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A Collegiette's Guide to Life

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    The extraordinary and very busy girl boss behind SimplyCyn is just as inspiring as her blog feed. Focusing on travel, fashion, lifestyle, music and more, Cynthia of @SimplyCyn is both a full-time blogger and a full-time attorney (actual goals). Most notably, Cynthia loves to document her adventures around the world through her blog, detailing her trendsetting style and valuable travel tips. Trust us, you'll want to be sure you're following this empowering influencer!

    What's your best advice for juggling your personal passions (i.e. blogging, working full-time as an attorney, etc.)?

    The key to being productive when you juggle a lot is to plan, plan, plan. You need to be extremely disciplined about sticking to any schedule you create. I also believe that you need to prioritize — find out what really matters to you and what is most important. There's no way to do it all. So for me, I gave up a few things in my life. I don't have as much TV time, for example, in order to make sure that I can create content and work on projects that I can be proud of.

    How do you like to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends?

    I'm definitely still a lover of magazines, although they are now on my iPad and not on paper. Being in NYC, there's so much fashion everywhere — so much street style and subway style. I also look to Instagram, or as I like to call it, the visual fashion marketplace.

    What are your go-to fashion essentials that you pack when traveling?

    It depends on the season and where I'm going. For warm weather trips, I always take a strapless bra — so necessary for off-the-shoulder and strapless dresses. I'll also always pack a pair of my favorite denim shorts. For cold weather, I always take colorful scarves along with some super soft sweatpants to sleep and travel in. I also always take one big bag, often a tote bag, that can fit my cameras, lenses and any trinkets I may pick up as I go around.

    What are your best tips for getting the most out of your travel?

    Do the 50-50 split. Have 50% of your trip planned out: do some research ahead of time, plan out places to go, restaurants to eat at, shopping to do. Close the other half of the time off for exploring and getting lost. Some of my favorite travel memories were spur of the moments finds, last-minute detours and completely unplanned activities. Also, don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with both the locals and fellow travelers — you will get tips, make friends and learn more about a city this way. Most people are really nice and simply love to share their travel knowledge and experiences.

    What advice would you tell young women who are interested in starting their own blogs and businesses?

    Borrowing from another company's motto, I say "Just Do It." Start somewhere, anywhere, even if it's small or local. Take the time to learn the different pieces, such as photo/video editing and working with lighting. Also, treat blogging like a business. Keep track of how much work you do and for how long, track your invoices and your expenditures. Leverage your existing contacts and followers as the foundation for your audience. Pay attention to what your followers like to see.

    What style trend are you absolutely loving right now?

    High waisted wide leg pants — they started showing up a lot last Fall and I've already picked up a pair for this year. I think they're super flattering on most body types.

    What’s one tip you can share for snapping that perfect, Insta-worthy photo?

    Good natural light makes all the difference! When that fails, I swear by prime lenses (35- 50mm) and mobile photo editing tools like Snapseed.

    What advice do you have for building a network and meeting other bloggers?

    Events are great for meeting other influencers. Also, develop relationships with other influencers by engaging with them and their content. Leave comments, send DM's, or whatever you can do to make yourself visible. It's not easy, but every now and then, something clicks in these relationships.

    What’s your favorite part about being a blogger?

    Meeting people and traveling quite often. Being able to use my voice to showcase what is possible is the best feeling in the world.

    Be sure to follow SimplyCyn on her blog and her Instagram.

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    There's a reason everyone is obsessed with Peter Kavinsky from To All the Boys I've Loved Before, and it's probably because he's literally the type of person we all want to date. He's not just nice, he's kind. He's not just funny, he's hilarious. And he's not just thoughtful, he's thoughtful in a bring-you-your-fave-yogurt-smoothie-from-across-town kind of way. He's so ~cool~ and dreamy that even your resident queer girl is freaking obsessed with him because he's just so damn wholesome.

    The film itself is amazing. We love To All the Boys I've Loved Before for too many reasons to list, from it being a major move for Asian-American representation in romantic comedies to it making us believe in love again, but one gem that's really come into existence is the endless relatable Peter Kavinsky memes.

    Let's walk through some of our faves, shall we?

    1. That time his wholesome swagger made us all drool a little.


    2. When he gave BDE a new meaning.


    3. When he helped us raise our expectations.


    4. Like, way higher.


    5. When he proved men can be decent???


    6. Every single time he proved love is actually real, somehow.


    7. When he made us die over those damn eyebrows.

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    Our obsession with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's love story is nothing short of dreamy, and Ariana's recent interview with Good Morning America revealed when we can suspect the wannabe couple will say, "I do."

    But let's be real, this wedding has been planned ever since they locked eyes. Even Ariana couldn't put her love for Pete into words when asked how she knew Pete was the one. "I mean, it's just like a feeling, you know?" Ariana said. "That’s so cheesy. People are always like, 'When you know, you know,' and you're like 'Oh, yeah, whatever, okay, yeah, okay.'"

    Related: Ariana Grande Apparently Predicted That She’d Marry Pete Davidson Long Before They Even Started Dating

    According to Ariana, the wedding is finally confirmed to take place but, "it's not soon soon. It's going to be like, next year."

    Wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming, so family support is a big part of the couple's planning. "I've never spent this much time or energy planning something personal that feeds my soul so much and my heart," she said, before starting to tear up. "I'm going to cry. I'm so excited. It's sick. It's really fun."

    Ariana's Insta Story revealed the five year anniversary of her hit, "Honeymoon Avenue," on Wednesday—is she already planning her honeymoon with Pete, now?

    For the full interview regarding Ariana and Pete's romance, check out Good Morning America's video below.



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    I Did A Thing is our weekly advice column where the Her Campus editorial team helps you out when you ruin your own life (hey, we've been there). Email for any and everything you need help with. We’ll answer you (anonymously!) on so we can all learn, together. We’ve got your back.

    @lovedup: So, me and my boyfriend have been together for about three months and I already think I'm in love with him. Is it too soon? I'm not sure if telling him will scare him away or complicate things, but I don't like keeping things in.

    @helpmehc: Let me just start by saying: Extremely Same. Whether it’s your first SO or your fifth, it can seem like falling in love quickly means you’re rushing into the relationship. But the truth is that love isn’t one-size-fits-all, and there isn’t an exact time to determine if you’re falling in love too fast.

    If you fell in love after being on the rebound, or moved in together after dating three months, then maybe you could take things slower. TBH, three months feels like years when you see each other multiple times a week and have shared experiences of vulnerability and getting closer emotionally. I know I’ve fallen in love with people in way less time than three months – and that’s totally fine as long as you aren’t avoiding red flags or ignoring reality.

    Deciphering what’s real love, or what’s just lust and chemistry, isn’t easy – but it sounds to me like this pairing is legit. As far as telling your boyfriend? Love doesn’t come without trust, so if you’re really in love with him, at this point you should be able to trust that he won’t disappear or freak out if you tell him how you feel. Full speed ahead, and best of luck with expressing your feels.

