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    First comes royal love, then comes royal marriage, then comes… you know the rest.

    Kensington Palace announced this morning that Prince Harry, 34, and Meghan Markle, 37, are expecting their first child. The newly wed Duke and Duchess of Sussex are fresh from their highly publicized wedding this May at Windsor Castle in London.

    Prince Harry prophesized about the addition to his family to BBC Newsin November after news of his and Markle’s engagement, “Hopefully we’ll start a family in the near future.”

    Harry and Meghan’s baby will join the newest generation of the British royal family alongside the family of Harry’s brother Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton: Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 3, and newborn Prince Louis. According to The New York Times, baby Markle-Windsor will be seventh in line to the British throne—but, unlike its cousins, will not carry the title of Prince or Princess.

    Meghan made waves as a nontraditional royal wife: she’s biracial, American, divorced, and a self-described feminist. The baby will supposedly have to pay American taxes due to its mother’s dual citizenship. But if being a royal kid also meant growing up in a big ol’ palace, I would gladly take the taxes.

    Baby Markle-Windsor is due in spring 2019, around the same time as another big British event. Because the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union in March 2019, speculators on the Internet have been joking about a topical potential name for the baby.

    I just hope that Harry and Meghan’s dogs, Guy the beagle and a black Labrador who is NOT named Oz, won’t get too jealous of all the attention that the new baby will be getting.

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    In an age when you can buy Cheerios through the Internet, it was only a matter of time before online dating became the new dating. Nowadays, it feels like there are billions of ways to find a SO online. Everything from websites that claim to find your soul mate to the infamous Tinder offer avenues for dating at your fingertips. But with online dating comes a lot of skepticism and fear—can you say “Catfish?” Like anything new, you might be hesitant to try it out, so here are some ways to make sure your experience is safe, fun and hopefully successful!

    1. Know your dating site/app

    There are TONS of dating websites and apps out there, but finding the right one for you can make all the difference. Let’s get real for a second: chances are you’re not going to be on eHarmony if you’re a college student. A lot of those sites have a put-a-ring-on-it mentality that you probably won’t feel comfortable with. Instead, stick with more low-key outlets. Chelsea Jackson, a junior at Iowa State University, says, “I've been using Tinder for the last four years, I've used Bumble periodically and OkCupid once. I've learned that using a dating app really just depends on the people in your area, seeing as I've experienced the good, the bad and the WTF.” You can always go for the basic Tinder or Bumble, but don’t be afraid to check out other similar appslike Coffee Meets Bagel or Friendsy. Take these apps on test runs and find out which one you prefer.

    2. Use your gut

    If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be realistic, if you happen to find a 6’3” Australian man with chiseled abs that doesn’t have the last name ‘Hemsworth,’ it’s probably a scam. As much as we hate to admit it, there are definitely some creeps out there. If it feels like something is off, then don’t sweat it and move along. There are plenty of fish—which is also another dating app – for you to check out!

    Related: 7 Dating Apps You Won’t Believe Exist

    3. Screen out duds

    It’s normal to be hesitant about meeting a blind date for the first time, and online dating is no different. So take some time to get to know them through texting. The best part about dating online is that you’ll never be on a blind date where you discover that you have absolutely nothing in common after two minutes. Having the option to get to know someone before meeting them lets you screen out the spark-less interests before you set up an actual date.

    4. Do a little stalking

    We’re not talking FBI-level, just your basic social media stalk. Check to see if you have mutual friends, and use their social media to get an overall vibe. If they seem non-existent on the Internet, proceed with caution. You never know whether they’re just low-key or lying, so always keep your guard up. Also remember that although social media is a good indicator of whether they’re a decent prospect; don’t write them off solely based on Instagram…not everyone can be photogenic.

    5. Expect a few weirdos

    The Internet is home to losers and douches—it a simple fact. What’s easier than hiding behind a screen while you play out all your f*ckboi dreams? Be aware that you will encounter a few of these dudes. But remember that whether it’s online or in reality, they will always exist. At least you won’t have to deal with them in person. *Swipe left*

    6. Remember why it’s so great

    Online dating is still dating, so it comes with all the same risks but it can be a great outlet. It’s the perfect option for anyone who gets nervous meeting someone new, or just doesn’t like the whole, “girl walks up to guy at a bar” thing. Plus it’s a noncommittal option that lets you have control of the situation. At the very least, all you’re doing is having a conversation—no strings, no awkward pauses.

    Online dating might not be for everyone, but if you’re smart about it, it can pay off. It’s not a perfect science, but if you make sure you’re staying safe about it there’s no reason not to. After all, if you are hesitant but try it out anyways, chances are there’s a guy on there that feels the same way too.

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    How sad to see a whirlwind romance start and end so soon!

    2018’s youth culture/fashion/hair dye power couple Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson reportedly broke up over the weekend, according to People. The “No Tears Left to Cry” singer and Saturday Night Live star began dating in May of this year and quickly got engaged.

    Many fans were stunned at the speed of Ariana and Pete’s relationship, and sources say that was exactly the reason for the breakup. “It was way too much too soon,” a source close to Ariana told People. “It’s not shocking to anyone.”

    The couple met when Ariana served as the musical guest on SNL and quickly developed a crush on Pete. They got together this year, after Pete’s breakup with longtime girlfriend Cazzie David and Ariana’s with late rapper Mac Miller, who passed away on September 7.

    Ariana and Pete remain close and amicable in the face of the mutual split. Hours before news of their broken engagement came to light, Ariana attended the taping of last weekend’s SNL to support Pete. Keen eyes have also noticed that Ariana has not deleted pictures of the couple from her social media, but Pete has deactivated his social media accounts.

    These past few weeks have been publicly rough for Ariana, and fans have been voicing their support online.

    However, Ariana seems to be in good spirits, recording new music and recovering on her own time.

    My condolences to the couple, but this really did all happen SO fast. I feel like we’re definitely going to look back on 2018 as some fever dream that we collectively shared somehow.

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    Everyone’s favorite Hollywood girl crush Blake Lively is reportedly coming back to our TV screens — and we could not be more excited to see what our former Serena van der Woodsen could possibly be up to.

    Following her successful film A Simple Favor, Lively is reportedly in talks with Amazon Studios to produce a scripted television series. Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios, said that the television show will have a fashion theme and even a merchandising component. Viewers will be able to purchase the outfits on the show directly from Amazon. Getting to wear an outfit personally approved by Blake Lively herself? Sign me up ASAP.  

