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A Collegiette's Guide to Life

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    It’s official: Goats are the chaotic good that we needed this summer. After a herd of goats apparently pulled some MacGyver stunt to escape their enclosure, they’ve been busy doing goat things all around the Boise, Idaho area. (Which basically means they’re harmonizing their bleats and trimming everyone’s grass.)  

    The Fast Company reports that the goats have overrun a suburban town just West Boise, Idaho. Naturally, we have questions like: how did the goats get out? Where’s all the GIF-able goat content? And why can’t this happen in our town?

    While Joe Parris, a reporter at KTVB, initially reported that the cohort constituted of 100 or more goats, the AV Club notes that there were only approximately 75 goats wreaking havoc on the neighborhoods of West Boise.  

    Idaho Statesman notes that the goats were a part of a company called We Rent Goat, where the goats can be rented out to chow down on some weeds and overgrown foliage. The goats were initially commissioned to break down some brush in a nearby retention pond, but they escaped through some gaps in the wood fence. In other words, this neighborhood just got a trial period of the rent-a-goat company.

    Though the goat shenanigans created some adorable video content, kid-related puns, and free lawn service for the town, according to Parris all of the goats have returned home.

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    This article has been syndicated from Chicago Petite, and InfluenceHer Collective Member. Read the full post here.

    I’m one of those people who tries to get away with wearing the same things for work, weekends, and nighttime. Unless it’s a particularly fancy occasion, like a wedding, I make sure that whenever I make a purchase, my clothes are gonna put in overtime. And why shouldn’t they?

    I wanted to share some pieces that you can pull off all day, every day. Read on for the most versatile pieces to wear this summer!

    1. Midi dress

    Midi dresses are my very favorite thing to wear—they’re flattering, they protect your thighs from hot plastic seats, and you can dress them up or down. A simple midi dress in a solid color or with a subtle pattern can go all kinds of ways: with a cardigan for work, a denim jacket at night, or by itself for the weekend.

    2. Slides

    One of the most versatile pieces to wear this summer is a pair of slides. I just bought my first pair, and let me tell you, it feels like a world of possibilities has been opened up. Slides are just as comfortable as flip flops, but they far outpace them in class. Pick a pair in a neutral and wear them with every single thing you own, basically.

    3. Straw bag

    Straw bags are one of my favorite summer trends. They look totally natural for a beach day, but they go equally well with Friday’s work outfit (think a white blouse tucked into pale chambray pants) and Saturday’s date night (with a sexy cutout dress). My only suggestion for petite girls is to make sure your bag is on the smaller side so we don’t lose you!

    4. White jeans

    Until I got a job, I completely swore off jeans for the summer. It’s too hot, I protested. Enter the season’s most versatile pair of pants: white jeans. These won’t make you sweat to death outside like a pair of dark skinnies, plus you can wear them on cool nights and in your drafty cubicle.

    5. Loose button-down

    Garden variety button-downs are the bane of my existence. Even if I buy the petite size, they never seem to fit me just right, so I swore them off. However, I love loose, boxy ones (especially from Madewell). For work, simply tuck them into high-waisted jeans or pants. On the weekend, I like to knot them above high-waisted jeans or skirts. On date night, pull an Audrey Hepburn and wear it as a wrap top.

    6. Striped tee

    I’ll admit it: I have a slight stripe addiction. In my defense, though, stripes are the classiest, most Parisian of all prints, so I think my obsession is more than justified. A simple striped tee goes with everything from boyfriend jeans to midi skirts, so get one (or a dozen) and have fun with it!

    7. Denim skirt

    It took me a while to get on board with denim skirts, but you should really see how I hunt them down when I go shopping these days. A simple denim skirt (with an appropriate length!) pairs really well with a blazer for work, a tee (perhaps a striped one?) for weekends, and a silk cami for dates (or, if you’re like me, for nights out with your Meetup group).

    Read the full post here.

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    I Did A Thing is our weekly advice column where the Her Campus editorial team helps you out when you ruin your own life (hey, we've been there). Email for any and everything you need help with. We’ll answer you (anonymously!) on so we can all learn, together. We’ve got your back.

    @thefuturesux: One of the biggest things I heard during Her Conference was that you should never settle, and that you should follow your dreams. But what if I don't know what I want to be or do yet?

    “Success is not dependent on the career you choose. It’s about choosing you, then bringing all that you are into all that you do.” - Dr.Lauren

    @DrLauren: One of the biggest mistakes we girls and women make is identifying too much with what we do; with the roles we play in our careers and the lives of those around us. Traditionally, we have been taught that our value comes from relationships—being a daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother. More recently, as opportunities increase in the workplace, women have begun to think their value comes from crushing career goals. While this looks like progress, both suggest that women’s value is not inherent but instead, earned by what they do rather than who they are.

    Here’s the deal: You are pure value. You came with everything you need to get through this life in a healthy and happy way. Your value is in your presence. Just being here is enough. Each of us is the only person who sees what we see, has experienced what we’ve experienced, and thinks like we think. It’s less about what you do and more about bringing all that you are into all that you do. Success takes much less efforting and much more being you. I can imagine when picking a major in college or embarking on the job hunt, this may seem like a feel-good yet not-so-helpful antidote, so allow me to frame it this way: Just do it.

    Whatever seems like a good option today, dive in! There are no wrong decisions. Do something, anything, wholeheartedly. Life happens in stages and phases. Use this stage to gain skills and learn what you can—most especially about yourself. This decision will lead to another and another and so on. As long as you decide each day to use your voice and stand in your power, your impact will be undeniable throughout every phase of your life. There is no cause for stress. It’s impossible to make the wrong choice and miss your inborn opportunity to make your mark in this world. You are inherently worthy. Your place on earth matters and you are here to make a difference. You don’t come with a purpose, you are your purpose. Regardless of what you choose to do today, you can rest easy. You can’t escape you.

    Check out more advice from @helpmehc. We've got your back. Learn more about Dr. Lauren here. 

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    By Morgan C. Mullings

    Logan Browning, the force that is Sam on Netflix’s Dear White People, has a lot to say after her two seasons on the groundbreaking show.

    Out of all the amazing advice and inspiration I got at Her Conference 2018, getting to see everyone talk to Logan during the last keynote of the weekend was probably the most heartwarming.

    Each keynote speaker that weekend had something different to offer—insight into the makings of a magazine, guidance on how to love others in your community, encouragement to break the glass ceiling—and Logan totally added to that. She gave the attendees her favorite pieces of advice. She made us laugh out loud at her genuine kindness and humor. She asked us to hold hands and take deep breaths together so that we all felt connected. She was AWESOME. 

