive city like Washington DC. And with median rent in Washington D.C. coming in at $2,700, it’s no wonder that she’s having some difficulty finding a place to live.

    Unlike other politicians, Ocasio-Cortez comes from a fairly modest background. At the beginning of her campaign to represent New York’s 14th Congressional District, Ocasio-Cortez was still working at a bar. As  MSNBC reports, Ocasio-Cortez used the bar to help her political side-hustle, storing important campaign materials like political literature and a change of clothes behind the bar so she could canvass after her shifts.

    However, she has used this personal dilemma (which is all too familiar to other young people in the U.S.)  to spark a larger conversation about how issues like housing affordability affect many other Americans.  Recently, Cortez tweeted that her housing predicament was an example of “many little ways in which our electoral system isn’t even designed (nor prepared) for working-class people to lead.”

    Unfortunately, Ocasio-Cortez also faced some backlash regarding her financial predicament when, according to The Hill, Fox News hosts mocked her for her finances, calling her “a little, simple person” and using the extravagance of the outfits she wore at photoshoots to prove her hypocrisy. In response, Ocasio-Cortez clapped back, tweeting “it’s been very revealing to see how gleefully Fox News hosts crack jokes about working-class people.”  

    While finances might be a little tough at the moment, Ocasio-Cortez is going to be just fine. Townhall reports that Ocasio-Cortez has prepped for the months before she takes office and starts receiving her $174,000 yearly salary as a congresswoman.

    In addition to saving up some money before leaving her bartending job, Ocasio-Cortez admits that she and her partner have worked together to make the most of the situation.

    “We’re kind of just dealing with the logistics of it day by day, but I’ve really been just kind of squirreling away and then hoping that gets me to January,” she said.

    Hopefully, when Ocasio-Cortez gets into office,she can start to work to fix these problems, but until then all we can say is: Honestly, girl, same.  

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    I Did A Thing is our weekly advice column where the Her Campus editorial team helps you out when you ruin your own life (hey, we've been there). Email for any and everything you need help with. We’ll answer you (anonymously!) on so we can all learn, together. We’ve got your back.

    @awkwardandshy: I've been feeling really unsure of myself lately. I just feel weird and awkward and just straight up alone, like I don't have any of the real friends I should have at this point in college and like I haven't done the things I should have done at this point in my life. How do I stop feeling so shitty? I feel like I used to be confident, but lately I just don't feel like it at all.

    @LaneMoore: Hey dude! First of all I am literally you. I have no idea what your backstory is, or what your childhood was like, but from this question alone, I am so you and I would hug you if I could. I feel like a giant pile of weirdness all the time, and wonder if I have friends the way other people have friends, and the main thing I hear in your question is that you’re in a nightmare cycle of comparison. I just spent the last few years writing a book about loneliness and having “the right” everything and how shitty that feels, and if you think I wrote it because I’m healed and I’ve solved it, LOL, no.

    What I can tell you is: please stop comparing yourself, which I know is hard as hell because I still do it all the time. If you can, accept that right now you’re sure of nothing and you don’t have what you’re “supposed” to have. OK. So that’s how things are. What good can be found in your life anyway? What joys can you still find within that? Plus, you truly never know if other people are better off. The people you’re comparing yourself to might be miserable, or had privileges you don’t have, or know things you don’t know.

    It’s a process, it’s not easy, but right now, you’re still good enough, even in this pain.

    Check out more advice from @helpmehc. We've got your back. You can learn more from Lane Moore, today's guest columnist, in her book, How To Be Alone. 

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    Telemachus “Tel” Orfanos, 27, was one 12 people killed in a mass shooting Wednesday night at a bar in Southern California  where more than 100 people had gathered to celebrate “College Country Night.” In addition to being an Eagle Scout and a Navy Veteran, CBS reports that Orfanos was also a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting in October 2017, which claimed the lives of 58 people.

    Orfanos was actually one of several Las Vegas shooting survivors in attendance at the Borderline Bar and Grill when the shooting occurred. One such survivor, Nicholas Champion spoke to CBS News about the trauma of living through not just one, but two mass shootings.

    "It's the second time in about a year and a month that this has happened," he said. "It's a big thing for us. We're all a big family and unfortunately, this family got hit twice."

    According to ABC News, the shooter, identified as 28-year-old Marine Corps veteran Ian David Long, legally purchased the .45 caliber handgun he used to commit the massacre. Since the shooting, there have been many cries for the government to take action to prevent future shootings, including one from California’s governor-elect, Gavin Newsom.

    In a statement published by CNN, Newsom said that “Simply saying 'enough is enough' isn't enough. We must address the root causes of these devastating acts at every level of government."

    However, one of the most impassioned pleas came from Orfanos’ mother, Susan Schmidt-Orfanos. Standing outside her family’s home and clearly overcome with emotion, Schmidt-Organos made it clear that “thoughts and prayers,” the go-to consolation after such tragedies, would not be enough this time.

    "My son was in Las Vegas with one of his friends and he came home. He didn't come home last night” she said. “And I don't want prayers, I don't want thoughts, I want gun control and I hope to God nobody else sends me more prayers. I want gun control. No. More. Guns."

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    Dana Nessel, Michigan’s newly-elected attorney general, has made history as the first gay person to hold statewide office there, the Advocate reports. Her closest opponent in the five-person race, Republican Tom Leonard, conceded Wednesday morning, saying she “ran a smart campaign and earned the voters’ trust,” according to The Detroit News.

    This win means she also got to participate in what appears to be a time-honored tradition of politicians kissing their wives to celebrate a big win. A Facebook video posted by Between the Lines captured the moment in Nessel’s almost-victory speech from Tuesday night.

    “And for all of you out there that can’t handle the fact that I’m about to become the first openly gay person to hold statewide office [in Michigan] …” she said, before turning and kissing her wife, Alanna Maguire.

    Nessel was refreshingly defiant in the face of the homophobia she endured during her campaign. According to MLive, despite making it clear that helping the residents of Flint out of the city’s water crisis would be a top priority for her, the vice president of the NAACP branch there, A.C. Dumas, said he wouldn’t support Nessel “because she’s gay.”