    Salke announced Amazon’s plans for a collaboration with Lively at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, calling Lively“a force of nature” and saying Lively reminded her of “Nicole Kidman”—another Hollywood starlet who recently inked a deal with Amazon.

    Salke stated that Lively has been closely working with writers to ensure that the show remains culturally relevant while promoting the retail component. But if you’ve been hoping that Lively will finally be returning to your television screens, turn on those Gossip Girl reruns—so far, Lively is only confirmed to be producing the developing TV series.

    However, Salke didn’t rule out Lively’s starring role. According to Elle, Salke claimed that they were “close to a deal” with the starlet.

    This isn’t Lively’s first time producing. According to Glamour, Lively recently signed on to produce an adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s book The Husband’s Secret (hint: she’s also the author of Big Little Lies, which is an insanely dramatic book-turned-tv adaptation).

    Whether Lively will simply be producing this new series or starring in it as well, we simply cannot wait to see what our former CW royalty will be bringing to Amazon within the next year. Grab your popcorn, it’s time to binge-watch—xoxo, Her Campus.

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    The truth can be subjective, it can mean something different to everyone. What is important is that you own your truth, which in last week's episode of Manifest, some characters succeeded in doing—while others failed. It is also something the mysterious voice has been promoting and was also the reason Kelly Taylor was murdered at the end of episode two.

    Kelly Taylor's attempt to own her truth

    After returning on Flight 828, Kelly Taylor became convinced she had a special "calling" that led her to speak to the media. Throughout all of her interviews, she consistently said the phrase "own your truth," which Michaela later realizes it's something the mysterious voices has been telling her as well. Kelly was also aware the government had been keeping tabs on her—she heard a clicking on the phone and saw black SUVs everywhere she went. Kelly also became convinced that she needed to live her life differently, that she needed to be more humble and more charitable. This moral change led her to work for illegal immigrants, rather than use their status as a way to leverage loan repayment. On the way towards figuring this out, Michaela and Ben pass by a clock that states the time as being 8:28, harking back to the realizations of episode one. 

    The real question is, what did Kelly know that led to her murder? By the end of the episode, no one had confessed to the murder, even though there were plenty of suspects. For attempting to ferret out the truth, she ended up causing more confusion than illuminating the situation. There is also all the blame she put on the government and the questions she asked of them—is this suspicion something the mysterious voice induced, or did she know something we didn't? 

    Michaela's truth about the car accident that killed her best friend

    Since the pilot episode, it has been clear Michaela has been struggling with guilt over her involvement in a car accident that killed one of her best friends. In episode three, we finally found out the whole story and the truth of how much it has affected Michaela. As shown in a series of flashbacks, Michaela and her friend Evie were out celebrating and both ended the night drunk. Though Michaela tried to convince her friend to take an Uber, Evie protested, saying that Michaela could drive, even though she had also been drinking, because she needed her car the next morning. Michaela chose to do so, which in the end led to Evie's death.

    Now, whenever Michaela attempts to drive, she flashes back to the night of the accident. She decided not to disclose this fact to her psychologist nor the police department, which is how she still managed to be reinstated. Over the course of the episode, Michaela tries to explain her actions and reveal the truth of the incident to Evie's parents. Unfortunately, over the last five-and-a-half years, Evie's mother has fallen ill with dementia, causing her to believe Evie is still alive and to get lost after leaving home. It is her wandering that leads Michaela to finally get back into the driver's seat to find Evie's mother and at the same time, miraculously discover a suspect for Kelly Taylor's murder. Everything happens for a reason in Manifest, and there's no saying how deep this idea goes. 

    Grace's truth about her lover Danny

    Ben's wife Grace has spent the last couple episodes agonizing over her relationship with Ben as compared to that of her mysterious lover, who was finally named as Danny in this episode. Though we have still yet to meet the man (or woman), it is clear Grace is still not fully over their romantic relationship, though she continues to claim it's over. She even says as much to her co-worker, when she tells him it sometimes feels like she's cheating on Danny rather than the other way around. It's unclear how much Danny knows or whether we will ever meet the character, but it's certainly the case that Grace, no matter how much she says otherwise, is not over Danny. She can reassure Ben all she wants, but her relationship with him will never fully heal if she continues to hide the truth about her romantic feelings for Danny and the real extent of their relationship. 

    Saanvi's discovery of the hidden truth in the passengers' blood

    In a side storyline, Saanvi spent the episode investigating a mysterious genetic factor found in the blood of Flight 828's passengers—at least those who have been hearing the voices. After doing a series of blood tests and researching the results, Saanvi found that it seemed everyone had suffered an ischemic stroke—in other words, the marker was a sign the passengers had been brought to the brink of death and then revived. To continue her research, Saanvi wanted to retrieve some brain tissue from Kelly Taylor, but there were no traces of her body in any morgue—the government had already secreted the body away to do their own tests. It's only a matter of time before the government discovers these strange genetic markers and there's also the question of how it has been affecting the rest of the passengers. Right now, only Saanvi, Ben and Michaela know this secret, and their decision of whether to tell the other passengers or not is sure to have consequences.

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    It’s been decided (by me) that 2018 is the year of royal weddings. We got not only the star-studded and much-anticipated wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle but also the equal star-studded and beautiful wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

    While our eyes were on Princess Eugenie and husband Jack Brooksbank, we were also excited for the hats. You know what I mean.



    Oh, and the most talked about Hat and outfit at the wedding.

    Supermodel Cara Delevingne broke Royal Wedding dress code to wear this iconic look of a top hat and fitting tuxedo. The Emporio Armani Tuxedo was a full look with a chic gray tie, silk cummerbund, white button-up shirt, slim-fitting pants and a cropped jacket with a back tail. Oh, and a stunning pair of stiletto pumps to tie the whole outfit together.



    Who wore it better???

    A post shared by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on

    Delevingne’s look stood out the most at the royal affair since she technically broke dress code and was the only women not dressed in a day dress and funky hat. The Royal Wedding dress code, which goes back to 1967, states that women are to wear day dresses and hats, while men are to wear uniforms, morning coats or lounge suits. 

    Let’s be real here, dress codes are kind of dumb (and TBH, a little sexist) and we’re glad to have experienced the amazing look that Delevingne brought and completely rocked.

    Even though Delevingne didn’t go by the rules, no one really cared and we’re all hoping for future royal weddings where the “proper attire” is expanded to allow more tuxedo-top hat wearing guests.

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    A federal judge on Monday dismissed Stormy Daniels’ case against President Donald Trump. According to the Washington Post, U.S. District Judge S. James Otero dismissed the defamation case against the president based on free speech grounds under the First Amendment. 