    We all know that we aspire to be like Logan, in her activism and her talent, but it means even more too look up to her as a black woman myself. On my campus, I have seen nearly everything that is shown on Dear White People. There are white students with no regard for their own blatant racism, black students who are trying to be heard by the administration, journalists who are doing their best to tell the full story — and all the constant conflict that comes with it.

    What I had to ask Logan encompassed all of this, when it came time for the Q&A portion: Black students on my campus tore each other down because they didn’t agree, even though we fight for a common cause. How can I change this?

    Well, it was something like that, after I was done gushing over how talented and beautiful she is.

    Logan and I got to talk a lot about this problem—we both knew how heavy this question was—but one specific piece of advice stood out to me: “If you’ve already spoken to them about it, they heard you,” she said to me. It was such a graceful answer to the frustrations that I, and her character Sam, experienced

    “If you’ve already spoken to them about it, they heard you,” she said to me. It was such a graceful answer to the frustrations that I, and her character Sam, experienced.

    As activists, we may feel like we are shouting at a brick wall, even when we’re talking to our own brothers and sisters. But we have to let them sleep on the truths we tell them and hope that, with time, they realize what you were trying to say. 

    Logan’s character, Sam, depicts how tired black women can feel at that age, trying to balance every fight and every micro aggression on their shoulders. It’s not easy. But Logan’s keynote speech rings true: White people still have the opportunity to use their privilege to elevate those who are silenced. Black students can still listen to and lean on each other. As women who are entering the working world, we are more powerful than we could’ve imagined. 

    Overall, she pointed out that you don’t have to talk to a TV star like her to rise above the problems around you—grab hands with the girl next to you and see how much better you can do together.

    You can watch the rest of Logan's keynote here: 

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    The Ladies of The LadyGang (@theladygang, @keltie, @becca, and @jacvanek) were the first keynote at Her Conference 2018. Not only did they share their life mantras with conference attendees, they also gave insight into their podcast, inspiring other women, and girl power.

    On Being Themselves

    Keltie Knight, not only 1/3 of The LadyGang but also an Emmy winning host, believes that no matter how often you get rejected, you should never give up.

    “My advice to you is to keep going through the rejections and until you get a no, keep asking.” Becca then quips in, “But be polite.”

    Becca Tobin, podcast host and actor, believes that women “have a lot more to offer than how we look” because life is long, and it isn’t just about “how we look, who we marry, and how amazing our weddings are.”

    On Empowering Women

    The topic of empowering women was woven throughout the entire conversation. However, Jac Vanek, podcast host and entrepreneur, believes that even though the podcast is fun, in the end, “we wanted to start this [podcast] to empower ourselves, and by empowering ourselves, we are able to empower other women to do [what they want to do]. It doesn’t have to be podcasting, it can be to get your doctorate, or whatever, it doesn’t matter. We just want to empower women in whatever way that we could.”

    On Life Mantras to Repeat When Faced with Rejection

    The women were not afraid to share that they have had their fair share of rejection letters since entering the workforce. But how do they choose to deal with rejection and getting no responses, and what mantra do they repeat to themselves?

    Becca deals with rejections and getting knocked down by taking a day and letting her emotions out. “But then the next day, it’s like, nothing changed.”

    Jac more than understands that when you’ve had a bad day and are feeling negative, it’s “hard to think about feeling any other way,” which is why she constantly reminds herself that everything will pass.

    “This too shall pass.”

    However, Keltie had a slightly different take on it. Because, she adds, she works in the television hosting industry, she is constantly being reprimanded for her mistakes. So her mantra is to “Make better mistakes tomorrow”.

    “I’m going to continue making mistakes, because I’m not a perfect human, but I’m going to try and make better mistakes every day. And learn from the things that haven’t worked.”

    What the Lady Gang Would Say to Their College Selves

    Jac, initially not knowing how to answer, said to not worry about boys, and “maybe don’t drink too much." The audience laughed.

    Becca added that she wished she could’ve told her college self that she was “going to be evolving and be expanding as much as she could” and that she didn’t have to define herself as soon as she entered college.

    She added that “in your 20’s you have this tunnel vision. You have a goal, and you have got to get there. But don’t forget to open up yourself to evolve.”

    Jac add to “travel as much as you can while you can”. She concluded with “what’s the point of working your ass off if you can’t experience all the joys of life and all the awesome things life can bring you.”

    Keltie shared that in her 20s and for most of her life, she was very mean to herself. She advised the conference attendees to “just look in the mirror, and enjoy this version of yourself because you truly will never be younger and you most likely won’t be cuter. And there never will be that whole endless possibilities [of being in your 20s].”

    On Girl Power and Supporting Other Women

    This question was twofold: what is your definition of girl power and when it comes to women supporting other women what is the message you want our attendees to leave with?

    Keltie started it off. She shared that for her, girl power means being able to write your own checks. She loves the power of being the source of her own success.

    When it comes to women supporting other women, this is what Keltie had to say:

    “You can do it all, and you can also love women, support women, be friends with other women, and still hate Nicole Kidman’s peacock dress on the red carpet. Let’s all give each other a break.”

    Jac said, that for The LadyGang and their podcast, it’s important for them to be walking the walk. She believes that “you can yell and scream for equality for as long as you want, but we are really trying to take it into our own hands to pave the way for us, and in turn, paving the way for other women.” She later adds that “[women] are way stronger in numbers.”

    Becca continued Jac’s last thought by leaving the audience with this last comment:

    “We are so much stronger together than dividing and conquering.”

    To see the full talk, you can find it here.

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    On The Bold Type, Aisha Dee's character Kat is rebellious, confident, and powerful. She's the woman we all want to be, and want to see our friends become. She enters a room knowing her worth, whether the room is filled with her best friends or a bunch of old, powerful white dudes. Her character feels tangible and real, and you connect with her almost instantly—and we felt the same way when we met Aisha Dee herself at this year's Her Conference.

    During her keynote, Aisha Dee talked confidence. She talked about how we can become more confident in this one, simple way: Remind yourself that even your favorite people make mistakes. Even your favorite people are unsure of themselves, and trip on their words, and sometimes straight up do the wrong thing. Even Michelle Obama, Aisha noted, laughing, probably questions her strength, despite those killer arms. We all have our flaws.