    Thankfully, Nessel persevered, and it paid off. The Detroit News reports that Mayor Annise Parker, president and CEO of the LGBTQ Victory Fund, praised her strength, saying “Dana’s struggles and experiences as an openly lesbian woman has forged in her a commitment to fairness and equal rights — and her tremendous passion and energy for uplifting those values will be invaluable in the Attorney General’s Office.”

    Nessel is one of more than 150 LGBTQ+ candidates who won during this year’s midterms, The New York Times reports. This is another step in the right direction for a nation who only legalized same-sex marriage three years ago.

    Though Nessel’s moment with her wife was certainly an inspiring one, I hope we can someday get to a place where LGBTQ+ love doesn’t have to be politicized, and it can just exist. How many news articles have you read about straight male politicians kissing their wives after those victory speeches? The fact that this is news at all, means we still have a long way to go before we can claim equality.

    However, I feel like things have been all doom-and-gloom for long enough, so in the meantime, you can catch me crying over this beautiful, beautiful "rainbow wave." 

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    There comes a time when a huge opportunity presents itself in your life that you just can’t resist, but there’s a plot twist—it consists of you moving away. You may hesitate, or may even jump right at it and accept, but either decision you choose will still be a huge change. Moving out of state for your career is becoming more of a norm and even more encouraged to do. If you are deciding to move, or in the preparation steps, here are a few things to do and remember.

    Create a checklist

    The first thing you should do is to get organized. Moving to a different state is a lot of work and you don’t want to leave one place unfinished before you get to your new home. Creating a checklist of everything you need to do will help you ease your nerves and keep you on top of everything. Your checklist may include: changing your addresses, informing your current place of residence that you’re moving and the many things you need to pack and buy. Following your list will help you stay on track, but you still may run into bumps in the road along the way. When this happens, it’s important to stay calm and have a backup plan just in case.

    "I made a checklist of the legal items I needed to do once I arrived in Canada. These things included registering my car, applying for my health card, and surrendering my US license for a Canadian one,” says Alyssa Howard, graduate of University of Texas at Austin. “While I knew what was required for each of these processes in theory, it was far from smooth to get the necessary paperwork for each of these things. I tried my hardest to plan in advance, but had to contend with what felt like an endless number of curve balls.”

    Make a budget and start saving

    Even though the cost of living is different everywhere you go, you will still have to be able to afford the change so you can live comfortable and be able to handle your bills responsibly. Having a savings account is a necessity not just for every day living, but definitely needed in your preparation for moving. Your lifestyle will change and you may or may not be able to do the same things once you move. Making a budget and a savings plan will help with a smooth transition and keep it continued even after you arrive to your new destination.

    “Budgeting is going to be key to not getting into debt and staying on top of all your expenses including the price of the move, shipping things, driving and tolls; everything adds up,” says Marie Delage, Director of Community & Partnerships of FindSpark. “If you’re looking to live in a new city, do your research and make sure to read reviews of the owner's/ building management and neighborhood you’ll be living in.”

    Make a things-to-do bucket list

    Now that you’re ending one journey and starting anew, you may not know when you can come back and visit. Making a last minute bucket list could be a fun way to leave your old place with a bang. If you run out of time to complete your list before moving, creating one for your new city is definitely a must and will also help with learning the area. Make sure to talk to the people in your new area and ask questions to get a feel of the lifestyle.

    This new journey is scary, a huge change in life, but an opportunity that will bring many new doors. Keeping yourself organized, saving your money and getting out of your old comfort zone before you leave will definitely help you as you move to your new state.

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    If you're a member of Bachelor Nation, you definitely know what the mansion is — where every year, contestants from both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette live for months in hopes of finding true love. But due to the ongoing Woolsey fire, the mansion could be no more

    Located in Agoura Hills, California, the house is right in the middle of the blaze. A source close to production on the show told Entertainment Weekly that the entire lower secondary house has been "destroyed," and before the area was fully evacuated, the back patio of the main house was on fire. 

    The mansion's current status is currently unknown; however, it remains in the burn area. A reality executive from ABC also tweeted that the mansion was in "grave danger." 

    But the famous building isn't the only of its sort that's suffered. Western Town at Paramount Ranch — a set where shows like Westworld have been filmed — and the homes of numerous celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian West, Cher, and Rainn Wilson have all been damaged and forced evacuations.

    In total, the Woolsey fire has burned 35,000 acres and is still 0 percent contained, ABC News reported. More than 250,000 people have been evacuated, and that number is likely to grow as the blaze continues in its third day. 

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    Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first Twilight, is speaking out about her thwarted attempts to make the film more diverse. According to her, these efforts were blocked by none other than Stephanie Meyer, the author of of the novels the franchise is based on.

    Hardwicke told The Daily Beast that she wanted to cast more people of color; however, Meyer "had not really written [the story] that way." 

    "So she probably just didn't see the world that way," Hardwicke said. "And I was like oh my God, I want the vampires, I want them all — Alice, I wanted her to be Japanese! I had all these ideas."

    But Meyer apparently wasn't on board. 

    "And she just could not accept the Cullens to be more diverse, because she had really seen them in her mind, she knew who each character was representing in a way, a personal friend or a relative or something," Hardwicke said, adding that in speaking with Meyer, she specifically noted that in the books, the vampires had "pale glistening skin." 



    Which #Twilight hottie is your #MCM?

    A post shared by Twilight Saga (@twilight) on

    In the end, Hardwicke was able to convince Meyer that Kenyan-born actor Edi Gathegi should play Laurent. "The only reason that came through was he was described as having olive skin," Hardwicke told The Daily Beast. "And I said, there are black olives out there!"

    Afterward, Meyer "was open to the students in [Bella's] peer group being other ethnicities," which prompted the casting of Christian Serratos and Justin Chon. "So we were able to open it up a little bit," Hardwicke said. 

    Read the full interview here, which also chronicles the current 10-year anniversary of Twilight.


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    This spring will mark the 30th anniversary (yes, really!) of the pilot episode of The 'All New' Mickey Mouse Club, and what better way to celebrate than with actual cast members?!