    Daniels sued Trump after he suggested in a tweet that her story of a man threatening her to not come forward about their alleged extra-marital affair was a lie. The president has denied Daniels accusations of an affair as well as threats. Back in April, Trump called Daniels story“a total con job.” 

    Several weeks ago federal judge Otero hinted that he would dismiss the case, suggesting that the tweet by President Trump was “rhetorical hyperbole.” In September, Otero also said of Trump’s tweet in a hearing, “This is the type of political discourse and commentary that takes place in elections all the time, and I’m troubled that there’s a claim here for defamation.  

    Michael Avenatti, the adult entertainer’s attorney, told the judge “Your honor, this was not political by any stretch of the imagination.” But Otero ruled that Trump’s tweet came under his First Amendment rights.

    In a statement toCNN, Trump’s attorney Charles J. Harder said, “No amount of spin or commentary by Stormy Daniels or her lawyer, Mr. Avenatti, can truthfully characterize today’s ruling in any way other than total victory for President Trump and total defeat for Stormy Daniels.” 

    Otero also ruled that Daniels will have to pay the presidents attorney fees, according to the Washington Post

    Daniels can still appeal the judge’s dismissal, and her attorney said that is the next step. “We will appeal the dismissal of the defamation cause of action and are confident in a reversal,” Avenatti said. 

    As well, Daniels sued the president and his former attorney Michael Cohen for payments made to her to remain quiet about the alleged affair right before the 2016 election. 

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    In Busy Phillipps upcoming memoir, “This Will Only Hurt a Little,” she revealed that she had an abortion at the age of 15. She sat down with Access Live on Monday where she opened up about the serious topic in her book.

    “The difficulty for me came after when I had to share with people that were close to me some of the things that were going to be revealed in the book, and you know just to give them a heads up, and also just to have the conversations that I hadn’t had,” Phillipps told Access Live, in regards to the difficulties in writing about very emotional and personal events in her life.

    According to Refinery29, Phillipps writes after becoming pregnant with her serious boyfriend’s child, his mother became involved. Phillips also writes that she was told it was selfish to have an abortion. “You’re going to murder a baby,” the boyfriend's mother told Phillipps.  

    Phillips said that her parents learned she was pregnant after reading a diary entry. “My mother is who you want in your corner,” she writes, saying she “just supported and loved me.” 

    After the procedure, Phillipps had a school trip to the Vatican in Italy. On the day that would have been her due date, she met Pope John Paul II. In her memoir, she writes how the Pope made the sign of the cross and spoke to her in Italian. She interpreted it as a sign of forgiveness. 

    In speaking with Access Live on the moment, Phillipps said, “This is something that I went through at a young age and really impacted me and affected how I then moved toward the rest of my life and how driven I was and how having children was a huge priority for me.” Phillipps currently has two children, Birdie and Cricket Silverstein. 

    Earlier this month, Phillipps shared an Instagram photo of Christine Blasey Ford and revealed that she was raped at 14 years old— a year before this incident. “It’s important to share these stories because otherwise what’s the point,” she said. 

    Busy Phillipps’ book comes out on October 16, and she will go into detail about both of these stories. 

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    D’Arreion Toles returned home to his St. Loui’s Elder Shirt Loft on Friday night, when a white woman blocked him from entering his apartment, according to the New York Times. Toles recorded and posted to Facebook two days later of the exchange between him and Hilary Brooke Mueller. She can be seen demanding proof that he lives in their building. 

    “Please move, ma’am,” Toles said in the video, which has since garnered over six million views and over 142,888 shares on Facebook. 

    “I can. Do you live here?” Mueller responded, asking repeatedly to see his key in order to enter his apartment.

    “I’ve already answered that question. Excuse me. … You’re blocking me,” Toles told her. 

    Toles eventually gain access to his apartment after showing his key fob, but the woman called the police on him 30 minutes later as she said she felt “uncomfortable” with him in the building. He told the New York Times that the entire experience left him thinking “like you can’t be who you are in America.” 

    Toles was afraid the situation would have turned dangerous. “At the end of the day, why would she call the police on me? I just walked in and went to my house,” Toles said.  It remind him of the white, off-duty police officer in Dallas, Texas who killed an African American man in his own home. 

    Mueller was fired from her realtor job on Sunday. Mueller’s employer issued this statement, according to People, “After a review of the matter the employee has been terminated and is no longer with our Company. At Tribeca-STL we want all residents, guests and visitors to feel welcome, safe and respected.” 


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    Call it childish, but no matter how old we get, we’ll never get tired of crafting! Not only is it fun, but it makes for great (and inexpensive) dorm room decor. With Halloween right around the corner, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to find some great DIY crafts to get our apartments and dorm rooms ready for Oct. 31. Whether you want to prep for your own Halloween bash or just love DIY projects, check out these nine easy Halloween crafts you can complete in your dorm!

    1. Candy Corn Mason Jars

    What you need:

    • Orange, yellow and white spray paint
    • 3 Mason jars
    • Assorted black dyed faux flowers

    Start out by spraying the entire Mason jar white. Once dry, spray the middle portion of the jar with the orange spray paint. Finally, spray the bottom of the jar yellow. Repeat on the next two jars. Accent with assorted black dyed flowers.

    2. Blinged-Out Pumpkin

    What you need:

    • Black spray paint
    • One pumpkin
    • Assorted craft jewels

    Trade in the traditional jack-o’-lantern for this glamorous alternative. Simply spray-paint a pumpkin black (or buy a black plastic pumpkin) and add your favorite “bling” for some pizzazz.

    3. Boo Jars

    What you need:

    • Mini Mason jars
    • Candy corn (or other Halloween candy)
    • Ribbon
    • Scrapbook paper
    • Cardboard letters

    Give your roommates a treat (not a trick!) with this cute Halloween favor. Simply fill your mini Mason jars with your favorite Halloween candy and replace the lid with fall-themed scrapbook paper. Accent with orange and black ribbons and cardboard letters that spell out the word “BOO.”

    4. Halloween Wine Bottles

    What you need:

    • Empty wine bottles (or other assorted glass bottles)
    • Various colors of spray paint
    • Painter’s tape
    • Sharpie marker
    • Mod Podge
    • Black glitter

    Start by removing all labels and residue from your bottles. Then, depending on the type of design you want, tape off part of your bottle using painter’s tape. Spray with the color of your choice over the taped-off area. Once dried, remove the tape and decorate with black Sharpie. If desired, add black glitter by mixing it with Mod Podge and painting over the black Sharpie. 

