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A Collegiette's Guide to Life

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    We love an over-the-top themed birthday party, and baby Campbell’s first birthday party definitely shines as one of the coolest we’ve ever seen.

    Nataly Stein, Campbell’s mom, went all out with a Guy Fieri themed, food-centric birthday party complete with guests in costume, food cakes, and special decorations. After her son was born, doctors said there was a chance he would have a rare disease making him highly allergic to most foods. Campbell turned out to be just a carrier of the gene for the disease, and to celebrate his birthday, Stein decided to also celebrate his love for and ability to eat all the foods!



    A post shared by Great Dane Baking Co (@greatdanebakingco) on


    Baby Campbell arrived in style with his Guy Fieri outfit. The party was set up with a sign declaring “Diners, Campbell’s Birthday, and Dives.”

     His mom owns three bakeries in California called Great Dane Baking Co, and designed the most amazing huge food cakes, including a floating can pouring out nachos, a burger, a “flavortown” city hall cake, pizza, pancakes, and more. Other foods featured included custom cookies from the same bakery, a milkshake bar, nacho bar, and ranch dressing fountain (which is apparently a real thing).



    A post shared by Sara Santana Photography ( on

    Campbell had a swiss cheese wedge-themed smash cake. Not only was the party adorable in every way, it also did good for the community. Instead of presents, Stein asked for donations of canned goods for a local children’s shelter. With 150 guests in attendance, that’s a lot of food being contributed to people in need. We love everything about this adorable, fun, and completely over-the-top Flavor Town birthday party!

    (H/T Bustle

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    At The New York Times'Turn Up The Turn Out With Bernie Sanders' event On Wednesday night (a part of their Get With The Times event series for college students), Sen. Sanders discussed a variety of issues that will undoubtedly affect college students heading into the midterms and beyond. 

    While discussing the various obstacles that their generation faces, Sanders touched on the very real, very scary nature of of how much student debt modern college students are saddled with — and how it's one of the obstacles that can and should rally young people to show up at the polls and hold their elected officials accountable. 

    With recent news from the federal reserve that outstanding student loans in the U.S. have hit $1.53 trillion (a number a lot of us can't even really wrap our heads around), none of this is a surprise. But we obviously wanted to know more, so we asked our friends on Instagram and IRL to tell us a bit more about about their student debt experiences and what their educations have cost their brains and their bank accounts. Here's what they said. 

    Some were upfront about how the whole thing feels a bit like a Catch 22 scam — something that makes them feel hopeless and without opportunities. 

    "We're told to go to college so we can get a good career. Meanwhile, it's hard to find work & we're in debt " - Brittany 

    "I really feel screwed over because I have a lot of debt and work 2 jobs to survive." - Faith

    "My student loan debt makes me feel like I'm treading water. I spend thousands of dollars every year that I could otherwise be saving or using to further my career (or education). It's depressing to feel like my life—or the life I want—is on hold until my student loans are gone."- Carolyn 

    ""My student loans never seem to go away, even though I only took out a few thousand dollars for my last semester of school. Aside from rent, they've been my most pressing financial burden since graduating college. After a while, the interest started building up so intensely that my mom and I agreed that she'd pay it off from her savings and I'd pay her back every month. I'm grateful she was able to help me pay it off because if not, I'd still be drowning in debt. It's super relieving knowing it's no longer piling up, but it's infuriating that we paid so much more than we needed to because of the interest. If we were in a less fortunate financial situation, I'd still be paying it off little by little with no end in sight." - Suzy

    Some people just went off with the numbers — which speak for themselves, tbh.

    "$100,000 in student loans and it's the scariest part about finally graduating, even with a masters." - Jessy 


    "$5k left on my loan, $4-5K in credit card debt." - Molly

    "I'm paying about 12k a year after grants/scholarships." - Claudia 

    "I'm blessed enough to have merit scholarships, but it still isn't enough." - Morgan 

    "For my BS and my MA, I took out almost $90,000 in loans! I make $33,000 a year. RIP vacations." - Ash

    Mostly, though, folks are just stressed and scared and desperate for sustainable solutions. 

    "Makes me stress about returning to obtain my Master's & getting into more school debt." - Janet

    "I'm not even in college yet but I already stress about how expensive it is going to be." - Helen 

    "I stress about it Every Day!! & it gets worse because of tuition hikes." - Sarah 

    “Student debt burdens me along with my other bills - rent, utilities, car, car insurance, etc because I have so many payments to make a month. But because student debt is my largest amount of debt compared to those other things, i understand it’s going to take the longest to pay off. So while the monthly payment can be daunting + the interest building up, it’s the most 'flexible' debt, if you will. For example, I drive my car daily so my car payment and car insurance payment absolutely must be paid every month. As for my student debt, I actually currently have payments deferred until the new year to catch up on some other debts!  So what I’m saying is I can’t “defer” my car payment but I can do so with my student loan.  It definitely effects my mental health but so do all those other bills. I think the ability to adjust or defer my student loan gives me some temporary peace of mind that I can’t do with my car payments." - Katie

    Do you have a story about how student debt has affected your life pre- or post-grad? Hit us up and tell us about it by emailing

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    If you’re looking to shake up your usual eyeshadow look, why not go to the stars for some personalized beauty advice? Whether you’re a calm Cancer searching for a bold new shade or a sultry Scorpio wanting to experiment, there’s a shadow trend your own sign can command! Thanks to the magic of astrology, we have the solid list of the perfect eyeshadow looks to try based on your zodiac sign.




    Flower girl Eyes: 

    A post shared by Lydia Moreno (@shamelesslydia) on

    Libras are a breath of fresh air, so their eye makeup usually invites grace, daintiness and whimsy. For Libras, a pink eyeshadow suits their bright personality. Try going for a fall vibe and warm it up with redder tones. Bubblegum pinks and fuchsias are perfect for this eyeshadow combo, with white highlight or accents at the inner and outer corners. Finish it off with thin long lashes, and you’ve got the perfect Libra eyeshadow!




    Thank you guys for all the love on this video if you haven’t seen it, link in bio xx 

    A post shared by V A L E R I A • L O R E N (@valelorenbeauty) on

    Leos are golden goddesses to say the least. Gold, orange and bronze eyeshadow tones complement their shining bold personalities. Leos always go hard at whatever they do, so they are no stranger to shimmery shadows. Blend in deep browns and blacks at the outer corners of your golden eyeshadow to add more drama (as Leos do). A thick, bold cat eyeliner ties it all together into the eye-catching lid look every Leo would love.


    Captivating and effervescent souls, Pisces always want their eyeshadow to express their inner brilliance. Pisces reach for dreamy colors like lilac, turquoise, and cerulean. Shiny blue pigment pots are fan favorites. Apply blue pigment onto your lids then bring it down to your bottom lash line. Be generous––you really want these arty colors to pop! Add white highlight in the middle of the lid and blend deeper shades like an indigo eyeshadow at the outer corners.

    Related: Your Perfect Beauty Brand, Based on Your Zodiac Sign 





    A post shared by A S H L E Y (@ashleyrcoello) on

    Virgos are huge fans of practicality and simplicity, so they like to keep their makeup breezy and easy. Alluring and natural eye makeup suit Virgos no matter the occasion. Nude shades that border on being slightly lighter and slightly darker than your natural skin tone are musts for this eyeshadow. Try mixing in earthy tones as they can level up your eyeshadow for a night out. Blend in deep olives, browns, and dusty rose hues to give you the simple yet sophisticated Virgo flare.




    Born to Run coming to Igtv tonight Brows

    A post shared by Catherine (@cathyobv_) on

    Eccentric style is second nature to any Aquarius. You seldom have a run-of-the-mill makeup routine as you’re a big fan of experimenting and trying new things. A colorful concept is central to Aquarius makeup, so try applying two or three contrasting colors to make your lids really pop! Mixing very cool colors (blues, purples and greens) with very warm colors (oranges, reds, and yellows) can make eyes appear livelier. For the Aquarius, a cut-crease is especially nice for your starkly contrasting colors.


    Red is the signature color for the vibrant fire sign, Aries, so don those rosy hues with pride! Action-driven Aries always search for statements that express their constant enthusiasm and passion. Shades of red, including cherry reds and rosy pinks can suit any Aries beautifully. Glitter pots of red pigment can be the gorgeous finishing touch to your Aries-inspired eyeshadow. Frame your lids with a straight tipped eyeliner to bring the whole thing together.


    Is it a real surprise that any Moonchild suits the shades of the moon perfectly? As one of the most romantic and emotionally-invested signs, Cancers exude a calmness like that of their moon. For eyeshadow that channels Cancer vibes, try misty grays and silver colors all over your eyelid. Think moon-colored makeup, basically! You can highlight the grays with hints of purple, then frame the lids with a thick black eyeliner. This Cancer-inspired makeup will make your soft eyes mimic a calm night sky.

    Related: 7 Secrets to Getting Fuller Brows


    Lowkey queens of darkness, Scorpios master the black smoky eye like no other can. “Sultry” is basically a Scorpio’s middle name as they tend to search life for passion and ferocity. To reflect that sultry personality, find the richest jet-black eyeshadow you have and go wild! Don’t be afraid to go darker than you would with your everyday eye look. The key to this Scorpio-inspired smoky eye is to keep the black solely on the lid then blend light browns toward the crease. Start with light brown toward the bottom lash line and darken it up to your own preference. This will create the drama, depth and flattering mystery every Scorpio is known for.


    Sagittarius signs thirst for adventure at every corner (including their inner and outer ones). Be adventurous with your eyeshadow colors! Bright purples, yellows and greens are just the fun colors the Sagittarius is not afraid to play with in their everyday eye makeup. Bursting with optimism and eager to travel to new lands, their makeup stays slaying yet versatile, so they will fit the aura of any new destination they wander to.