    Especially when you're in college, it can feel like everything is a make-or-break moment: if you don't stay up until 3am studying, you'll fail the test. If you bail on that friend, the entire friendship is over. If you don't land this internship, you'll never get your dream job.

    But what Aisha wants us to know is that, as she put it, "If other people make up your validation, then they can take it away."

    In a time where many of us (myself included, let's be real) sweat it if we don't hit 200 likes on that Instagram post, or have a major moment of panic when we send a "risky" text, it feels like other people's opinions are all that matters. They're impossible to escape, both in real life and online.

    Knowing your worth means knowing your value, Aisha says, and it means committing to staying in touch with yourself, and the ones you love. One real and tangible way of making sure that happens is by sending the ones you love a note, or a letter. Then, when you open their response, whether immediately upon receipt, or years down the road, you'll always have this tiny snippet of who you were in that moment.


    A post shared by Her Campus (@hercampus) on


    In a world where, more often than not, confidence and power and respect is something that has to be fought for by women, especially women of color like Aisha, and queer women of color like her character Kat, there's something stunning about looking on stage and seeing a face like your own. More than one person noted how chill Aisha was. She didn't seem terrified of her crowd, or like she felt like she had to fight to be listened to. She knew her worth, she knew the value of her words, and she knew the value of the message she was leaving us with that afternoon: ask for what you want, and don't apologize for wanting it. Strength doesn't mean never making a mistake. And friendship means that with each step forward you take, you're bringing others with you. 

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    Apparently, the president of the United States has nothing better to do on a Friday night than watch CNN — a channel he constantly trashes — and tweet about his hatred for the network's broadcaster Don Lemon, along with Lemon's interviewee of the night, LeBron James. 

    "Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!" Trump tweeted around midnight, seemingly referencing Michael Jordan. 

    In the interview, James and Lemon mostly talked about James' contributions to his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Just last week, the four-time MVP launched a new public school for at-risk third- and fourth-graders in Akron. 

    "We want every kid that walks through this school to be inspired, to come ... away with something, something where they can give back," James said. "For kids, in general, all they want to know is that someone cares. And when they walk through that door, I hope they know that someone cares."

    James also discussed how sports can bring people together, whereas Trump is "using sports to kinda divide" the country. 

    "He’s kinda used sports to kinda divide us," James told Lemon. "And that’s something that I can’t relate to because I know that sport was the first time I was around someone white."

    As of Saturday afternoon, James has not yet responded to Trump's tweet. He did, however, tweet a celebration of his new school.

    Lemon indirectly replied by tweeting a link to an article about James' school and writing, "Who's the real dummy? A Man who puts kids in classrooms or one who puts kids in cages?"

    He also added the hashtag #BeBest, a nod to first lady Melanie's Trump anti-bullying initiative

    CNN Communications also replied, referencing last week's report from The New York Times, which said Trump was enraged when boarding Air Force One because Melania's TV was tuned to CNN. 

    Michael Jordan himself even chimed in, stating his support for James rather than Trump.

    Trump has previously called Lemon the "dumbest man on television," and he even claimed that he never watches him (which, obviously isn't true). 

    Though James has been open about his disdain for the president and his policies, old tweets from Trump show that he hasn't always disliked the NBA star. Since 2012, Trump has called James everything from "a tough competitor who delivers under pressure," to "a great player and a great guy." 

    After Trump's late-night tweet, a ton of people — including athletes, politicians, and celebrities — went on the defense for James. 

    Hopefully the backlash will inspire Trump to log the f*ck off, once and for all. 

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    Today is former President Barack Obama's 57th birthday, and people across the world — including those closest to him, like Michelle Obama and Joe Biden — took to social media to send him birthday wishes. 

    "Happy birthday @BarackObama! The view is always better with you," the former first lady tweeted alongside a sweet photo of the 44th POTUS. 

    Former Vice President Joe Biden — A.K.A. one half of the iconic Obama-Biden bromance— also used Twitter to wish his "brother" and "friend" a happy birthday. 

    BRB, crying. 

    John Legend, Ellen DeGeneres, Eric Garcetti, Laverne Cox, John Lewis, and a slew of additional notable figures tweeted Obama. 

    Getty and POLITICO also shared a few iconic photographs of the former president. 

    The day not only marks Obama's 57th birthday, but also Illinois' first annual "Barack Obama day." The state holiday was created after a measure unanimously passed the Illinois legislature and Republican Governor Bruce Rauner signed the bill into law last year. Illinois is a special place for Obama, as he began his political career there. 

    "It's incredibly proud for Illinois that the president came from Illinois. I think it's awesome, and I think we should celebrate it," Rauner said in 2017. "I don't think it should be a formal holiday with paid, forced time off, but I think it should be a day of acknowledgment and celebration."

    According to The Hill, "Barack Obama day" was intended to be a legal holiday with paid time off and closed government offices, but the final version of the bill acknowledged the day as a commemorative holiday instead. 

    Fun fact: today also marks the birthdays of Meghan Markle and the Sprouse twins

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    Season 15 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians hasn't even premiered yet and it's already causing drama for the show's stars. 

    Earlier this week, E! released a preview of Sunday's episode, and it shows a very enraged Kim Kardashian yelling at Kourtney Kardashian over planning the family Christmas card. Kourtney apparently has a scheduling conflict, and instead of trying to find a time that works for everyone, she instead says, "I'm leaving at 4 p.m. and I don't care what anyone says." 

    Despite an attempted mediation from mom Kris Jenner, Kim eventually blows up on her sister. 

    "No one wants you in the fucking shoot," Kim says to Kourtney. "Get the fuck out of here! Get the fuck out of here and go! No one wants you in the fucking shoot! I'm planning it. ...So we don't want you in the shoot!"

    To Kim, Kourtney's conflict can't be that important because she seemingly doesn't work as much as her or her other sisters. "Maybe if you had a fucking business that you were passionate about then you would know what it takes to run a fucking business," Kim yells. "But you don't, so don't even act like you know what I'm talking about."

    Kourtney left the room afterward, but Kim continued to yell about her. "I need Kourtney to not be so fucking annoying with a stick up her ass, like she runs this shit because she doesn't. She is the least exciting to look at," Kim says. 

    Everything in the clip happened last fall, but fans aren't letting Kim forget what happened — especially her dig about Kourtney's looks. A number of people trolled Kim's Instagram comments with the comment directed at her.