    5. Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts

    What you need:

    • Empty milk jugs
    • Sharpie markers
    • X-Acto knife
    • Mini lights

    Light up your hall or living room with these easy-to-make Halloween lanterns. Start by cleaning out the milk jugs and decorating them with spooky faces using a black Sharpie. On the opposite side of the face, cut a small flap (about two inches wide and two inches tall) and string lights through the opening, adding five to seven lights to each jug.

    6. Pumpkin Paper Lanterns

    What you need:

    • Orange paper lantern
    • Green paper
    • Scissors
    • Craft glue
    • Green and brown pipe cleaners
    • Wire frame

    Using the green paper and pipe cleaners, create a leaf and tendrils. Attach the leaf and tendrils to the paper lantern by winding the ends of the pipe cleaner around the wire frame. Create a stem by rolling a few sheets of the green paper together into a tapered shape. Attach the stem to the lantern using glue. Secure by wrapping another pipe cleaner around the base of the stem and securing it to the wire frame.

    7. Monogram Pumpkins

    What you need:

    • Monogram template
    • Pushpin or needle
    • Pen
    • Linoleum cutter
    • Keyhole saw
    • Candle 

    Cut a hole in the pumpkin’s base and hollow the pumpkin out. Tape the monogram template to the pumpkin using masking tape. Using pushpins, poke holes to create an outline of the letters. Use these dots as a stencil to carve out the letter, leaving about half the thickness of the translucent flesh of the pumpkin to allow light to show through. Light a candle inside and watch your pumpkin glow! 

    8. Chevron Pumpkins

    What you need:

    • Masking tape
    • Scissors
    • Spray paint (any color)

    Using masking tape and scissors, tape a chevron design around the pumpkin. Spray-paint the pumpkin using any color spray paint. Let dry, remove the tape and voilà: a cute and classy Halloween decoration.

    9. Burlap Ghost Lights

    What you need:

    • Globe string lights
    • Burlap fabric scraps
    • Twill string
    • Sharpie marker

    Add some Halloween spirit to your everyday string light décor by wrapping burlap around the globe bulbs. Tie the burlap pieces at the bottom of each globe bulb using twill string and let the remaining fabric hang. Add a ghostly effect by drawing two eyes on each bulb with the Sharpie marker.

    Now you just have to grab your DIY box full of Mason jars and spray paint and get crafting! Before you know it, your living space will be covered with just the right amount of Halloween decorations. 

    Let us know how your crafts turned out!

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    Good morning Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds — we’re all only human, after all. 

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.) 

    Uber, Lyft To Offer Free & Discounted Rides on Election Days 

    The highly-anticipated midterm elections are less than a month away, and the ridesharing companies Uber and Lyft plans to offer free and discounted rides to the polls

    Uber, in partnership with #VoteTogether and Democracy Works, will give free rides to those without transportation on Nov. 6. The app will also include a “Get to the polls” feature, which will help users to find the nearest polling locations. 

    “Decisions get made by those who show up,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told Huffington Post. “On November 6, I hope everyone does one thing: vote!” 

    Lyft also said that voters nationwide will be able to get a half-off coupon code through voter registration groups like, Nonprofit Vote and TurboVote.  

    According toThe Hill, Voto Latino, Urban League and the National Federation for the Blind will provide free Lyft rides to the polls in areas where their services are provided. 

    Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Died at 65 

    Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and owner of the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers, died from complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma on Monday afternoon

    He died at 65. 

    “My brother was a remarkable individual on every level,” Allen’s sister, Jody, said in a statement to CNBC. “While most knew Paul Allen as a technologist and philanthropist, for us he was a much-loved brother and uncle, and an exceptional friend. Paul’s family and friends were blessed to experience his wit, warmth, his generosity and deep concern. For all the demands on his schedule, there was always time for family and friends. At this time of loss and grief for us - and so many others - we are profoundly grateful for the care and concern he demonstrated every day.” 

    He previously received treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2009, but at the time overcame the disease. Earlier this month, he said he was diagnosed one more time with it. 

    Allen has donated $2.6 billion of his $20.3 billion net worth to philanthropic causes, including climate change, epidemics and ocean health, and to research in areas of brain cancers and dementia, according to Forbes

    Bill Gates, who is Allen’s Microsoft co-founder, released a heartfelt statement: 

    “I am heartbroken by the passing of one of my oldest and dearest friends, Paul Allen,” Gates said. “Paul loved life and those around him, and we all cherished him in return. He deserved much more time, but his contributions to the world of technology and philanthropy will live on for generations to come. I will miss him tremendously.”

    State Department Accidentally Emailed a Cat Photo 

    The United States Embassy in Australia apologizes for the US State Department’s “training error”, after it emailed a fake meeting invite, containing a photo of a cute tabby cat dressed in a Cookie Monster onesie

    The US State Department sent out the email last week, and the US Mission to Australia public affairs counsellor Gavin Sundwall apologized to those who received it. 

    “Sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping to attend this ‘cat pajama-jam’ party, but such an event falls well outside our area of expertise,” Sundwall said, according to Buzzfeed News. “It was a training error made by one of our new staff testing out our email newsletter platform.”

    According to the Australian Associated Press, the subject of the email said "meeting" and included a photo of the cat, some Latin text, and a RSVP link.

    It’s unclear how many people actually received the “cat pajama-jam” invite.

    What to look out for… 

    Speaking of which, Snapchat is adding a selfie filter for your cats! According to BBC News, cat owners can use Snapchat to decorate their pets with hats, glasses and slices of bread. 

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    With the recent surge of cultural pride, it's now more important than ever to partake in supporting and appreciating the beauty in each other's cultural identity. As usual, you should have already read the magical books of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the authenticity in the works of Sandra Cisneros, and the poetry of Pablo Neruda, but it won't hurt to broaden your horizons and try something new with the works of these amazing Latinx authors.

    In no particular order, here are 10 Latinx authors you should be reading:

    1. Lilliam Rivera - Education of Margot Sanchez

    Lilliam Rivera's debut novel revolves around the common issue of being a teenager—trying to fit in. According to Rivera's website, main character Margot Sanchez is punished for “borrowing” her father's credit card to finance a more stylish wardrobe by having to work off the debt in her family’s struggling grocery store. With each order of deli meat she slices, Margot can feel her prep school reputation slipping through her fingers, and she’s willing to do anything to get out of this punishment.