    Closeup: @justjaimarshoots

    A post shared by Khayte-Lynn Love Marito (@waahkekeeeeeee) on

    As a Taurus, you walk the line between daintiness and ferocity. Pretty pinks are your specialty, but you always know how to spice it up with darker accents. Apply fuchsia or magenta eyeshadow toward the outer corners of the eyes and blend the colors out toward the crease. Create definition with a darker shade of pink or a purple and finish with that a curlier cat eye (curl the tip upward instead). As an earth sign, you love to mimic spring nature, but only in the most sophisticated ways. Sport your favorite earth tones and pink tints that reflect your Spring Taurus personality. 




    You guys...I think I’m becoming a gloss girl. 

    A post shared by ALEXANDRA ANELE (@alexandra_anele) on

    Geminis can never go wrong with a golden lid that still brings out their striking natural beauty. True balls of sunshine that everyone loves, Geminis look best in yellow. Yellow is no typical eyeshadow shade, but you can rock it with ease. Your vivid youth and naturally delicate features complement the yellow shade flawlessly. Lemon yellows and beiges blended together, with warm peach and brown in the crease and outer corners can make your eyes glow like a sunset. Pair your eyeshadow with a brown or soft black eyeliner for the ultimate sunny lids.


    If there’s one sign that always knows what they’re doing, it’s Capricorn. Wise and more than easy on the eyes, Capricorns love to stay refined and classic with one calculated twist at the end. Nude colors on the lid make for an everyday chic eyeshadow but top it off with a different colored eyeliner. Teals, indigos, and peaches suit muted nudes best, so try those out to pack your typical eyeshadow with a punch.

    All the unique traits and personalities you’d align with your zodiac sign may not be a hundred percent accurate of course (we’re all a lot more complex than that). But the fun vibes each sign offers some awesome makeup inspiration. Try out all these wildly different but equally stunning eyeshadow looks for your next outing and see how the stars’ advice suits you.

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    Lilo and Stitch, the beloved 2002 movie about a young Hawaiian girl who befriends an alien, is the newest addition to Disney's list of planned live-action remakes. 

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, who are currently working on the controversial live-action remake of Aladdin, will be producing the film, while new-comer Mike Van Waes, known for his work in the horror genre, has been recruited to write the script.



    A post shared by Disney's Lilo and Stitch (@liloandstitch) on

    This new project is the latest in a series of live-action remakes by Disney, including Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. Others that are currently in the production process include Mulan and The Lion King

    Disney has faced a lot of controversy over their casting and production choices in films set outside of Europe, including claims that they have been darkening the skin tones of Aladdin cast members. One of the important plot points from Lilo and Stitch is Lilo's Hawaiian heritage and how it can set her apart from her peers. Hopefully, Disney will take care in casting Hawaiian actors to play the part of Hawaiian characters. 

    It is still unclear whether the film is intended for theatrical release or purely for Disney's new streaming service, which is set to launch in 2019. 

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    The FBI on Wednesday wrapped up its days-long supplemental background investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and senators on Capitol Hill Thursday began to pour over the FBI’s investigation results. President Donald Trump and top Republicans expressed their satisfaction with the report, calling it a “thorough investigation” and a “comprehensive review.”  

    Two of the five swing-vote senators for Kavanaugh’s nomination — Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine — now appear to be satisfied with the FBI background investigation, calling it “very thorough” and saying that they did not see any new corroborating evidence. Top Democrats, however, have called the investigation “incomplete” and “very limited.”

    According to ​The New York Times, the FBI reached out to 10 people during the process of the investigation and interviewed nine of them. The bureau, according to The Huffington Post, spoke with Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh’s who accused the Supreme Court nominee of exposing himself at a college party and thrusting his genitals in her face; Mark Judge, a Georgetown Prep classmate of the Supreme Court nominee who Dr. Christine Blasey Ford says was present in the room when Kavanaugh pinned her to the bed at a high school party and groped her while covering her mouth; Leland Keyser, a high school friend of Ford’s who she said attended that party; Patrick “P.J.” Smyth, a classmate of Kavanaugh’s who Ford said was also present at the party; Chris Garrett, another classmate of Kavanaugh’s; and Tim Gaudette, a classmate of Kavanaugh’s.

    via The New York Times

    Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana said Republican senators were told during the briefing on the FBI investigation results that the 10th witness refused to be interviewed.

    Ramirez’s legal team confirmed that she was interviewed by the FBI for two hours on Sunday, but complained that the bureau did not take her list of 20 additional witnesses seriously, ABC News reports. The White House insists that the FBI reached out to at least one other person, besides Ramirez, related to the Yale party allegation was contacted, but would not confirm the identity.

    The FBI did not, however, interview Ford or Kavanaugh. The White House said their public testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, as well as their sworn statements, were sufficient for the investigation.

    Ford’s legal team sent a letter Thursday to FBI Director Christopher Wray, questioning why Ford was not called upon and interviewed, as well as other witnesses that would have challenged Kavanaugh’s testimony, including Ford’s husband and her polygraph examiner. The letter also stated that Ford would have provided all medical and phone records.

    Allegations of sexual misconduct raised by a third woman, Julie Swetnick, were not in the purview of the FBI investigation since the Senate Judiciary Committee and the White House deemed her testimony to be non-credible.

    The White House had requested that the FBI conduct a supplemental background investigation last Friday, ordering the bureau to complete the investigation within a week, a deadline that Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans and Democrats could agree to.

    The FBI was later authorized by the White House to interview anyone it deemed necessary, as long as it was within the scope of the allegations made by Ford and Ramirez.

    Trump administration officials made it clear to the bureau that this supplemental background investigation was not a criminal probe or a “fishing expedition.” Kavanaugh’s past drinking behavior or whether or not he was truthful during his congressional testimony were not the express purpose of the investigation, as it mainly appeared to have focused on corroborating Ford’s allegations.

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    On Wednesday, Nicki Minaj posted a video to Instagram that showed the rapper emotionally talking about growing up in an abusive household and standing up for her mother as a young child. 

    "I remember when my mother would let my father be violent with her and she always brings up the story as a little girl I would stand in front of my mother and go like this," Nicki said, with her arms open wide as if to shield someone. "I vowed from that age no man would ever abuse me, call me out my name, treat me like that."

    Before she knew it, however, that had become her life, she revealed. 



    A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

    In another video posted soon after, Nicki discussed how she hit rock-bottom after being in such a bad relationship and how she managed to claw her way back up and regain the success that has so characterized her life over the last five years. "Who was I gonna inspire when I had nothing in me to give?" she said. "Like, I let one human being make me so low that I didn't remember who I was. I was scared to get in the studio."

    Moving cities, from Miami to New York, helped Nicki regain her confidence and find the inspiration that led to "Coco Chanel" and "Good Form," two of the songs on Queen, her latest album, which was released in August of this year. 



    A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

    The footage in both videos comes from Nicki Minaj's upcoming documentary, titled after Queen and produced by Apple Music. There is no release date yet for the documentary, but if these teasers are anything to go by, it is sure to be a fascinating look into the life of one of the world's best female rappers.

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    Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh published an op-ed in The Wall Street JournalThursday evening, explaining his angry and intense behavior during his public testimony last week in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Kavanaugh admitted in his op-ed that he became “too emotional” in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, adding that he knows his “tone was sharp” and that he “said a few things [he] should not have said.” Kavanaugh defended his behavior during the testimony, acknowledging that he was trying to defend his family, his good name and his years in public service.

    Kavanaugh also defended his behavior by pointing out that his years in high school and college were being greatly “distorted” and that his family had been subjected to “vile and violent threats.”

    “My hearing testimony was forceful and passionate. That is because I forcefully and passionately denied the allegation against me,” Kavanaugh wrote.

    The Supreme Court nominee added that his opening statement and responses to questions from senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee reflected his “overwhelming frustration” at the allegations made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and others, adding that it revealed his “deep distress at the unfairness of how this allegation has been handled.”

    “I was very emotional last Thursday, more so than I have ever been. I might have been too emotional at times,” Kavanaugh said.

    The judge did address any falsehoods, or claims of falsehoods, during his Senate testimony in the op-ed piece.

    According to The Huffington Post, Kavanaugh claimed that he “never attended a gathering like the one Dr. Ford describes in her allegation.” However, the calendars that he submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee from the summer of 1982 reveal that he scheduled social gatherings that were strikingly similar to the party that Ford described.

    During his testimony, Kavanaugh also claimed that he had never drank beer “to the point of blacking out,” but some concerning entries in his yearbook suggest that he could have been a frequent or heavy drinker, including the phrase “100 kegs or bust.”

    Other witnesses had described Kavanaugh as a heavy drinker in his high school and college years. According to HuffPost, Dr. Liz Swisher, a college friend of Kavanaugh’s, described him as being a “sloppy drunk” who would “end up slurring his words, stumbling.”

    But in his op-ed, Kavanaugh wanted to reassure the American public that his behavior during his testimony was not who he is.

    “You can count on me to be the same kind of judge and person I have been for my entire 28-year legal career,” Kavanaugh said of how things would be going forward from this point. “Hardworking, even-keeled, open-minded, independent and dedicated to the Constitution and the public good.”

    You can read Kavanaugh’s full op-ed on The Wall Street Journal.

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    Crisp weather, innovative costume ideas, impressive decorations and amazing partiesHalloween sure is an unforgettable part of the college experience! After being in school for a few months, it's the first major holiday that rolls around, so you're majorly pumped to get dressed up and have a great time! But sometimes that anticipation doesn't quite translate into real life.


    You have a master plan for an incredible costume that will grab everyone’s attention at that big party. You bookmarked all the websites where you can buy the costume components from, and you have ~very~ a specific picture in mind of what it will look like.


    It's the day before Halloween and your costume (or lack thereof) is pretty much a massive failure. You ran out of funds and forgot about it entirely. Good luck finding something to wear in less than 24 hours.


    You’re going to carve the most impressive pumpkin art of all time. Every last detail will be intricately sculpted by your talent-blessed hand.