    If that weren't enough, another clip shows the two sisters fighting yet again. "I'm not here to be mistreated by my fucking family," Kourtney tells Khloe over the phone. "Kim saying that I'm the least interesting to look at — who even speaks like that? You guys just have really different values than me. I choose to be a mother to my three kids. I’m not here looking for another job. I already work enough — more than I would like to. What's natural to me is being a mother. And I don't expect everyone to have the same interests." 

    Kim tries to grab Khloe's phone multiple times, and when she eventually speaks to Kourtney, she goes off again. "You don't do shit!" Kim yells. "You would honestly think that we have more jobs, so [you should] work around our schedule. You do whatever the fuck you want to do and you don’t do shit, so be accommodating to the people that actually do shit."

    Kourtney responded by calling Kim a "very distraught, evil human being." Thanks to some intervening from Kris, Kim finally apologizes for her comment about Kourtney's looks, but she's not having it. 

    "No, fuck you, Kim," Kourtney says. "You meant it. So fuck you. I am not going to live my life around people that make me not feel good on a daily basis."

    The back-and-forth continues for a bit, until Kim declares that she'll just do the family card with Kanye and her kids. (Spoiler: the whole family — including Kourtney — did the Christmas card). 

    Kim continued to receive backlash for her behavior, and she eventually addressed it on Twitter. 

    Meanwhile, Kourtney told E! News that the issues with her sisters are ongoing. "I think it started at the end of season 14, a lot of tension building between us," she said. " felt like every day almost I was being picked on and criticized and I just couldn’t take it any more."

    She added that viewers of the show will see the process of the sisters getting their relationships back on track throughout the season. 

    Season 15 premieres Sunday on E! at 9/8 central.

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    President Donald Trump said Sunday that he is not concerned that his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is target of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, adding that his son’s June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin-linked attorney was “totally legal.”

    “Fake News reporting, a complete fabrication, that I am concerned about the meeting my wonderful son, Donald, had in Trump Tower,” Trump tweeted Sunday morning.

    “This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics - and it went nowhere. I did not know about it!” Trump added.

    Trump’s latest tweet follows reports published on Saturday in the Washington Postand CNN that he is concerned his eldest son will get caught up in the Russia investigation.

    The president’s tweet contradicts a statement from more than a year ago that the Trump Tower meeting was focused on a Russia adoption program.

    “We primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children that was active and popular with American families years ago and was since ended by the Russian government, but it was not a campaign issue at the time and there was no follow up,” the statement said.

    The president, his son, and his legal team have also issued further contradicting statements since The New York Times first reported the Trump Tower meeting

    Trump Jr. revealed shortly after the statement that the meeting was about a Russian adoption program that he had agreed to meet with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya since she offered information on his father’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, The Huffington Post reports.

    The Times reported that Trump signed off on his son’s first statement regarding the meeting, and his lawyer, Jay Sekulow, insisted that he was not involved in the drafting of the statement.

    Later White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the president was involved, but denied a Washington Post report that he personally dictated the statement.

    In a January memo, however, Trump’s attorneys admitted that he did dictate the statement. In June, Rudy Giuliani confirmed that the legal team’s “final position” was that the president dictated the statement.

    According to NBC News, Sekulow said Sunday that he “had bad information” when he previously stated that Trump was not involved in the drafting Trump Jr.’s original statement.

    “Over time, facts develop,” Sekulow said on ABC’s “This Week.”

    Sekulow also went on to downplay Mueller’s investigation during his interview on “This Week.”

    “The question is what law, statute or rule or regulation has been violated? And nobody has pointed to one,” Sekulow said, later adding that “there are irregularities in this investigation, the likes of which we have not seen.”

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    First Lady Melania Trump came to LeBron James’ defense and praised him after her husband, President Donald Trump, insulted the basketball superstar on social media. However, according to a senior White House official, the first lady isn’t “taking sides.”

    Through a spokeswoman on Saturday, the first lady said James was “working to do good things on behalf of our next generation.”

    “Just as she always has, the First Lady encourages everyone to have an open dialogue about issues facing children today,” Mrs. Trump's communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said in the statement. “As you know, Mrs. Trump has traveled the country and world talking to children about their well-being, healthy living, and the importance of responsible online behavior with her Be Best initiative.”

    “Her platform centers around visiting organizations, hospitals and schools, and she would be open to visiting the I Promise School in Akron,” the statement continued, referring to the school James opened last week for at-risk elementary children.

    The first lady’s statement came a day after Trump took a swipe at James, saying it was hard to make “LeBron look smart.”

    The tweet came in response to a CNN interview with James and CNN host Don Lemon. James spoke from the public, non-charter school he opened for at-risk kids in Akron, called the I Promise school. The school also provides free food, snacks, uniforms, and even a bike, for the students, ABC News reports.

    A senior White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity with ABC News, said that the first lady’s remarks should not be interpreted as her choosing one side over the other.

    “That wasn't her taking sides — that was her office stick to what she is focused on, which is using Be Best for what it's intended — to help children,” the official said.

    CNN took to Twitter on Saturday, remarking on Trump’s comments and referencing to Mrs. Trump’s Be Best initiative.

    Lemon responded via Twitter on Saturday, using Mrs. Trump’s initiative against her husband.

    “Who's the real dummy?” Lemon tweeted. “A man who puts kids in classrooms or one who puts kids in cages. #BeBest.”

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    21 years ago, a Twitter user attended a Spice Girls concert, her very first concert. The fan, Bria Madrid, who was only five-years-old at the time, came across an older girl dressed a Baby Spice, with the iconic pigtails and platform shoes, and the two girls took a picture together. But when Madrid came across the photo again, she realized that she had in fact took a picture with the super talented actress Blake Lively.

    Madrid posted the photo to Twitter, with the caption: “Found a picture when I was 5 at my first concert. #SpiceGirls and took a picture with a girl dressed up as Baby Spice who I just realized now was @blakelively”

    Lively retweeted the photo on Twitter, with the caption, “My secret is out…” So adorable!

    The actress also posted the photo to Instagram, according to Glamour Magazine, writing, “Pretending to be someone else... since 1997 (Thanks @briaaamadrid for the photo of us at the Spice Girls concert. Sorry -not sorry- I tricked you into thinking I was @emmaleebunton).”


    The best part? According to Hello Giggles, Emma Lee Bunton, aka Baby Spice, responded to Lively’s Instagram post.

    "So cute, you're rocking those pigtails @blakelively,” Bunton wrote.

    Lively, overcome with joy, replied to Bunton with a bunch of skulls and wrote, “Forever bowing down to you. I cannot believe you know who I am. This will never be normal.”