    Two dozen Mouseketeers from seasons 1-7 of the iconic Disney Channel show will reunite May 18-19 (A.K.A. the same weekend as MEGACON!) at the Hyatt Regency Orlando in Florida. Chasen Hampton and Dale Godboldo are among the many former Mouseketeers attending the Mickey Mouse Club Reunion, and NSYNC's Joey Fatone is set to host. 

    Not only will the nostalgia-filled weekend be fun, but the event is supporting a good cause, too. Proceeds will benefit both Orlando-based non-profit efforts and the Always In The Club Foundation

    If you're not convinced yet, you will be after checking out the itinerary:

    SATURDAY 5/18 – “MMC-CON” 8am – 6pm

    • Cast Reunion Panel and Q&A, moderated by NSYNC’s JOEY FATONE ​
    • Autographs and Pics/Selfies with ‘Teers
    • Ultimate Fan Experiences Cool
    • Commemorative Swag
    • Live/Silent Auctions benefiting charity
    • “Blood, Sweat & Mouseketears” - As one of only three ‘Teers on all 7 seasons, the brilliant, sassy, and HILARIOUS Lindsey Alley takes you through her story as a Mouseketeer with her critically acclaimed one-woman show!
    • And so much more to be announced soon! 

    #MMC30 After-party w/ Fans (May 18, 2019) - One Night only: $75 (must be 21 or older to attend)

    • 8pm - 2am: Hosted by JOEY FATONE, featuring LIVE performances and STRICTLY 90’s JAMS!

    SUNDAY MORNING 5/19 – “MMC-Con Soul Sunday”

    • 9am - 1pm: Details to be announced soon!

    Early bird pricing runs through December 31. Get your tickets here:

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    The end of your undergraduate education can be an exciting time, but it's also high-key terrifying. Even if you've known exactly what your plans for after graduation are for years, it can bring uneasy feelings due to the uncertainty of what's to come.

    For some, the end of an undergraduate education means the start of a new, full-time job. Others may move back home for a short period of time (or a long period of time—no judgment here). But for many, this life transition means walking across one academic stage right onto the next: graduate school.

    Not sure if grad school is for you? Never fear! Read on for three ways to figure out if the next adventure in your life includes a second degree. 

    1. Check your finances

    Whether you graduated six months ago or six years ago, your finances need to be part of your plan. When asked about whether finances played a part in her decision to put off grad school or not, Claire Lechtenberg, a Marketing Coordinator at YWCA Central Carolinas, says that one of her main concerns was the amount of debt she would collect.

    "So that's another reason I've taken the employment route," Claire says. "Not only will I build up writing and marketing experience which are transferable skills to any career, but I'm also saving money." 

    There are other options to help with the financial aspect of graduate school if you do need to go right away. Jacqueline Curran, a current graduate student at Queens University of Charlotte, says, "When preparing to apply for graduate school, I researched many ways that I would be able to finance different programs." Since she took a year off and started working full-time at Queens, Curran was able to use the tuition remission benefit that the university offers to full-time employees.  

    Talk to the financial and academic advisors at the university to see if there are any teaching or research assistant positions. You may be able to get some grant money from working for the university in that capacity. Fellowships can also be a huge source of financial support for graduate students. Take the time to apply for and potentially land some awesome scholarships to help fund your graduate degree; if you're lucky, you may even find enough funds to go to grad school for free.

    Related: 6 Things You Need To Do The Summer Before Grad School

    2. Does your dream career actually need the extra degree?

    One of the best things you can do when trying to figure out if graduate school is for you is to make a rough plan of where you want to be five-to-ten years from now. Think about this: If you could be doing absolutely anything as your career, what would it be? Whatever you think of, write it down and do your research.

    Bobbie Brinkley, a recent graduate from the University of South Carolina struggled with making the choice to go to grad school or not. "There was a part of me that wanted to go to grad school," she says. "because with a master's I could teach some lower level courses at the university I went to." But Bobbie realized that her main focus was to work in fashion or media and you don't need a master's for that. "The biggest reason I didn't go is because to do what I want to do for a career every day doesn't require going to grad school," she adds. 

    Sometimes we make choices based on what everyone else is doing. It may seem like all of your friends are going to grad school, but they probably aren't. There are so many options for your post-grad life that you may not even be aware of. 

    It doesn't matter if you're done with universities for the rest of your life or if you're just taking a short break; look at where you're at and what you can improve on. You can take a course at a community college to build up your skills in a specific area or attend a professional development conference.

    3. Is there another path?

    Regardless of if graduate school is in your future or not, there may be more stepping stones for you to get there. It's totally fine for you to take some time off to learn more about yourself as an employee (and a person) before you take on another degree. 

    There are benefits to taking time off to work, aside from saving up money for that next vacation of paying your graduate school tuition. In addition to being a graduate student, Curran is also an employee at the Queens University of Charlotte Vandiver Career Center where she is able to mentor current undergraduates during their education. She was hired for this job the summer after her graduation from Queens in 2015.

    Curran says that she originally took a year off from school to really figure out what she wanted to do. Having a job right out of college allowed her to learn more about her own work-life balance and helped her figure out what she wanted to do. 

    You don't have to make a decision right away (although, you do need to start planning if you're set on that degree), but while you're thinking about it you should also be asking yourself: Does graduate school make sense for me? And, keep in mind, just because it's a popular option doesn't mean it's all it's cracked up to be.  All things considered, it may just be best to take a year off. You may find that there's something out there you love just as much as going back to get that master's degree.

    No matter what you decide is the best next step for you, keep in mind these words of wisdom from Claire: "There's no one way to live your post-grad life...waiting to figure out what you really want is OK." Your worth isn't determined by the number of degrees you have and, as long as you're passionate about what you're doing, we think you're winning at life no matter what. 