    It's a sort of Pretty in Pink comes to the South Bronx in this bold and romantic coming-of-age novel about dysfunctional families, good and bad choices, and finding the courage to question everything you ever thought you wanted.

    2. Erika L. Sanchez - I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

    According to the School Library JournalI Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter is centered on a tragic accident that takes place on the busiest street in Chicago, which leaves Julia's perfect Mexican sister, Olga, dead, and Julia left behind to reassemble the shattered pieces of her family. But no one seems to acknowledge that Julia is broken, too. Instead, her mother seems to channel her grief into pointing out every possible way Julia has failed. But it’s not long before Julia discovers that Olga might not have been as perfect as once thought. With the help of her best friend Lorena and her boyfriend Connor, Julia is determined to find out.

    The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian meets Jane the Virgin in this poignant but often laugh-out-loud funny contemporary novel about losing a sister and finding yourself amid the pressures, expectations, and stereotypes of growing up in a Mexican-American home. 

    3. Gabby Rivera - Juliet Takes A Breath

    Juliet Takes A Breath focuses on protagonist Juliet Milagros Palante, who is leaving the Bronx and headed to Portland, Oregon. She just came out to her family and isn’t sure if her mom will ever speak to her again. But Juliet has a plan—sort of—one that’s going to help her figure out this whole “Puerto Rican lesbian” thing. She’s interning with the author of her favorite book: Harlowe Brisbane, the ultimate authority on feminism, women’s bodies, and other gay-sounding stuff (goodreads).

    4. Mariana Enriquez - Things We Lost In The Fire

    In these stories, Mariana Enriquez paints a portrait of three young friends who distract themselves with drugs and pain in the midst of a government-enforced blackout; a girl with nothing to lose steps into an abandoned house and never comes back out; and to protest a viral form of domestic violence, a group of women set themselves on fire. 
    But alongside the black magic and disturbing disappearances, these stories are fueled by compassion for the frightened and the lost, ultimately bringing these characters—mothers and daughters, husbands and wives—into a surprisingly familiar reality. Things We Lost in the Fire is a powerful exploration of what happens when our darkest desires are left to roam unchecked, and signals the arrival of an astonishing and necessary voice in contemporary fiction.

    I mean, it even made it on "17 Best Books to Read This Spring" on Oprah's website, so you know it's worth a read.

    5. ​Zoraida Córdova - Labyrinth Lost

    According to Teen ReadsLabyrinth Lost is about a girl named Alejandra (a.k.a. Alex). She is one of the most powerful brujas (witches) of her generation, but she absolutely hates magic. One day (her Death Day, specifically) she casts a spell to get rid of her magic. Something goes horribly wrong and she magically gets rid of her entire family. She then meets an incredibly mysterious brujo boy named Nova, and with the addition of Alex’s best friend, Rishi, they embark on an amazing quest to find her family. To do this, they have to travel through one of the most dangerous places imaginable: Los Lagos, a world in-between where it seems as though anything could happen.

    Through their journey they learn of love, friendships and many other important life lessons.

    6. Benjamin Alire Sáenz - Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

    According to Simon and SchusterAristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe revolves around Aristotle, an angry teen with a brother in prison, and Dante, a know-it-all with an unusual way of looking at the world. When the two meet at the swimming pool, they seem to have nothing in common. But as the loners start spending time together, they discover that they share a special friendship, and it is through this friendship that Ari and Dante will learn the most important truths about themselves and the kind of people they want to be.

    7. Janelle Milanes - The Victoria In My Head

    Fifteen-year-old Victoria Cruz is quite the all-star student: she boasts a high GPA, and runs cross-country and track—but it's not so much because this is what she wants to be doing, it's because Harvard wants well-rounded students, and this Ivy League school is the only option, at least according to her Cuban parents. But deep down, all Victoria wants is a life fueled with her one true love: music. Victoria never dared to chase after this dream, that is until her best friend pushes her to audition for a band led by a 17-year-old named Strand, and her boringly predictable life takes a dramatic turn.

    8. Fred Aceves - The Closest I've Come

    First-time author Fred Aceves gives us The Closest I've Come, a story about a boy named Marcos Rivas, who yearns for love, a working cell phone, and maybe a pair of sneakers that aren’t falling apart. But more than anything, Marcos wants to get out of Maesta, his hood, away from his indifferent mom and her abusive boyfriend—which seems impossible.

    When Marcos is placed in a new after-school program, he meets Zach and Amy, whose friendship inspires Marcos to open up to his Maesta crew, too, and starts to think more about his future and what he has to fight for. Marcos ultimately learns that bravery isn’t about acting tough and being macho; it’s about being true to yourself.

    9. Elizabeth Acevedo - With the Fire On High​

    Author of The Poet X, Elizabeth Acevedo is back at it with a beautiful book published under Harper Collins. Ever since she got pregnant her freshman year, Emoni Santiago’s life has been about making the tough decisions, and doing what has to be done for her daughter and her abuela. The one place she can let all that go is in the kitchen, where she adds a little something magical to everything she cooks, turning her food into straight-up goodness.

    Though she dreams of working as a chef after she graduates, Emoni knows that it’s not worth the time to pursue the impossible. Yet, despite the rules she thinks she has to play by, once Emoni starts cooking, her only choice is to let her talent break free.

    10. Juleah del Rosario - 500 Words or Less

    Juleah del Rosario's latest novel will definitely take you back to the pains of writing essays for your college applications.

    In 500 Words or Less, Nic Chen refuses to spend her senior year branded as the girl who cheated on her charismatic and lovable boyfriend. To redefine her reputation among her Ivy League-obsessed classmates, Nic begins writing their college admissions essays. But the more essays Nic writes for other people, the less sure she becomes of herself, the kind of person she is, and whether her moral compass even points north anymore.

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    For the last few weeks, we’ve suffered alongside Meredith through many impromptu matchmaking sessions with her patient-turned-romance instructor Cece. I'm still trying to figure out why she would turn around and actually pay Cece real money for this when she always tries to redirect the conversation, but they don't put me in charge of the big decisions, so, here we are. 

    Guest-starring none other than Ted Mosby as the new love-interest (though take that word with the world's tiniest grain of salt), last week's episode, "Momma Knows Best," was the culmination of all those second-hand embarrassments inducing sessions, resulting in the most bizarre date maybe ever. Like, it wasn't enough that the day started off with Meredith wearing a full-face of makeup and a suit (because apparently that's the new adult dating attire) and the whole hospital acting like she was a totally different person (come talk to me and my dramatic wing, okay? Then tell me that that was not the tamest full-face look you've ever seen). No, it gets worse than that. Because Meredith already didn't really want to go on this date, despite the clear effort she'd put into her ~lewk~, but Alex, ever the hype man, imposed a rule that she had to spend at least half an hour with her mystery man (because this is a BLIND date, ya'll! We're going back. in. time!).