    Halfway through you drop your pumpkin, and it lands as a mushy, hot mess. Not to mention, you manage to cut your hand while carving. *Nervous laughter* Pumpkin pie, anyone?


    You buy some bags of candy to share as a Halloween gift with all of your besties. Of course, you'll keep a few of the mini chocolate bars to yourself for a snack later.


    You end up eating the whole thing yourself in one sitting. 


    You’re going to take your costume to the next level with that makeup tutorial you found on YouTube. How can this possibly go wrong? It's just makeup!


    It turned out a bit differently than in the video...


    The temperature will be pretty neutral, so all you’ll need is a light sweater. It's October––how cold could it get?


    By nightfall, it's mid-December, and you're in a snowstorm.  


    You came up with a really creative costume idea that everyone is going to freak about when they see it. HOW DID YOU THINK OF THAT? YOU'RE A GENIUS!


    No one has any idea what you are. Khaleesi? Disney princess? Ghost? 


    You've been invited to five costume parties, and there sadly isn't enough time to go to all of them. You're going to have to start telling some people you can't make it.


    You end up having no plans at all, so it looks like it's just going to be you, some candy and Freeform's 13 Nights of Halloween. Can you say party for one?

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    It’s official: the best season of the year, AKA fall, is upon us. Get ready for all the obligatory fall activities, like warm bonfires with BFFs, drinking hot cocoa on a crisp night, and of course, Halloween movie re-runs. While all these activities are on our fall bucket list, we like to think that the #1 part about fall is trying out ALL the new trends. Whether it’s the newest fall fashion, beauty products, tech accessories, or home supplies, this season is the perfect time to ~spice up your life~. Especially with College Fashion Week coming up this month, there’s never been a better time to try out all the new trends happening this season. Here are our top picks to achieve a #trendyAF fall lifestyle.

    High-gloss lips

    This fall, let your lips ~shine~. Yup, glossy lips are totally in for the fall season (and TBH, we’re so pumped about it). For the ultimate high-shine lip product, go for the Almay Goddess Gloss™ to finish off your fall beauty look. With a smooth and hydrating formula, you can achieve the trend without getting chapped lips during those chilly fall days.

    Coming in eight mesmerizing iridescent shades, the Almay Goddess Gloss™ is the newest addition to the stunning Almay® Cosmic Collection and can be picked up at Ulta Beauty. You’ll 100% need to try these ultra-trendy glosses for the perf fall look.

    Hydrating lip balm

    Before applying that new lip gloss you just picked up, make sure your lips are prepped and set to go. The eos Tropical Mango flavored Lip Balm is the ultimate soothing balm you’ll need, especially during those chilly fall months when you’re wishing for warm reminders. It’s certified organic and 100% natural with ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. This lip balm will be the go-to secret weapon you’ll want to keep in your purse all day, every day.

    Cozy beanie hats

    Once those temperatures start to drop, you’ll want to grab a cozy hat to keep you looking cute (and warm, of course). Beanie hats are going to be the accessory to have this season. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong with one of these snuggly hats. To get the most #ontrend look with your beanie, go for one with a faux fur or fuzz accent. Fur and fuzz are absolutely taking over on the runway and the streets and these hats are no exception to making the perfect addition to any fall ‘fit.

    This mustard faux fur beanie from Primark is the perf final touch your favorite outfit. For major fall vibes, pair this beanie with a chunky turtleneck sweater in a warm maroon or orange shade. Or, for a more laid-back look, try adding it as a pop of color to a faux fur denim jacket and black jeans.

    Power with a portable charger

    Let’s face it — smartphone batteries aren’t the most reliable or long-lasting. On those extra busy days of morning classes, afternoon club meetings, and nights out on the town, you could definitely use an extra boost on your battery. Portable powerbank chargers are honestly a life-saver for any fall event, whether it may be a long day of tailgating during football season or a night of camping in the woods and roasting marshmallows by the fire.

    Don’t rely on just any boring portable charger — charge up in style with a super cute power bank. Try this on-trend holographic print charger from Primark for a fashionable touch. Trust us: you can’t go wrong with anything holographic this season!

    Selfie spotlight

    No perfect selfie happens with just any type of lighting. To get that #flawless selfie, good lighting is so key. That’s why an attachable selfie ring light for your phone is a must-have this season for snapping selfies of your best fall and beauty fashion looks. Primark has a super affordable selection of selfie lights for any girl on a college student budget, making celeb-level selfies a reality for anyone!

    Pro tip: if you’re attending College Fashion Week this year, you’ll be able to snap the perfect selfie on the spot no matter where you are.

    A chic living space

    Along with making sure your fashion and beauty game is on point this season, don’t forget to get your dorm or apartment looking trendy AF. We recommend building your own gallery wall, filled with your fave trendy art prints, photos with everyone from your girl gang, and statement wall décor pieces. Gallery walls do an amazing job of making a living space come to life by adding a super fashionable flair.

    To achieve an amazing dorm or apartment vibe without nailing anything in or taking any paint off the walls, VELCRO® Brand HANGables™ Removable Wall Fasteners are THE go-to for making your gallery wall dreams a reality. With a variety of shapes, sizes and even colors, these fasteners will change the game when it comes to decorating your space for the fall season. For an added fall flair, we recommend hanging a cute and witty quote board (maybe a “Where’s the boos?” sign near Halloween time) using a chic VELCRO® Brand HANGables™ Removable Wall Fastener.

    Once your living space has come together and is looking super fab, it’s time to invite your girl squad over for a College Fashion Week viewing party. Grab your popcorn and rosé and get ready to fangirl over all the trendiest looks from the college fashion event of the year!

    Want to win all the trendiest products of the fall season? Enter our College Fashion Week Essentials Kit for your chance at winning ALL the top on-trend products from Almay®, Primark and VELCRO® Brand. Here’s what you’ll win:

    Don’t forget to buy your tickets for College Fashion Week 2018 in Boston and New York City!

    All the Trendy Essentials You’ll Need Going Into the Fall Season

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    Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    “Time” Honors Christine Blasey Ford With Powerful Cover

    Since coming forward last week to share her account of the night she alleges Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexual assaulted her, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has inspired other survivors to come forward with their stories of sexual assault. To honor her powerful testimony, Time dedicated the cover of their magazine to her.

    According to Time, the cover for the October 15th issue was created by San Francisco-based artist John Mavroudis, who used Ford’s words from her testimony to recreate the now-iconic image of the professor raising her right hand, with her eyes closed, swearing to tell the truth. He drew each word by hand, recreating the image with her words in a process he described as “like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.”

    “The memory quotes would be attached to her forehead area, and the quotes about wanting to help I placed on her hand. The hand could be seen as welcoming, but also deflecting,” Mavroudis told Time. “It’s a fascinating process to watch the face take shape, while hoping that you’ve captured the essence.”

    Mavroudis’ efforts created a powerful image.



    When Dr. Christine Blasey Ford walked in to face the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 27, raised her right hand and swore to tell the truth, it was clear that an unassuming psychology professor and mother of two was about to change the course of current events in real time. “I am here today not because I want to be,” Ford said to Senators, who were prepared to assess her allegation that Judge Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her some 36 years ago, a charge he vigorously denies. “I am terrified.” At stake was a potential lifetime appointment to the #SupremeCourt that could change decades of legal rulings and affect the nation’s faith in its judiciary. The hopes and fears of #women and men who have lived with the trauma of sexual violence were riding on the credibility of Ford’s testimony. By the time the hearing ended, Ford had done more than prove herself a credible witness. Women called into C-SPAN to tell their own, decades-old stories of harassment and rape. #WhyIDidntReport exploded on social media, a rallying cry for those who had never gone public about their own sexual assault until then. Ford’s testimony slowed the machinery of political power when it was fully in gear. An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll released Oct. 3 found that 45% of respondents thought Ford was telling the truth, compared to 33% who believed Kavanaugh. That’s a marked shift from 1991, when Americans sided with Clarence Thomas after Anita Hill accused him of sexual harassment. The facts remain unsettled, and Ford’s testimony may not prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation. But it was a powerful warning that wealth, status and a record of professional accomplishments were no longer enough to override credible allegations of sexual assault, no matter when they occurred. To young #men, it was a message that drunken violence could shadow them. To victims, Ford’s testimony was an invitation to speak up, no matter how powerful the accused, no matter how long ago the attack. People will listen, the country seemed to reassure them. We will believe you. Read this week’s cover story on Illustration by John Mavroudis (@zenpop) for TIME; animation by @brobeldesign

    A post shared by TIME (@time) on

    After Kavanaugh’s and Ford’s testimony last week, an FBI supplemental background investigation was ordered to investigate the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. Senators just received the results of that investigation on Thursday. A confirmation vote has not yet been scheduled, but will likely take place this weekend.

    Regardless of what the Senate decides, Ford has definitely left a mark on American history.

    As Haley Sweetland writes in the accompanying cover story, Ford's testimony “was a powerful warning that wealth, status and a record of professional accomplishments were no longer enough to override credible allegations of sexual assault, no matter when they occurred.”

    Trump Foundation Engaged in “Persistent Illegality”

    According to a new court filing by the New York State attorney general’s office, the office said it sued the Trump Foundation due to “persistent illegality,” not politics.

    The Trump Foundation is currently seeking to dismiss the lawsuit, which alleges that the foundation misused its money “numerous times” in ways that violated New York charities laws, and denies that it has ever engaged in illegal activity, ABC News reports.

    via Alba Vigaray / EPA-EFE

    Attorney General Barbara Underwood’s office disagrees and claims the Trump Foundation “coordinated extensively” with Donald Trump’s campaign.

    “Donald J. Trump used his control over the Donald J. Trump Foundation for his benefit to advance his personal, business, and political interests in violation of federal and state law governing charities,” the court filing said.

    Filed by the attorney general's Charities Bureau in the state Supreme Court, the lawsuit seeks to dissolve the Trump Foundation and prevent the Trumps from serving as directors of any other charities in the future.