    Spice up your life. #CommentsByCelebs

    A post shared by @ commentsbycelebs on

    We’re so glad that Madrid was able to unearth this photo. It’s just too adorable. Now excuse me while I go look through all of my old photos to see if I can find any awesome celebrities in them.

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    While getting ready to go through sorority recruitment is super exciting, it can also be extremely nerve-wracking. Between planning outfits and worrying about how you’ll stand out to the women who you’re dying to become future sisters with, the process can get a little stressful. What's the best way to feel confident, calm and collected throughout recruitment? Picking a makeup look that makes you feel like your amazing self. Whether you’re shy and mysterious or bubbly and talkative, these makeup ideas with have you feeling ready to go on rush day one.

    1. Bubbly and outgoing

    You’re always the life of the party and definitely not afraid of attention, so your makeup look should be just as attention-grabbing as you are! Opt for accents of powerful pink—but instead of going full force ahead with the color, line only the center of your top lashline with pink glittery or shimmery eyeliner, like Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal in Junkshow ($20), layering it over your favorite jet black eyeliner for a bit of balance.

    2. Edgy and mysterious

    As someone who tends to be on the shyer side and gives off mysterious vibes, you’re probably generally drawn to darker colors when it comes to your makeup look—nothing super bold or bright. Instead of your go-to plum lip, which may not be a great option for recruitment’s more casual rounds, try an edgy, deep brown smoky eye. Use a shadow palette like the Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette ($42), which has a range of deep brown shades you can use to get a sultry, smoky look.

    3. Fashion-forward and trendy

    You’re a risk-taker when it comes to fashion, so you already know your rush outfits are going to be on-point. Keep things simple, yet on-trend, with a sleek cat eye. A waterproof liquid eyeliner pen like Stila’s Stay All Day ($22) allows you to get the look in one quick swoop so you have more time in the morning for outfit-planning. Plus the waterproof formula means it’ll stay put when you’re sweating it out in the August heat.

    Related: How Being in a Sorority Changed the Way I Think About Beauty

    4. Laid-back and honest

    As the girl who has no problem chatting up anyone and was blessed with a cool, calm and collected attitude, you’re not trying to be super over-the-top with your makeup look. If anyone can rock the no-makeup makeup look, you can—so go for a dewy look that will make your skin look amazing. Try a bronzer in the hollows of your cheekbones (such in your cheeks to find them!), like NARS Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer ($40), and finish the look with a shimmery highlighter just above it on your cheekbones and browbone. Glossier’s Haloscope in Moonstone ($22) will get you that runway-ready skin you’re after.

    5. Ambitious and energetic

    A post shared by Sarah Brown (@sarahbrownphoto) on

    You’re super busy and on top of everything, so you don’t have tons of time for a full face of makeup—but it’s not like you’d ever shy away from a bold beauty look either. To make a statement while still saving enough time to juggle your full class schedule, packed social life and internship, opt for a bold lip in bright coral or pink, like NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave ($28) and keep the rest of your look simple.

    On recruitment day, the last thing you want to feel like is anything other than yourself, so choose a makeup look that will leave you feeling fabulous and ready to tackle all those rounds.

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    Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    If Special Counsel Robert Mueller Subpoenas Trump to Testify, Legal Fight Would Most Likely Go to Supreme Court

    A member of President Donald Trump’s legal team said that if special counsel Robert Mueller subpoenas Trump to testify, the legal battle would likely move to the Supreme Court.

    Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” on Sunday that the legal team does not want the president to meet with Mueller.

    If Mueller were to make the president testify, Sekulow said the legal team would fight over the constitutionality of requiring a sitting president to do such an act.

    “A subpoena for live testimony has never been tested in court as to the president of the United States,” Sekulow said.

    During the interview, Sekulow also dismissed any notion that Trump may have tried to obstruct justice with a tweet on Wednesday, that read in part, “This is a terrible situation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to stain our country any further.”

    “Obstruction of justice by tweet is absurd,” Sekulow told Stephanopoulos. “The president has the First Amendment right to put his opinion out there.”

    Purdue University Drops Papa John's Founder's Name From Building

    Purdue University is dropping the name of the Papa John’s founder from an economic research center amid controversy over his use of a racial slur.

    via AP

    Purdue officials said Friday that the university is planning to return the $8 million donation that was announced in April, along with the new name for the research center, from Papa John’s founder John Schnatter, AP News reports.

    Purdue says that the decision was necessary to prevent what it calls “counterproductive division on the campus,” and the university’s decision fell in line with its stance on tolerance and racial relations.

    Schnatter has been under fire since it was reported last month that he had used the N-word in a media training conference call. The Papa John’s founder apologized for his use of the word, but said it was taken out of context.

    Immigration Detention Center Worker Charged With Molestation

    A youth worker at a Southwest Key immigration detention center in Mesa, Arizona has been charged with molesting eight boys under his care.

    According to documents filed in Arizona federal court on last week, Levian D. Pacheco, a youth care worker at the Casa Kokopelli facility, was accused of performing oral sex on two boys and attempted to force one of the boys to penetrate him anally, as well as touching other boys inappropriately.

    Pacheco has been charged with eight counts of abusive sexual contact and three counts of sexual abuse, Buzzfeed News reports.

    The allegations were first reported by ProPublica. It was also reported that Pacheco is HIV-positive and some of the young boys have undergone HIV testing.

    The abuse reportedly took place over the period of a year, from August 29, 2016 until July 24, 2017. The boys, who were between the ages of 15 and 17, were unaccompanied minors who were detained by authorities.

    Pacheco has denied the allegations.

    What to look out for…

    Did you check out The Spy Who Dumped Me this weekend? If not, you should! (And check out our exclusive interview with star Sam Heughan, too.) 

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    Dad hacks that actually work. [BuzzFeed]

    Rihanna has the perfect dating advice. [Elite Daily]

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    The celeb cameos in Drake's latest video. [USA Today]

    The Parkland school shooter lost special-needs help when he needed it most. [The New York Times]

    Avocado chips are a thing now. [Spoon University]

    Growing up Jobs. [Vanity Fair]

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    For collegiettes, a late or missed period can instantly lead to panic. It’s easy to jump to the unsettling conclusion that sets up the conflict in so many rom-coms: an unplanned pregnancy. But what if that’s just not possible? Like, logically you have not had sex recently enough (or ever) to be pregnant. Cue the sigh of relief. But wait—what’s up with your period then? We don’t blame you if you don’t miss your fave monthly visitor, but it’s still good to make sure everything is a-okay with your body. We asked a board-certified gynecologist and women’s health expert to help us out. Dr. Sara Gottfried is the three-time New York Times bestselling author of The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet, and her latest, Younger.