    Check out more advice from @helpmehc. We've got your back.

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    Dog-lovers everywhere unite because we’ve got some sad news for you. The Annual Tompkins Square Park Dog Parade has been cancelled. What is that, you say? Well, it’s probably the cutest parade to have ever existed. Three words: Dogs in costumes -- must I say anything more? As a self-proclaimed dog enthusiast, my heart hurt a little when I got the news that the 28th Annual Parade will not be happening (Heart. Broken.)

    The Parade originally began as a means of raising money for the maintenance of Tompkins Square Dog Run. The park, which in the 1980s attracted drugs and crime, caught the eye of the residents in the area who wanted a safe place to walk their dogs. In 1990, after the renovation of the park, the first dog run in New York was founded; however, it all happened under one condition: “the run must be managed and funded by the community (not the city).” And that’s where the Parade comes in.

    The Dog Parade attracts thousands of dogs in costume each year, ranging from nurses to KISS to everything in between. However, it seems that it is the increasing popularity of the event, which may have caused its cancellation. In an interview with The Cut, Garrett Russo, the Parade’s voluntary manager, said that the New York Department of Parks & Recreation already required insurance for the Dog Parade last year. But this year the insurance company “was requiring them to purchase insurance for 20,000 potential attendees [although] [a]n estimated 10,000 people showed up for last year’s event.”

    The post on Facebook that announced the cancellation confirms this. “Although the parade has grown over the past 28 years, it has always been the creation of a small group of volunteers from the dog park. The Parks Dept is asking for a large insurance & liability policy in order to hold the event this year — and we simply don’t have the funds or sponsor willing to provide it.”

    An article on Gothamist explains that the Parks are not the ones to charge the insurance fee instead the fee is from the insurance company itself that are working with the parade organizers. “[T]he high attendance in recent years meant that Parks had to require a contract, and because of that contract, a certificate of insurance (COI) valued at $1 million was required,” states the article.

    A big fan of the yearly event, Therese Moriarty has started a GoFundMe page for the Parade. She writes: “This year, the parade's budget has ballooned. As a result, the organizers have not been able to secure a sponsor and they may be forced to cancel this crucial fundraising event for the Tompkins Square Dog Run.” The page’s goal is to raise $15,000. Whether or not this will make the Parade happen, is still to be determined.

    While we wait in anticipation for the fate of the event, we mourn the New York pups’ lost opportunity to show off their adorable costumes. For the time being, we turn our attention to The Great PUPkin in Brooklyn, a Parade also featuring adorably costumed dogs. We can only hope that it doesn’t get canceled as well -- and leave our hearts forever broken.

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    With midterms just around the corner, things are already getting heated on the political landscape. You may recognize the name Beto O’Rourke from the recent viral video of him defending the NFL players’ kneeling protests at football games. The NFL protests began two years ago when quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, caught the public’s attention by staying seated during the national anthem.

    Since then, the practice of kneeling during the the National Anthem has become a common occurrence at football games, a form of peaceful protest against “racial inequality, discrimination and social injustice.” While Trump has been quick to condemn players for their actions, even saying that they should be kicked out of the country, Beto O’Rourke says that he “can think of nothing more American.” In the video that was posted to the NowThis site, the Senate candidate compares the NFL protests to those during the civil rights movement.

    “Peaceful, nonviolent protests, including taking a knee at a football game to point out that black men, unarmed, black teenagers, unarmed, and black children, unarmed, are being killed at a frightening level right now, including by members of law enforcement, without accountability, and without justice,” O’Rourke said. "And this problem — as grave as it is — is not going to fix itself, and they’re frustrated, frankly, with people like me and those in positions of public trust and power, who have been unable to resolve this or bring justice for what has been done and to stop it from continuing to happen in this country." The Texas senate candidate, who NBCNews describes as “a credible challenge to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz”, has now gained attention nationwide. Could Beto O’Rourke be the candidate that everyone has been waiting for to finally turn Texas ‘blue’?

    Beto O’Rourke, born Robert Francis O’Rourke, has actually served in congress since 2012 as a representative from El Paso, Texas, but only really gained attention this year when he decided to step up against Republican sen. Ted Cruz. According to a poll by NBC News/Marist, O’Rourke does represent a credible threat to Cruz. With 45% support among voters, the candidate is trailing Cruz by a mere 4%, a promising statistic considering that the last Democratic politician was Lieutenant Governor, Bob Bullock, in 1994.

    A Columbia University graduate and avid Whataburger enthusiast, O’Rourke also gained the internet’s attention when his bipartisan roadtrip with Republican Will Hurd. The Congressmen, whose flights from Texas to Washington D.C. were cancelled due to snow, had to be back in the Capitol to cast their votes on the floor in D.C. so decided to rent a car and drive from Texas to Washington D.C. The whole trip was broadcast on Facebook Live.

    When it comes to political stances, O’Rourke would certainly be a promising candidate in Congress. O’Rourke stands behind the idea that “[w]e should all have a chance to succeed,” as his website says. “That means jobs for Texans who are ready to work and the education and training to be competitive for them.It means that every one of us is able to get healthy and stay healthy. It means we have access to the providers, medications and help that keep us on our feet and moving forward.It means that immigrants are seen as a critical source of strength and security in our communities – that beyond stopping walls and raids, we take the lead in writing immigration policy that matches our values and interests.It means that we are all treated with dignity and respect, meeting the small, petty and divisive politics of this age with a confidence, courage and strength that could only come from Texas.”

    Although one can find a detailed description of his opinions on issues on his website, some things to be noted are that O’Rourke wants to establish a universal healthcare system similar to what has been suggested by Bernie Sanders and takes a strong stance for stricter gun legislation, including a ban on assault weapons. He is supportive of abortion rights and wants to preserve DACA. He is also against the prohibition of marijuana.

    As described by the Texas Tribune, O’Rourke is using a similar strategy to that of Obama in 2007 where he “campaign[s] hard in conservative areas with an aim to lose less badly there and make up the difference in urban areas.” He is also showing strength in fundraising, coming closer to “rapidly narrowing the gap” between him and Cruz, although Cruz will probably still be receiving millions from PACs and the like. It looks like we’ll continue to keep a close eye on O’Rourke as he continues his rigorous campaign trail through all 254 counties of Texas.

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    If you haven't already seen them for yourself, then you've probably heard about Netflix's new ads. The streaming giant is currently testing the idea with select subscribers by showing trailers for other titles in its video library in between episodes of whatever a user is watching. While Netflix told Fortune that the ads aren't paid commercials — and instead among the "hundreds of tests" done every year — several people on Reddit claimed last week that they had seen ads for shows like Better Caul Saul. These particular ads were supposedly unskippable. 

    However, Netflix has since stated that anyone seeing ads should be able to skip them. If you've noticed these popping up — or you want to prevent them from doing so — there's actually a way to avoid the ads altogether. 