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  • 11/10/18--21:00: Links We Love 11.11.18
  • Parkland survivor votes for the first time. [Cosmopolitan]

    19 posts about men that will make you shake your head. [BuzzFeed]

    They hacked their school district at the age of 12. [Education Week]

    What if the placebo effect isn't a trick? [The New York Times]

    Wireless charging is a scam. [Medium]

    The secret life of a professor who lived with Nazis. [Narratively]

    How to conquer endless shrimp. [The Takeout]

    Victoria's Secret doesn't want plus-size or trans women walking the runway. [Jezebel]

    New study about how we burn calories. [The Los Angeles Times]

    What we've learned about the effects of weed since it's been legalized. [Quartz]

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    The highly-anticipated midterm elections had many history-making races, but there are still some that have yet to be called. Florida secretary of state, Ken Detzner, ordered a machine recount on Saturday for the three closest races, according to the Associated Press. Officials will now start recounting votes to confirm the results of Florida’s U.S. Senate races, gubernatorial race, and agricultural commissioner race. 

    According to Florida state law, a machine recount takes place if the margin of victory is under 0.5 percent. A manual recount happens if it’s less than 0.25 percent. The results for the U.S. Senate seat gave Republican Gov. Rick Scott a 0.15 percent lead over Democratic Sen. incumbent Bill Nelson. It would roughly be around 12,500 votes, CNN reports. The results for the gubernatorial race showed Republican Ron DeSantis with a 0.41 percent lead, which is around 34,000 votes, over Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum. And Democrat Nikki Fried had a .06 percent lead or 5,300 votes over Republican Matt Caldwell for agricultural commissioner.  

    Each machine recount is due at 3 p.m. on Thursday, and if the results are under 0.25 percent, it goes to a hand recount. Already the U.S. Senate race and agricultural commissioner meet the requirement. The hand recount could take longer, but are technically due at 12 p.m. on Sunday Nov. 18.

    Nelson had already called for a recount, despite push back from Scott to concede. “We believe when every legal ballot is counted, we’ll win this election,” Nelson said to CNN. If Scott does officially win, the Republicans would expand their already 51-majority. He's narrowly leading as of right now. 

    But Scott also claimed there was “rampant” election fraud, but did not provide evidence to support his allegations. He called for an investigation and even accused liberals of trying to steal the election. President Trump agreed with Scott’s accusations, accusing Broward County election officials of falsifying votes for Democrats.

    “Rick Scott was up by 50,000+ votes on Election Day, now they ‘found’ many votes and he is only up 15,000 votes,” Trump tweeted. “‘The Broward Effect.’ How come they never find Republican votes?”

    Gillum also had conceded to DeSantis, but withdrew it on Saturday, following Florida secretary of state’s announcement. 

    You’ll have to wait a bit longer to know who’ll win, but the stakes for each outcome is high. Whatever happens in Florida will definitely have huge consequences on the future of not only the state but the country.

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    I Did A Thing is our weekly advice column where the Her Campus editorial team helps you out when you ruin your own life (hey, we've been there). Email for any and everything you need help with. We’ll answer you (anonymously!) on so we can all learn, together. We’ve got your back.

    @awkwardandshy: I've been feeling really unsure of myself lately. I just feel weird and awkward and just straight up alone, like I don't have any of the real friends I should have at this point in college and like I haven't done the things I should have done at this point in my life. How do I stop feeling so shitty? I feel like I used to be confident, but lately I just don't feel like it at all.

    @LaneMoore: Hey dude! First of all I am literally you. I have no idea what your backstory is, or what your childhood was like, but from this question alone, I am so you and I would hug you if I could. I feel like a giant pile of weirdness all the time, and wonder if I have friends the way other people have friends, and the main thing I hear in your question is that you’re in a nightmare cycle of comparison. I just spent the last few years writing a book about loneliness and having “the right” everything and how shitty that feels, and if you think I wrote it because I’m healed and I’ve solved it, LOL, no.

    What I can tell you is: please stop comparing yourself, which I know is hard as hell because I still do it all the time. If you can, accept that right now you’re sure of nothing and you don’t have what you’re “supposed” to have. OK. So that’s how things are. What good can be found in your life anyway? What joys can you still find within that? Plus, you truly never know if other people are better off. The people you’re comparing yourself to might be miserable, or had privileges you don’t have, or know things you don’t know.

    It’s a process, it’s not easy, but right now, you’re still good enough, even in this pain.

    Check out more advice from @helpmehc. We've got your back. You can learn more from Lane Moore, today's guest columnist, in her book, How To Be Alone. 

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    We’ve all been there. You and your SO have split, but he or she is still in your life somehow. Whether you are in the same bio lecture or share mutual friends, you’re constantly running into them. It’s awkward at first, but then you get used to it. Soon enough, you’re getting meals together and texting more frequently. All of a sudden, it feels like you’re veering back into relationship territory. But, you’re broken up…right? Well, maybe not for long. Here are four signs you might be getting back together with your ex without really realizing it. 

    1. You talk to each other when you’re out with a group of friends

    Sign number one that you and your ex are on the road to reconciliation is that you two are only paying attention to each other when you’re out with a large group of friends. According to Lesli Doares, a licensed marriage and family therapist at Balanced Family, it’s not only the conversation that matters—what you discuss matters too. “Talking about or reminiscing about specific times you were together that were positive, or talking about things on a more personal, deeper level” could indicate you are getting back together, Doares says.

    So, when that friendly chat turns from your favorite new Snapchat filters and a funny thing your professor said, to deeper matters like that incredible anniversary dinner you had or how your ex’s dad is doing after his surgery, the two of you might be moving closer to making up. 

    2. You start to spend more time together as a couple instead of a group

    Sign number two, according to Doares, is that you and your ex are slowly starting to spend more one-on-one time together. Doares says that both men and women can initiate this one-on-one time through changing their plans to make themselves more available. “They invite their ex to events needing a ‘plus one.’ They go to the places their ex hangs out. They run errands for them.” According to Emily*, a junior at The College of William and Mary, she and her ex quickly initiated more time together. “Even though we had been broken up for months, my ex and I started texting again, and we went to a soccer game together, so I was pretty sure we'd end up dating for a third time,” she says. If your ex is inviting you to their fraternity’s date party “just as friends” or jumps at the chance to help you pick up groceries for the week, and you say yes, you all are looking more and more like couple material. 