    When the lawsuit was filed in June, the president attacked it.

    “The sleazy New York Democrats, and their now disgraced (and run out of town) A.G. Eric Schneiderman, are doing everything they can to sue me on a foundation that took in $18,800,000 and gave out to charity more money than it took in, $19,200,000,: the president wrote on Twitter at the time, referencing New York’s former attorney general.

    The attorney general’s office has denied it pressed the lawsuit because of political reasons.

    Oral argument on the motion to dismiss the lawsuit are set for later this month.

    This Scary Clown Will Deliver Donuts to Your Friends

    Don’t get me wrong — I love donuts. But do I love them enough to have to snatch them from the hands of a beyond-scary, It-style, smeared face paint and pointy fangs clown? Perhaps I could go without. But if you want to deliver some donuts (and perhaps some nightmares) to your best friend (or nemesis, we don’t judge) for Halloween, then this scary clown might be for you.

    Hurts Donut, a donut mini-chain with locations throughout the Midwest and the South, has brought back its “Scary Clown Deliveries,” a service it originally introduced last Halloween, Food & Wine Magazine reports.

    Until the end of October, you can have a terrifying, Pennywise-esque clown deliver a dozen donuts to your friend’s doorstep.

    “Wanna scare the sh… Shprinkles out of your friends!?” a Hurts Donut location in Katy, Texas wrote their Facebook page. “SCARY CLOWN DELIVERIES.”

    Yeah, that would scare the shprinkles out of me, too.

    According to Food & Wine, the delivery service costs $5, in addition to the price of the box of donuts. And from the video clip below, the service looks totally worth it (as long as I’m not on the receiving end).

    So basically the clown will chase after you until you take the donuts, and then continue chasing you. At least you get delicious donuts in the end?

    To arrange this scary clown delivery, check your nearest Hurts Donut Facebook page to see if they’re offering the service, and set up a time and date with the donut shop.

    But if scary clowns aren’t really your thing, fear not because on Valentine’s Day Hurts Donuts rolls out its “Cupid Delivery,” where a grown man wearing a diaper and feathered wings does an interpretive dance while delivering your donuts.

    What to look out for…

    Domestic goddess Martha Stewart shared some Halloween decorating tips for those of us on a budget, and I am so ready to start my Halloween decorating!

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    Halloween lets people express themselves, be creative, and even be someone else for a night. However, a line exists between fun and appropriate, particularly when we’re talking about respecting other people’s cultures and appearances. In recent years, you’ve probably heard lots of debates, especially during the month of October, about cultural appropriation and the questions it raises about what is okay and what is definitely not. This Halloween, follow a few basic guidelines to make sure your costumes are sensitive to everyone, and avoid any of the calamities that can follow being racist, appropriative, and insensitive.

    Pause before you choose your costume.

    When you’re thinking about a potential Halloween costume, take a second to think about whether it’s something possibly controversial. USA Today said that “It's an individual choice, but ask yourself if you would feel comfortable wearing it — or having your child wear it — among people from that culture. Would it feel awkward? Would you expect to be called out? Or would it be well received?”

    Taking a few moments and empathizing with people who are members of other cultures can prevent misunderstandings or unintentional racism and insensitivity. Part of being sensitive is paying attention and pausing before making a decision.



    A post shared by Cris Castro (@criscastromakeup) on

    Realize that every situation is a little different.

    Twitter has been divided recently over whether it’s okay for parents to let their children dress up as characters from Moana. Some users believe that no one should dress up in a costume from a culture that isn’t their own. However, other users claim that Halloween costumes for children, when done tactfully, are celebrations of favorite characters rather than an intentional or unintentional mockery of an entire culture. As adults, we need to evaluate our roles and what the intentions and consequences of our costumes can be.

    Keep stereotypes in check.

    If your costume magnifies or centers around cultural stereotypes and preconceived notions, try something else instead. Your costume should never mimic another culture, or reinforce negative racial, religious, or sexual stereotypes. You’re definitely allowed to be creative and express yourself, but don’t limit someone else’s beliefs or culture by wearing something insensitive.

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    Everyone loves a good Halloween candy: Reese’s, Butterfinger, Mars Bar, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, etc (I could go on forever). During the special month of October it’s impossible to resist the urge to dive into a jumbo pack of your favorite treats while binge watching every Halloween movie ever made. But, we all know how your stomach feels after. You feel bloated, achy and sometimes straight up nauseous.

    We usually assume it’s due to the hundreds of calories consumed in record time, but according to Bustle, it could be specifically the artificial sweeteners that cause this pain.

    A study published in Molecules highlights our worst fears: The candy that we crave and love to indulge in may be connected to some not so great health problems. It is has been established that artificial sweeteners are seriously not beneficial to your health. The study links them to problems like cancer, weight gain, metabolic disorders, type-2 diabetes and messing up your gut microbiome. Um, so what the heck is your gut microbiome?

    via Wikimedia Commons

    Your gut microbiome is the collection of microorganisms in your belly. The microbe living there are very important to your well-being. When they are being treated correctly they properly digest certain foods, maintain your digestive functioning and play a key role in helping your immune system. Messing with these guys is a bad idea.

    What this study helped to shed some light on was the effects of 6 different artificial sweeteners and 10 sport supplements. The researchers used E.Coli (a family of bacteria living in your body) to measure reactions of toxicity against these chemicals. What they found did not look so bright for the candy addicts out there. When the bacteria was introduced to fairly small levels of the sweeteners the bacteria showed immediate toxic effects.

    These results don’t set anything in stone, but it does help to show the effect that artificial sweeteners can have on your gut bacteria. I mean, I know I don’t want to have anything near toxic being found in my stomach.

    There are still way too many uncertainties needing answers before we rule out our beloved treats all together, but we are getting closer to finding out some of them. For now, enjoy your candy, but keep it in lower quantities if you don’t want your gut hating you. We all know the pain we get in after the deep hole of a candy bender.

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    City council members in Houston, Texas, have voted unanimously to pass an ordinance that prevents a proposed “sex robot brothel” from opening in the city, USA Today reports.

    “It’s not the sort of business that we advertise for, or we seek to attract,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

    On Tuesday, the council hosted a public forum for residents to express their thoughts about the potential new business, ABC 13 reports. Many people said they felt opening the brothel would look bad for Houston, and that they feared it would promote sex trafficking.

    “We all see the connection to the devaluation, and the abuse, and the exploitation of women,” said Beau Abdulla, founder of Love People Not Pixels. The organization’s website says it aims to “inspire a cultural shift where individuals, families, and communities make choices to reject pornography and defend one another from sexual exploitation.”

    One woman, interviewed by WOAI in San Antonio, voiced her disapproval as well, saying “They shouldn’t be opening anything like that. We have enough crime in this world. To add more to it would just be ridiculous.”

    In an interview with KHOU 11, an employee of the business, KinkySdollS, said “It’s really about giving someone another option of how to be loved, or how to express their love or their sexuality.”

    Prior to this ordinance, however, the business wouldn’t have been committing any crime. A document that details the ordinance shows that it’s actually an amendment to one that was originally passed in 1983, and subsequently amended through 1997.

    Before the vote on Wednesday, the ordinance stated only that Sexually Oriented Businesses, including “adult arcades,” had to be at least 1,500 feet from churches, schools, daycares, public parks, and residential areas. The amendment that passed on Wednesday says that sex robots can’t be used at a business, but they can still be sold.

    The woman, who wished to be referred to only as Magdalena, added that not only would it be good for “lonely men” who “have no outlet,” but that “It’s good for the women, too, who don’t have to be objectified anymore, or harassed, or belittled, or demeaned.”

    KinkySdollS owner Yuval Gavriel told ABC 13 that the business could help prevent human trafficking and prostitution, but these claims haven’t yet been proven, USA Today adds.

    Until further research can be done, we don’t know what effect sex robots will have on our culture. Many people, like Magdalena, think it’ll help keep women safe by giving men other ways to sate their desires. Others feel the concept of sex robots is too rooted in the objectification of women to be beneficial, and may even make the problem worse. Either way, it seems an idea that once felt far-off and futuristic is now knocking on our door, and it's our responsibility to protect real people through our response.

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    Liana Liberato is best known for her roles in films like Stuck in Love, To the Bone and If I Stay. But this October she’s shaking it up with her new Hulu show, Light as a Feather, a horror-thriller centered around the sleepover game of the same name. As five friends take part in the seemingly harmless but truly insidious game, they quickly start to die off, one by one. At the same time thrilling, terrifying and heart-wrenching, Liana says this show is like nothing else out right now—so obviously it’s a must-watch.

    The bubbly, passionate and down-to-earth actress sat down with Her Campus to talk about Light as a Feather, and succeeded in only further convincing us how badly we need to binge watch. We discuss how she got into acting, how she converted herself from a scaredy-cat to a horror movie-lover and what it was like to work with some of her closest friends.

    Her Campus: When did you first get into acting? Was it something you knew you always wanted to do?

    Liana Liberato: It was. It’s so weird, I have no idea what possessed me to want to do this. I remember trying a lot of other things and what a lot of other kids at my school back in Texas did, like soccer and softball and all those things. I just never took much of a liking to it. My mom put me in a theater class when I was about three to help me not be that shy and stop me from hiding behind her legs when people were talking to me. I just really fell in love with it. Throughout the years I would try different things, but I never really liked anything as much as I liked acting.

    HC: Well thanks to Mom then, right?

    LL: For real. It was so unintentional. She had no idea that I was going to like it as much as I did because a lot of kids do theater in their schools. I grew up in a small town and it was kind of the only thing to do other than a sport, and my mom was like “oh...oh you actually want to pursue this now. Well….ok.” My mom had no idea that I was going to take it this far.

    HC: So what was it like to be acting while going through school? Were you in public school or were you homeschooled?