    At the restaurant, she managed to track down John pretty easily, despite the fact that his name was all she knew about him. After their brief awkward generic introductory first date chit-chat, they actually kind of hit it off? I was skeptical from the start, okay? I know there is a lot of Derek Shepherd discourse but I am of the mindset that Patrick Dempsey should always get the girl, even if his character is dead. Plus, I just can't get his previous characters out of my head. But they both liked travel, he kind of liked that she was married to her work, he was definitely into the fact that she's a big fucking deal in the surgical world (because SHE is the sun), and they both agree to the concept of the "One Thing," that awful thing that one could say to completely ruin a date. So I'm willing to give this guy a chance.

    But then the best thing that has ever happened, happened: John saw a woman across the bar and realized that that was his actual date. That's right, they were cozying up with the WRONG PEOPLE. It was almost like... unintentional catfishing? But, much to all of our surprise, Meredith was actually enjoying herself on this date (let that be a lesson to everyone to keep an open mind! See? It was fun!), so they each texted their respective intended dates that, unfortunately, they wouldn't be able to make it. Remember, this is right across the bar, in plain sight. They dumped their dates, via text, within view of their dates. I can't. But they could! Meredith threw her half an hour rule out the window since they were having such a great time and they kept it going with a walk, but then, the unthinkable happened. JK, they had perfectly set it up back in the restaurant—remember the one thing???? In John's eyes, single mothers were desperate daters. 

    Oh, tough break, buddy. Should have thought to ask if she had kids before dragging her! Better luck next time and, please, don't come back. 

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    Although we are often too ashamed to say it, most of us can probably admit that we enjoy the occasional hookup. There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun, especially if it could potentially lead to something more in the long run. However, sometimes it’s a little hard to discern what is meant to be a one-time thing and what could turn into a healthy, stable relationship. If you’re not sure whether your casual hookup has the potential to be the next #relationshipgoals, here are some signs that may help you.

    1. You've become jealous

    There’s no question that jealousy is a huge indicator that you're starting to “catch feels.” A big reason that most people like hooking up is because they don’t want to commit to a single person. However, when these feelings start to change and you begin to notice that both of you gradually desire exclusivity, that’s a big sign you are both interested in being more than just a casual hookup.

    Shelby Emerson, a freshman at the University of Texas at Tyler, says a little jealousy could be healthy. “Most girls will never admit it, but we can almost all agree that we all get a little excited when we see someone we are interested in get a little jealous,” she says. “Not only is it a sign he/she cares, but it could show you are the only one they are talking to therefore they expect the same from you.”

    Don’t get us wrong, too much jealousy is never a healthy thing, but a little here and there could indicate they want you all to themselves. Everyone gets jealous at some point and that’s totally okay.

    2. Your hangouts are not limited to hookups

    If the person you’re talking to only wants to meet up to get lucky, it’s clear they’re not looking for a relationship. Johnathon Chang, a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, thinks this is a monumental step. “When you begin to do other things with your partner, that’s an indicator,” he says. “This means that you both genuinely enjoy each other’s presence even if it doesn’t give physical satisfaction.” We couldn’t agree more. A relationship takes a lot more than physical interaction and it’s important to have chemistry outside of the bedroom. When sex is no longer an assumed activity when meeting up, that may be a sign you’re ready for more.

    Not only will you be getting more time with each other, but if you’re doing more than just hooking up, you’ll likely venture out and be seen in public together. Most people would rather not brag about their last hookup unless there was a chance it would become something more. No one wants to introduce the new flame as “just someone I’m hooking up with.” Most of us like to keep it a secret and find running into them in public just awkward. Taking the time to introduce your partner to your friends is a huge step because it shows that you are slowly integrating them into your every day life. When you start to become more open about your more-than-friends relationship, it is a big implication that this is more than just a one-night-stand.

    3. You text throughout the day

    We know this may seem to be an insignificant factor, but especially in this digital-centered time we are living in, this shows a lot more than you may think. Texting throughout the day is a huge time commitment and most people tend to get bored of the typically meaningless conversations. When you and your partner are constantly able to carry a conversation throughout the day it shows your partner is genuinely interested in knowing what you’re up to all the time. Angela Huynh, a sophomore at Collin College, explains this feeling. “I never really find myself motivated to text someone I’m not interested unless it’s my close friends,” she admits. “Most of the time, it just ends up feeling like an obligation and the conversation hardly goes anywhere.” Relatable much?

    Texting throughout the day could also mean they care for you emotionally in addition to just physically. It’s pretty obvious when a she/he is just using you for physical needs. Their texts would probably be some variation of “wyd rn.” However, if he or she is texting you constantly about other things, or is there for you emotionally, whether it be helping you through family problems or simply genuinely wanting to get to know you, it’s pretty likely this is more than just a casual hookup.

    4. Communicate with your partner

    When it comes down to it, you’ll never know for sure unless you communicate with your partner. It’s not up to just you if you want to cross the line from hooking up to dating; it’s a two- way street. The best way to be sure is to simply ask and discuss the situation. If you aren't comfortable doing that, maybe you’re not ready for that step. Stephanie Huynh, a sophomore at Lehigh University, could attest to this. “If talking about it is too scary or too big of step I think that's a pretty good sign you're not quite ready,” she says. “Relationships are about communication. If you can't start there, it's not a good beginning.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

    A significant other is someone you will ultimately end up sharing most of your feelings with and being able to communicate with them honestly is vital to a healthy relationship.

    Related Article: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Date Someone New

    Moving forward can be a scary thing. Especially when you’re trying to decide whether you should take the leap from hooking up casually to dating. There are a lot of risks that come from crossing this bridge, but we’re here to help you through it. We know, sometimes not having to worry about feelings can seem easier, but if you think it could be something more, don’t be afraid to try it out! Maybe you can be the next Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf.

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    On Sunday afternoon, a one-year-old bongo calf named Taylor Swift escaped from her enclosure in the Sacramento Zoo, prompting an evacuation. A type of antelope, bongo made its way into the common area where visitors were, which led Zoo staff to tell visitors to evacuate or move into the gift store.

    “I’m just glad we’re safe,” zoo visitor Jessica Serota told CBS. “All today I saw enclosures that didn’t seem as secure as I’d imagine them to be, so that was kind of concerning to me.”