    Here's the process, according to CNET:

    1. Open Netflix in a browser on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can't use the app.
    2. Click on your profile picture (which can be found in the top right on a computer), and then select "Account."
    3. On the Account page, scroll down to the "Settings" section and click "Test participation."
    4. Turn off the "Include me in tests and previews" option, and then click "Done."

    Ta-dah! You've ensured that you'll never have to watch any of Netflix's new ads — for now, at least. There's no telling if the feature will move out of the testing stage and be implemented for all subscribers. Like Hulu currently does, Netflix may eventually offer tiered subscriptions where users choose between plans with limited commercials, or none at all, at a higher price.

    That said, the ads may not be that bad of an idea. Netflix spokesperson Smita Saran told Bustle that the promos actually double as recommendations for subscribers. "There is an idea that these are commercials or ads," she said. "But they’re actually personalized recommendations similar to the recommendations that a user would see on the home screen [of the Netflix service]."

    Regardless, happy binging!

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    A former Trump World Tower doorman is speaking out about an alleged affair President Trump had with an ex-housekeeper, which resulted in a child. CNN released the bombshell report late Friday night, along with a copy of the contract the doorman, Dino Sajudin, supposedly signed with American Media Inc. that prohibited him from discussing the matter. 

    According to Sajudin's attorney, Sajudin is only going public with the story because he was recently released from the contact with AMI., which notably owns the National Enquirer — a publication whose editor was just granted immunity from federal prosecutors as they continue to investigate Trump's role in his former lawyer Michael Cohen's campaign finance violations. Earlier this week, it was also reported that the National Enquirer kept a safe with damaging stories about Trump it decided to kill because ot its "cozy" relationship with him.

    The contract that CNN obtained was signed in November 2015, and says that AMI owns the rights to Sajudin's story. Beyond stating, "Source shall provide AMI with information regarding Donald Trump's illegitimate child..." the contract doesn't contain any additional details about the story. 

    Furthermore, AMI pledged Sajudin a sum of $30,000 "payable upon publication" of the story, though there was no promise of compensation if the story never ran.

    However, a third page of the contract shows that a month after it was signed, an amendment was added that stated Sajudin would be paid $30,000 within five days, and that the "exclusivity period" would be "extended in perpetuity and shall not expire." 

    If Sajudin were to break the non-expiring "exclusivity period," he would've owed AMI $1 million. The provision would no longer be applicable if Sajudin was truly released from the contract. 

    "Mr. Sajudin has been unable to discuss the circumstances regarding his deal with American Media Inc. and the story that he sold to them, due to a significant financial penalty," Sajudin's lawyer, Marc Held, told CNN. "Just recently, AMI released Mr. Sajudin from the terms of his agreement and he is now able to speak about his personal experience with them, as well as his story, which is now known to be one of the 'catch and kill' pieces. Mr. Sajudin hopes the truth will come out in the very near future."

    Sajudin first told CNN about Trump's alleged affair and child in April, in the following statement: 

    "Today I awoke to learn that a confidential agreement that I had with AMI (The National Enquirer) with regard to a story about President Trump was leaked to the press. I can confirm that while working at Trump World Tower I was instructed not to criticize President Trump's former housekeeper due to a prior relationship she had with President Trump, which produced a child."

    At the time, The Associated Press reported that Cohen "acknowledged to the AP that he had discussed Sajudin's story with the magazine when the tabloid was working on it. He said he was acting as a Trump spokesman when he did so and denied knowing anything beforehand about the Enquirer payment to the ex-doorman."

    AMI denied the story in April, but hasn't commented on CNN's new report. The White House, on the other hand, never responded to CNN's requests for comments back in April.

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    Even though most This Is Usfans are still reeling from the season two finale, it's almost time to grab another box of Kleenex and prepare for the return of the big three. NBC released a first look at the new season on Friday, but it's not just a regular promo — the entire cast provides a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of what's to come, while also catching viewers up on what's already happened. 

    In case you need a refresher, season two ended with Kate's wedding and a few huge flash-forward scenes: Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) are dealing with some sort of illness he has; Kevin (Justin Hartley) is taking off on a plane to Vietnam with Beth's cousin, Zoe (Melanie Liburd); and future Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and a grown-up Tess (Iantha Richardson) are preparing to visit a mysterious woman only known as "her."

    "We had a few pretty big reveals to sort of lead into where we're going with season three and the future of the show," Hartley says in the new promo. 

    Sullivan provides some insight into what's happening with Toby and Kate, explaining that they're trying to start a family. "And that is not gonna be as easy as they thought," says Metz.

    As for Kevin and Zoe's relationship (?!), it definitely doesn't appear to be a fling. Liburd was not only promoted to be a This Is Us series regular, but in the teaser, Hartley discusses the long-term implications of the two being together — including how Beth deals with it.

    "Kevin's on this trip with this woman he just met. It's Beth's cousin that he meets at the wedding. They just sort of hit it off and we'll just see where this goes," he says. "There's also a question of how Beth's going to handle that."

    According to Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth, her character"probably thinks it's not a good idea."

    "To Beth, worst case scenario is they get together," Watson said. Yikes.

    Regardless of what happens between Kevin and Zoe, where they're headed on the airplane is extremely noteworthy: Vietnam. The big three's father, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), served in the Vietnam war, and This Is Us showrunner Dan Fogelman has previously stated that season three would dive into that time period of his life. 

    It's also around this time that Jack met Rebecca (Mandy Moore), so viewers can look forward to learning more about the couple's origin stories. 

    "We kind of go back in the past for Jack and Rebecca before the big three," Ventimiglia says in the clip. 

    Moore adds, "It's sort of at the very beginning of their courtship, picking up from the night where they first met and how they spent the rest of that evening."

    Then there's Randall's story, which ended on a frustrating cliffhanger. "It's time to go see her," he says in the flash-forward to his daughter, Tess. Tess replies, "I'm not ready," and Randall says he agrees. 

    Who are they talking about? According to Brown, viewers won't be left hanging for long. "At some point in time in the season I can tell you that the "her" that is addressed in the future will be illuminated," he says in the promo. 

    There's a million other questions that still need to be answered, but the teaser appears to show that we'll be getting some answers this season. Start the countdown now! This Is Usreturns on September 25. 

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    There is nothing better in life than a puppy—other than a puppy and Netflix that is! So, sit back, get ready to look at some cute puppy pictures and find out what puppy is your match based on your favorite Netflix original movies and TV series.

    If you like Orange is the New Black, then your match is a Chihuahua!

    On OITNB, Piper has a rough start in prison, but learns from her mistakes and shows her tough side. Like Piper, Chihuahuas may look small and meek, but they have a tough side that comes out when needed. 

    If you like Stranger Things, then your match is a Border Collie!


    A post shared by Border Life ( on

    Just like Eleven and the rest of the Stranger Things crew, Border Collies are intelligent and inquisitive, and want to get to the bottom of what’s going on. 

    If you like The Crown, then your match is a Corgi!


    A post shared by Bojo and Milo (@bojothecorgi) on

    There’s a reason Queen Elizabeth has all of those Corgis running around. A regal presence, Corgis radiate royal energy and are the perfect match for anyone caught up in the intrigue of the Royal family.