    LL: I went to public school until about fifth grade. It’s weird because I believe that education is so, so important, but I didn’t feel like I had much of a place in my school. I didn’t really feel like I could connect with a lot of people, and academically I felt like I learned in a very creative and visual way. Back in the early 2000s in public school, in my small town, they didn’t really cater much to a creative mind, so I felt like I definitely had a lot harder of a time in school. Which is, I think, why I leaned so much on my theater class after school because I felt very welcome and comfortable there. I was ready to listen and take in what was being told to me. I think it made the transition from Texas to LA a lot easier because I didn’t feel like I had much to hold onto back home, for a while at least.



    Come play with us. #lightasafeather out October 12th only on @hulu 🖤

    A post shared by Liana Liberato (@lianaliberato) on

    HC: Your new show, Light as a Feather, premieres on Hulu on October 12, and centers around the game of the same name. Do you personally believe in ghosts? Have you had any supernatural encounters and do you believe in ghosts?

    LL: I totally think I believe in it, but I don’t think I’ve had any specific experiences. Growing up I would always watch—on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel—those ghost reality shows. I found them to be so much fun. I was totally into those things growing up. But I feel like we’d be crazy to think that there isn’t any sort of “other realm” or anything spiritually going on around us. I feel like the world, or the universe, is just way too big.

    HC: The show has very similar vibes to the movie The Craft. Have you ever seen that movie and was it infused into the show in any way?

    I haven’t seen that film, but I’ve heard that reference a lot. It was definitely a topic of conversation while we were on set, but this was a book and it’s kind of its own entity. I feel like our audience is going to be really surprised when they watch it, and reading the book I was surprised. I feel like it’s really, really unique. From what I know when it comes to certain television shows out there right now, I don’t think there’s a show like this one. It definitely dives into the very scary, thrilling parts of the game, but there’s some other really serious challenges that the girls go through. You get a look at their friendship in a very cool way.

    HC: It’s not just horror. There’s more to the show than just the scary scenes.

    LL: Absolutely. There’s a lot of layers to it.

    HC: Speaking of the genre, are you a fan of horror movies?

    LL: Yes, I love horror movies! I used to hate them, I was terrified of them, but then I got so sick and tired of being afraid of them that one day I just bought a bunch of old-time horror movies—like I bought The Shining, and Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist—and I was like, “I’m starting from the beginning and I’m going to work my way up.” I taught myself how to love them because I was so tired of being so terrified of them all the time. So that’s kind of how I fell in love with the genre.

    HC: I can definitely relate to hating them at first.

    LL: It’s not scary! And, I don’t know, it’s thrilling at the same time. I’m obsessed with James Wan, who does all The Conjuring movies, Insidious and Annabelle and all those films. I like the cult vibes to it. I think with horror movies you can really explore a very interesting vision.

    HC: Going back to Light as a Feather, were there any scenes that you were actually terrified to film?

    LL: There were definitely some specific locations that were a little scary to film on. We had to do a few night shoots, and the area was particularly creepy. We were alone in a cabin for a while, which was cool and weird.

    As the premise of the show explains, there are definitely some losses in our group on the show. If I can think back on my career, I don’t think any of my characters have truly experienced death the same way that McKenna has. Even though the process of filming is different [from actually experiencing it], when you’re in that moment you have to convince yourself that something truly horrible is happening and that is really scary. Especially when you’ve bonded so well with you cast mates. Watching them endure certain kind of gets you shook.

    HC: How did you deal with that? Did you all just go home, relax and try not to think about it?

    LL: We had some really busy days. One minute we’re freaking out and crying and screaming, and another minute we’re pretending to be freaking out about a test, or driving to a dance or a party. So it was pretty easy to disconnect after, especially since after a scene is over whoever it is that’s going through that horrible traumatic experience is like “oh what’s for lunch?” and then you just kind of move on.

    But the days were really long and we were really exhausted. I can’t speak on behalf of everybody, but I feel like we all just left everything we possibly had on that set because we gave everything to the show. So really when we got home we just passed out, got our energy up and went back on set and did it all over again.

    HC: On Instagram you posted about how close the cast of Light as a Feather became during filming, and how proud you are to call them your “first TV family.” Was part of that connection because of the long days spent filming? Can you talk a little bit about your relationships?

    LL: It’s actually really crazy because ironically I knew about half of the cast before we even starting filming. I’ve known Haley Ramm, who plays Violet, for like 10 years. We grew up auditioning together and we did our first film together last year, so when she signed on as Violet that was so cool and exciting. I’ve known Peyton List for a while as well. She’s dating one of my best friends, Cameron [Monaghan]. So it was really cool getting to work with some of my closest friends for a whole summer. Yeah, the days were really long and really hard and you’re doing a horror show and there’s a lot of elements that come into play with the type of scenes that are required of you, so there’s definitely a kind of camaraderie and a bonding that happens when you’re on set.

    Also, before I signed on to this show I was really apprehensive about filming a TV show because I was like, “I don’t know if I want to be stuck on a show for a very long time. What if I don’t get along with the people I’m working with?” You never know what you’re going to walk into, and I have no idea how I go so lucky. There’s not a single bad egg in the bunch. Everyone is so much fun and so lighthearted. We had the best time, we really did. And we all still hang out all the time—I’m obsessed with them.



    monday we picture wrapped season one of #lightasafeather - it’s been a whirl wind of a summer and finally I’ve had a moment to reflect on it. ever since I started acting I heard stories from my actor peers about the families they have made during their time on tv shows. I always wondered what that would feel like - or if I would ever get the chance to feel it. I’m so grateful for my time with all of these people. thank you @hulu and @awesomenesstv for giving me the opportunity to bring McKenna to life and get the chance to work with these talented, beautiful souls. I can’t begin to sum up how gratifying this experience was for me. We sweat in the Los Angeles summer heat, ruined one too many takes over giggle fits, and had each other’s back no matter what. Thank you to the cast and crew for working so hard on this show. I love you all dearly. And now I can confidently say that I’ve made my very first tv family. 💚

    A post shared by Liana Liberato (@lianaliberato) on

    HC: Light as a Feather is also your first series-long role on a television show You said that you were apprehensive about it in the beginning, but how do you feel about it now?

    LL: I totally love it. I grew up doing film, and aside from some small roles on TV shows when I was just starting out, my entire career has basically just been movies. So I think a lot of my hesitation was really coming from it being very uncharted territory. I’ve never been a series regular on a show, so I was like “oh this is unfamiliar and weird and I wonder what I’m going to think of it.” But the moment I set foot on set I knew that it was going to be special, so now I’m definitely so open to TV. I really hope that we’ll have another season.

    HC: You’ve said before that you've always been encouraged to follow your passions and pursue anything you’re interested in, no matter where life takes you. Where is life taking you next? What are some things you’d like to pursue in the future?

    LL: That’s definitely still true for me. There have totally been times where I’ve sat back and been like “is there anything else that I feel like I’d like to explore aside from acting?” I feel like there’s definitely been a few things. I pursued writing for a while, and also directing. Directing in particular is something that I would like to try maybe in the future, but there’s still so many things that I’d like to do in my acting career. Which blows my mind that I even can say that after doing this for 15 years, but there’s still hurdles that I need to jump over. But I think that’s what makes this field so exciting is that there’s never the same day twice, and there’s never the same problem or exciting situation that happens twice. Every day is a new day, and there’s a lot more that I’d like to do.

    HC: That’s a great way to put it: that there’s always something more than you can work for in the industry.

    LL: Exactly. I feel like that’s so important in a career. I can never stay stagnant. I feel like it’s so important to constantly be challenged in your life and acting has totally been that for me.

    HC: Do you have any dream roles or actors and actresses you’d love to work with?

    LL: Absolutely! I really, really love Michelle Williams. She’s hands-down my favorite actress ever. So any way that I could work with her would be an absolute dream. When it comes to roles, I’m pretty open-minded. At the end of the day, I just want to read a really good script and be entertained. I’m not the type of person who’s like, “I have to be in the lead in this,” or “it’s that [role] or nothing.” I just want to do good stories. For me, watching films and television growing up, that was my escape and that was a great time for me to get out of my head and immerse myself in another person’s life or story and that’s what I want to do for other people. If there’s any way that I can contribute to a film, I would love to do that.

    Light as a Feather premieres October 12 on Hulu!

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    On the surface, college is amazing. Four years of freedom, parties, living with friends, no 9-5 job? Sounds like quite the life. But a closer look at most student life reveals that the Instagram pics are just a blip of what goes on in the day-to-day life of a college student. College is stressful — a successful college student has to maintain their grades, social life, (surely complicated) relationship status, physical health and plans for the future, all while trying not to look like a *total* bum at their 8 a.m. With all of that to worry about, it’s no wonder so many students struggle maintaining their mental health at school. The good news is that most college campuses have a free counseling center available for those who need professional help. But how does someone know if they should take that step?

    1. You are dealing with unrelenting stress

    If you’re not experiencing stress in college, you either just don’t care or you need to tell us all your secret ASAP. It’s totally normal to experience some stress, and in college it’s really a sliding scale. If you have two papers and a midterm due, no one blames you if you go a little haywire for a week or so. But if the stress and symptoms of stress persist, Dr. Lisa Adams, the director of the University of West Georgia’s counseling center, says you might want to think about seeing someone.

    Dr. Adams says that if physical symptoms, like tightness in your shoulders, headache, upset stomach or butterflies, never seem to go away, that could indicate something more serious that counseling could help. “There’s a point where it’s too much, that point’s different for everyone, but it’s the point where you can’t relax, even in moments when you normally could relax, like a Saturday afternoon or Saturday night going out with friends,” Dr. Adams says.

    Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a licensed clinical psychologist, says that besides duration and persistence of stress, the severity of the stress could also indicate that you might benefit from seeing a professional. “When the stress response gets in the way of your academic work and relationships, it is beyond the ‘usual’ student stress,” Dr. Durvasula says.

    2. You have trouble coping with change

    We all remember starting college as freshmen—nervous, afraid, lost, uncertain of every decision you make. It’s normal to be hit hard with the overwhelming transition into college. Even if you’re not a freshman, each new year brings new challenges that could be hard on your mental health.