    1. Stress

    Stress causes an increase in some hormone levels, specifically cortisol (a steroid hormone that regulates many bodily processes like your metabolism and immune system) and it’s no secret that periods and hormones are closely tied. Dr. Gottfried explains that when your cortisol levels are high, non-essential bodily functions stop in order to focus on preparing your brain and body to address the stress. “Think of the stress as causing a temporary malfunctioning of the hypothalamus, the part of your brain that controls your hormones,” Dr. Gottfried says. “Excess cortisol can thereby suppress the hormones controlling the menstrual cycle, blocking ovulation [and] making your period stop, a condition known as secondary amenorrhea.”

    Since college can be incredibly stressful for so many people, it’s not really surprising that a student might miss her period during particularly tough times, like finals week or midterms. Once your life settles down, your period should come back.

    2. Changes in weight

    Fluctuation in weight can also impact your menstrual cycle for the same reason that stress does. “Losing or gaining weight is considered a stressor, and when you’re stressed, your body’s hormonal feedback loops are trained to suppress nonessential functions, like reproduction and your period,” Dr. Gottfried says. For someone who’s underweight or dieting, the part of the brain that controls estrogen levels is under a lot of stress and might not release enough to prep the body for reproduction, hence no period.

    “Estrogen is what builds up the lining of the uterus, so without sufficient estrogen, your period may be late or stop,” Dr. Gottfried says. Because of this, many women with eating disorders don’t get a period at all. Similarly, being overweight or suddenly gaining weight causes hormone imbalances that don’t bode well for reproduction either. Maintaining a regular, healthy diet will help keep a normal flow too. “Lose weight slowly on a sound nutritional program. Don’t do a fad diet that drops weight too fast,” Dr. Gottfried recommends. “Healthy weight loss is 0.5 to 2 pounds per week, and less after the first one to two weeks.”

    Related: 5 Reasons You Might Be Experiencing Pain During Sex

    3. Excessive exercise

    It feels nice when you’re finally motivated to work out, but if you're feeling yourself so much that you hit the gym for hours every day, you could be disrupting your flow. Exercise is good for you, but an unhealthy amount of it can change more than your abs. Many gymnasts and runners do not have a period because of the effects of excessive working out, like higher stress levels, increased energy usage and low body fat.

    “Intense exercise is another stressor, so it works by the same mechanism of suppressing the hypothalamus and normal hormone production,” Dr. Gottfried says. It might sound nice at first: getting in shape and skipping your period? Score. But be wary of throwing off your flow for too long. Three or more missed periods in a row is officially considered amenorrhea and if you’re at that point, you might be putting your body under too much stress.

    4. New meds

    A lot of medications have hormonal side effects, which, in turn, affect your period. For example, some antidepressants or blood pressure pills could stop menstruation. Double check the side effects for any medication you’re taking and ask your doctor if your reproductive cycle doesn't adjust. Another possibility? Certain birth controls affect periods differently. If you messed up taking the pill or switched forms of birth control recently, it could cause your period to take a pass for the month.

    5. Human error

    Some of us know about the time our period should start, but if we don’t pay close attention it’s hard to say when exactly we’re actually late. Maybe you simply miscalculated. If you’re unsure about the exact length in between your cycles or when your last period was, try downloading an app that monitors your menstruation, like "Period Tracker" or “Clue.” Also, even if it seems like you haven’t had sex in a while, double check that too. “If you go more than 35 days without a period and you’re sexually active, check a pregnancy test,” Dr. Gottfried says.

    6. Feeling under the weather

    Short-term and chronic illnesses can both delay your period. If your body is really not in its best shape, it won’t want to create a baby in that moment, so it won’t ovulate, forgoing the menstrual cycle for that month. If you begin to continually miss your period, you should go to the doctor to determine if you have a more serious condition. Dr. Gottfried says chronic health issues can also cause abnormal cycles. These include hypothyroidism, Polycystic ovary syndrome, which is a hormone imbalance often accompanied with small cysts on the ovaries, or genetic conditions like Turner syndrome where a female has only one X chromosome.

    Sometimes it’s nice to have a month off of insane cramps, worrisome leaks and raging PMS, and a lot of the time it’s probably not due to anything super serious. Changes in your health and body can lead to temporary and totally safe disruptions in your cycle. But in the end, periods are a normal and healthy part of life. As delightful as it would be to not deal with the mess of menstruation, if you continually miss your period you should take a trip to your doc’s office and figure out what’s up.

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    We’ve been blessed with gobs of gay icons. But this year has been extra AF with its queer icons this year.

    From Tessa Thompson opening up about her sexuality, to the brave gay man who went to the hospital for some d*ck (because we stan big slut energy), and our first queer X-Men couple (and the impending openly queer superheroes in the MCU), #20GayTeen has been feeding us good. Now, there’s a new gay icon: A dog who might be gay and we got to talk to the college student who made us fall in love with this gay doggo.

    Like any Twitter-born fairytale nightmare, this gay pupper’s story arc started with a text. While the original Twitter user recounted the story of how her friend, Amy, mentioned to a guy she was texting that his dog could be gay, their textcapades took an ugly, homophobic turn.

    “My friend was talking to this guy and she joked that his dog could be gay and...” student at the Georgia Institute of Technology Chaselyn Isabella tweets, including multiple screenshots of Amy’s short-lived convo with this ambiguous man.

    The series of texts start with the man suggesting that Amy adopt a girl dog, so his dog and her hypothetical one can go on a date. When Amy mentions that his dog could potentially be gay, he responded with a rather blunt and troubling text. “Lol look. He’s NOT gay. I don’t believe in that silly shit anyway,” he writes.


    TBH, we can’t blame this dog if he doesn’t feel comfortable with opening up about his sexuality to his human housemate who doesn't seem that open-minded. When Amy asked the man, “Are you homophobic?” the guy blew up in a problematic way.

    He writes, “You must be slow. You’re calling my dog gay when you don’t know me and you don’t know him. You’re forcing the fucking idea of him being gay when that was never being spoken about. So stop trying to impose your ideas on my life and my animal. Period.” Yikes.