    If you like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, then your match is a Shiba Inu! 


    A post shared by Kaia (@kaia_shibainu) on

    Like Lara Jean Song Covey, Shibas can sometimes be reluctant to share their true feelings. But when they find the right companion they are extremely affectionate and loyal! 

    If you like A Series of Unfortunate Events, then your match is a Beagle! 


    A post shared by Beagle of the day (@beagleoftheday) on

    Beagles (which come in three sizes, just like the Baudelaire children) seem easy to fool—until you get to know them. Just like the Baudelaires, Beagles can outsmart even the most dastardly villain. 

    If you like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, then your match is a Jack Russell Terrier! 


    A post shared by Rufino El Albino (@rufinoelalbino) on

    Just like Kimmy, Jack Russells have unbridled enthusiasm and boundless energy! 

    If you like A Christmas Prince, then your match is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!


    A post shared by Cavalier Way (@thecavalierway) on

    With their smooth coats and sophisticated demeanor, these dogs are practically royalty. Bonus: they will cuddle with you during the cold Christmas months. 

    If you like GLOW, then your match is a Pitbull!


    A post shared by Pitbull Magazine (@proudpitbull) on

    People tend to judge Pitbulls, just like the ladies of GLOW, but once they get to know you, they see how kind, sweet and amazing you are. 

    If you like The Kissing Booth, then your match is a Golden Retriever! 

    Just like Elle, Golden Retrievers may be drawn to all sorts of people, but they for sure have a soft spot for one special person. 

    If you like Queer Eye, then your match is a Yorkshire Terrier!


    A post shared by Yorkie Moments (@yorkiesmoment) on

    Yorkies are some of the most fashionable dogs around, making them the perfect match for anyone hooked on Queer Eye

    If you like Set It Up, then your match is a Poodle! 


    A post shared by Poodle Love® (@poodlelove) on

    Poodles are intelligent and crave affection, just like this smart and romantic rom-com. 

    If you like John Mulaney’s comedy specials, your match is a French Bulldog!  

    Like Mulaney’s beloved Frenchie, Petunia, you are devoted to him. 

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    Arizona Sen. John Sidney McCain III, a Vietnam war hero and a public servant for more than 35 years, died on Saturday, a little more than a year since he was first diagnosed with brain cancer. He was 81.

    McCain’s office released a statement, writing, “Senator John Sidney McCain III died at 4:28 p.m. on August 25, 2018.” The Arizona senator announced on July 19, 2017, that he had been diagnosed with a glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain tumor. His family had announced on Friday that he was discontinuing treatment.

    McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, posted a tribute to her father on social media shortly after his death, writing that she was with her father “at his end as he was with [her] at [her] beginning.”

    “My father is gone, and I miss him as only an adoring daughter can,” she wrote. “But in this loss, and in this sorrow, I take comfort in this: John McCain, hero of the republic and to his little girl, wakes today to something more glorious than anything on this earth. Today the warrior enters his true and eternal life.”

    “All that I am is thanks to him. Now that he is gone, the task of my lifetime is to live up to his example, his expectations, and his love,” she added.

    McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain, tweeted: “My heart is broken. I am so lucky to have lived the adventure of loving this incredible man for 38 years. He passed the way he lived, on his own terms, surrounded by the people he loved.”

    Born in 1936, McCain became a part of a naval family steeped heavily in patriotism. Both his grandfather and father were four-star admirals, with his father, John McCain Jr., rising to commander in chief of Pacific forces in the Vietnam War, NBC News reports.

    He followed in his family’s footsteps and graduated from the Naval Academy in Annapolis in 1958. McCain, however, barely made it out, graduating fifth from the bottom of his class.

    In a speech to midshipmen at the Naval Academy in October 2017, McCain joked about his less-than-stellar academic performance, saying, “My superiors didn’t hold me in very high esteem in those days. To be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled to be here back then, and I was as relieved to graduate — fifth from the bottom of my class — as the Naval Academy was to see me go.”

    Following his graduation, McCain volunteered for combat duty in the Vietnam War, and received orders to ship out in 1967, NBC News reports.

    In October 1967, McCain’s plane was shot down over North Vietnam. His arms were broken, as well as his knee, and he was taken as a prisoner of war.

    He ended up having to endure nearly five-and-a-half-years in the prisoner of war camp. When Vietnamese soldiers learned that McCain was the son of an admiral, they set out to use him for propaganda purposes, and he was tortured and beaten. McCain was given the chance of an early release, but refused, adhering to a code of conduct that all prisoners of war must be released in order of capture.

    It wasn’t until the war ended in 1973 that McCain was finally set free.

    “I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else's,” McCain said while accepting the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.

    From a prisoner of war, McCain ending up finding himself being one of the most respected and influential politicians in the country. In his more than 35 years in Congress, McCain always encouraged his colleagues to reach across the aisle for the good of the country, always reminding us that “much more unites us than divides us.”

    McCain was always known as the independent voice of the Republican Party on a variety of issues, including campaign finance, torture and the Iraq War. The Arizona senator went against his own party’s president, George W. Bush, on strategy for the Iraq War.

    On Saturday, however, Bush said in a statement following McCain’s death: “Some lives are so vivid, it is difficult to imagine them ended. Some voices are so vibrant, it is hard to think of them stilled. John McCain was a man of deep conviction and a patriot of the highest order. He was a public servant in the finest traditions of our country. And to me, he was a friend whom I'll deeply miss.”

    In the 2008 presidential election, McCain had publicly denounced a conspiracy theory regarding fellow presidential candidate Barack Obama at a town hall in Pennsylvania, ABC News reports.

    A woman in the audience said that she could not trust Obama because “he’s an Arab.”

    “No, ma’am,” McCain replied to the woman. “He’s a decent family man, a citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues, and that’s what this campaign is all about. He is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president.”

    Obama released a statement on Saturday, saying that despite all of their difference, he and McCain shared a “fidelity to something higher — the ideals for which generations of Americans and immigrants alike have fought, marched, and sacrificed.”

    “Few of us have been tested the way John once was, or required to show the kind of courage that he did,” Obama added. “But all of us can aspire to the courage to put the greater good above our own. At John’s best, he showed us what that means. And for that, we are all in his debt.”

    In an interview on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, fellow Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake discussed McCain’s legacy with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos. When asked what was the greatest lesson he learned from McCain, Flake said, “Oh, to forgive. You know, his people talk about [how] he had a temper, he was passionate. That was certainly the case, but he would quickly forgive and move on,” adding that McCain always able “to see the good in his opponents.”

    “That is something that particularly these days we could use a lot more of. That's a lesson that he taught everyone,” Flake added.

    Former Vice President and close friend to McCain, Joe Biden, issued a statement on Saturday, saying that he, America and the world would miss the senator.

    “John McCain will cast a long shadow,” Biden said in his statement. “His impact on America hasn’t ended. Not even close. It will go on for many years to come.”