    Baby Taylor Swift was guided back to her off-exhibit enclosure, where her mother was, within 15 minutes of her escape, according to a Zoo press release. It was determined by the Zoo's associate veterinarian, Dr. Jenessa Gjeltema, that the calf had sustained minor abrasions during the incident, but was otherwise unharmed. 

    Taylor Swift, the renowned pop singer (and not the bongo) also weighed in on the event, posting about it on her Instagram story and responding with a pun on her Tumblr page:

    The Zoo is still unclear as to how the bongo escaped her enclosure. In March, a report by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums found many of the Sacramento Zoo's exhibits to be small and outdated, which could impact the Zoo's accreditation. The Zoo is currently considering re-locating to a larger location elsewhere in the city.

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    People feel very strongly about what constitutes a proper bagel – just look at the uproar that occurred in September over Cynthia Nixon's bagel scandal. Apple also recently got on the wrong side of bagel lovers when they released images of their bagel emoji, which looked more like a cheap, store-bought creation than a true New York bagel. To appease their customers, Apple has already released a makeover of the bagel emoji, part of the beta version of Apple's iOS 12.1 and not yet released to the public, adding a thick layer of cream cheese and making the baked good fluffier. 

    The controversy over Apple's bagel emoji began after the Philadelphia Cream Cheese brand posted a poll on Twitter about the lack of cream cheese. Around 80 percent of the nearly 12,000 people who chose to vote were in favor of cream cheese. 

    Philadelphia also organized a petition with the goal of reaching 30,000 signatures as a way to show Apple and the Unicode Consortium (the non-profit  organization approves all emoji proposals) that "that the current dry, sad bagel emoji is unacceptable and needs to be updated to reflect the real thing—a bagel with a schmear of cream cheese."

    Though the petition has only reached around 1,200 votes, as of this afternoon, Apple took notice and replaced the icon with the updated cream cheese-stuffed version. The news spread fast over Twitter, where there were many different reactions, from questioning the importance Apple placed on bagels as compared to diversity to just laughing about all the work it took to create the updated emoji. 

    Now that we know Apple pays attention to users' feedback, how long do you think it will take to get some Mac n' Cheese?

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    Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which it’s cool if you are), then you’ve heard about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's recent breakup. The split was reported by TMZ over the weekend and later confirmed by reps of both Grande and Davidson.

    Many have been wondering what will happen to the $100k engagement ring, the matching tattoos and the 16 million dollar apartment that the "Sweetener" singer and SNL star were sharing in New York City.

    But the true question remains: who get their adopted miniature pig, Piggy Smallz?

    You remember Piggy Smallz right? The adorable miniature pig that we can't get enough of and Ariana used as the muse for her "Breathin'" music video.



    just after she shit on my pillow 🖤

    A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

    Thankfully, there is no need to worry because Grande will be keeping the pig, and probably the apartment since she paid for both of them. This breakup was not a shock to most and was actually expected and wanted after several controversial comments by Davidson on his relationship with Grande—including his joke of replacing Grande's birth control with Tic Tac's so she wouldn't stray away.

    At the end of the day, many are more worried about Grande and her well-being after the breakup. Memes and jokes aside, we hope that Piggy Smallz will be offering her comfort after the breakup.

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    Wedding bells are ringing! Lady Gaga just confirmed her engagement to her boyfriend of almost two years, Christian Carino. E! News reports that the pop star gave a shoutout to Carino during an emotional and empowering speech at Elle's 25th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration on Monday, and referred to him as her fiancé.

    Rumors of an engagement began swirling after Lady Gaga was spotted with a giant pink gem on her left ring finger, which People reports she had been sporting for months.



    A post shared by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) on

    Mother Monster was previously engaged to Taylor Kinney, until their relationship ended in July 2016. Not long after, the singer was seen hanging around Carino. The two were first spotted getting cozy in early February 2017 at Super Bowl LI, and have been by each other’s side ever since. We haven’t seen much of Carino in the public eye, as he does work behind the scenes as a Hollywood agent. But the few times he has stepped out with our favorite starlet, the two always appear to be so in love. Perhaps keeping their relationship on the DL has been the key to success.

    " />

    It’s been an exhilarating past few months for Lady Gaga as she took the lead in A Star Is Born, opposite Bradley Cooper, and got to showcase her impressive acting chops. The soundtrack has garnered such success itself, that it became a number one album, according to The New York Times. She has also been in the spotlight as a supporter of the #MeToo movement and has been praised for speaking openly about her traumatic experience as a sexual assault survivor at Elle’s 25th Annual Women in Hollywood celebration. It’s amazing to see that after all she has been through, she now has true love to celebrate.

    We wish Lady Gaga and Christian Carino the best, and hope that maybe we can score an invite to the wedding!

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    Get your wallets ready. The price of beer may increase up to 34 percent in the U.S. because of climate change’s damaging effects on barley production - one of beer’s main ingredients. Research published by University of East Anglia found that if greenhouse gas emissions continue on their current trajectory, climate change will threaten production of so-called luxury crops like barley and coffee.

    Director of the Brewer’s Association, Paul Gatza, told Bloomberg Environment, “As extreme weather circumstances grow on the planet, we may see barley growing regions shift, but they will be replaced by other growing areas.” Gatza said that the industry knows a big change is coming, so they are focusing on how to prepare for it. 

    Globally, this could mean a 16% drop in beer consumption, and it’s not like wine will be a cheap alternative. Grapes meant for wine production are another luxury good cited by Bloomberg that is likely to be affected by changes in prioritization of crop production.

    Other countries are likely to face a greater price hike that the U.S. in times of severe drought. Forbes reported that Ireland, a country perhaps most well-known for it’s beer consumption, could see a $20 price increase per six pack. If price hikes are put in action, beer will most likely no longer be an affordable drink of choice for millions of people around the world — including college students. 

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    Parveen Kaur, best known for her roles in Saving Hope and American Gods, is continuing the science fiction angle with her new NBC show, Manifest. A mix of drama, horror and crime, Manifest follows a plane full of passengers that appear, with no time lost to the passengers, five-and-a-half years after their flight took off. Kaur plays Saanvi Bahl, a medical researcher who has helped develop a new treatment for leukemia, a disease one of the other passengers is suffering from, and is helping everyone on the plane figure out what exactly happened to them.

    Passionate and sincere, Kaur spoke with Her Campus about Manifest, making us so ready for next week's episode. We discussed what we can expect in future episodes, how she got into acting, how diversity should be tackled in the entertainment industry and more.