    First, he opens with some ableist jargon, by suggesting that Amy is “slow.” Then, he implies that it’s impossible for his dog to be gay, which creates a subtle, but problematic, denotation of being gay (especially, since he gets weirdly defensive about the insinuation that his dog might not be heterosexual.) We don’t know what we should focus on digesting first, so we turned to the source of this now-viral tweet: Chaselyn.

    Chaselyn tells Her Campus that this man’s reaction to Amy’s straightforward text can show quite a bit about his character. “I think this shows his toxic/fragile masculinity and how insecure he is. He probably had some other issues if he feels threatened by the notion that his dog is gay,” Chaselyn continues. Needless to say, it seems a bit unnecessary to get upset about your pet’s sexuality.

    And it’s important to recognize that because the potentially gay individual in questions is a dog, that doesn’t lessen this vital issue. “I know that this is a dog and a lot of people have responded saying you can’t push sexuality on a dog and I think that can be applied to people as well. You can’t assume someone is straight or ignore their identity because you’re uncomfortable or ‘don’t believe in that silly shit.’ People are the way they are and love who they love. It’s 2018. People are not always straight. Dogs are not always straight and that’s okay,” Chaselyn says.

    After all, this man’s response to his dog potentially being gay could easily reflect into his perception of gay people, which can be potentially life-threating considering the amount of harassment members of the LGBTQIA+ community face

    Unfortunately, Chaselyn’s now-Twitter-famous tweet has unearthed the negative side of Twitter (which is saying a lot, seeing as it is Twitter). “I’ve definitely gotten some weird/mean things. People keep making fun of my name and saying it’s weird. It’s all pretty funny honestly. I really wonder what makes people say mean things. I don’t take it to heart though and it’s important to remember that these people don’t know me or Amy so they can’t make any real judgements. I’ve had some people come at me about politics, which I thought was interesting because this isn’t a political tweet, but I’m happy to engage in discourse. I also had some people ask me to send them nudes lol so there’s been a range of responses, Chaselyn said.

    This isn’t the first time that a viral tweet has conjured up backlash for the original poster (and the parties involved). Since the infamous plane bae tweet thread gained popularity, the anonymous woman behind those pics endured a horde of online harassment.

    Despite the harassment and criticism, Chaselyn and Amy have made this adorable doggo into the gay icon he was born to be—and we’re so glad that this tweet has stirred up a necessary and ever-prevalent discussion about the LGBTQIA+ community. If anything, hopefully this newly inaugurated queer icon can show Twitterverse that members of the community are still vulnerable to harassment and stigma and that we should take texts and side comments like these seriously—regardless of if they’re about a dog, dinosaur or a person.  

    Seriously, just let your dog be gay if they want (or whatever sexuality they might identify as), especially since almost every single species has gay animals anyway.

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    Finding new ways to stand out from other young professionals can seem daunting. It seems like mostly every driven college woman is stepping up their game to gain experience, go to graduate school or expand her network. You are expected to do these things if you want to be successful, but how can you actually get ahead?

    We talked with mentors and mentees from Mentor Collective, a company that helps over 50 institutions nationwide manage large-scale mentoring programs, to learn how having this connection will help advance you professionally and perhaps give you that extra edge you need.

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    What a mentor can do for you

    Having a mentor is one of those things you never knew you needed. You’re driven, successful and seem to have your life together but once you find this relationship, you’ll ask yourself why you waited so long in the first place.

    Emily Boyd is the Director of Undergraduate Studies and oversees the Mentor Collective program at Washington University in St. Louis. She says, “A mentor can support you in a way that no one else does because that person is something between a friend, academic advisor, career counselor and life coach. Most jobs are secured through personal connections, not blindly sending in applications.”

    More and more companies are implementing mentorship programs and young professionals are reaping the benefits. 77% of companies with mentoring programs say they improve retention and job performance. Not only is this great for the company, but it also means their employees - like you - are being integrated into the company in a more beneficial and empowering way.

    Melanie White is a mentor at Indiana University's Center of Excellence for Women in Technology. She says, “Getting advice and information directly from someone in your field early on in your career can not only save you time, but can also give you insight into topics that would have taken you years to learn.”

    Mentors often offer new advice or a fresh perspective when you’re weighing your options. They can help guide your decisions and empower you based on their own experiences. Better yet, you can have more than one mentor because everyone brings different strengths to the table.

    Will you be my mentor?

    Understanding the importance of having a mentor is easy, but finding the right one can take a little time. Like any relationship, you want to make sure it suits you and your needs. Get real about what you want. Where do you see yourself in five years? What field do you want to work in? What steps do you need to take to get there?

    These are the questions we are consistently asked at family parties. Thankfully, a mentor will not only ask you these questions but they will help you succeed at finding the answers and figure out what you want if you’re unsure!

    “If your school or company has a mentorship program already established, that’s the first place to start looking for a mentor. Otherwise, it’s best to get out in your community and meet people,” says Emily. “Once you find a potential mentor, someone you think you can learn from, identify the reasons this person could be helpful to you. The next step is to approach him or her and ask to email/talk/meet so that you can learn from that person for those reasons.”

    If you never felt a strong connection to any professors in college or aren’t enticed by anyone at your company, try involving yourself in different groups in your community —perhaps a book club! Start conversations and express your interests. It’ll be easy to tell from talking to people which ones have the time and desire to be good mentors, and which ones don’t want to put in the extra effort.

    Again, this is why it’s important to know what you want or what you’re interested in. Your potential mentor will appreciate your ability to be straightforward because this allows them to easily help you get what you want and see if they’re a good fit for you. If you’re uncertain about what your future looks like, it can be worth finding mentors in multiple fields while you’re still exploring your options.

    “This process can be intimidating, since most people have a fear of rejection, but you would be surprised at how helpful and kind people can be when approached with sincerity,” concludes Boyd.

    You have a mentor, now what?

    There’s no point in having a mentor unless you are proactive in utilizing that relationship to your advantage. Make a point to stay in touch with your mentor, schedule monthly meetings and update them on your life so they can best help you navigate it.

    Aisha Burton, a mentee in the Biology Department at Indiana University, says, “My mentor has helped me identify ways to improve my organizational skills and work-life balance. When thinking about the future, they helped me identify my weaknesses and how I can potentially improve on them.”

    Chances are, your mentor won’t be someone who knows you inside and out. This is a good thing! You will grow closer to them as time passes, but it’s helpful that they can view your life with fresh eyes and give you honest opinions on how to go about finding success.

    Being open with your mentor is beneficial for them as well and makes this new connection worthwhile. You will probably end up teaching them something new, too!