    Related: 5 Subtle Signs Your Ex Wants To Get Back Together

    3. The two of you have frequent “check-ins”

    If you and your ex are still constantly keeping up with each other over text or any social media platform, that is a major sign that you all are potentially getting back together. If these check-ins are innocuous, for example your ex texts you regularly about assignments for a class you are both in, you are probably still friends. But if they become more frequent or veer into territory that is more serious or sensual, that could be a sign the two of you are heading from breakup to makeup. Doares also cautions that “making flirtatious or slightly sexual comments” can be a signal you might be getting back together. Emily says that she knew she and her ex might get back together when they were in constant contact. “When we kept texting each other every day, I knew it was inevitable that my ex and I would start dating again,” she says. Bottom line is, if your ex is the person you interact with most on text or social media, that is a big sign, that you all could be getting back together!  

    4. You start to seriously discuss why you broke up

    According to Doares, if you and your ex start to have the serious conversations about the cause of your breakup, this could be the biggest sign that you are headed for reconciliation. Actually sitting down and discussing the reasons you all went your separate ways is a mature (and sometimes uncomfortable) situation, so if you can handle this discussion with the necessary maturity, you could be ready to give it another shot. Doares says that discussing any concerns you have, whether about past behaviors or future commitment, are also indicators that you might get back together.  

    Related: What To Do When You're Still In Love With Your Ex 

    Getting back together with you ex is all fine and good (especially if you all really were compatible), but what if you don’t want this reconciliation to happen? Doares says that the best way to prevent this is to limit any interaction you have with your partner. “If the breakup was initiated by one person, it is cruel if that person keeps the other in their lives. If you work at the same place or still maintain mutual friends, it’s important to be clear about boundaries. It isn’t necessary to pretend you don’t know each other or that you were never a couple. It is necessary, however, to not give your ex false hope. Be polite, but not overly friendly,” she says. But what is the one thing you should never do if you don’t want to reconcile with your ex? “Do not have sex with them—ever” Doares says. In general, Doares says that it is best to exercise caution when it comes to remaining friends post break-up. “Be careful about remaining friends” she says. “This is often seen by the person who didn’t want the breakup as a way to try to get back together and keeps both of you from moving on.”

    Overall, it’s up to you to use your discretion when determining if a reconciliation with your ex is the best choice. You are the one that knows yourself best, so listen to your heart and mind before you make the leap!

    *Name has been changed. 

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    You never know when you will meet a celebrity. Whether you decide to play it cool, act like you’re unfazed, or freak the hell out and say something completely embarrassing, we are just bound to have at least one celeb moment. Trust me, it happens more often than you think and one viral Twitter thread proves just that. 

    Twitter user @rachyymarshall started the string of embarrassing moments when she asked her followers, “What is the stupidest thing you’ve said to a celebrity?” She even included her own memory, “I once told Gaga she looked like MARY Antoinette. I meant Marie.”

    She also provided us with some video evidence.

    And of course others just had to join the conversation, and the thread became viral. For instance, one user couldn’t contain their excitement when they met Brendon Urie. The only thing they could ask him was about the last time the singer ate chicken nuggets.

    Another Twitter user said they yelled “Hey, Kylie, can I get a picture?” to Hailey Baldwin. YIKES!


    If those weren’t funny enough, I rounded up some of the best ones for your enjoyment: 


    Love the decor, Obama.

    *nervously giggles in her presence*

    Is she even real??

    Basking in the awkward silence.

    But like Cher...

    You're a wizard, Harry!

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    Halsey is the definition of a total badass in my book. Just seconds before heading to the Saturday Night Live stage on Saturday, the singer got and debuted a new tattoo. 

    The ink came right before she performed with Lil Wayne for their new song “Can’t Be Broken.” The rapper was SNL’s musical guest, and Halsey made a surprise appearance. Meanwhile, Halsey's new tattoo was hidden underneath an oversized jacket during the performance. 

    “Thank u for making this lil girl’s dreams come true. Just performed “Can’t Be Broken” on @nbcsnl with @LilTunechi!!!!! PINCH ME,” she tweeted. 

    She marked the moment in ink and even had Lil Wayne write the lyrics from his song “She Will” on her arm. Halsey showed a close up of the new ink on Instagram and said, “‘On my Libra scale I’m weighin sins and forgiveness’ Got this yatted by @jonboytattoo seconds before walking onstage thanks for writing this one out for me @LilTunechi.”  The photo shows a still reddened tattoo of a scale between the words Sins and Forgiveness. 

    Honestly, I am impressed that she pulled off a flawless performance after just getting a tattoo. If that were me, I’d probably wouldn’t have been able to move. 

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    With the recent politicization of reproductive rights and fears about the defunding of Planned Parenthood, words such as “abortion” and even “sex” remain controversial. But these words and their implications should not be taboos—and neither should birth control. The purpose of birth control is often considered as solely preventing pregnancy, but that’s not the only reason why you might be taking the pill. A 2011 study from the Guttmacher Institute shows that 58 percent of pill users use the pill for at least one purpose other than pregnancy prevention, with 31 percent of these 58 percent using birth control methods for cramps or menstrual pain.  

    Dr. Ana G. Cepin, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University and director at the New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Family Planning Clinic, says that it’s important to know that birth control is not a catch-all term. There are more options than just the Pill. “Birth control has long acting methods, such as intrauterine devices (IUDs), injections, implants, as well as the pill, the patch, and the ring,” she says. “All of these methods have potential benefits outside of just contraception.”

    All of these methods also have different frequencies (e.g. while birth control pills must be taken every day, the ring is applied once per month). Regardless of the form, here are a few non-contraceptive reasons why you might want to use birth control. 

    1. It helps with irregular periods

    Dr. Beverly Gray is an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Duke University Medical Center and the director of the Ryan Family Planning Clinic. She finds that the main reasons patients use birth control for non-contraceptive purposes is due to problematic menstrual cycles. “Many women with irregular menstrual cycles may not be ovulating regularly,” she says. “By manipulating their menstrual cycles with hormones, you can normalize cycles.”