    Dr. Adams says therapy could be a good idea just temporarily, or even if you’re confused about your mental health. “It’s okay to come in even when you don’t know if it’s time to seek help,” Dr. Adams says. “If you’re like ‘I’m not sure if I need help but these are new feelings and I don’t know how to deal with them’ just come in and see someone, maybe just two or three times, or however long, to help with the transition.”

    When she started college, Cara Milhaven, a junior at Villanova, decided she needed help adjusting. "My freshman year, I decided to go talk to my university's counseling center because of how homesick I was. Talking to my friends at school and from home was helpful, but knowing that many of them were not as homesick as I was made it hard for me to feel like they really understood where I was coming from," Milhaven said. "Going to the counseling center allowed me to talk to someone who could help me organize my thoughts and get to the bottom of why I was feeling so homesick, which really helped me adapt to life on campus and being away from home for the first time." 

    3. You struggle with debilitating anxiety or sadness

    Much of the same signs that your stress is out of hand also apply for anxiety, but high levels of anxiety could be indicative of a greater problem, like a clinical anxiety disorder, that might need continued therapy or potential medication. Depression follows a similar pattern. For example, if your sadness makes it hard to get out of bed, skip out on commitments or distance yourself from friends, an evaluation would probably be a good idea. "Generally we look at severity and duration, of any mental health problem, to determine whether it needs clinical help," Dr. Adams says.

    So if you've felt sad and/or anxious for weeks at a time to such a point where it's negatively and noticeably impacting your life, pop on in to your counseling center for an intake evaluation. “An assessment can be really important to help you determine if you need further help,” Dr. Adams says. “It can help answer ‘Do I need to seek medication or regular therapy?’ and the professional opinion will help determine severity.”

    4. Your previous mental health problem comes back

    Maybe you had dealt with previous mental health problems before college, but no matter how much it sucks to revisit something you thought you already resolved, your mental health is too important to overlook. “Histories of mental health issue can heighten vulnerability—and the absence of your usual supports such as family, routines, as well as the social and academic pressure of school can result in an experiencing of symptoms or challenges in coping,” Dr. Durvasula says.

    Luckily, nearly all college campuses have counseling centers, and Dr. Adams recommends previously diagnosed students go pay them a visit even if you’re not currently struggling. “Maybe come in before it’s triggered so that you can get some good advice and prepare for any potential triggers and develop that relationship with someone that is there if you need it,” Dr. Adams says. “Reach out early because it’s healthier to get help before the crisis.”

    "I've had depression since I was 8, so it was natural for me to need counseling in college, especially since it's such a big step in your life," a freshman at UC Berkeley said. "I had a lot of trouble adjusting and was so scared of classes that I considered dropping out before the semester even started. I recommend it to anyone! There's no need to be embarrassed." 

    5. You feel sexual *tension*

    Unfortunately, we don’t mean the good kind. We’re talking about adjusting to the college hook-up/dating culture—whatever that may mean for you. Whether you’re sexually active for the first time, maybe just more sexually active, discovering your sexuality or trying to abstain, you might find yourself in emotional distress somewhere along the line.

    “It’s important that students have a safe place they can go to talk about for sexual health, whether that be a counseling center for the emotional aspects, but also the health center for the physical components,” Dr. Adam says. She recommends students who have concerns visit the health center for accurate information about safe sex (meaning birth control and STDs) then determine if something bothers them mentally too. 

    The emotions often tied with sex can also affect mental health if they’re not addressed. “Intimacy can be wonderful but also a tricky space. Issues around safe sex, pressure to have sex, ambivalence and broken hearts can be very difficult in college,” Dr. Durvasula says. “And the pressures and challenges of new forays into intimacy can be a stressor that compounds academic stress and can exacerbate risk for mental health issues.” You will more likely enjoy sex if you’re sure of what you’re doing, mentally and physically.

    6. You begin participating in risky behavior

    College can get a little crazy sometimes, and no one’s judging you for going out and enjoying yourself to let go of the stress from the week. That being said, if you put yourself or others in danger, that’s another story.

    “If there is ever thoughts of harming yourself or others, engaging in risky behavior like over-drinking or sex with risky partners—things like that could indicate you need help,” Dr. Adams says. It could also be particularly concerning if this kind of behavior was out of character for you before.

    7. You just want to go to therapy

    This sounds odd, but honestly, if you just have this gut feeling something’s off and you need help, get help. “I always tell students, if you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, go ahead and come in,” Dr. Adams says.

    Forget about stigmas or being embarrassed or ashamed or anything else that’s causing you to hesitate to go to a therapist when you honestly think you need it. “You can be assured all your information is doing to be kept confidential,” Dr. Adams says. “We’re here to help, so we’re not here to embarrass students or make them feel weird about their feelings or problems.”

    Dr. Durvasula says therapy is as private as you want it to be. “There is a tremendous amount of stigma around mental illness or even simply being in therapy,” Dr. Durvasula says. “Ultimately, it is your decision whether you share with anyone that you are in therapy.”

    It’s important to know that if you’re going to develop mental health problems, college is a likely time to do it. “For all mental health issues, from about 15-25 is what we call the age of onset for mental illness, so it’s not uncommon for someone to experience their first bout at this age,” Dr. Adams says. It’s crucial for your happiness that you address any mental health problems while you have your university's resources and are still finding yourself. If any of these signs stick out to you, well, sit back in that lounger and open up, buttercup.

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    Lifetime’s new drama,You, is full of twists and turns that leave you on the edge of your seat each and every time. If you find yourself craving more twisty mysteries after each episode, fear not because there are plenty of books, movies, TV shows and podcasts for you to binge on while you wait for next week’s episode. Here are 10 picks to hold you over until Sunday—just maybe leave the lights on, OK?


    Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes 

    If you have already read the novel that You is based off of, then you might want to check out Caroline Kepnes’s follow-up, Hidden BodiesNo spoilers if you haven’t finished You yet, but the sequel picks up right where the first novel leaves off. 

    Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

    One thing that makes You so unsettling is that based on observation, Joe and Beck seem like a solid couple. This theme is a central element of B.A. Paris’s Behind Closed Doors. Jack and Grace appear to have the perfect relationship, but upon closer inspection, it’s easy to see the cracks in the foundation. Suspenseful and scary, this novel will have you turning pages until you reach the shocking conclusion.

    Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall

    You is an intriguing take on the psychological thriller genre, as throughout the story we are privy to the “bad guy’s” inner most thoughts and motives. Araminta Hall’s novel Our Kind of Cruelty shares a similar narrative structure. Mike thought he and Verity would be together forever, so when she announces she’s getting married, Mike sets it upon himself to save her from making a mistake. Deeply unsettling, Our Kind of Cruelty is a great book for discussion in the #MeToo era.

    Still Lives by Maria Hummel

    While not a central element, violence against women is definitely a theme to consider when watching You. Maria Hummel’s Still Lives is an engaging novel that discusses how violence against women is perceived in modern society. Still Lives is about Kim Lord, an artist whose latest exhibit depicts famous murdered women. But on opening night, Kim is nowhere to be found, leaving Maggie Richter to get to the bottom of what happened. A hit this summer, Still Lives will leave you thinking about the big questions.

    Movies and Television


    A short-lived series from Freeform (back when it was still ABC Family), Twisted is about Danny (Avan Jogia), a teen who was accused of murdering his aunt when he was a child. After spending time in a juvenile detention facility, he returns to his hometown, where he attracts suspicion after another murder occurs. Much like YouTwisted delves into the mind of a criminal, and offers perspective on what makes these people tick. Twisted is available for streaming on Prime Video. 

    Eye Candy

    An MTV Original, Eye Candy starred Victoria Justice as Lindy, a woman who thinks her online date is a cyber-stalker. Soon, Lindy realizes that her date may be responsible for a string of murders around Manhattan, and it is up to Lindy to find out what’s up. Eye Candy shares similar plot-elements with You, and its 10 episodes make it the perfect thing to watch before You returns this Sunday. Eye Candy is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

    True Story

    New York Times reporter comes face to face with the killer, Christian Longo, that stole his identity. Michael Finkel, the journalist, then works to uncover what really happened the night Longo’s family was murdered. This drama, starring Jonah Hill and Felicity Jones, will have you thinking of how Joe is able to assume the identity of his victims, to keep suspicion away from him. True Story is available for streaming on Prime Video. 


    One recurring thought you may have while watching You is, “Why is Joe doing this?” If the motives of criminals and stalkers are what interests you, then check out the show Motive. A Canadian import, each episode of Motive starts off telling you who the victim and criminal are, and it’s up to you to figure out the pressing question of why, before the episode is over. Motive is available for streaming on Prime Video. 


    Dirty John 

    Beck may not suspect that Joe is tracking her every move, but Peach sure does. Suspicious friends and family are a key component of the true crime podcast, Dirty JohnDebra thinks she has found her dream man, John. Unfortunately, her friends and family think something is off about John. It’s hard to explain what happens next without giving anything away, but just like You, Dirty John is filled with suspicion, intrigue and murder. The podcast is also being turned into a television series starring Connie BrittonDirty John can be found wherever you listen to podcasts. 

    Up and Vanished 

    Up and vanished can describe what happened to Joe’s ex-girlfriend, Candace—but it’s also the name of a hit podcast. Up and Vanished attempts to solve missing persons cold cases. The first season tackles the disappearance of teacher and the second season focuses on a woman who disappeared during a drum circle. Up and Vanished can be found wherever you listen to podcasts. 

    You airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime. 

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    So here's the thing: we just found a very, very cute (and like, GOOD) sex toy and we want to talk to you about it. Sex toys are SO empowering, and it's important that we talk about sex toys openly, honestly, and without shame. It's 2018, you guys. We masturbate. Let's talk about it. 