    Over the course of his political career, McCain forged many deep friendships, including with his colleague Sen. Lindsey Graham.

    “I can't think of anything I've done since 1999 politically, in many ways personally, that was worth doing without John,” Graham said about his friend in July. “He loves his family. He loves his friends. But his passion above all else is his passion for his country.”

    President Donald Trump also shared his condolences on Saturday, writing, “My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!”

    Trump and McCain, however, had shared a few bitter words in the past. Their war of words stemmed back to 2015 when Trump, who had avoided service in the Vietnam War due to foot issues, disparaged McCain’s service, saying he was “not a war hero,” ABC News reports.

    Last October, McCain spoke of his years in public service.

    “I’ve had the good fortune to spend 60 years in service to this wondrous land,” McCain said. “It has not been perfect service, to be sure, and there were probably times when the country might have benefited from a little less of my help.”

    "But I’ve tried to deserve the privilege as best I can, and I’ve been repaid a thousand times over with adventures, with good company, and with the satisfaction of serving something more important than myself, of being a bit player in the extraordinary story of America,” McCain added. “And I am so very grateful.”

    0 0

    Let’s be honest: we all live for music collaborations with our favorite artists. So when Cardi B took to Instagram to tease a new, mysterious project she is working on with Selena Gomez, we totally flipped, because this is the collaboration we have been waiting for.

    On Friday, Cardi B posted a photo from the set of a new music video. “Soon come ;) ON SET !” Cardi B captioned the photo, showing four directors chairs featuring Cardi B and Selena’s names, as well as Ozuna and DJ Snake. There’s even a small director’s chair with Kulture’s name on it. How adorable!


    Soon come ;) ON SET !

    A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on

    But obviously with these four artists, something big is in the works.

    In a post to his Instagram Story, DJ Snake confirmed that the shoot was for a music video for his next single, according to Elle.

    via DJ Snake - Instagram

    “In Los Angeles shooting the music video for my next single,” DJ Snake wrote.

    Selena also took to Instagram to share pictures from the set. “Today was so fun,” she captioned the photo.


    today was so fun

    A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

    She shared a series of video clips from the video shoot as well, totally confirming that the four artists had a blast working together, Hello Giggles reports.


    @selenagomez via Instagram Stories (2) #SelenaGomez #Selena #Selenator #Selenators #Fans

    A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomezecu2.0) on

    Selena’s videos show everyone wearing fire engine red, and Cardi B posted a video post shoot, showing her rocking an incredible hairdo. Maybe this is a clue about the video’s aesthetic?

    We can’t wait to see what Cardi B, Selena Gomez, DJ Snake and Ozuna have up their sleeves. Until then, we’ll be impatiently waiting for the video to drop.

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    While Anne Hathaway and Mandy Moore’s characters weren’t friends in The Princess Diaries, they totally are in real life. And it looks like there may a reunion in the works, which we are totally fangirling over!

    Just in time for Throwback Thursday, This Is Us star Mandy Moore posted a photo of her and Hathaway standing on the red carpet together at the premiere of the movie on Instagram.

    The photo shows both stars in their best early aughts apparel, with Hathaway donning a shimmering burgundy gown and Moore, then 17, sporting a grey jacket over a black t-shirt and denim jeans.

    “I guess this film came out just over 17 years ago?? @annehathaway was already a movie star and I showed up to my first premiere in a casual denim suit. Hey, it was 2001! #tbt #theprincessdiaries” Moore captioned the adorable throwback picture, poking fun at her outfit.

    Well, it didn’t take long for Hathaway to notice the heartfelt picture and respond, showering her former co-star with love, Hello Giggles reports.

    “That's the face I make when I'm trying to not flop sweat on a terrifically famous pop star,” Hathaway responded, referring to Moore's successful career as a singer prior to acting. “So happy for all that you have going on!”

    “Let's get together and throw ice cream at each other soon,” Hathaway suggested, referring to one of the most iconic scenes in The Princess Diaries where Hathaway’s Mia Thermopolis plasters her antagonist, Moore’s Lana Thomas, with an ice cream cone. All together now: Lana got coned!

    Moore was quick to respond, and expressed her delight in reuniting with Hathaway.

    “Hello friend! Count me in. It'd be an honor to be coned by you again!” Moore replied, along with a laughing emoji and a heart.

    via Mandy Moore - Instagram

    According to ET, news of the reunion excited fans, including journalist and author Ronan Farrow who commented, “There aren't enough ‘like’ buttons in the world for this.”

    While the reunion doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a third installment in the Princess Diaries anytime soon, it certainly makes us want one even more. We can only hope.

    Hopefully the reunion takes place, though, and that someone takes some pictures.  

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    Gunfire broke out just before 2 p.m. on Sunday at a gaming bar along Jacksonville’s riverwalk in what Florida authorities are now calling a mass shooting.

    Police in Jacksonville, Florida, have confirmed that there were multiple fatalities.

    “Multiple fatalities at the scene, many transported,” the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office tweeted at 2:45 p.m.

    Preliminary reports suggest that four were killed in the shooting, and seven were wounded.  

    According to USA Today, local media reported reported heavy police and emergency response presence at the scene.

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Florida Department of Law Enforcement personnel are responding to the shooting, and he is in contact with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

    "Mass shooting at the Jacksonville Landing. Stay far away from the area. The area is not safe at this time. STAY AWAY #TheLandingMassShooting" the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office tweeted earlier Sunday afternoon.

    “We can’t stress enough to stay away. Many blocks away,” the sheriff's office said.

    Early reports indicate that the shooting took place during a video game event at GLHF Game Bar next to Chicago Pizza in Jacksonville Landing. CompLexity Gaming, organizer of the Madden NFL 19 championship series, a football video gaming tournament, posted on Twitter that “there appears to have been a shooting at the event.”

    American eSports organizations have tweeted that the shooting took place during the southern qualifier round, The Huffington Post reports.

    CompLexity Gaming, which represents playerDrini Gjoka, tweeted that he had been“grazed in the hand” during the shooting.

    “Worst day of my life,” Gjoka said. “I will never take anything for granted ever again. Life can be cut short in a second.”

    This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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    This is why you feel mopey at the end of summer. [Bustle]

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    The best boardwalk and beach snacks. [Munchies]

    Ranking cheese by how unhealthy it is. [Mel Magazine]

    America has a new favorite apple. [USA Today]

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    There is no way to sugarcoat it: College apps are a lot of work. If you are a soon-to-be senior or already in the thick of your final year of high school, you’ve probably started the highly anticipated and often stressful college application grind. At this point, you may already have entered all your personal information, grades, recommendations – but there is still one beastly task that lies ahead: the essay. Though the personal essay is, for many, the most dreaded part of the college app process, there are a few ways to make it slightly less terrifying. Whether you’ve already cranked out a first draft, are stuck halfway through or have yet to crack open your laptop, read on for some red flags to look out for, so you can press submit sans regrets!