    While the average menstrual cycle is 28 days long, cycles can range from 21 to 35 days. If your cycle is shorter than 21 days, it is considered to be irregular. “Women who have irregular, heavy, or painful periods might benefit from a hormonal method,” Dr. Cepin says. “These methods all work by stopping ovulation, so you don’t have the cyclic hormonal changes women have, which may be beneficial, for example, for patients with migraines associated with their periods.” If your period is irregular, normalizing it will help to stabilize some of the negative symptoms you experience around that time of month.

    Samantha Burke, a graduate of Siena University, has found the pill to be a huge help with her periods. “It brought my period from 7+ days to 3-4, and starting my pack on the right day meant that I never had my period on a weekend!”

    During the first month after starting birth control, you may experience some negative side effects, but as long as you’re prepared for them, you should be fine!

    2. It can stop your period

    You may want to stop your period for a number of reasons. One major patient group that wishes to do so is transgender men (those that were assigned female sex at birth and identify as men). If they don’t wish to have their menstrual periods, they should follow the same methods as cisgender women who wish to stop their periods, temporarily or otherwise.

    Dr. Gray cares for transgender male patients who may still be menstruating. “There are times where I will use contraceptives to stop periods for that patient population,” she says. “The birth control methods we typically use to help stop periods are the hormonal IUD, Depo-Provera (contraceptive injection), or taking birth control pills continually (skipping the placebo pills).”

    These methods can also be used for a cisgender woman who might want to stop her period. “Women might want to avoid having a cycle for convenience — for instance, going on a trip,” says Dr. Gray. “They may also have significant PMS symptoms or menstrual migraines that could be avoided by skipping cycles.”

    A common concern about doing this is that it’ll affect a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. Dr. Gray says that that’s not the case. “Birth control pill use does not impact fertility.” So, if you’re interested in suppressing or stopping your period for any reason, however, the first step is reaching out to your doctor.

    3. It reduces pain during periods

    There can come a time, especially for some women, when dark chocolate and heating pads cannot decrease the debilitating pain they experience during their periods.

    Dysmenorrhea, also known as painful periods, is the most common menstrual disorder, with over 50 percent of women experiencing pain during at least 1-2 days of their period, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Dysmenorrhea is often caused by high levels of prostaglandins, chemicals in the body with hormone-like qualities. As their level increases in the lining of the uterus, pain tends to occur; however, as the lining is shed, the pain decreases. Birth control methods, such as the pill and IUDs, that contain estrogen and progestin hormones, can help treat dysmenorrhea.

    “The methods that work the best to help with painful periods would stop your period – the hormonal IUD and the injection,” Dr. Cepin says. “With the pill, the patch, and the ring, since your bleeding is lighter, cramping also tends to be lighter. These medicines can be taken in a continuous way where there is no withdrawal bleed - so you may not get your period – if you take that way under the supervision of a physician.”

    Birth control pills with low doses of estrogen can help to stabilize your estrogen levels because when one’s estrogen levels fall, migraines can occur. However, the pill has different effects on every user. If you’re finding that your migraines are getting worse, talk to your doctor about switching to a different type of birth control pill.

    Your pain may be more severe. Endometriosis occurs when the endometrium, a layer of tissue that covers the inside of the uterus, grows outside of the uterus. This leads to pain, especially during menstruation. “For women who have endometriosis or pain with their menstrual cycles due to other reasons, hormonal birth control methods can decrease the amount of menstrual blood and the size of endometriosis implants,” Dr. Gray says. “It [hormonal birth control] decreases the inflammatory process that occurs in menstrual cycles that can increase pain and discomfort.”

    Birth control isn’t a cure for endometriosis, but it can help with discomfort, cramping, and pain.

    4. It decreases acne and excessive body hair growth

    Breakouts are caused by many factors, but changes in your hormones are near the top of the list.

    As a result, the birth control pill is great for helping with hormonal acne and body hair growth. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, androgens, male sex hormones, can cause acne by triggering oil glands in the skin. “Pills with decreased androgenic activity help decrease the level of androgens in our system, which tends to improve both acne and abnormal hair growth,” says Dr. Cepin.

    Not all birth control methods are effective for treating acne, however. “Combined birth control methods can be used as a treatment for abnormal hair growth (hirsutism),” Dr. Gray says. “They increase the sex hormone binding globulin, which binds to the testosterone that circulates in a woman’s bloodstream. This has the effect of decreasing hair growth.” While your hair that’s already there won’t go, it can prevent future hair growth. In fact, according to Dr. Gray, “some birth control pills are used specifically for this purpose: “combination” oral contraceptives, that contain both estrogen and progesterone.”

    If you want to get rid of a sudden breakout, getting on birth control might not be your go-to; there are some simpler options.

    Emily Schmidt, a sophomore at Stanford University, has been taking the Pill for the past six weeks to treat hormonal acne. “I’ve already seen an improvement,” she says. “I used to get terrible hormonal acne on my chin and T-zone but fewer infections have developed before my last two periods.” However, if you want to treat hormonal acne without birth control, there are plenty of other ways as well that you might consider.

    5. It helps treat PCOS, PMS, and PMDD

    More serious medical health issues can also be treated by birth control methods. One issue that can be treated is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition that’s diagnosed for women with irregular menstrual cycles, a lack of menstrual cycles, or signs of excess male hormones. “If women don’t have any other medical issues that would be causing these issues, they receive a diagnosis of PCOS.”

    “PCOS is not something birth control can necessarily treat, but birth control methods can help to manage some of the possible complications,” Dr. Cepin says. “One complication of PCOS is not knowing when or how heavy your period will be. Additionally, if you don’t bleed for a prolonged period of time, an abnormal growth of cells that line the uterus can develop, leading to uterine cancer. Taking methods that help regulate your bleeding is very important for women with PCOS.”

    Mood changes from PMS and PMDD, a more extreme version of PMS, are caused by hormonal fluctuations right before or during the placebo week. “All methods that stop ovulation – the pill, the patch, the ring and injections – can help improve PMS symptoms, because your normal cycling of hormones is not occurring,” Dr. Cepin says. “A continuous birth control pill can help skip the side effects. Women who take a birth control with a shorter placebo period have fewer PMS symptoms.”