    ICYMI, every week on the Her Campus Instagram Live, Rachel and Gina host #SexTalk, and we're taking it here, to our site, so we can get even more ~real~ with you. We have a ton of thoughts about sex toys, from vibrators to strap-ons to dildos and more, and we've learned that we really like to hang out with you all and just like, chat about them. We're always here for you, and we're excited to talk to you about masturbation and sex in this new and exciting way. 

    The current sex thing we're excited about right now: The Girl's Best Friend by Sweet Vibrations. 

    Rachel: Some basic info on this: it's pink, it's supposed to simulate oral sex, and it also acts as a penetrative vibrator. First off, I want to talk about how this looks, because it’s pretty.

    Gina: It reminds me of a sea-creature.

    Rachel: I love that. It honestly does remind me of a seahorse. It’s very hand-sized and cozy to hold, which is nice.

    Gina: The nubbin tip is fascinating to me. It almost seems like something you’d use in the kitchen to make something foamy or frothy, or for a face cleanser.

    Rachel: Yes, hard agree that it seems like a very 2018 face cleansing device that you’d plug into your laptop at work and charge all day and make people jealous with. But it’s a vibrator, so that’s obviously even better.

    Gina: I understand that this is supposed to mimic oral sex, which I think is really really cool, because I’ve had a lot of sex toys that are penetrative, but this def has a different sensation because of the little tip & the sensation. I don’t know if for me it exactly translated to the same feeling, but it felt different, and sometimes things that feel different just feel good.

    Rachel: Def with you. It didn't feel like a "licking" sensation, but mostly felt like a very, very, very intense feeling that was almost Magic Wand-esque​ in its endless power. 

    Gina: Because it was so different from my normal go-to sex toys, this one made me realize I stick with routines and just do what is going to make me happy and that I know is gonna work. It was nice to switch things up and it almost got me off in a better way because it was so new and different and exciting.

    Rachel: I’m always going to like my wand the best, but it’s very ugly and intimidating and partners are always scared of it, so this is a less scary option but it still has similar feelings, at least to me.

    Gina: How did you feel about the vibrator end of it?

    Rachel: Hmmm. I wasn't super interested in it. There are enough vibrators that exist so tbh I wasn’t dying to try it.

    Gina: Yeah, the rest of it is more compelling - I wasn’t super jazzed about it in comparison to how I felt about the little mouth. 

    Rachel: What was your take on all of the different modes? It was super super buzzy and FULL of patterns. 

    Gina: I was pleased with the modes, but think they translate more on the vibrator end than the nubbin end. But it’s always fun to mix things up.

    Rachel: Yeah, I’m super boring and always just find one mode I like and stick with it for my entire life. But I have no regrets. It works for me so far.

    Gina: It feels like I’m changing the channel on the tv, like hmm, hmm, how am I gonna feel about this one? 

    Rachel: Hahahhahaha.

    Gina: Did you try this at all for partner sex?

    Rachel: I offered it to my partner as an option, but since it’s SO specific and you have to get the placement of the head just right, it feels like something they’d have to position and then you’d just kind of hold it. Which is fine, but not ideal. I will try it with a partner, and report back. It's cute and I want to share it with the world. 

    Gina: I do just in general like the branding of this, and that it’s a girl’s best friend angle. Vibrators are often so intimidating and scary and just too penis shaped to the point that I don’t want it because it’s not cute? But this branding makes it way more approachable, and also conversational, bc I’m always about talking about masturbation with your friends, and having the word BFF in the actual product name just makes it so much better.

    Rachel: I def agree. It’s very giftable, and I like the very specific shade of hot pink.

    Gina: Also think it’s interesting that it was called “she,” like I never gender my sex toys, but in this case I’m down.

    Rachel: Wait, yes, that’s cute. I’m into this as a friend you have casual sex with, also.

    Gina: Are there any other things you’d combine it with? Lube, partners, etc.

    Rachel: I can see this working well with a partner - like with a strap-on or with partner sex. Tbh I didn’t try it with lube, but if I used it with a partner I probably would.

    Gina: I like the OMG Unbound one, and ones with mint, but I didn’t try it with plain lube.

    Rachel: Let’s talk about charging it. I feel like the USB-charging thing is really popular right now, but also new.

    Gina: Yeah, I felt comfortable charging this at work, and with roommates. It’s really cute and you don’t have to hide it away.

    Rachel: Agree - especially since it doesn’t look like a body part at all, but more like a chic tool.

    Gina: Also, I want to talk about how this is surprisingly affordable. Considering you get two ends for play time, and it’s cute and has so many speeds, it’s way cheaper than a lot of other vibrators out there.

    Rachel: Here for it. The verdict? Super affordable for college students, super cute and non-threatening, and just generally a good fucking time. 

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    It doesn't really feel like it’s been 10 years since I sat at the lunch table listening to Love Story on repeat, day after day, or since I begged my mother for tickets to the Fearless Tour, specifically to hear that one song live. Since I was asked why I loved Taylor Swift so much, when I couldn’t possibly relate to her lyrics about love and loss when I’d never even been kissed. It doesn't feel like it's been 10 years since I first had to form the defense for my love for a musician, something that nobody should ever really need to do; I loved Taylor Swift because of the poetic quality of her lyrics, so well versed and formulated that I can take lessons learned from her own life and apply them to almost anything else in mine. Because even though I’d been in that school district for a few years I still tended to feel like the new kid without any friends, something which Taylor had proven wouldn’t matter a few years down the road. Because she's never let what other people thought of her stop her from reaching towards the stars and has always kept her head on straight.

    So when she dropped off of the face of the planet after the 1989 World Tour came to an end I, like the rest of the Taylor Swift fandom, went a little crazy. When two years had come and gone, the reliable album cycle she’d stuck to since the beginning of her career, the panic that I might never hear a new song from her set in. She wrote The Lucky One about hoping to know when her time was up, to step back with grace instead of continuing to put out music that didn’t live up to her potential, and because I’m super dramatic I wondered if that time had come. 

    But, finally, she wiped her social media platforms blank and announced the death of the old Taylor. Something big was coming; another tour was at last on the horizon. 

    During previous eras I had been a regular on Tumblr, virtually following along as others followed Taylor on tour and wondering how they managed so many shows. During college, the Red and 1989 tours had to be carefully planned; I had to fly home to see the Red Tour and I roadtripped four hours to a city I'd never been to to see the 1989 World Tour, as she was going to be playing my hometown shortly after school started and playing areas by my college town over the summer. Plus, I didn't have any money. 

    Then the Reputation Stadium Tour was announced, three long years since I’d gotten to see her last, and there was never a doubt in my mind that I was finally going to go to more than one show. And somehow, I found myself with tickets to not one, not two, but three record-breaking shows (and a guest-spot on Gillette's Snapchat); Taylor Swift is the first female artist to play Gillette Stadium three nights in a row, the first artist to play Mercedes-Benz Stadium two nights in a row, and played her 13th show in Atlanta this tour. 

    The week before any of my planned shows, I was in Manhattan for a work event. My friend Julianne, who’d I’d met just the day before, was there, and was thinking about buying tickets to see Taylor at Metlife Stadium that night. Well, obviously I also wanted to go see Taylor at Metlife that night. It was the first time I’d seen Taylor with someone who loves her like I do, having been to previous tours with my grandmother or best friend, who went so I didn't have to go alone, and it was one of the best nights of my life. I danced so hard that night I gave myself a back cramp, frequently finding myself hunched over with my hands on my knees between songs. Julianne had already seen the tour but I had very actively avoided spoilers, wanting to be surprised throughout. I could not have been more so. I can't even count the number of times I turned to her like, 'Is she really about to do what I think she’s about to do?’

    The second to last pre-show song is Mariah Carey’s "Obsessed," a brilliantly savage snub to those who refuse to just let her live her life. After Joan Jett’s "Bad Reputation," the massive darkened stage screens flicker to life with media clips spanning Taylor’s career, highlighting their obsession and hypocrisy with everything she does, both good and bad.

    “This is the first time photographers have caught T. Swift on film in six weeks.”

    “Taylor Swift is responsible for me being suspended.”

    “Taylor Swift is on top of the world, but has she done some sketchy things to get there?”

    “I can understand trying to keep your relationship to yourself in the beginning, or taking some time to work on your craft, but come on!”

    “…and Taylor voluntarily bringing attention to herself with her donation.”

    “What Swift did is not enough.”

    “Taylor should focus on making sure the rest of Reputation….”

    As the quotes die out, the word “reputation” distorts over the remainder of the audio, and the video clips of her from previous years turn to one of this era, about to look over her shoulder at the audience before the screen suddenly darkens and "Ready For It?" begins, kick starting an intense two hours of a show that I’ll always liken to a Broadway musical with its costume changes, storylines and underlying musical themes.

    I didn’t have time to plan an outfit for my impromptu show, something that has always been a very big tradition at Taylor Swift concerts, so I found myself in the same clothes I’d worn the night before, still damp from getting caught in the rain. It was game on for the rest of my dates, though. The next week, I wore a replica of one of Taylor’s stage outfits that I made, and, since sewing is not my forte, was thrilled when people recognized it, a dress I'd purchased specifically because it reminded me of the one she’d worn to the Met Gala as “Bleachella”, and an outfit that I had bedazzled to match a bodysuit from one of Taylor’s photoshoots. A couple of weeks later, I wore a snakeskin bodysuit and a denim jacket that I had customized just for the occasion and then broke the sequined jacket back out for my final show. And while I loved people recognizing my own outfits, it’s even cooler to see what others come up with! Two girls that had road-tripped all over the mid/northeast, seeing Taylor from the pit something like nine times, had Nascar-esque outfits that said “Taylor’s Pit Crew” on them. A man had had custom Patriots jerseys made for him and his daughter, and he had hand-bedazzled all of the letters. Couples coordinated in gold and blue, as daisies and poison ivy. They dressed up for drinking on the beach and like they were going to New Year’s Eve parties. Combined with LED bracelets that light up in time with the music, it’s like an enormous masquerade.