    1. You’re too generic

    Given the sheer number of students applying, chances are you aren’t the only chick who captained the girls’ soccer team junior and senior year and played the cello. Now, it is certainly not to discredit the blood, sweat and tears that you put into perfecting those exhausting passing drills or the hours of painstaking memorization that you spent on sheet music. However, when it comes to your essay, unless you have a wildly unique story to share about your favorite hobby, it is probably safer to find a different topic. A generic essay, no matter how well-written or primped up, will have a hard time catching the attention of an admissions counselor who just read an identical paper.

    Before starting your essay, brainstorm a list of characteristics that make you unique. Though your double-jointedness and hatred of chocolate don't exactly sound like topics with much substance, the memories of the time you freaked out your third grade class with your Gumby-like shoulders or got sick on your birthday after eating too much chocolate cake just might help get the cogs rolling in your brain and develop those childhood moments into broader themes about how elementary school shaped you into who you are today (how your disgust with chocolate set you apart in your dessert-loving family).

    2. You aren’t considering your audience

    There is a time and place for a theatrical and over-exaggerated rehashing of the time you tripped up the stairs and almost died (aka stubbed your pinky toe), but that time is lunch and the place is in the cafeteria with your girl squad. Admissions counselors, on the other hand, likely will not get a kick out of your “hilarious” tale, especially if it offers no sense of who you are as an individual. Think of it this way. Maybe you are an A+ fit for the school of your dreams, but if you spend half of your essay discussing a silly, trivial story, how will the admissions officer know that? In order to prove why that school should be your future home, there is a degree of sincerity that you should take. Now, it is not to say that your essay should be too formal or read like a scholarly article, but remember, presenting the best and most-put-together version of yourself will likely come off a lot more polished than trying to scrape together bits of significance or seriousness from a funny yet, in this context, insignificant moment.

    Related: 5 Things That Don't Matter on Your College Applications

    3. You incorporate too much drama and “fluff”

    There seems to be an unspoken rule that your college essay should be about an incredible, life-altering event like climbing Mt. Everest or saving a little kid’s life, but speaking from experience, most 18-year-olds are just beginning to navigate the whole “adulting” process and have yet to change the world on a grand scale. Lucky for you, admissions officers know this! That being said, do not waste hours and hours racking your brain on how to turn that time you “rescued” a turtle from the road into a monumental moment that made you want to be a veterinarian (unless it is true).

    Instead, take a deep breath. Think about what elements of your life really encapsulate you. For starters, consider your values. When you strip away all of the superficial stuff, what is it that really matters to you in this world? You may even opt to write down a list of questions for yourself like, who or what in your family has most influenced you? Perhaps your mom’s work as an artist inspired you to explore pottery (and subsequently despise pottery). Or maybe a trip you took to South America challenged your Spanish-speaking skills and inspired you to live abroad in the future. Whatever comes to mind, jot it down. Your passions, the people who have shaped you and your identity (ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc.) all play a role in the makeup of you. With a little luck, one of those aspects will spark an essay-worthy idea and you can get to writing!

    4. You didn’t proofread

    No, spelling and grammar check do not count. It can be intimidating to share a piece of work (and one that is likely quite personal) with someone else. What you write in your college essay may even be something that you haven’t shared with anyone before. That said, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you ask someone you trust to read through your work before you hit submit. You know yourself best, so when typing a story about yourself it can be easy to leave out key details. Though the image of that gorgeous beach in Florida is crystal clear in your mind, without describing the pristine, white sand and the turquoise waters to your reader, your words will lose flavor, no matter how interesting your story. Without the help of a proofreader, you’ll never know if your essay actually flows logically or if it only makes sense to you.

    Try to keep the number of people reading your essay to around two to three (probably your college counselor, a parent and maybe your bestie if you feel comfortable). There is such thing as too much feedback and you don’t want to drag your editing process on for an eternity.

    5. You’re fighting the clock

    Though everyone raves about junior year being the most challenging of high school, it is arguable that first semester seniors have it the roughest. On top of homework, activities, standardized testing, a social life and staying sane, college apps will be a fun new addition to your rapidly growing plate. With all the chaos that those fall months of your final year of high school will inevitably bring, it's easy to drop the ball on at least one of the many things on your to-do list. Do not. We repeat, do NOT let one of those things be your college essay. Save yourself the stress of fighting a ticking clock days before your app deadline and start working on your essay over the summer. Maybe you don’t even get to the nitty-gritty writing part before the school year begins, but at least get a jump on your brainstorming and have some potential topics selected. Your future self will thank you times a million when you confidently press submit, knowing you could give 100 percent effort with the luxury of time on your side.

    6. You’re not sharing your voice

    This should be a given, but just to emphasize the obvious: write authentically. Fabricating an essay that poses you as someone you are not will inevitably come back to bite you in the long run. Save yourself any avoidable drama or awkwardness down the road and keep the you showcased on paper consistent with the you in real life.

    Also, keep in mind that admissions counselors have been reading these teenage-written essays for years. Chances are, they’ll know something is up if you copy and paste a chunk of text from Google Scholar. Not only is plagiarizing unethical, but when it comes to your college future, it's just plain stupid. There is truly no excuse for cheating and blowing your shot at furthering your education and growing as an individual, so just don’t do it. Not to mention, your college essay is the first substantial impression of yourself that you are giving your prospective school, so why be anything but yourself? If the school is truly a good match, the essay you write will be well-received and appreciated. And if not…in all honesty, it wasn’t the proper fit after all!

    Hopefully these nuggets of college-app insight have given you a bit more clarity about what to (and what not to) write about. Truth be told, there is no amount of advice that can make the essay-writing road ahead of you all butterflies and rainbows. At the end of the day, deciding what story you want to share with your potential future home is your choice and yours alone. Though the application journey may be filled with late nights on your laptop and mini-panic attacks, be sure to keep the big picture in mind: a little stress and hard work now is totally worth the reward of achieving your future college dreams.

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    Name: Jennifer Cassetta
    Age: Forty-something
    Job Title and Description: Health & Empowerment Coach
    College Name/Major: Fordham University/Business Administration
    Twitter Handle:@JennCassetta
    Instagram Handle: @JennCassetta

    Regardless of where you are in your adulting journey, finding an empowering role model is probably one of your top priorities. After all, who doesn't want to feel more empowered in their lives? If you need some inspo for fitness, health or life itself, then you might want to follow Jennifer Cassetta. When she isn't teaching self-defense moves to people on national television (and otherwise), she's enlivening women to feel stronger and more confident. Thankfully, we had the chance to talk to Jennifer Cassetta about her career as a Health and Empowerment Coach and what the best part of her ever-changing job is. 

    Her Campus: What does your current job entail? Is there such a thing as a typical day?

    Jennifer Cassetta: It’s funny because I never think of myself as having a job. I have a business and my business is part of who I am. It’s almost like it’s part of my body. It’s always there and I’m always working on it.