    Birth control has expanded women’s opportunities, providing them with more stability and power in their lives. At times, however, there seems to be a negative connotation associated with birth control. Dr. Cepin believes that it’s less of a stigma and more of misconceptions around a lot of birth control methods.

    “Women who are in need of contraception for contraceptive reasons should use it regardless,” she advises. “Women not in need of contraception but who have medical conditions should certainly do so under the advice and management of their physician or care provider.”

    Moreover, birth control has different effects on every individual that uses it. The non-contraceptive benefits—a decreased risk of ovarian cancer, more controlled bleeding, reduced risk of period migraines, protection of the uterus—vary from method to person. As always, be sure to consult with your doctor about what’s best for you!

    We should support all women’s decisions of whether or not they chose to use birth control. In this multi-factored decision making process, it’s important to be aware of your options and what your choices are—and that these options and choices continue to exist for all women.

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    Sure, you’re technically an “adult” when you turn 18 — but let’s be honest: turning 21 is when those grown-up ~feels~ start to set in. You’re over half of the way to graduation and can legally drink wine to your heart’s content — it’s time your wardrobe reflected your new adult-ness. Read on for seven pieces you should part ways with when you turn 21 — and what to replace them with.

    1. Flip-flops that aren’t for the beach

    In addition to being super terrible for your feet, flip-flops, especially those of the rubber, waterproof variety, make pretty much any outfit that’s not a swimsuit look a bit too laid back.

    Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t still show off your amazing pedicure in a different pair of sandals! Slides are the perfect grown-up version of flip-flops — you can throw them on and go, but they’re also way more sophisticated. Try this pair from Adidas for a fun, beachy look.

    2. Anything with the tags still on it

    We all have one: that top you bought years ago thinking it would become one of your favorites, and yet, it sits in the back of your closet unworn and with the tags still attached. No matter how cute it is, if you’ve made it through three-plus years of college without needing it, chances are it’s time to part ways. Make some moolah by selling it to a local thrift or consignment store, or invite some friends over for a closet swap!

    3. Uncomfortable bras and underwear

    There’s nothing better than finding a super comfy bra or pair of undies that fits you just right — and at the same time, there’s nothing worse than itchy, saggy or just generally uncomfy underpinnings. We know, that lacy thong is hot AF — but if you can’t even look at it without feeling uncomfortable, it’s not worth keeping. Ditto with anything that’s ripped or has fraying elastic.

    The bright side? Once you’ve gotten rid of those pieces sitting at the back of your undies drawer, you have the perfect excuse to *treat yourself* to some new panties and bras that are equally parts comfy and sexy.

    4. Stretch “jeans” that are actually just leggings

    Skinny jeans will always be a classic — so as you transition into being an ~adult~ you’ll probably want to have something on hand that’s a little more sophisticated than ultra-tight skinny jeans that are actually just spandex leggings in disguise.

    Instead, exchange your jeggings for a mid-wash pair with a fit that’s a little more relaxed and made from higher quality denim — they’ll instantly become part of your go-to outfit. This cropped version from Levi’s is the perfect way to show off a cute pair of ankle booties or heels.

    5. High school T-shirts

    We know, we know — nostalgia! But chances are, these are taking up at least an extra drawer or shelf in your closet that they don’t need to be — and let’s be honest, how often do you really wear them for anything other than sleeping or cleaning your apartment?

    If you have a few you want to keep around and are in the mood to get crafty, a T-shirt quilt may be in order — but until then, replace that varsity soccer tee with this super cute option from Madewell.

    6. Cheap jewelry

    If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably racked up enough jewelry from places like Forever 21 to last a lifetime — and while these pieces are great ways to rock short-lived trends, they also tarnish quickly and can turn your skin green. Throw out anything that’s broken or tarnished beyond repair and instead save up and invest in a few quality pieces that won’t go out of style to supplement your trendier baubles.

    7. Stretchy, body-con pieces

    By now, you’ve probably realized that “going out clothes” can mean more than just an elasticized body-con dress or skirt from H&M. Ditch the skintight, solid-colored pieces and get more creative with your night out look. A sheer top paired with a bralette or a denim wrap mini skirt are equally sexy — and you won’t look like every single other girl at the party.

    Now that you’re officially grown up AF, your closet should reflect it!

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    Name: Stacy Copp
    Job Title & Description: Postdoctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Soft matter physicist
    College & Major: University of Arizona (BS Physics and Mathematics) and University of California – Santa Barbara (Ph.D. Physics)

    It's undeniable that our lives wouldn't be the same without the perpetual innovation behind STEM industries. We aren't the only ones who agree because the L'Oreal USA For Women in Science fellowship has been helping skilled women in STEM advance their research. Offering millions of dollars in grants since 2003, L'Oreal's postdoctoral fellowship program also implements necessary representation in multiple STEM fields, where women are often underrepresented (particularly at the postdoctoral level). Thankfully, we were able to talk to one of the 2018 L'Oreal USA For Women in Science fellows, Stacy Copp, about her research in new materials and how mimicking certain aspects of biology could be a key component to our future technology. 

    Her Campus: What does your current job entail? Is there such a thing as a typical day? In your opinion, what is the best part of your job?

    Stacy Copp: I am currently researching ways to create new materials that generate and/or control light. I have always been inspired by the elegant ways that biology can do this. In photosynthesis, for instance, light is converted into the energy that plants and algae need to grow and thrive. If humans could make new materials that mimic aspects of what biology does so well, we could revolutionize technologies in energy and medicine. The best part of my job is that I’m always learning new things. I’m trained as a physicist, but I work in a very multidisciplinary environment with chemists, computer scientists, and engineers. I love the constant challenge and being forced outside of my comfort zone because that is where I learn the most.

    HC: What inspired you to apply for the L'Oréal USA For Women in Science fellowship?

    SC: My Ph.D. mentor mentioned the L’Oréal USA for Women in Science fellowship to me while I was still in graduate school and told me to keep this opportunity in mind when I became a postdoctoral researcher. I am so glad I followed her advice!

    HC: How will you use the fellowship grant to propel your research? Likewise, where do you hope your research and career take you after you’ve completed your fellowship?