    Her Campus: What made you interested in the role of Saanvi in Manifest?

    Parveen Kaur: It’s so funny; we as actors, and as unknown actors, it’s not like I had a plethora of choices. Josh Dallas or Melissa Roxburgh had options coming off of bigger shows. I was auditioning a lot during pilot season and you have a hard time saying no when you’re just starting out. You’re really just auditioning back to back and a lot comes your way. Manifest had the best script I read in all of pilot season so that, mixed with the fact that I was in a place in my career looking for the experience of being on set as working actor, a series actor. I don’t know I would say I had all these offers and this was the best, it was more a combination of well, I need to work and don’t want to be a starving actor.

    HC: How would you describe your character?

    PK: I’ve been saying from day one when I first auditioned that she is such a badass in the sense that she is very ferocious, fierce, dedicated and passionate. She is one of the main characters who is really handling this unfathomable, awful situation with a lot of strength—and she is really grounded in that as well. All the different characters are handling it in a different way, but Saanvi is really focusing on the work and figuring out what happened. She has a lot of attitude and you can see that throughout the season. She is just tough as nails. Like, when I try to put myself in that situation where you have to rebuild your life, I can’t imagine I would be as put together as Saanvi has been in the journey for her.

    HC: The last episode ended with the revelation that the passengers had an obvious genetic marker that pointed to them having almost died. Can you give us any insight into how your character is dealing with this revelation and her role in exposing it?

    PK: We’re going to see a lot of that in episode four, where she’ll be basically confirming what it is that she found. You’ll see her dealing with what that would be like, and without giving too much away, the marker that she does find is a very big find. It’s the first time we see Saanvi crack, maybe close to breaking down—but she pulls through, which I love that she does. You’ll also see how she breaks the news to her fellow plane-mates.

    HC: Is there anything you're really excited for in upcoming episodes?

    PK: Yes! We finally get to see Saanvi outside to the lab and hospital. I’m excited to see her in the outside world where she comes together with another passenger and they have a journey together. She also builds up her relationship with Michaela. They are two young women in a complicated, dramatic situation and both are really trying to figure it out in the best way they know how. I know Ben and Saanvi have been working so well together, and I’m excited to have the world see Michaela and Saanvi together.



    Ein Beitrag geteilt von Manifest (@nbcmanifest) am

    HC: How does it feel to play a role in the medical field again after Saving Hope?

    PK: I have mixed feelings. I would hope that after doing a show like Manifest, as a South Asian, future roles would break out of that stereotype. At the beginning of your career, you have to take a lot of these parts. You have to work and it’s all a learning experience, and best you can do is to try and bring as much humanity and conviction to the role and enjoy the character. I’m hoping these roles are only going to be a stepping stone that sees South Asian women and men play outside of the doctor, scientist and nerdy character. I’m going to push for that going forward. After SavingHope, I said I would never play a doctor again, but then Manifest came along and the way [Saanvi] was presented to me... she was ferocious and had a nice layer to her. So my feeling is mostly a positive one, but personally I would be ready to move on from that after we finish the show.

    HC: Do you have a favorite role?

    PK: All my roles that I’ve played! All the roles you take end up being personal to you one way or another. I did one short film, called The Worst Part, where I had pink, rainbow colored hair and was a graphic designer. That was really cool to me to play something completely different. I did White Night where I played an artist struggling to share her art during Nuit Blanche, an art festival in Toronto. That was a cool experience as well. All roles leave a mark in some way. It’s hard to choose one that’s been a favorite or better than others. I’m looking forward to seeing what will come in the future.



    Ein Beitrag geteilt von Parveen (@yoparveen) am

    HC: You were recently awarded the 2017 MISAFF Star for your work towards creating space for positive representations of diverse women in film and television. How do you try and build this diversity, and what led you to become passionate about this work?

    PK: I have a really interesting perspective on that question being asked. Every time you want to talk about diversity, and this was referenced on Trevor Noah, it’s a question asked only towards people of color. I don’t think it needs to be asked towards people of color, it needs to be asked towards the people making decisions, the heads of studios. These questions need to be catered to them as they are the ones who need an answer and need to know what true diversity is. All I can really do is try to play these characters I am offered, which is very limited. Being a South Asian woman, it’s not like I have a plethora of characters. I can take this experience of working on Manifest and make my own projects that are personal to me and show my upbringing that might be different from the writers’ room that may not always be accurate. I don’t know how much that question needs to be asked of people of color—it needs to be asked to a different community of people, who have power to change it.

    HC: What made you interested in acting?

    PK: I think it was just always an outlet for me in a way. I was not the easiest child growing up, as my parents would say. I didn’t really start acting until I was in my 20s, so I definitely was a late bloomer. I definitely wasn’t someone doing school theatre or plays, I didn’t get those opportunities. I didn’t think it was an option until I was older. I was living in Toronto, [and] I had a friend who just said "take an acting class, you have great energy," so I did. It came naturally so I just stuck with it, worked towards it and got an agent. It was just something that happened in a very organic way. For a long time, I was resentful, ‘What if I had started sooner,’ or ‘What if my parents had been more supportive towards work in the arts as compared to something else.’ But it happened at the time it was supposed to happen. It was a mixture of needing to be expressive and needing to survive. I moved to Toronto on my own and needed to pay rent, put food on my table, etc. I certainly didn’t have this budding support system people are lucky to have. I was on my own and needed to pay the bills.

    HC: What advice would you give young women today?

    PK: A really good work ethic is really, really important, and the core of everything that you do in life. Have some goals you need to work towards. I always say you need to put on your horse blinders and keep your eyes on the prize and not get distracted. I know for a couple of years I had to give up on a flourishing social life because I needed to be auditioning, and it paid off. If you have goals and you set them and you work hard to achieve them, you’ll succeed. You can have a ton of talent, and most people are talented in some way, but if you don’t have the drive, it won’t matter. Someone can have only a little talent, but a huge work ethic can get far. We see this a lot.

    Secondly, ask for what you want. I know that this is a really complicated thing to navigate through. The sooner we can learn to ask for things we want, the more fulfilling career and social life we will have. I’m just starting to learn that and I’m turning 30 this year. It feels really good. It’s always terrifying, but I’ve yet to have an experience where I asked and failed to feel good afterwards. I wish I had had that advice and people around me encouraging me to do that when I was younger, even when I was a teenager I wish I had had more encouragement. It’s not as easy as I know some people would like to think. Every time I’ve done it and gotten past the awkwardness, I’m always happy I’ve asked.

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