    What I do is help women feel strong, safe and sexy from the streets to the boardroom. I combine the knowledge of my Master's degree in nutrition, holistic health coaching certification and my 3rd-degree black belt in martial arts to deliver holistic wellness programming to groups and individuals.

    Typical days include either working from home or a co-working space. Or I am traveling to speak at a conference, college or corporation in some part of the country.

    HC: What is the best part of your job?

    JC: I NEVER get bored. I don’t have time to get bored. But really, the best and most rewarding part of my career is that I help empower women to own their power, use their voice powerfully and take a stand for their health and wellbeing. I get satisfaction from watching others transform their physical and emotional health.

    HC: What was your first entry-level job in your field and how did you get it?

    JC: I started to train in martial arts two years after I graduated college. I became so obsessed with it, I had to figure out a way to make it part of my career. So, I became a personal trainer. I went to a fancy boutique gym in the west village of Manhattan and got a meeting with the manager. I told him about my martial arts obsession and how I could teach some form of it there. He decided to take me on as a personal trainer and mentored me until I got certified and started training clients. I left shortly after to pursue my own private practice.

    HC: What words of wisdom (well-known quotes, an anecdote from your boss) do you find most valuable?

    JC:'No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.' - Eleanor Roosevelt

    I really love this quote. It embodies the fact that WE are in control of how we feel about ourselves, all day every day. No person or circumstance has the power to make us feel bad, inferior or vulnerable unless we hand them that power. Nope! That power is ALL mine.

    HC: What is one mistake you made along the way and what did you learn from it?

    JC: Mistakes I have made are only things I have learned from and therefore, they served a purpose. My most common mistakes include not charging enough for my services; speaking gigs or private health coaching. When I do that, I wind up feeling resentful and unfulfilled or that my contribution to a project isn’t valued. So, I’ve learned that I need to either charge more or make sure there is some other value that I can get from that experience.

    HC: What has been the most surreal moment of your career thus far?

    JC: It could be either teaching Carrie Fisher self-defense on The Today Show or traveling the world with a VIP private client and making healthy smoothies on his private jet.

    HC: What do you look for when considering hiring someone?

    JC: AMBITION. I also would only hire someone with excellent (IRL) communication skills.

    HC: What advice would you give to a 20-something with similar aspirations?

    JC: For anyone looking to get into the wellness field, I would say to dig deep and continue your education and certification as you go. There is so much to learn and to specialize in. Personal trainers, nutritionists and health coaches are a dime a dozen these days. What makes you special and standout is your unique expertise and abilities. Also, a social media presence is great. But it does not surpass your credentials. I get hired on big consultation jobs for my expertise, not based on the number of followers I have on Instagram.

    HC: What's the one thing that's stood out to you the most in a resume?

    JC: I hired an intern once who put on her resume how much weight she could lift!

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    Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    President Trump Renews Attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    President Donald Trump lashed out at Attorney General Jeff Sessions again on social media, saying that Sessions lets “real corruption” go untouched while special counsel Robert Mueller is “having a field day.”

    Trump appears to be responding to the attorney’s response and defense to his attacks.

    “While I am Attorney General, the actions of the Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political consideration,” Sessions said in a statement at the time.

    The president took to Twitter on Saturday, saying that Sessions “doesn't understand what is happening” beneath him. Trump’s tweet also reiterated his attack on the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election as politically motivated and a distraction from “real corruption,” ABC News reports.

    Trump also quoted Sen. Lindsey Graham in another tweet, who said earlier this week that he believes the president will fire Sessions and appoint a new attorney general, but hopes that it would not happen until after the November election.

    The president also pounced on reports that his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, testified to Congress last year that he was unsure if Trump actually knew about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer connected to the Kremlin, according to an interview in Axios with Cohen's lawyer, Lanny Davis.

    “I did not know about the meeting,” Trump wrote.

    Democrats Push to Postpone Kavanaugh's Confirmation

    Citing concerns about possible “criminal wrongdoing” by President Donald Trump, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have called to postpone Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

    In a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley on Friday, Democratic senators said that, “Given the possibility of criminal wrongdoing by the President, doubts that Judge Kavanaugh believes a president can even be investigated, and the unprecedented lack of transparency regarding this nominee’s record, we should not move forward with hearings on September 4th.”

    via J. Scott Applewhite, AP

    The senators instead suggested a special committee meeting “to discuss a bipartisan, fair, and transparent process for moving forward.”

    Referring to the news of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort being found guilty and former Trump person lawyer Michael Cohen pleading guilty, the Democrats said that “in light of this week's developments,” they felt it was important to postpone the hearing.

    “Importantly, there is no legitimate reason for the Senate to rush this nomination and fail to perform its constitutional duty,” the senators said. “This is especially true, when the President, who faces significant legal jeopardy, chose the one candidate who has consistently and clearly expressed doubt as to whether a sitting president can be investigated or indicted for criminal wrongdoing.”

    The lawmakers said they could also not move forward because “97 percent of Judge Kavanaugh's White House record is being withheld from the public and more than 94 percent is being withheld from the Senate.”

    The letter was signed by Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris of California, Pat Leahy of Vermont, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Chris Coons of Delaware, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Cory Booker of New Jersey, USA Today reports.

    Despite recent calls earlier in the week to postpone the hearing, Grassley spokesman George Hartmann said the hearing would continue forward in September. Hartmann noted that Justice Stephen Breyer was confirmed to the Supreme Court while then-President Bill Clinton was dealing with the Whitewater investigation.

    “Obviously, we are nowhere close to that situation today. Calls to delay the hearing are just the latest tactic from opponents who decided to vote ‘no’ weeks ago, frantically looking for anything that sticks,” Hartmann said.

    Scotland Is Making Period Products Free to Students

    We’ve long fought the “period tax” and have supported to ensure equal access to menstruation sanitary products. Now, Scotland is about to become the first country in the world to provide sanitary products for free to all students at schools, colleges and universities.  

    The new $6 million policy, which was announced on August 24th, will work to ensure equal access to sanitary products and help prevent disruption in education. A recent study conducted by an organization called Young Scot found that 25 percent of respondents struggle to pay for sanitary products, The Guardian reports.

    via Science Photo Library / Getty Images

    These instances of “period poverty” contribute to challenges at school among the nearly 400,000 school-aged women in Scotland.

    “In a country as rich as Scotland it’s unacceptable that anyone should struggle to buy basic sanitary product,” said communications secretary Aileen Campbell. “I am proud that Scotland is taking this world-leading action to fight period poverty. I welcome the support of local authorities, colleges and universities in implementing this initiative.”

    According to Hello Giggles, women around the world continue to face challenges at school and face financial difficulty due to lack of access to these products.

    In a report by Always, nearly 20 percent of women between the ages of 16 and 24 in the United States have skipped school or left early due to not having access to sanitary products. In other countries, like India and Ghana, women may opt out of school altogether.

    But Scotland still wants to take it a step further, and destigmatize menstruation, (because it is a natural bodily process after all) by providing free sanitary products to all women, not just students.