    SC: I am very excited that this fellowship will support my research expenses, including the costs of chemicals and lab supplies that I need for my work. This will allow me to take my research in some exciting new directions.

    Long-term, I hope to pursue a career where I can keep doing what I love: researching new materials, constantly learning new things, and teaching and mentoring others.  I could see myself doing this either as a university professor or a national laboratory scientist.

    HC: How can other college-age women encourage others to explore their passion for science and technology, particularly if they might not be well-versed in a STEM-related field themselves?

    SC: I encourage everyone, regardless of your own interests, to support your peers in the education and career paths that they are excited about.  Sometimes young women pursuing STEM educations feel excluded not just by their STEM classmates but also by their friends, roommates, and coworkers outside of class. It’s so important in every part of our world to have a diverse workforce, and we can all make a positive difference in that direction by explicitly expressing our support for the educational goals of those around us.

    HC: What was your first entry-level job in your field and how did you get it?

    SC: My first job was a volunteer position in a research laboratory at my university. I had heard that getting involved in research as an undergraduate was a good idea, and I’m very grateful to my first research mentor for giving a freshman in college the chance to join his lab!  Undergraduate research is such a great experience for anyone interested in STEM, medicine, and other fields. Don’t be afraid to ask and apply for these opportunities!

    HC: What words of wisdom (well-known quotes, an anecdote from your boss) do you find most valuable?

    SC: One of my undergraduate research mentors told me to keep in mind the things in life that make me happy and to be unafraid to factor those aspects into my decision because no one who is unhappy can live up to their full potential.  Often as students and early career folks, we feel obligated to work all the time so we can be competitive for that next job or internship, but it’s also important to have other dimensions in life, whether that’s hobbies, spending time with friends and family, or volunteering for causes we care about.  Thanks to his advice, I’ve learned better how to be unafraid to prioritize my family and make time for the things I care about outside of work. 

    HC: What has been the most surreal moment of your career thus far?

    SC: When my daughter was 5 months old, I traveled to a conference in Finland… with husband and baby in tow!  The conference was an amazing opportunity, and while it was brutally exhausting to have my family along (babies don’t care about time zones), it was wonderful to hear so much encouragement from colleagues about our decision to come as a family. My daughter has since come to several other conferences with me and even attended a few scientific poster sessions.

    HC: What do you look for when considering hiring someone?

    SC: One thing I consider really important when looking to hire an undergraduate intern is a clear motivation to work hard and overcome challenges. While academic achievement can be an indicator of this, I also like to know about other challenges a student has overcome – perhaps transferring from a community college or working to pay for college. Research takes both knowledge and hard work, and it’s often much easier to teach someone the concepts she or he needs to know than to teach a good work ethic.

    HC: What advice would you give to a 20-something with similar aspirations?

    SC: Don’t sell yourself short. Studies show that, on average, women are much less likely to think themselves qualified for a job than men, even if they have the same skills. So learn to trust your own abilities and look for mentors who can tell you, with honesty, about your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

    HC: What's the one thing that's stood out to you the most in a resume?

    SC: When someone has devoted a lot of time and effort to an important cause outside of their education, this really stands out to me. I like to see that students care not just about their GPA, but also about serving their community, maybe through tutoring or helping people in need.

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    Good morning Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds — we’re all only human, after all. 

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.) 

    Trump’s Tweets About The California Wildfire’s Blamed The Victims 

    Intense wildfires raged in California since Thursday night, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes and more than 100,000 acres of land destroyed.

    In a series of tweets on Saturday, Trump blamed the  California wildfires as a result of “poor” forest management and threatened to cut federal aid. 

    “There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor,” Trump tweeted. “Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!” 

    It was the first time the president had commented on the fires. He received outrage and criticism all over social media, and he still blamed forest management in a second tweet on Sunday. “With proper Forest Management, we can stop the devastation constantly going on in California. Get Smart!” he tweeted.

    The California Professional Firefighters condemned Trump’s tweet: “The President’s message attacking California and threatening to withhold aid to the victims of the cataclysmic fires is ill-informed, ill-timed and demeaning to those who are suffering as well as the men and women on the front lines,” said CPF President Brian K. Rice in a statement. “The president’s assertion that California’s forest management policies are to blame for catastrophic wildfire is dangerously wrong.”

    Twenty-three people have been killed and over 100,000 acres of land across California have been destroyed, according to CNN. 

    Dozens Of Mummified Cats Were Discovered In Egyptian Tombs

    Archaeologists found dozens of mummified cats in a 4,500-year-old tomb, according to NPR.  Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced on Saturday that a team of archeologists made the discovery in Saqqara, which used to be the site of a necropolis in the ancient city of Memphis. 

    The tombs were from the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom, NPR reports. Another sealed door was discovered, leaving the possibility of other untouched contents. 

    The Ministry of Antiquities said their goals in announcing the discoveries was to attract visitors to Egypt’s heritage sites. According to NPR, there has been a significant drop in tourists since the 2011 mass protests to overthrow dictatorial president Hosni Mubarak. 

    Florida Mail-In Ballots Won’t Count In The Recount

    More questions have popped up about what will happen to the ballots found in Miami-Dade County mail facility ever since the announcement of the Florida recount. Now, country election officials have said they won’t count those ballets. 

    The Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections spokesperson, Suzy Trutie, told CNN that they received a total of 266 mail-in ballots. The ballots reportedly kept in a mail sorting facility in Opa-locka, and are believed to be mail-in or absentee ballots that were mailed too late. Trutie said that those ballots won’t be counted in the current recount as they didn’t arrive by 7 p.m. on Election, which is required by Florida state law.

    Reports erupted earlier this week that ballots were still in the Opa-locka facility.The Sun Sentinel reported that a spokesperson for the USPS South Florida District said they had “no information to suggest any ballots were not properly handled and provided to local election officials, per our established process.” The Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections also said there was “zero” chance the ballots were made invalid via USPS, according to The Miami Herald. All ballots are collected even those past the deadline. 

    According to CNN, the ballots won’t be thrown away and preserved for up to 22 months.

    What to look out for… 

    Meghan Markle’s assistant reportedly resigned, so a new position on the royal staff might be available. Apply away ladies! 

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