    Melanie says, “One of my favorite things about being a mentor is seeing how my real life experiences can benefit someone else and seeing the effects of the advice that I give in real time. My mentee has taught me to make the best out of each situation, even if it is not your ideal.”

    It’s never too early to seek out a mentor, even if you’re uncertain about what your future looks like. You don’t have to have it all figured out right now, but a mentor can be a good place to start. Cheers to doing whatever it takes to find success and feel empowered!

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    We all know the routine.  Take a shower. Shave legs. Shave armpits. Wash and condition hair. Exfoliate body. Moisturize skin. Apply three different creams and liquids. Brush teeth. Dry hair. Apply makeup. Contour cheeks. Apply lashes. Curl hair. Squeeze into a dress. Charge phone. Strap on high heels. Hit the town.

    It’s an exhaustive, yet all too familiar weekly ritual for college women. And in a new era where public image and perception can be contorted into whatever they choose, this ritual — and the requisite alcohol and drug use that comes with it — has become totally normalized as a necessary part of being a young person in college.

    These days it’s virtually impossible to scroll through social media and see unfiltered or un-enhanced photos and it's more and more common to see the photos other people are posting of party scenes or being drunk or high and assume that there's something wrong with you (to be clear: there isn't) if you aren't doing those things as frequently or documenting them as glamorously. 

    Sophomore at East Carolina University, Sara Ellen Poston tells Her Campus, ”Social media affects the self-esteem of young women. I sometimes get false validation from likes or comments on social media, although I know deep down, that's not where my validation comes from.” 

    A 2013 study conducted by professors at The University of Michigan found that college students who were more likely to use social media were more likely to be sad and overall less enthusiastic about life, as opposed to college students who did not engage in social media. And for those affected by mood or mental disorders, the gateway to substance abuse is a quick and slippery slope. 

    The Recovery Village, a personalized addiction facility in Umatilla, Florida says, “In many instances, substance use disorder can co-occur with an existing mental disorder.” This is known as a dual diagnosis, which is caused by a direct correlation between a substance abuse brought on to cope with a mental health issue. 

    With the introduction of social media and an increase in college acceptance rates, numbers of students overdosing, binge drinking and using illegal drugs, substance abuse has reached an all time high. In 2015, 23 percent of college students had admitted to taking an illicit drug with 7 percent of college students meeting the criteria for substance use disorder involving illicit drugs.  

    In 2015, 23 percent of college students had admitted to taking an illicit drug with 7 percent of college students meeting the criteria for substance use disorder involving illicit drugs. 

    “Generally, college-age students are at a higher risk for abuse for a multitude of factors. Drug use among this population can be driven by newly found independence, peer pressure as well as recreational use,” Kris Shubert, clinical pharmacy manager with Nebraska Medicine and the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, tells Her Campus.  

    And while substance abuse in college students can be brought on by inevitable outside forces, the ubiquity of party culture that social media perpetuates has certainly played a key role. 

    One study found that college women who use social media specifically compare themselves more to their peers than any other age group, and in doing so feel the need to provide content that is better and more engaging than their peers. Decades prior to social media and smart devices, there were college parties where pictures were rarely taken — and even more so, those images were rarely shared. Our culture has now morphed into an age where image is everything  — and if that means doing what it takes to fit in, and documenting it along the way, many college women will do it. 

    A 2017 study out of Tennessee State University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro found that college women rival their male counterparts when it comes to consuming alcohol, and this was in large part to keep up their “fun,” and “feminine image,” that they felt they were projecting. Alcohol abuse among college students is higher than any other substance abuse.

    And the unfortunate reality is that many young adults are not reaching out for help for fear of judgment, stigma or are just not concerned they are in trouble.

     “The health center has not experienced an increase in the amount of questions being asked or students turning to the pharmacy for these types of question," Shubert said. "Those students may be present on our campus, but may not be willing to reach out and ask for help.”

    Party culture is all too often portrayed as light-hearted and non-consequential by pop culture and the media, but the reality of the pressure women are feeling — and how our feeds contribute to that pressure — isn't something we can ignore. 

    If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call 800-662-HELP (4357) or visit SAMHSA for more information. 

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    It’s officially back-to-school season, and we all know what they say: “New year, new me.” For some, that means a bold new haircut, or some new notebooks, or maybe you’ll finally throw away that ratty old comforter and replace it with a new one. But personally, I wanted a change that started from within: AKA, with what I was putting into my body, and how I was consuming it.

    Why I made a change

    I drank water every day last semester, but as a girl on-the-go between classes and clubs, I forgot to think as deeply about the environmental ramifications of grabbing yet another plastic water bottle to take with me. I was unaware of how bad of a habit this was until I had that moment we all have, when I realized how many surfaces in my room were just covered with a small army of empty plastic water bottles.

    2,000 plastic water bottles are used every second (yep, you read that right), and those things take 450 years to decompose – so you can imagine the guilt I felt as I collected all those empty bottles from around my room. I really didn’t want to contribute to that awful statistic any more than I already had, so I decided to ditch the plastic bottle for good and purchase the product I’d been hearing about everywhere: a Brita Stream.

    How I made a change

    The Brita Stream was literally created to fight against the habit of bottled water, making it perfect for my change of heart. It fits right in my fridge (more room for extra snacks!) and has a 10-cup capacity, so busy me doesn’t have to think about refilling it that often, and I’m saving so much plastic by using it that it doesn’t bother me. Plus, it filters out nasty things like chlorine taste and odor, zinc, copper, cadmium and mercury. I didn’t even know those were in my water in the first place, but there’s no way I’m going back now that I do.

    One of the coolest things about the Brita Stream is the “filter-as-you-pour” technology. When I fill the pitcher up, I don’t have to wait for the water to be safe to drink. I can just pour immediately into my glass or reusable water bottle (another environmentally conscious decision of mine) and know that it’s been filtered. Oh, and did I mention filtered water tastes way better? No lie. I used to be one of those “water doesn’t taste like anything” nonbelievers, but after this, I am a ~changed woman~.

    Back-to-school is the perfect time to make a change for the better. But if you’re like me and you’re not feeling a new haircut or an entire wardrobe transformation, you can start small and still have a big impact. I totally suggest being more thoughtful with your water consumption and trying out a Brita Stream. Your body will thank you for not ingesting those harmful contaminants, and the planet will thank you for reducing your plastic use. All that goodness for just $34? Now that’s what I call a steal. Let’s make this school year the best one yet.

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