    Scottish Labour MSP Monica Lennon said she is introducing a bill to increase accessibility to these products.

    “This is another great step forward in the campaign against period poverty. Access to period products should be a right, regardless of your income,” Lennon said. “No one should face the indignity of being unable to access these essential products to manage their period.”

    What to look out for…

    Lyft launched the “Ride to Vote,” and will be providing 50 percent off on rides, and free rides to those living in underserved communities. So come Election Day this November, you can catch a ride to go to the polls. 

    0 0

    The latest movie to create major buzz on Netflix includes a girl, five letters and a boy who receives her letter, only to approach her about pursuing a fake relationship. To All the Boys I've Loved Before is crazy popular for a reason: the movie is so freaking adorable, you'll be crying alone in your room afterwards, wondering why you don't have a boy like Peter Kavinsky in your life. I mean, have you seen Noah Centineo? I would *not* be mad if he ruined my life. What's crazy is he almost wasn't Peter! Here are seven facts about To All the Boys I've Loved Before you might not already know.

    1) Noah Centineo, who plays Peter Kavinsky, almost wasn't Peter!

    Yeah, you read that right. The gorg Noah was about to be cast as Josh, the neighbor turned Margot's boyfriend. Wouldn't THAT have been wild? The film's director, Susan Johnson, saw the chemistry between Centineo and Lana Condor, who plays Lara Jean, and knew Josh was definitely not going to be Noah's character. “When we did chemistry reads, I knew I loved Israel and I knew I loved Noah, but I wasn’t sure who would play which role,” Johnson told IndieWire.“I initially was thinking of Noah for Josh, because I thought, ‘Oh, he seems like boy next door,’ but then once I saw Lana and Noah’s chemistry I knew we had to go that direction. Israel was great with Janel. I thought that fit really well.” She's so right though, their chemistry is unreal.


    The film is out

    A post shared by Noah Centineo (@ncentineo) on

    2) That cute moment where Peter moves the popcorn before the pillow fight? Yeah, that was improv.

    After a tweet about how sweet the little move was surfaced, Netflix's See What's Next Twitter page quoted the tweet to let us know of this little fun fact. Thank you so much for making my unrealistic love for Peter THAT much worse.


    3) Sorry to burst the Lara Jean & Peter bubble, but Lana Condor has had a boyfriend for 3 years who writes her love notes.


    Happy golden birthday, golden boy. You make me the happiest always

    A post shared by @ lanacondor on

    Honestly, what's a girl gotta do to get a boy to write some cute notes, huh? Lana has had a serious BF for 3 years now, who is also an actor named Anthony De La Torre. "He’s done that since we started dating and I keep them all," she said in an interview with Us Weekly."We try to keep the spark alive!"

    4) The movie was a book first, written by Jenny Han, who also made a cameo in the movie during the dance scene.

    Yes, she is in the dancing scene but it's super quick. Her re-telling of the scene is hilarious, though. "It was a little bit nerve-wracking because I’ve never done that before—but it was funny because my scene was at the dance scene, so the kids were pretty young because it was a flash-back," Han told The Mary Sue."I was standing there with them the whole time and I kept trying to hype them up and be like, ‘Guys, this is supposed to be fun! Please, dance harder! Really get into it!’ And everyone at that age is so self-conscious, especially having to dance on cue in front of strangers and they were all real kids, they weren’t, like, actors." OMG, amazing.

    5) Noah asked Lana to run lines with him in the pre-read before auditions and she actually rejected him!

    How hilarious is this? Lana recalls her first meeting with Noah and how she quickly turned him down but with good reason, kinda. "For the pre-read, when I first met Noah and he asked me to read lines with him, I was sitting in the waiting room," she told Vulture."And I saw this beautiful tall man walk through the door. I immediately clocked that he clocked me, and he walked over to me. And I was like, No, don’t come over here. Don’t come over here. Don’t come over here. I have to focus! So when he asked me to read lines with him—and, you know, Noah is so swaggy, he’s so chill and so cool—he was like, “You wanna read lines with me?” and I just said, “Yeah, sorry, no.” I was just wanted to focus, and I didn’t want to get distracted by this cute guy." LOL.

    Little did she know she'd be running lines with him later, anyway. "But then, when I did my chemistry read, and I found out he was gonna be in the room with me reading with me, I was horrified, because I was like, 'Oh my God, this is the guy that I turned down, and now [it’s] the chemistry read, and he’s gonna hate me.' And the first read with him, I knew immediately he was gonna be cast. Immediately. He was so good." Awwww!

    6) Noah gained nearly 1M new Instagram followers in 24 hours right after the film was released.

    Holy. Shit. That's a lot of people crushin' on Peter, am I right? Luckily, Noah doesn't seem to care, so at least we know the fame hasn't gone to his head. "It hasn’t really affected me yet," he said."Whatever the numbers are, it’s just a device, you know? It’s not like all of a sudden, I have 2.4 million people with me all the time. Nothing’s really changed in my day to day."

    7) Jenny Han fought hard for Asian American representation in her film and won.

    Nothing like a heartwarming fact to end this article. Han wanted an Asian American lead and toldPEOPLE she had to turn down several offers for the film because they wanted to whitewash Lara's character. It wasn't until Overbrook Entertainment, Will Smith's company, picked up the offer and partnered with Awesomeness Films and was stoked on Lara Jean's role, along with her sisters. “At that point, it was great because we all had the same vision for it,” she says, “and the fact that the lead was Asian American wasn’t seen as a liability. It was something they were excited about.” Incredible.

    If you haven't watched To All The Boys I've Loved Before yet, what are you waiting for?! I'm on my way to go watch it again, TBH, and no, this isn't the 50th time I've watched it. Let me live.

    0 0

    Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been the center of a lot of buzz, as per usual when it comes to the Kar-Jenner family in general. But recently, talk of marriage has surfaced for Travis & Kylie, making me wonder when I'll be receiving my invitation.

    "Kylie and Travis have been inseparable lately, and their love for Stormi just seems to bring them closer every day,” a source toldEntertainment Tonight.With that closeness, apparently the conversation about marriage has come up, which would only make perfect sense, considering they already seem to act married. Their little family is adorable, BTW.

    Apparently Kylie's family is on board, from mama Kris to her sisters. "When Kris [Jenner] sees Kylie and Travis together, she's convinced they're on the right path,” the source said. “At first she worried about Kylie starting a family so young because she felt she had no say. Kris knows Kylie does what Kylie wants, so Kris just had to hope for the best.” How sweet! "Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are pleasantly surprised by how involved Travis has become in his daughter's life. They know he has a huge career, but he is clearly taking the time to be there for both Kylie and Stormi,” the source said. Honestly, though, they're right. If you take a look at his Instagram, he's not shy about showing off Stormi and Kylie.


    Big mood ! Teach my stormi to love I’ll forever protect that smile.

    A post shared by flame (@travisscott) on

    Obviously there aren't any official plans yet, but we can all hope that we will hear about it soon. How cute would Stormi be in a little flower girl dress?! Just saying.

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