    In the weeks leading up to my tour dates I started a majorly unsuccessful Twitter campaign to request Change as a secret song. Taylor has always been insanely interactive with her fans online, and even people who think they've never been noticed have influenced that decision before. I had never been noticed but hoped it would catch fire or somehow sit in the right spot when she checked her mentions. But when the time came for the secret song one night, the girls standing next to me asked me what I thought she’d sing. Obviously I had no idea, but was holding out hope for Change. “Oh, she never plays Change,” one said. But of course, that’s kind of the point of the secret song. When she started to introduce the song, I knew they were right; it was a song she said she’d been thinking about playing, so of course it couldn’t be. But then she told us about a girl in her earlier meet and greet who had been having a tough summer and had specifically requested the song she’d been thinking of. Could it be? “This song is called Change.” I lost. My damn. Mind. I grabbed Megan’s shoulder and used it as leverage to propel myself into the air, over and over. I screamed so loudly that everyone in the surrounding area turned to stare. The little girls in front of me thought I was crazy; their moms laughed at me. I don’t think I could have been louder if my life depended on it. I choked on sobs I couldn't control as I tried to sing along, tears actually streaming down my face, and my knees shaking so hard I thought I might fall.

    I hope I never forget the way I felt in those five minutes. I hope each and every one of you gets to feel that way at least once in your life, because the overwhelming surprise and elation is indescribable. When people hear that I went to six shows, I usually get one of two reactions; the suggestion that I’m a psycho or the sentiment that they wished there was something that they were that passionate about. I wish that for them, too. There are plenty of things that make me happy in this world, but there’s nothing quite like spending a night with my best friends at a Taylor Swift concert. And honestly, I include the whole stadium in that sentiment. I’ve come to realize recently that Swifties are like drunk girls in bar bathrooms; they want to take pictures with you and get your phone number and help you fix your hair and be friends forever and ‘Oh my God this is my SONG, dance with me!!’ I met so many new people over those few nights, and I’ve never danced so hard in my life as I did at reputation. I danced with people I’ve known for years and with the guy seated next to me that I’d never seen before in my life. I danced with security guards and, for once in my life, I felt more than comfortable dancing on my own, too. I got to watch two of my best friends experience Taylor live for the first time. I got to bring my Goddaughter to the show, too, and her mom, who had previously thought I was on the psycho side of things, sent me the following the next day:

    Maybe part of the “old Taylor” really is dead. After all, she rarely offers interviews these days and is caught on camera even less; it's more than clear that she's not taking the media's crap anymore. But she’s more dedicated than ever to meeting her fans, to interacting with us and letting us in more than ever before. While a lot of things have changed over the last few eras, I don’t think that will ever be one of them. The ONE thing I spoiled for myself about this tour was knowing that Long Live was on the setlist. This is my favorite song, Taylor or no, and I had always wanted to tattoo it one day in Taylor’s handwriting (because duh). But beyond my own desire to hear the song live for the first time in seven years, I think there are a number of reasons why that inclusion is so important this era. Because, ignoring the extra year before reputation, the collective eras for the first 5 albums had spanned a decade. When Taylor wiped her social medias clean, she essentially started over with a blank slate. One thing that hasn’t changed through all of it was her relationship with her fans. She introduces the song on tour by saying that it had always reminded her of us (RIP in peace me) and mashes up the song with the one ballad from reputation, New Year’s Day. So we go from “It was the end of a decade, but the start of on age,” to, “Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you… and I will hold on, too.” The end of the last decade’s worth of eras may signify the death of the old Taylor, but neither she nor we are going to forget everywhere we’ve been before now.

    And I think the best is yet to come.  

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     Brett Kavanaugh was approved to move to the final step of the confirmation process for the United States Supreme Court on Friday morning and following speeches from key votes from Senators that were yet-undecided, he is anticipated to be confirmed during the final vote on Saturday. 

    After a week fraught with debate over his nomination—including an FBI investigation, senators’ changing votes, and President Trump’s mockery of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony—the narrow vote (51-49) advances Kavanaugh to the final hurdle between him and his confirmation as a Supreme Court justice.

    Kavanaugh has been enveloped in controversy since Dr. Ford reported that he sexually assaulted her as a teenager—and then two more women, Deborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnick, also reported that Kavanaugh had assaulted them as well. His once-assured confirmation has been shrouded in doubts ever since the claims, especially following Dr. Ford’s moving testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Contrasting Dr. Ford, Kavanaugh’s testimony was filled with anger and emotion—plus, continuous mentions of his “calendars.”

    The Senate’s procedural vote follows the week-long FBI probe into the claims made by Dr. Ford against Kavanaugh—however, many people have expressed dissatisfaction into the supposedly “thorough” report by the FBI.

    Stating there was no substantiation to Dr. Ford’s claims, the FBI said they could not corroborate her accusations. There were a few glaring issues—like the fact that neither Dr. Ford nor Brett Kavanaugh were even interviewed for the investigation. Many have called the investigation a sham and the American Bar Association has even re-opened its evaluation of Kavanaugh due to his behavior during his hearing.

    Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), the senator who demanded a delay until an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh was completed, has stated that he feels confident in the FBI investigation, however, and will go forward in voting for Kavanaugh.

    Other swing senators have made their positions clear during the procedural vote Friday—Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) confirmed that she will be voting “no” on Kavanaugh.

    However, key senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) voted yes to moving Kavanaugh’s nomination to the final confirmation vote.

    Collins announced her final decision to vote "aye," as protesters gather in her Maine headquarters. According to her statement, she opted to move forward with Kavanaugh in spite of the allegations made by Dr. Ford. 

    "Mr. President, we’ve heard a lot of charges and counter charges about Judge Kavanaugh.  But as those who have known him best have attested, he has been an exemplary public servant, judge, teacher, coach, husband, and father," she said. "Despite the turbulent, bitter fight surrounding his nomination, my fervent hope is that Brett Kavanaugh will work to lessen the divisions in the Supreme Court so that we have far fewer 5-4 decisions and so that public confidence in our Judiciary and our highest court is restored.  Mr. President, I will vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh."  

    Notably, a campaign to fund Collins' future competitor for her seat raised more than $2 Million, as Rolling Stone noted, ahead of her speech, with the website reportedly crashing from the number of visitors. 

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    As more than just the new Duchess of Sussex and wife to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle is an outstanding role model and fashion icon in her own right. This Halloween season, channel your inner modern, feminist princess by re-creating some of Markle’s most famous outfits. From trench coats to fascinators, the best part is that most of these items can become staple closet items even after Halloween is over.

    1. Meghan Markle at Wimbledon



    A post shared by Meghan Markle Fanpage (@meghan_markle) on

    One of Markle’s most recognizable outfits is the ensemble she wore at Wimbledon this past summer. Consisting of a simple striped top with high-waisted white trousers, it’s a look that’s classic and elegant with a touch of flair. We recommend H&M's Cotton Shirt ($12.99) and Lyocell-Blend Pants ($49.99) as your best bet for a classy and comfortable outfit. You also need a statement hat to bring back memories of the summer – Madewell's Packable Mesa Straw Hat ($38) looks just like Markle's! After Halloween, you can even mix and match these items to create a new look that’s perfect for fall weather. Add a scarf, sweater or a pair of boots and you’ll be good to go.

    2. Meghan Markle at the Royal Ascot



    A post shared by Meghan Markle Fanpage (@meghan_markle) on

    Though fancier than her Wimbledon outfit, this look is still easy to recreate for yourself. Pair any white shirtdress, or any plain white dress really (a comfy option is Zara's Shirt Dress with Lace Inserts ($49.90)), with a black belt and eye-catching fascinator and people will have a difficult time telling the difference between you and the Duchess! For specific hat and fascinator inspo, peruse pictures from the Royal Ascot or Kentucky Derby. One quick option is the ASOS Simple Hair Fascinator Headband ($16). 

    3. Meghan Markle in Her Engagement Photos



    A post shared by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) on

    In a breach of tradition, Markle wore a stunning, partially sheer mesh dress for her engagement photos with Prince Harry. This is a fabulous outfit to recreate, and it's one you can have a lot of creativity with, too! All you need to look as stunning as the Duchess is any long, black maxi skirt, like Forever 21's Pleated Maxi Skirt ($24.90), and an embellished mesh top or bodysuit, like Shein's Glitter Mock Neck Bodysuit ($14). To finish off the outfit, find a cheap engagement-looking ring that even the most eagle-eyed party-goers won't be able to tell is fake. Target has plenty of good options, including this Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring in Silver ($16.99). Have fun recreating Markle's iconic engagement pose with all your friends. And who knows, maybe you'll meet your own prince charming along the way. 

    4. Meghan Markle on Her Wedding Day



    A post shared by The Royal Family (@theroyalfamily) on

    The first step in creating this look is a pure white dress that’s elegant enough to reflect Markle’s style, while still giving you enough room to party all night long. Look for one with a sculpted waist, high neck and long sleeves, but keep it casual by sticking with a short hem (full-length dresses are not idea for partying). We found Nordstrom's Bell Sleeve Sheath Dress ($59.97) to be a perfect fit.

    The next step is the hunt for accessories, specifically for a tulle veil that's reminiscent of Markle's, like Icing's Penelope Veil ($14.99), and a stunning pair of shoes. Be sure to find a tiara that makes it clear which famous bride you are–Claire’s has plenty of choices, including their Crystal & Pearl Flower Tiara ($19.99)–and don’t forget the bouquet!

    5. Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane on “Suits”



    A post shared by Meghan Markle Fanpage (@meghan_markle) on

    While not related to her new princess status, Markle’s role as Rachel Zane on Suits is her most recognizable acting role. To dress just like Rachel, go old-school with a pencil skirt and a stylish (but still professional) blouse. Try H&M's Jersey Pencil Skirt in black ($17.99) and Crêped Blouse ($29.99) to create this costume. 

    Now that you've got your costume set, all you need to do is find that special someone to play your Prince Harry!

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